Would You Like Lime with That?

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Basking in the golden pink glow of the late afternoon sun, I licked the silken head of the cock held in my tight fist. Smiling up at my lover, I engulfed his head and sucked wetly and noisily over his rounded tip. I smacked my lips and swirled my flattened tongue around his shaft.

God, I love his cock all hard like this. I gave it a few pumps in my fist and moaned as another clear droplet appeared in that tiny slit. I grinned at him.

His eyes were locked onto mine as he smiled back at me. “Mmm. Get it, baby.” He encouraged and I did. I lapped it up, relishing the burst of salty flavor in my mouth.

We celebrated the day sipping a beer in the backyard, me sitting on the lawn between his legs sucking cock.

We had toiled long and hard that day, landscaping side by side in the hot Florida sun, planting, raking, and getting sweaty and dirty.

Where else would we go after our showers but out to enjoy the fruits of our labors. His sun kissed frame draped across the wicker chair had drawn my attention. Just looking at him started me thinking.

I sank his cock into my mouth and used my lips to pull him incrementally deeper, looking up at his lazy smile.

I like to think of myself as a really good cocksucker but maybe that’s just because I enjoy it so.

I used my lips to cover my teeth and popped his head in an out of my mouth. I nibbled up and down the underside of his shaft while cupping his balls in my palm and squeezing lightly. I tipped my head back and tried to stuff his big cock down my throat, gripping his shaft with my teeth and bobbing my head up and down, the loose skin sliding back and forth.

He loves it when I got a little rough with his cock; he likes to feel the tiny serrations of my teeth on his hard flesh.

I growled low in my throat as I slipped my fingertips around his base, jacking him as I sucked.

He knew what I wanted. I wanted a mouthful of his gooey juices and if the neighbors were looking out their second story window … so be it.

I lay my palms flat on his inner thighs and stretched his legs wide, bringing my tongue down the center line of his ball sac and lower, pressing that sweet spot with my pointed tongue.

He hissed, “Oh, you hot, nasty cocksucker.”

I knew I had taken his arousal to another level when he snarled, “Suck me, sweet bitch.”

I moaned as he grew harder and harder. I fisted him at a more rapid pace squeezing his resilient cock, drooling down his shaft getting more aroused myself.

I could feel his legs tensing and his erection was as tight and hard as I’d ever felt it. He gritted his teeth and extended his hips and started to come.

I pulled off of him and let it spray my face, mouth, lips and tongue. Swallowing a little of the salty ejaculate and grinning. I played my fingers over his throbbing cock softly and licked my lips, “You taste so good, honey.”

The look on his face after he comes is so incredible. It’s an amazed sort of look as he tries to catch his breath. He reached his hand around the nape of my neck, smiling, “Come here you hot cunt.” He pulled casino oyna me near and kissed my mouth.

I caressed and licked softly into the kiss. My head tilted to better meld with his seeking lips. I smiled, stretching back in the grass resting on my elbows, a self-satisfied gleam in my eye.

Taking a sip of the cold, amber ale, I sighed tipping my head back as he joined me, he licked over my lips and we shared a passionate kiss. I squirmed as his tongue explored me. “Fuck.” I whispered. His kisses, like melted chocolate, are warm, sweet and something I crave.

He tipped his beer back and I watched his mouth on the tapered neck of that bottle, his long fingers curled around the indent about three fourths of the way down.

I pulled at his hands and put my mouth right where his had been. Drinking lustily, a little of the golden beverage dribbled out of the side of my mouth and ran down my chin.

He traced the trail with the mouth of the coffee colored glass bottle. The glass felt slick and cool sliding down my neck and over my chest.

I looked up and saw his eyes sparkling, wickedly. He tipped the bottle up on purpose, spilling beer over me.

“Hey!” I said, plucking at my blouse keeping it away from my wet skin.

“Oh, honey. I spilled it.” He lied.

I found that slow southern drawl of his so irresistible. His grin absolutely roguish, he tipped the bottle up again, this time looking directly into my eyes. The cool liquid puckered my nipple as he poured it over me. I could feel the surprised expression on my face.

He undid the few buttons and laid my blouse open, latching his mouth hotly onto my tit and pulling me in.

Oh God. I shuddered and felt things low in my body, tighten. His mouth felt glorious on that heated flesh. I watched him tugging my nipple in, pulling and releasing, nursing that pale liquid as he sucked. I shifted subtly unable to be still.

He chuckled, knowing how restless he was making me. “You feeling all wiggly, woman?” he laughed, assured that I was.

“Yes.” I hissed, “Yes, so wiggly.” My hips circled involuntarily. I knew him and I knew he wouldn’t leave me with that restless feeling. “What are you going to do about it?” I challenged with a grin.

With unexpected quickness he tipped up his beer again and splashed the brew over my stomach.

I lay back in the grass and stretched my body out, moaning. I was expecting him to lick that up and he didn’t disappoint.

In one rough tug he had my shorts off and was laying over my legs, face pressed into the soft skin of my tummy.

I love the feel of his mouth on me, anywhere on me and I was anticipating that he would part my legs and use that sweet, hot mouth to make me come. I raised my arms over my head and arched my back. My breasts pulled tight, mounding softly on my chest. “Oh. God.” I sighed.

He went lower and used the fist wrapped around his beer to spread my legs. Not that he needed to actually push them open. As he nudged I spread my thighs wide.

I wasn’t going to pretend that this isn’t exactly what I wanted. My muscles were canlı casino quivering I wanted it so bad.

