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Slipping into bed I shifted my body to rest on my side. Wearing a soft white tank top with white lace panties rest low on my hips.

Running my palm slowly over my breasts, my nipples became erect against the light fabric. Closing my eyes I imagined your mouth against my breasts. I could feel your tongue flicking the pink tip hungrily. Your warm breath brushing my skin.

Rolling onto my back I began kneading my heavy breasts. The light touch making me hot and wanting more. Flicking the tips back and forth with my thumb, the sensation making my clit throb and ache with need.

Lifting the hem of my top over my breasts, the fabric gathered just above my large nipples. The air felt cool across my heated skin.

Taking my nipples between my fingertips I pinched them softly. The skin became taut surrounding the tips, making them more sensitive against my touch. I could feel my sex beginning to swell between my thighs. Warm liquid pooling against the bare lips of my pussy.

Moving my palm down my stomach, I began massaging the lace covering my wet cunt. The warm liquid soaking through my panties, casino siteleri wetting the tips of my fingers. Running my hand over the lace, circling my clit through sheer fabric. Removing my other hand from my breast, I slipped my moist panties over my mound and down my quivering thighs.

Opening my legs further I ran the tip of my finger back and forth across the inside of my creamy thighs. The back of my hand brushing the surface of my soft folds. Bringing my finger to my lips I closed my mouth over the length coating it with my tongue. Reaching over my curls to my sex I ran the slick tip up and down my pussy, passing softly over my erect clit.

Sensing your presence I pleaded for your touch.”Mm… please touch me.” I whispered softly.

Biting my lip, my hands returned to my panting breasts. Holding the weight in my palm I massaged harder, stretching the pink tips further from my body. Lifting my head from the pillow I flicked my tongue over my nipple. My mouth closed over the tip, sucking softly against my skin.

Peeling my mouth from my breast my tongue slipped over the tip canlı casino for one last taste. Titling my head back I tugged at my nipples gently. I could feel the warm liquid dripping from my pussy, trickling over my rose bud.

Rearing my head to the side I moaned your name softly. Moving my hand over my sex, my hips lifted from the bed. Quickly I slipped one finger inside my cunt. Sliding in and out, spreading the honey over my bare lips.

“I know you are there. Please come to me and help me feel you.”

Taking my finger from my sex I brought the tip to my mouth. My arousal was very sweet and warm on my tongue. Placing my fingertip to my nipple, I began rubbing the warm liquid over the taught skin.

Arching my back above the bed I moved my hands to rest on the inside of my thighs. My thumbs touching the soft patch of curls at the top of my sex. Moving my hips up and down in a soft rhythmic motion, my hand slid across my clit. Slipping deep inside my cunt I continued massaging the hard nub.

Removing my fingers I ran the tips lightly over my slick folds. Slowly tracing them up kaçak casino and down the length of my sex. Stopping against my clit, I rubbed the honey onto the sensitive tip.

Lifting my hips I slipped past my folds and back inside my pussy. I began pumping faster, my hips thrusting harder against my hand.

“Oh yes baby that’s so good . Show me how bad you want me.”

I could feel your breath on my neck whispering for me to cum for you. Giving me permission to coat your prick with my cream.

Stroking faster I could feel my climax within reach. Pressing against the ripples and bumps deep inside my cunt, cream began flowing onto my fingers. My release building stronger as I pumped deeper.

Grabbing my breast I pinched my nipple, the sensation taking me over the edge. My hips bucking harder into my palm, my sex began to contract. Lifting my ass from the sheets I came hard and fast.

Crying out my release as the warm cream flowed from within. My cunt gripping my fingers as the muscles continued to throb.

Turning onto my side I slipped my fingers from my lips, resting my hand on my thigh. My breathing began to steady as my orgasm faded slowly.

Reaching across my bedside table I switched off the lamp. Pulling the sheet over my body I sighed with relief.

Closing my eyes I heard you disappear into the dark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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