Tonya and her Toy Ch. 01

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Ahhh, Christmas. The most horrible time of the year to be alone, well…at least other than Valentine’s Day that is! Tonya was facing her first single Christmas in nearly 8 years. Her loft apartment echoed now with the empty space left behind from the removal of her fiancé’s furniture and belongings. And she couldn’t believe that this had all taken place during the holiday season of all times.

Tonya had been separated from her fiancé for about a month now. And it had been a good thing for the most part. But the loneliness was killing her…especially the sexual loneliness. At the office Christmas party her friend Jenna, her Secret Santa, had given her a little toy. Tonya had never used any form of mechanical device to pleasure herself. She wasn’t sure if she could actually do it, or enjoy it at all. Jenna had given her a DVD to go along with it. Saying that she should watch the movie until it got her purring like a kitten and then try the toy as she continued to watch and climax along with the movie.

Tonya took the movie canlı bahis and the toy home and hid them in her panty drawer. Letting them stay there for well over a week.

“I can’t believe that Jenna would give me something like that!” She thought to herself. “What does she think? That I am some horny, sex-deprived crazy woman…”

She still couldn’t fathom using an “appliance” on herself. And porn…only tramps own porn…real women either watch none or they only watch it when their men want to bring it into the bedroom. Or at least that was the way she’d always thought of it anyway.

Meanwhile Tonya’s need and frustration grew with each night, each dream of her ex, and each night out on a new date. She’d awaken at least a half dozen times in the last week in either total frustration or total arousal over dreams of her ex-beloved Andrew.

She’d started going out on dates again and it was proving to be quite a challenge. She would have thoughts and daydreams in the middle of executive meetings of the men she’d gone bahis siteleri out with in the past weeks.

She hadn’t remembered dating to be this bad. The guys that were cute knew it…and took it as a direct ticket straight into her pants…and the other half were exactly the opposite of who or what they claimed to be. She tried to loose herself in her work and just forget that men existed entirely. So far that wasn’t working to well for her at the moment.

On the following Friday night she and the girls went out to the local club. She’d met a nice guy and they’d found a quiet corner to make out in for a while but she didn’t want to take it to the next level. So she broke it off and offered her number for a future date. She was hopeful for a connection that might last with this guy for the first time in along time and on the way home she found herself trying to burn everything about him into her memory. Every inch, every sparkle in his sea-blue eyes, his thick, rich, dark brown hair and the wavy texture of it that begged bahis şirketleri her to run her fingers through it again and again. She memorized the cleft in his chin and the dimples that surrounded his brilliantly sexy little smile. Yes, this one she could fall for she thought to herself. He was smart and sexy and he had dazzled her while they had danced.

By the time she returned home her thoughts and memories had begun to turn into something more. She remembered the way his lips felt on hers the way that his hands had gently kneaded her hips as he’d pulled her in closer on the dance floor. The way his breath felt against her neck and her cheek.

As Tonya went up to the loft to change she could feel the warm tingling sensation of excitement starting to burn deep within her. As she slid her dress down her sides she caught a glimpse of her barely thonged ass in the dressing mirror, she thought of his hands on her sides once more and she placed her own there to see what he had felt.

Closing her eyes she felt the soft, plush, yet bony contours of her hipbones and the smallness of the waist they lay beneath. She brushed her sides ever so gently and felt the hairs on her neck stand at attention as she broke out in goose pimples from head to toe.

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