“Shivery little cunt.” I heard him mutter. He very much liked that I willingly spread my legs for him.

I let him see my sex, my distended and engorged pussy lips that were so aroused.

He didn’t understand women who slammed their legs shut always blocking the view of the sweet mound that he so enjoyed.

I, on the other hand had learned that if I liked the way he played, I had to give him access to the playground. I could feel his breath on the lips of my sex.

“Such a pretty pussy, baby.” he drawled.

I merely moaned in agreement, lifting my hips a bit and making a little circle.

“You want it don’t you, you hot little slut? You want me to pour this cold one over that cunt and lick it all up?”

Hell yes, I wanted it! “Oh, please baby.” I rasped, “Please, I want your mouth on me.”

He could eat pussy for hours, make you groan and beg and scream for the next orgasm. He could curl his tongue around my clit and pull on it like nobody ever had.

I was nearly panting just thinking about it. Writhing and wiggling, I pushed up onto my elbows and watched him there between my legs. Fuck! That is so erotic, watching him enjoy my body like that.

He looked up at me and smiled. Charming rascal! He was taking full advantage of his position.

He plucked at one full pussy lip and ran his thumb and forefinger down and up, pinching it as he did. Then he tugged on it and looked into my eyes, “Let’s see how pink that flesh is.” He pulled that fat pussy lip open, “Oh, baby! Look how pink and wet that hot snatch is. Why, that looks good enough to eat!”

I threw my head back as he stroked his middle finger down the center of my needy gash. “Fuck, yes! Eat me!” I cried.

His finger pressed down on my clit and barely moved, just shifting over that button.

Oh, he was torturing me, “Bastard.” I whispered. I felt the cool beer wash down my slit as he laughed at my needy groaning.

“I love it when you get so hot you turn into a nasty little cunt.” He chuckled, knowing he was killing me with his teasing. “Come on, cunt. Beg me for it.”

I begged. I wanted to come so bad. I was so worked up from sucking him off.

In mid groan I froze. I quickly raised my head, my eyes flying to his.

He was rubbing the mouth of that glass bottle over my clit, pressing back and forth, the cold, hard glass feeling entirely different from the warm tip of his finger. His eyes glued to mine.

Almost involuntarily I started to close my thighs, shaking my head no. Oh, my God. Oh my God, it felt … incredible.

I was drawing my knees together when his hand pressed on my inner thigh. “What’s wrong, honey? Don’t you like it? Look, it’s shaped just like a cock.” He grinned.

I was shaking my head but he slid that dark glass down my slit and back up.

This wasn’t right. It shouldn’t feel so good. It shouldn’t feel so good to be naughty like this, should it?

I reached down and started to push his hand away when he parted kaçak casino my lips and poured the rest of the beer into my hot cunt. His face quickly followed and he licked and sucked at my hole.

I moaned and like lightening travels, my body reacted. I growled and he devoured me, his whole mouth open over my pussy.

He rose up and grinned, his face all shiny. “I’m going to bottle fuck this cunt, baby.” It was a challenge, it was a statement. He had that, I dare you, look on his face.

I wanted to come so bad, I writhed but shook my head.

He sucked my clit a little but not enough and looked up again, “Yes, baby. You want it.”

The problem was I did want it. I wanted him to shove that bottle into my cunt. I just thought I shouldn’t, couldn’t. I moaned and my body tightened and shook with arousal, with need.

He is such a smart lover, watching and knowing my reactions, so in the moment with me. “Look at that baby, your body wants it even if you think you don’t.”

The intensity on his face just about sent me over. Suddenly I realized, I wasn’t in this alone, he needed and wanted this as much as I did. I parted my shaking thighs, my knees falling open.

He grinned, “That’s a sweet little cunt. A cunt that’s going to fuck this beer bottle for me.”

I lifted my hips and was now eager, having made the decision, I wanted it. “Yes.” I said. “Fuck me with it.”

He played the mouth up and down my slit, pressing in slowly. He dragged it over my clit, the sensations so erotic.

“I want you to fuck my pussy with that bottle.” I begged, “Please, Keith. Fuck me!”

Soothingly he said, “Yes, baby. I’m going to give you just what you need.” He gripped that tapered bottle low and twisted it, “I’m going to fill that hot snatch all up.” Torquing the bottle he slowly pushed it into my wet fuck hole.

I quivered as the smooth glass entered me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Look at that.” He admired. “Nasty cunt fucking that beer bottle.”

I looked down and without warning I started coming, hard and fast my body closing tight over the glass.

“That’s it baby. Come hard. Come all over this glass toy.” He encouraged me, his voice low and aroused. “Fuck it honey, oh yeah, show me how you like your pussy filled.”

I bucked and bucked, taking as much as I could. Rocking over the bottle that was too long and so wide it was stretching my hole.

He liked that; he liked the girth stretching my pussy. “Fuck that is so hot and nasty baby.”

My breasts were bouncing and I was convulsing unendingly. My body was heaving.

He continued to swirl the bottle, over my vulva and clit. His hand brushing his cock as it was rock hard again. He lay beside me and whispered, “Oh, Sarah honey. You are such an amazing woman. God, you are incredible.”

I smiled, catching my breath, inhaling deeply pulling much needed oxygen into my lungs as my body stilled. I could feel my pulse in my clit, it was remarkable, I had come so hard.

I took the bottle from his hands licking it clean. He stuck his tongue down in the mouth of the bottle and claimed the juices that had pooled there. I smiled softly in wonder, it is such a delight to have this man as my lover.

I wondered later if that St. Louis bottle designer had any idea. I hope he does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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