“You Go First” (Ch. 10)

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This is the 10th in a series. “Samantha” was the 3rd chapter and “Donnie” was the 4th. I regret that my inconsistent use of titles prevents Lit from properly displaying the series.

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Friday night’s events profoundly changed the way I felt about Jake. He’d lured me out for what I thought would be a normal date but then turned me out to a friend of his – sold me for sex – for $50. I doubt Jake even needed the money. It was all about controlling me.

We’d started as two young men enjoying almost-mutual sex and as the months went by Jake had taken me in darker and darker directions. He’d basically invited his cousins to abuse me on Christmas vacation, and there was no telling what would follow my recent prostitution debut with Marlow.

I had no idea how lucky I was, compared to my mother. She and Jake had kept it a secret from me, but her noble effort to help her son avoid Jake’s worst predations had gone badly awry. Her video, instead of liberating me from Jake’s clutches, more deeply ensnared her in his.

Like me, Mom turned out to be unable to control her own lustful urges. Jake ordered her around like hired help, fucked any hole he wanted, and left her a cum-covered wreck after each marathon sex encounter. Once in a room with him, she was absolutely unable to deny him any sexual relief he sought, and she willingly endured, even enjoyed, any degradation he imagined.

But Jake’s ultimate fuck of my mother was the mind-fuck he laid on her Friday night. He got her to treat his arrival to fetch me like a beau dating her daughter. He told her that he would introduce me to another man. He compelled her to accept that he would turn me out to that other guy for money. Finally, he surprised her by insultingly splitting the money as if she was my pimp. Of course, it wasn’t my mother who made me a prostitute, it was Jake.

My poor Dad was oblivious. Mom led their marriage in and out of their bedroom, and she manipulated him with hand jobs and cross-dressing. He had no idea what kinds of sexual craziness his wife and son engaged in, and of course, I knew nothing about the Jake and Mom angle.

That I only now began to distrust Jake distinguished me from Mom. She’d never liked him and has always loathed the idea of him directing her sex life. But I was a young man with now shattered illusions. I’d come to consider Jake my best friend. I thought our sex, one-sided as it was, was an expression of a kinky kind of love. Jake loved having his cock in my mouth, and I loved having it there. I thought we were pleasing each other. I was too cum-drunk to see that Jake held me in contempt.


Monday at school Jake was distant, but his friend Marlow was all over me. He accompanied me to my locker between classes and sat with me at lunch. This was a fairly remarkable thing to do. All of us seniors sat on one side of the cafeteria; there was even a banner high on the wall naming it “Senior Side.” It had hung there for years, acknowledging the tradition.

Marlow and I had both turned 18 years old during the summer we were “rising seniors”, but we had nothing else in common. He was a bit of an almost-jock, playing on the IM basketball team and the JV baseball squad. I was a bookish nerd who played video games. He had a crowd of brothers and sisters, but I was an only child. But the elephant in the room was that he is African-American and I am white as a ghost.

In school social groups, this matters. The black guys and the white guys never sat together at lunch. Never, not even the teammates from various sports. The most segregated place in our town was the school lunchroom at mealtime.

Until Marlow asked me to sit with him Monday. I was nervous about this because we barely knew each other. Well, I mean except for the part where he fucked my ass Friday night. So I guess we knew each other. But still, we were strangers. Given our recent sexual activity, I saw no way to decline his invitation, even though it was outlandish and quite unheard of. I sat down nervously.

All around us others sat in their normal groups. There were several tables with six or eight white guys, and others with black guys. Nobody else joined us. We were the center of attention, salt and pepper at a table by ourselves. I never felt more conspicuous.

But we somehow did manage a decent conversation. Marlow was pretty good at drawing me out and getting me to discuss things that were different for us. What was it like to be an only child, how did I like the place we lived before we moved here. He was also ready to speak canlı bahis about himself, and I found his stories of sibling rivalry funny and sometimes even sad. The lunch period passed quickly, and when we split he offered me a ride home in his car.

When we got to my house he noticed that we had a basketball hoop over the garage. He jokingly accused me of only pretending to be disinterested in sports, and I told him the hoop had come with the house. He offered to show me a few shots and he pretended to play a little one-on-one with me, laughing in a nice way at my clumsy efforts. I was actually having a good time when we went in for iced tea.

