Unforgettable Experience

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The aroma of sex filled our bedroom. He stopped thrusting his cock in and out of me and I could feel his manhood pulsing deep inside my pussy. He held his body in exhaustion; my face was buried deep into the pillow as he rested his sweaty body against my back.

My pussy oozed juices as I clenched my butt cheeks, tightening my pussy walls around him. I could tell by the way he held me that he was trying not to blow his load.

I thought it would be fun to take charge!

I bucked him off of me to position him on his back. I gave him no time to say anything as I got on top of him and sat my tight pussy on the tip of his dick. I eased that juicy cock inside of me until my clit sat just above the base of his shaft. He was hard as a rock and shaved smooth to my perfection. I rode him fast and rough, working my hips up and down his thick cock (by the way words cannot describe how absolutely perfect my man’s cock and balls are.)

” OH. MY GOD” he gasped, “Your riding that dick so good babe your going to make me cum if you don’t slow down…oh shit I’m coming now, IM COMING!” While I continued riding him, I was smiling with excitement and feeling his adrenaline rush flow through my body.

I put my left hand on his right leg and canlı bahis my right hand on his chest to hold him down so I could ride him even harder as he orgasmed. The feeling mixed with all the wild sounds we were making made my mind go blurry and my pussy tingle and want more attention. I took my right hand off of him so that I could attend my aching clit. And then it hit me. I screamed, “baby..fuck me I’m coming!!!!”

All of the sudden he pulled himself out of me and threw me on my back, I guess it was his turn to be in charge now. He railed me with power using his thick hard dick. My pussy was pulsing stronger and stronger as I came on him (fuck did I ever come good).

“Fuck ya girl let that pussy rain, ” he said to me as he kept pumping in and out of me. He was fully hard again, raging with testosterone and sexual anger. As for myself, well I was soaked with both our juices, my clit craving for more attention, my body was shaking as my knees were weakening with lust. As I regained the strength in my body, I felt him slip his thumb into my asshole. Working it in and out of me ever so gently. This was new to me!

I’ve never had anal sex or anal anything but he always bugged me about it. Always telling me that one day I will give in bahis siteleri and let him rock my ass. I was not really sure what to do or if I should even do anything. I was in shock from this new feeling therefore human instinct clicked in. I clenched my asscheeks tight, tighter then a Nun’s vagina.

He whispered to me in a deep silence, “Just relax baby, you know I won’t hurt you. It will feel so good, but if you don’t like it then I’ll stop. Your ass is so tight but it will open up if you let me stretch it out.” I was thinking about saying no for a split second then decided to give in. I took a deep breath and relaxed my body. I gave him my trust and I thought to myself fucksakes I hope he won’t hurt me or I’ll fucking freak right out.

At first, I was a little bit uncomfortable and it really wasn’t arousing at all, but I kept an open mind towards this situation. I focused myself on his big cock that was deep inside me. Fucking me with a rhythm that I’ve never felt before. It was so sensual, slow but fast, rough yet gentle. I could already feel another orgasm building up inside of me. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I reached my climax.

‘You feel soooo good inside me babe, I’m going to come again,” trying to speak between each bahis şirketleri breath I took. WAIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT! I could feel something penetrating my asshole and it definitely was not not his thumb. It was Gidget! Gidget was this tiny bullet vibrator. He was fun for the both of us, but my man specially enjoyed Gidget. I moaned some gibberish as he worked it into my asshole. The feeling of it inside me was amazing, I could totally get used to it. My pussy instantly tightened up as I felt him pull me closer.

“Holy shit sticks babe I cant believe how good it feels. Oh my god I’m coming!!!!!” I yelled with excitement. “Fuck ya” I screamed. He started pounding my pussy with all his might, his big hard cock was bottoming out inside me. He fucked my ass quicker with Gidget as he told me he was going to come. He pulled his dick out of me and slid it into my ass. My whole body rushed, and I lost my breath for a moment or two.

“Ya girl take that dick like a pro, fucking right I’m filling that ass with my cum,” he said to me as he took my ass-ginity away.

We both stayed silent as we laid there trying to catch our breath. I went to get up but he grabbed me, pulling me into his arms. He held me tight. I could feel his heart pounding against my back, my asshole was leaking his cum onto his ballsack. My pussy juices were running down my leg, covering the bedsheets.

No words to be spoken, just thoughts of this unforgettable experience of losing my Ass-ginity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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