TV Night Ch. 02

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I made sure my movements were slow, slower than normal, because I wanted to draw this out for a really long time. It was only 9:15 and I wanted the initial release to be quick, fast and intense. That would ensure that with my next round I could hold you teetering on the edge for quite a time.

As I leaned forward reaching for the remote, I just had to smile a bit knowing that the stretching and reaching also added pressure on my invading digit. It was a good opportunity, giving me an excellent angle to bite you on the cheek of your ass.

So you finally open your eyes, giving me a back glance wondering what I could possibly be up to next. Little did you know, with very little effort, this was going to last for hours as I had been planning this since my last round of TV night.

As I nibbled and chewed on your ass, I continued my massage, so light that it was not really a massage, but more of a probe, but either way I was going to keep you impaled until you begged me for release. I notice that you are still soft and I smiled to myself, knowing I could bring life back with one simple move.

I set the remote down, leaned back and asked you to roll over on your back. You start to pull up and I quickly put my hand on the small of your back and firmly pulling you back down. No I think not, not getting over that easily. You look back and me like there must be some kind of magic. I smile and remind you that twice you have told me to “spin my Love”, so now it appears to be your turn. Now you will feel the twisting of my finger in your ass, you will feel how much more you are “opened” when you have to raise your leg up over my head. I know the sensations are overwhelming and I am anxious to see the look on your face as you try this maneuver.

You rest your head on the floor in resolve knowing that I’m right. You have watched me, you know the routine… finally you pick up your head, raising your leg to stretch over me and you suddenly realize you also need to pull the other leg up and practically do the splits to get settled back to the floor on your back. I can feel your ass canlı bahis bite my finger as you draw your knees up to settle your legs at my sides. Taking this opportunity, I hold your balls and massage them with ease. You still have that clamp on my finger and I notice little beads of sweat on your forehead.

You look at me and smile – yea, it’s going to be a fun night I think – for both of us. I leaned down and kissed the tip of your cock. Though it’s still soft from the last 45 minutes action, I have a plan for it. But for now, it needs lovingly cradled in my hand and coaxed back to life. Laying it back on your stomach I give it one long stroke just about the same time as I give your little gland one circular swipe as well.

Your eyes drift closed as you let me play your body. Stroking your chest, I pause at your nipples alternating between rolling and dragging my finger firmly over the tips. You never noticed when I turned the TV back on; so wrapped up my nibbles, strokes and sucks. I glance over and find that I had the cam in a perfect location.

I come back down to your cock with my hand one or 2 gentle strokes and it twitches just enough!

Keeping my excitement at bay was all I could do now, I could barely croak out a whisper “Dear, you’re missing the best show of the month” and I lean down to kiss the tip of your cock again. I had to smile to myself as I heard you suck in your breath. As I looked up your length I notice you are watching the screen intently and see me smile at you – on a full 50″ screen. Taking full advantage of the moment I hold your cock head up and lick it with the full length of my tongue and come back for a second stroke from the base all the way up to the tip. As I sit back I notice you grab the remote and start to play the buttons, zoom, pan left and right.

It took me all afternoon to set the cam set up in the right place and I was only hoping when we hit the floor, you’d be positioned well. The look on your face said it all.

Your cock is still soft but I can fix this immediately and best of all, you know its coming. I lean down, bahis siteleri parting my lips and resting your cock on the flat of my tongue softly just licking the underside; gently I take it just a little deeper and while keeping my lips open I start to swallow and I continue to swallow. I can feel your cock start to swell and fill my mouth. I know that all you feel is the muscles of my throat and neck pulling you in deeper and deeper. The larger you get, the more you feel pulled in with my mouth and you start to groan.

I take a quick peek to the side and notice you have got the cam zoomed in on my mouth. I start to close my lips and suck while I swallow working my lips up and down your shaft. I can see your stomach quiver and feel your ass bite my finger once or twice. Your cock is stuck in the quicksand of my throat muscles, being pulled and sucked down with no escape in sight I keep pulling you in deeper.

I can feel your cock start to pulse and breathing is ragged; I just can’t help but smile to myself as I withdraw my lips to tease and push my tongue in the little hole. Right on schedule you start to drip and I make one long swipe across the tip with an equally strong firm push on that nodule, drawing a shudder from deep within you and I feel your balls draw up tight.

You have such a grip on the remote your fingers are white as you watched the dance that is being played out between my lips and your cock on the TV. You gaze intently and zoom in more, your swollen cock filling the screen as my hands pull on your balls firmly and hold them down. Your cock is starting to bounce looking for relief and I go back to sucking it deep down my throat again while I start to probe and stroke my finger deeper and firmer as my nose is digging into your belly I’ve got every inch of you and continue to swallow and suck you.

I can feel you raise your knees up splaying them to out giving me more room to which I take full advantage cupping and massaging your balls again. I just have to smile as you seem to have lost the ability to form a coherent word as you start to buck your hips with bahis şirketleri the same rhythm as my finger in your ass. I slip my hand down, catching just a tiny bit of juice on the tips of 2 fingers, then reaching up feed them to you and you go at them like a starving man with a vengeance.

Raising my head up I release you from my vacuum lips, marveling at how swollen your cock is, the veins are pulsing and you dripping constantly with a deep angry red cap from the torment and I never break rhythm with my finger. I watch your face contort, you can’t seem to focus, and you glance at me and then a quick glance at the TV as I continue to milk your cock from the inside out.

I can feel you try to pull your legs together but I’ll have none of that and push them back out…dropping my head back down. I can feel you quiver with anticipation of the warmth of my mouth, I lightly breathe over your angry red head running my finger tip the full length. Parting my lips I take just the head, holding it with my lips, teasing the tip with my tongue before I suck you all the way down and start to swallow you, again, and again and again. I feel your balls draw up I continue to suck and push and stroke and rub deeper. I can feel you starting to pulse so I start swallowing drawing and sucking your cock deeper, just as you start to cum again. You start bucking, it seems like there’s no end to what you have for me. You can’t hold back any more and reach down and grab my head, it’s like your holding on for life as you shudder, holding my head and rocking me through the end of your climax.

As you start to soften, you release the grip on my head about the same time as I slowly withdraw my finger from your ass, maybe just 1 or 2 more strokes, just for fun. I take just a minute to reach up and give both your nipples good firm tweaks as I start to release your cock from my lips. Once or twice more, full length laps from the base of your cock to the tip with my tongue and I hear your arms fall to the floor at your sides.

I’m kissing my way up your body, lying beside you, I reach over and take the remote and snuggle into your shoulder knowing that neither of us can last watching the last 4 ½ hours of what I just put you through knowing that next month, it will be your turn to play with me. . . and I just can’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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