My new friend mugged at pretending to whiff his pits and declared that he needed a shower. Could he jump in ours? He had a change of clothes in his gym bag. I won’t bore you with all the chess moves, but they involved asking me to come in with some soap, and then a clean towel, and “Oh, by the way, you don’t smell so great either,” and climb in, we both saw naked dudes in the school gym, didn’t we?

I was soon in the shower with the hot athletic guy who reamed my ass less than 72 hours before. The more I washed his cock, the more cock there was to wash.

There was no time for towels when he led me, dripping wet, into my bedroom and into my bed. Marlow was a forceful and strangely romantic top, and he drove me berserk chewing my nipples and pulling on my scrotum. I did my very best to give him a top-notch blowjob, but the man’s cock was twice as long as my mouth is deep. I ended up mostly nibbling and nursing on the head of that black weapon of his.

He reached around and squeezed my ass cheeks. I finally denied him something when I moaned “Please don’t. You’re too big for me and I still hurt from Friday.”

Domineering as he undoubtedly was, he quickly flipped around and said “Don’t worry, baby girl. We’ll wait. You’ll be ready again.” Then he plunged his mouth against my ass and began that tender anal licking that made my own little dick so hard. My sphincter was still very inflamed and really tender, but Marlow made it feel so sweet and sexy. He called it my pussy and promised to take good care of it. He reached around and masturbated me to a climax, then lay back and allowed me to suck his stiff penis for another 10 minutes.

“Here it comes, Donna. Get ready to swallow your dinner.”

I did. Within 15 minutes he was dressed and gone, and I was still trying to figure out what whirlwind had turned my Monday on its head.


That night Jake phoned. There was no going out on a school night, not even for 18-year olds, but he just wanted to grill me. Why had I sat with Marlow? Why were we so chummy? What did we talk about? How come I wasn’t mad at Marlow for taking my ass Friday night? I’m not the most perceptive guy, but Jake sounded worried. My first thought was jealous, but no, it was worry. Jake didn’t want to lose me to some other guy with a bigger dick. Cousin John’s big penis hadn’t been a threat because he had only been a visitor, but Marlow lived here.

Tuesday was a lot more of the same, except there was no after-school special. Marlow led me around the school as if I was his best friend, hung out at my locker, and at lunch he dragged two friends of his, Levar and Denovis, to join our table.

Again, as unusual as an integrated lunch table was, the conversation was nice. Marlow managed to tell his friends the story of our very lopsided driveway basketball shoot-out in a way that made it moderately humorous without in any way making me feel bad about my inexperience. In fact, he praised my willingness to try something uncomfortable and learn new things.

The other two guys told similar stories about friends or relatives lacking BB skills, and by the time we broke up, we’d planned a two-on-two at one of the other guy’s houses for the next day. It was agreed that Levar, the best player of the three, would be my partner to make it a fairer match.

I found that the two-against-two format was less intense and more fun. Lots of kidding around and for the other guys, chances to show off trick shots and stuff. Levar and I, if you are wondering, got slaughtered, but he seemed not to mind. After all, no shame for him; it was clearly my fault, yet everyone treated me like their best teammate ever.

Levar and Denovis went to shower in the master bedroom en suite, and Marlow and I shared the bathroom in the hallway that opened on opposite end into two regular bedrooms. It just seemed natural for the two of us to get naked together and shower together, again, “just like at school.”

I resisted Marlow’s semi-serious advances for a minute or two, but soon we were soaping each other and rinsing each other and, I’ll admit, stroking each other’s erections. That was mostly my fault because I just couldn’t keep my hands off of that large elephant trunk of a cock swaying between Marlow’s muscled thighs.

We made it out of the shower enclosure, but not out of the bathroom, when I went bahis siteleri to my knees after glancing at the door we’d come through to make sure it was locked. Hard to believe, I thought for just a moment, that I once thought Jake was hung. My new friend’s long black club was a real man’s weapon.

