The Play House Ch. 02

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This is part 2. This will make no sense without part 1! Please read it! Otherwise, enjoy!

Ellie woke up slowly. She looked around to find out what the time was – below the TV, the clock read “09:17”. It was morning.

Ellie went to have a shower – the sheets were sticky enough. It was wonderfully warm and the shampoo was fresh and exotic. She treated herself to a little make up too – she didn’t usually wear it but it might be fun.

Sadly, the only thing that was not provided were clothes. She had to stay in her bra and panties for now.

At 10, the door knocked and a warm hot breakfast was pushed under a lower slit in the door. Ellie wolfed it down at the desk and loved it. She heard nothing from whoever slipped it underneath.

Ellie did not touch the drink, though. She knew that Amanda said it had “hormones” in it, to make everyone get turned on and masturbate. Ellie did not mind this, but needing to masturbate in the middle of a meal would be unsettling. She took it down like medicine at the end and waited calmly for something to happen.

She was right. Soon her pussy was on fire for some action. Ellie then looked around the room for a vibrator, or dildo, or something to use…

She found nothing. Okay, so it was clothing and sex toys that were missing. Great. They were currently, her two favorite things, as she was reminded of where her bra was now… and intrigued by where her panties may be.

She had to have something. Her fingers would do fine, but a vibrator would do better. She called the assistance button.

Moments later, the top door slit slid open. Molly stood before her with a broad smile. “You too? What can I get you?”

Ellie was in overdrive but she kept her cool. “Could I please have a vibrator?”

Molly nodded and laughed, shutting the door. She came back moments later – in the time, Ellie bounced on the spot, holding her breasts hard to contain herself.

Molly asked, “Okay, we’ve got Grace, Helen and Laura,” holding up three vibrators.

Ellie’s heart sank. “Erm, do you think I could get Amy’s, please?”

Molly giggled, “Oh, actually, Amanda took hers. Sorry. She’s quite hot though, isn’t she?”

Ellie ignored that point. “I’ll just take Helen’s.”

Ellie saw the vibrator roll under the door. She dove for it and tore off her – no, Anna’s – panties, and lay on her back on the bed. How could Amanda take Amy’s?! She knew that it was Ellie’s pick. However, maybe that was the point…

Now angry and horny, Ellie fiercely trusted the vibrator into her pussy, suddenly satisfied and wanting more, all at the same time. Her emotions swam around her head about Amanda… images of her masturbating on her vibrator… this anger seemed to fit nicely with her arousal, as seeing Amanda plough herself in her head made it even better. Ellie was already screaming, ignoring any cameras that were no doubts watching over her.

She came loudly and with a great spazm, almost squirting, it seemed. Straight away she brought the dripping vibrator to her dry mouth. Suddenly she remembered she was not only tasting herself, but Helen too.

She lay calm for a moment, silent. However, this was quickly broken by faint squeals from the next room. It sounded like Sammie, masturbating no doubts on a borrowed vibrator… This was enough to get Ellie going again and she set about achieving a second orgasm.

It was all too easy. She didn’t hear Sammie again, she must have climaxed. Her second orgasm wasn’t as loud as the first but it lasted longer. She held the vibrator still in her pussy for a while, thinking of what to do next.

After 15 mintues, she looked up to the TV. It was 10:20. She realized the TV had other functions too – video, gallery… or she could just watch Amy’s video again. She stripped off her bra (or Amanda’s) and grabbed the remote, still sitting on the bed. She withdrew the vibrator and massaged her clit slowly to keep her pussy awake.

She ran the first video again. Amy appeared irresistible in her beauty when she was in shot. The other girls were only small in the image but their actions were still stimulating. The video was only short so she couldn’t get off with it, clearly. She feverishly went to the gallery mode.

Then she saw a huge list of girls, A to Z, each with a number, no smaller than 30, next to their names. Some girls had over 100. Baffled by the choice, Ellie simply went with A – Amy. Her galleries and images opened up.

