Turning to the Bottle

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Halfway through reading the story, my pants are open and my left hand begins to slip down to my panties. I push my fingers through the fabric as I read on, feeling my nipples harden under my shirt. I don’t want to get carried away; I just want to tease myself as I read your words.

After finishing up, I decide it’s time to grab my “toy” and head to the bedroom.

Oh! But there’s a problem!

Where is my toy? It’s large and neon pink – how could I manage to lose it?

Searching the apartment to no avail, I go to my bed empty handed.

I kick off my jeans and panties – my left hand wanders up under my tank top, softly caressing my nipples.

My right hand slides across my stomach and down to the swollen, hairless lips of my pussy. I touch the skin gently, letting my fingers run up through the triangle of hair just above the lips and then back down. Feeling extremely frisky, I slip a finger inside, feeling for the first time just how very wet I am.

I alternate between stroking my clit and pushing a finger up inside myself, but it isn’t enough. Not today. I had my heart set on having something inside of me.

Frustrated, I jump up from my bed and begin to scan casino siteleri the room. Nothing… nothing… nothing!


I walk back to my messy living room – I’ve spent the majority of my week either at the computer or on the couch. No… not that. No… too small. Noooo… too big!



No, that’s craziness! That wouldn’t feel good! Look for something else.

But my eyes keep coming back to the coffee table. Between a couple of diet Coke cans sits an almost empty bottle of Corona.

It’s worth a shot, right?

I pick up the bottle and take it to the kitchen, pouring out the remainder of its contents, and then head back to the bedroom.

Lying down on the bed, I give the cold glass bottle another look.

My mind wanders to something I read recently about glass dildos and I remember how ludicrous I thought it sounded.

I also remember reading that the glass quickly warms up to the body temperature of the user.

Let’s get this warmed up, shall we?

With the bottle in my right hand, I turn the opening down towards my pussy and spread the lips with my left hand. The glass touches my skin and I shiver.

I stroke the neck canlı casino of the bottle along my wet slit, beginning to enjoy the feel of it. Hard. Slick.

After stroking myself with it for a moment, I get bold and push the mouth of the bottle against my hole. The bottle is slick with my juices and the neck pushes inside of me with ease.


I’ve never felt anything like it. The glass is no longer cold, but warm and hard and slick. I pump the neck of the bottle into myself a few times, relishing this new feeling I’ve found.

Pulling it out, I slide it along my clit, pressing the glass against myself. I get so close to orgasm, and then let up, teasing myself mercilessly.

As I push the neck of the bottle back up inside of me, I reach down with my other hand to play with my clit.

Oh my god!! I’m so wet!!

I’ve never gotten this wet on my own before! Never before have I felt so much liquid between my legs when lying alone!

I pump the bottle into myself, testing the waters by being a bit more forceful. It slips in and out with incredible ease.

With the neck completely inside of me, I push a bit harder, smacking the bottom of the bottle kaçak casino to put pressure on it. The wider part of the bottle hits my clit and stretches me as the mouth pushes against the back wall of my pussy.

I grab the wide part of the bottle again and begin pumping, faster and faster.

I’m so close that my mind begins to reel!

I roll over onto my stomach, lifting myself up to my knees, my chest pushed against the bed, my face turned to the side as I gasp for breath.

Pumping the bottle into my pussy harder and faster, I begin to moan out loud. I’m beside myself with lust for this inanimate object!

I alternate between pushing the neck all the way in, smacking the bottom of the bottle, and pumping it between my legs.

My juices begin to flow down the sides of the bottle – I can feel it on my hands, making the bottle slick.

At last I cum! My face and breasts pressed into the mattress as my ass is up in the air, the Corona bottle pumping in and out of my pussy!

Ohhh God yesss!! YESSsssss!!

I collapse onto the bed, my arms pressed beneath me. The bottle stays inside of me for a moment while I regain my senses.

Rolling over, I reach down to the slippery mess between my legs and remove the bottle.

Inside, my juices have pooled at the bottom corner. Smiling to myself, I rinse out the bottle and toss it into the recycling bin.

Perhaps I’ll have another beer later tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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