I was getting a little better at taking more length without gagging, and if Marlow was only mostly hard, but not rigid, I could get some of him into my throat. Each extra inch made a big difference to Marlow, and maybe it was his loud moaning that allowed the door behind me to open a little without my knowing. Out of my sight, Marlow smirked at his buddies as they peeked their heads in and even took a few photos with their silenced phones.

Marlow said “I’ll bet Levar and Denovis are having fun, too, down the hall. Denovis looks like a macho man, but in bed, he can play either offense or defense. Levar might be almost as lucky in the big shower as I am. What do you think, Donna, should we go look? You up for a double-date?”

This was their cue to scamper back to the master bedroom and pose on the king-size bed. By the time Marlow led me in, holding my hand and pulling my only slightly reluctant body behind him, they looked like two guys who just finished having sex. They were spooning, on their sides, and their legs were inter-tangled.

“Bout time you lovers joined our party, Marlow,” Levar said. “Denovis here drained me already.”

“You recharge fast, you dog. Won’t need five minutes. Move over and let some real lovers show you how it goes. Got white-boy spit all up and down my junk, but he isn’t finished yet, are you, Donny?”

They quickly slid over, making room for Marlow, who sat on the near edge with those giant muscled legs spread wide open. His balls were the size of golf balls, all hot and throbbing and full of pent-up sperm. His sack was relaxed and hung very low. He pulled my face down onto his hot cock and groaned.

The other two made no move to restart their sexual romp, and that might have made me suspicious if I had a suspicious bone in my body, but I don’t. Marlow sat so far back on the mattress that I had to drape most of my upper body onto the mattress, face down, to keep sucking. He had really long legs.

My ass was pretty much hanging out there, naked and needy. Marlow groaned, “You go first, Denovis.”

He was ready. He slid off the far side of the bed without disturbing Marlow and me at all. Without warning, he began to toss my salad. I almost screamed, first in genuine surprise, then with pleasure. I really loved having my ass eaten, and with five days to recover, my hungry hole was starving. Denovis had a strong tongue, too, and was able, if I relaxed, to get inside my ring of muscle a little bit.

The whole scene turned into one great big seduction. The guys were all kind and tender with me, no pain, do sadism. Denovis even asked for permission to finger my hole with some lube, can you believe it? Asked for permission. His finger went in only to the first knuckle, and until he had successfully gotten two fingertips into my rosebud, had packed in a lot of lube, he didn’t go deep. No pain, not force.

But instead of a double-date, it turned into a triple-header. Three strong young black men touching me, kissing me, stroking me. Three lovers caressing me all at once. Loving me at the top and the bottom of my body. I was experiencing a gentle bliss I’d never felt before.

They each played a role. It was as if they’d developed a system to turn white boys into cum dumps.

Denovis had the thinnest cock of the three, though still thicker than mine, and it was his job to lead off. He would tenderly open the new conquest up for the bigger men coming afterward. He nibbled my ears and nuzzled my neck while murmuring endearments. “Your skin is like cotton, baby, so soft and white. I could just eat you up. I’m so happy you’re here with us.” I groaned loudly when he slowly slid his tool up into my rectum, and I paused a second while sucking Marlow’s familiar cock to tell Denovis how wonderful he felt all up inside me.

Marlow told me softly to “Give your bros some love, girlfriend. Let brother Denovis open your ass up for us.”

The strangest thing about the next hour and a half was how nice and gentle the three men continued to be with me. I can get off on a little degradation. Jake and his cousin had taught me to enjoy being called a pussy or a sissy when a cock is working its magic.

But this was like off the scale on the other end. Sometimes they called me their new brother, and sometimes their new sister, but the most frequent endearment was “girlfriend.”

“I can’t believe how sweet you are, Donny.”

“You’re so good to us, Donna. You loving your brothers?”

“Your lips so sweet, girl.”

“It’s like we all four connected, sharing everything.”

“So sweet you share your pussy with us, Donna.”

“You’re our new sister, and we’ll all share you.”

“Three real black men bahis şirketleri for you, white girl.”

It reads corny I know, but when a hot man is panting sweet words into your ear while hugging you tightly, it’s not exactly about the words. It’s about what you give him and what he takes. I gave them my body, and they took it.