Ellie stopped masturbating and flicked through them, open mouthed in shock. There were so many. Amy had been photographed in many outfits, school girl ones, nurse ones, fairy ones, and a lot were just nude. This was from the thumbnails, not even full screen, so Ellie couldn’t make out any details.

Instantly Ellie felt a bad feeling inside. She couldn’t do this, not to a friend. She clicked back and moved her hand away. She could only guess the videos were different, but she had to check.

Once again, they were sorted by name. casino siteleri Amy at the top stood out so Ellie went in. They each had small thumbnails and names like “Amy fucks Kerry hard”, “Amy takes a ride on the sybian”, “3 girls get together”, and “Amy pleasures herself for a girlfriend”.

Horrified, Ellie clicked back and dropped the remote to the floor. She couldn’t masturbate now, not having been brutally exposed like this. She saw no details, but god… how could her friend ever do this? She felt worried and scared all of a sudden. She couldn’t possibly penetrate herself with this in mind now…

But it was clear she was aroused. For now her head had control to stop her tarnishing her friend’s name… but at some point, she would inevitably look. This horrified her – but she knew that there was no way back, she knew it was there, and at the back of her mind she’d be yearning for it.

She put her borrowed bra and panties back on. They felt perverted. She threw the vibrator into the drawer and sat back on the bed. The TV was back on the main menu. Ellie spotted the “current timetable”. She clicked onto this. The screen became a blue table. The date was correct and Ellie scanned to see what would be happening. Each row read as the girl’s names – from top to bottom, Becky, Ellie, Jennifer, Amanda, Sammie and Anna (alphabetical order).

Ellie saw that some marks were for everyone – breakfast, lunch and dinner were all at the same times. Then there were other engagements listed. Everybody had two today at different times. For Ellie, it was “clothing fitting” at 2pm and “relaxation” at 4pm. The other girls had these at slightly different times.

So Ellie waited until 2pm. She resisted the urge to masturbate which faded quickly. To pass the time she did some exercise for a while, just to keep active. She also found a book in her drawer. Expecting something saucy, she was not too surprised when she saw it was a chick flick. It didn’t obsess about sex so she read it to take her mind off things.

Lunch arrived on time and eventually it was 2pm. A calm knock came at the door. Molly opened the top slit, “Hello baby, had a good morning?”

Ellie nodded slowly. “Is it time for…”

“Yep,” said Molly, “time to get you into something hotter… ready?”

Ellie just smiled and nodded. More clothes! Possibly her own, too. Perhaps this fitting was as innocent as it sounded.

“Now Ellie, you’ll be let out without cuffs now. I’m going to insert the shocking butt plug to keep you under control, but don’t make a run, trust me. Open your ass to the doorway.”

Ellie turned and the slit opened behind her. She felt to arms grab her back – she squeaked in surprise. She then felt her panties peel off and a butt plug was forcefully slid in, which was surprisingly painful. She had already felt the power of these control tools so she did not want to tempt it again. Once it was in she only felt a minor intrusion.

Once it was in her panties were replaced and the door opened. Molly led her down a long corridor. There was a seat and lots of monitors at the end – clearly the cameras in the rooms. She struggled to make out any “action” but as she found herself looking she tore away.

Molly led her wordlessly through winding passages. Eventually they came to a door which read “outfit room”. Molly opened to door and let Ellie go through first.

It was the biggest room Ellie had seen so far, and this time, it was full of clothing. There were racks and isles of these clothes, from evening gowns to slutty dresses, and that was just what she saw from here. Great signs hung above areas – one read “BDSM”, one read “Costumes”, another, “Shoes”…

Molly pushed her to the middle. Eventually they met another girl – Emily. She shook hands with Ellie as she came close, “Hey Ellie! Hey Molly!”, kissing Molly briefly as they met.

