Thinking of Dawn

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After a long day of work, I love to relax with a nice long bubble bath. Today I am feeling especially naughty. I start the hot water, as steam begins to emerge from the tub I start to undress. I slowly unbutton my jeans. I turn with my back to my full-length mirror and slowly I slide them off my hips revealing my lacey white thong panties. I look over my shoulder, seeing the reflection of my ass with jeans down about mid thigh. “Does she really I have a sexy ass?” I said to myself. “I think I do.” Maybe I am just feeling sexy today. I lift my t-shirt over my head, exposing my bra-less breast. My nipples have hardened from the exposure. I Slip out of my panties and slide into my bath.

The heat from the steamy water is so relaxing. As I slip blissfully into a sultry state of pure pleasure, I start to tingle all over. Is it the heat from the water slightly stinging my skin? Or is it something else? Oh it is definitely something else.

I close my eyes and start to replay the events of last night. I was chatting and posting pictures canlı bahis on my favorite site. I was looking at pictures on my favorite forum, Dawn is so arousing. Just by looking at her make me shudder with excitement. An image emerges from the darkness of my mind, she is sitting on a couch with her legs spread wide exposing her freshly shaven pussy. Oh how I would love to taste her wetness, my tongue parts my lips, I can almost taste her. Without realizing I bring my hands to my face. The tips of my fingernails trace their way down my cheeks onto my neck; I arch my back exposing my breast from the heat of the water. My nipples harden instantly from the frigid air above. As my finger tips glide their way across my collar bone, onto my breast. As my finger tips reach my nipples, a soft moan escapes my lips bringing me back to reality.

I step out of the tub and dry off. I crawl upon my bed, close my eyes and start to imagine. Image after image emerges out of the darkness; I start to gently caress my breasts. Gently I squeeze my nipples, bahis siteleri rolling them between my thumb and index finger, slightly pulling on them till I start to feel a surge of stimulating energy start flowing through my body. My right hand slowly starts making its way downward, across my stomach and stopping to caress my mound. “Dawn I wish you were here.” I say out loud. I spread my legs slightly, Imagining Dawn is caressing me. I can feel her spread my lips apart, while she squeezes my nipples.

I let my right hand gently spread my lips apart; my left hand touches my clit for the first time. I feel an instant surge of moisture gather between my lips. I feel the temperature around me start to rise as my pulse quickens. My fingers make circular motions around my clitoris. I can feel the dampness building. By this time my heart is racing and my body is longing more.

My fingers slowly start working their way down ward, gliding gracefully through my dampness as they enter inside of me. A gasp of air escapes my mouth bahis şirketleri as my hips rise to meet my fingers. My hips rise and fall again as, my fingers curl up wards finding my special spot. I slowly pull my fingers free bringing them to my lips. Tracing them with the wetness from my sex, I slide the two fingers into my mouth, savoring the juices from my pussy. “Is this how Dawn’s pussy tastes?” I say to my self. Still encircling my clit with my left hand, my pace quickens as I my right hand goes back down for more.

First one finger enters me, fast and deep. Then two fingers easily slide deep inside of me. My hips gyrate with every thrust. With my thumb and fore finger, I slightly squeeze my clit. My heart is pounding, as I can feel my climax building. I start to feel a quiver deep inside my stomach; I know that I am close to orgasm. The sweat starts to bead up on my breasts, I squeeze my clit harder. I push my fingers deeper, holding them deep inside. My entire body starts to shake as I am right on the edge; I scream her name “Dawn”! My hips shudder as I explode into an amazing orgasm. As my pleasure subsides I pull my fingers free. I inhale the familiar aroma of pure satisfaction as lick my own cum from my fingers. “I wonder does Dawn ever think of me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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