One or two at a time, they took it more than once. I felt awash in acceptance and warmth. There was so much touching and stroking, so many kisses and nibbles. They all played with me at once, and offered me their cum.

I worked to empty Marlow’s balls into my throat and suck Denovis’ cum up into my rectum, or maybe even beyond. While I did, Levar was caressing my breasts and biting the back of my neck. The three big guys were consuming me, that’s the word, they were consuming all of me. It was like three wildcats devouring a gazelle, except I didn’t feel like their prey, I felt like their queen. They made me feel so good it was almost narcotic. I was floating on a cloud made of cocks and balls.

Soon Denovis dumped a big load up my ass, and greased the way for Marlow, who playfully announced: “I guess I go second.”

My mouth now struggled to contain the monster that was Levar’s erection. My blow job had primed Marlow so thoroughly that he pumped sperm up my fuck-hole in just a few minutes, and then he rolled away.

“Damn, Donna, that’s some hot tight pussy you got going there. You go third, Levar. See if you can hang on for a while. Ride that pale ass.”

Levar settled in for the long haul. His cock was biggest of the three and stretched my asshole so wide that I couldn’t really clench and massage his long shaft. Also, like Marlow, his length allowed him to pop through my inner sphincter, too. He passed all the way through my rectum into my bowel, which hurt a lot at first.

Levar reached places with his cock that even Marlow hadn’t touched, way up high inside my pussy. Virgin territory. I hadn’t thought I had more virginity to lose, but Levar found some and took it from me forever. Only when he drew back most of the way and reentered me did he bang my prostate, which is my favorite part of anal sex.

As Levar’s great long organ slowly plundered my hole, he reached around and pumped my cute white dick all over the bed linen. I looked down and couldn’t believe how tiny and insufficient it looked, compared to the long snakes the men were using to impale me. Then he, too, exploded inside me.

Two hours later I sat quietly at my family dinner table with the sperm of my three new “brothers” still leaking out of my ass. And although my asshole ached and tingled noticeably, I can’t say it hurt. I would need at least a day or two of rest, but I knew I’d want my new brothers to share me again before very long.


Thursday Jake finally spent some time with me during the day and asked me to go cruising with him Friday night. I told him that I’d already made plans to watch a movie at Marlow’s house. He got very pissed and asked me a horrible, racist question: “What, you suddenly gone all black cock only?”

I’d never heard the phrase before and was rocked a bit back on my heels. I liked my new friends, and they were a lot kinder to me than Jake usually was. But neither had I made any decision to turn my back on whatever it is Jake and I shared. Couldn’t I be friends with Jake, and also be friends with his three black basketball teammates?

At the end of the school day, Jake intercepted me coming out of Home Room and dragged me to an empty classroom. He insisted he had to show me something, a video he had. When we got there, he pulled his iPad out of his backpack and started a video.

Of him, naked, with his cock in my mother’s face.

I have never in my life been as paralyzed as I was the next ten or fifteen minutes as Jake played an assortment of clips and stills, giving me a running commentary on which hole he was in, and how much my “whore of a mother” loved it. In one of the clips, my Mom begged, really fucking begged, Jake to cum in her cunt and to “breed” her. In the last one, she posed with cum all over her face.

I demanded that he tell me how he had forced her to do these things. “Forced her? Your fucking slut mother loves every bit of my cock, you fool. She’s a total whore, and your wimp Daddy doesn’t get the job done at all for her. Your sweet little Momma has the juiciest pussy and the hottest asshole in town. Forced her?”

“But how did it happen?”

“None of your fucking business, Donna. You and her must just have the ‘I love Jake’s cock’ gene I guess. I’m gonna love watching you two fight over it.”

I tried to reconcile the domineering Mom who treated me and my father as sissy fairies, dressing us in her lacy underwear and making us snowball each other, with the submissive screaming whore Mom begging Jake to fuck her harder and harder, in one hole after the other. If Jake could control my mother, and my mother could control me, how could I ever stand up to Jake?

“So here’s what’s gonna happen, you nasty sperm bank fuck face. You’re going to cancel your make-out session with Marlow. I’m coming to your house tomorrow night. Popcorn and a movie. A real date, Romeo and sissy Juliet.”

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