Molly disappeared, and Emily said “Well Ellie, I guess you’re pretty bored of those undies right now, huh?”

Ellie nodded, shy-ed by the scale of everything here. She was sure none of the clothes would fit her bra size.

“Don’t worry, we’ll fix you up with some stuff…”

After what felt like an eternity, Ellie was in the dressing room to try out the clothes. She had “picked” (she was far more reluctant than usual) a few outfits. The first was a casual blouse and skirt like Emily was wearing now, and what most of the girls wore when not attending a special occasion. She also had a dress for “special occasions” and a slutty fairy costume for “even more special occasions”, as Emily put it.

Ellie tried them all out, and showed Emily each time she was done. She didn’t mind the normal outfit (the skirt was a little short and the shirt gave too much cleavage), or the dress (cherry red, but clearly she couldn’t wear a bra with it), but the fairy costume she did not like at all. It was tight and she felt awful in it, especially having seen what became of those who succumbed to the play house, remembering Amy’s canlı casino collection of videos.

Emily, however, loved the lot. “My god Ellie, you’re so hot!” she repeated many times. Eventually Ellie stopped blushing and started to feel violated.

She was also given lots of new panties and bras. All of them had her name in them and were perfectly fitted. They would fit nicely with her new outfits. She didn’t get the chance to trial any, though. She even got some shoes and socks.

When she was done, she had two bags full of clothes and Emily waved her goodbye. Molly led her back to her room where she put away all her new clothes.

In the time between her return to her room and her “relaxation”, Ellie trialed all her clothes. She first checked out some panties, but to her horror they were all g strings. They seemed to invade her ass in a bad way. Then again, she seemed to look quite hot in them – perhaps some of Em had rubbed off on her.

She wasn’t going to wear the fairy dress unless she was forced to but she kept the blouse and skirt on for now. The skirt was pushed down as far as it could go – almost revealing her panty line – but this was a measure to make it seem longer. She guessed it was long enough after a while. However, she could do nothing to amend the cleavage.

The knock came as a shock. Ellie quickly changed into her – well, Amanda’s – old panties, sweaty as they were, and answered the door. It was now Helen again.

“Relaxation time, but first, let’s put in the ass grinder.”

So it had a name. Ellie hitched up her skirt and allowed it to slot in. She got a pinch as she tucked the panties back up sending her a glowing red colour.

“Not wearing your new thongs?” Helen probed.

“Erm, no… they’re not really my thing,” said Ellie.

“Well,” started Helen, “it would be good to wear them now… you have to for the massages. Okay?”

Ellie nodded and went back to her drawer and took out a deep blue and white lined thong. She put it on and put the old ones back. At least this was clean. As soon as she turned around, Helen called again, “Ellie, your panties and bra have to match! What one are you wearing?”

She sounded quite insulted. Ellie knew she had always been a fashion perfectionist, so she turned around and changed to the matching bra quickly. She put the blouse back on as fast as she could.

“Better, don’t you think?”

Ellie nodded slowly in fake agreement. Her white blouse was see-through! Her bra stood out like a sore thumb. She assumed this was the idea, though…

Helen then opened the door and nudged her ahead. After a while they reached a new area, and Helen opened the door to the “relaxation centre”, and Ellie wandered in.

The room was beautifully set up, full of plants and little lakes of clear water. There were little pebbles all around. At the end of the room there were several bubbling baths. They all had girls in them, some in bikinis, some not.

Ellie was ushered through to a side room, similarly decorated. She was then sat down on a wooden board where Helen told her to lie back and shut her eyes. She did so uneasily but eventually relaxed herself. She noticed soothing ambient sounds in the background. She nearly slept but remained in a more “restful” state, aware, but calm. She realized the room was empty, too – even Helen had gone.

The time traveled slowly but eventually she found a warm hand touching her arm to wake her up. Ellie opened her eyes slowly to see Amy dressed in a pure white robe. It was like seeing an angel.

“Hey Ellie, are you doing alright?” Amy said calmly.

“Yes!” Ellie said enthusiastically. She’d never felt so safe in the play house.

“Good. I’m set to give you a light massage, so would you like to come with me?”

Ellie rose willingly and followed Amy. She couldn’t assume that what would ensue would be as innocent as a “light massage” sounded, but she was sure she was in the right hands.

This room had no artifical ambience in it at all. It was darker but still had foliage and water, in fact, it was running like a stream. In the centre there was a tilted massage chair which Amy gestured towards. By the side there was a table of ointments.

Ellie sat down. Amy said, “you just have to take your blouse and skirt off now… otherwise I can’t massage you.”

Ellie did this quickly. She almost felt relieved that she was allowed to do it, rather than have Amy strip her down… but she didn’t know if she’d object to that anyway.

Once they were off and nearly folded, Amy gestured for her to lie on her front. Amy then set to work.

“So, what do you think of your playmates?” Amy said, getting some small talk going. She spread some oil onto Ellie’s back.

“Play mates?” Ellie said, “You mean, like, Amanda and Sammie and the others?”

“Yeah, them. What do you think?”

Ellie didn’t know what to say. By now, she could feel Amy’s smooth hands spreading the cooling oil over her back. She wasn’t aroused kaçak casino by this (maybe a little), it was much more of a friendly gesture. Ellie ended up slowly saying, “I guess they’re nice.”

“Excuse me,” said Amy, unclipping Ellie’s bra to spread the oil around. She felt a little penetrated by this (but perhaps it was more exciting than perverted). Amy casually continued whilst smoothing it over her shoulders, “Yeah, I think they’re a good bunch, I’m glad they got in.”

Amy went on speaking about the play house, how the days worked. Everybody had custom timetables, not just the ‘trainees’ (the general term for Ellie and her comrades). Ellie was half listening but half enjoying the massage. She had perfect pressure, not too hard, not too soft. The time seemed to move very slowly. She even did Ellie’s hands.

After a while, Amy stopped speaking and asked a question in a more personal way.

“Ellie, do you mind if I massage a little closer to your tender parts?”

Ellie was taken aback by this but she was intrigued. “I don’t see why not.”

At first, this translated to feeling her sides by her breasts. This she did not mind, in fact, it was very pleasurable – not in a sexual way but it felt good after her hands had been massaged too, since they seemed to cry for attention.

“Do you know what’s happening this evening?” Amy said.

“No, there was nothing on the timetable,” Ellie said

“I know, not for you, but we’re gonna treat you guys today since you were so good yesterday,” explained Amy, “There’s a big party with the other girls, and if you stay in, you’ll be allowed a live feed to the party. At 6.”

Ellie was a little surprised. “What kinda party?”

“You know,” said Amy, giggling, but clearly Ellie did not know. “Kinky. Costumes and stuff.”

Ellie nodded. That might be interesting. Might.

“It’s not, you know, compulsory. You can do what you like.” Amy was silent for a few moments but she sensed doubt in Ellie. She went to kneel infront of her.

“Ellie, I want you to know, nobody here can force you to do anything. We just give you the tools and the time. Nobody is allowed to make a bold sexual move on the trainees, you can only ‘do it’ with other trainees until you request otherwise. Only toys and machines till then. Okay?”

As Amy said this she spoke with deep meaning and real compassion. She did mean this. But this had odd implications for the future.

“Your next time table comes online at 8. Check out what’s happening tomorrow. You can go now.”

Ellie felt Amy move back to dry her tenderly. She clipped her bra back on and Amy handed her the blouse and skirt. She waived her goodbye and Helen appeared at the door to show her back home.

As soon as Helen had taken the plug out and locked the door, Ellie ran for the vibrator at the back of her desk. Not even bothering with removal of clothes, she slid her thong aside and thrust it straight in before it was even up to speed. She thrust it in and out, hard and fast, desperate to cum over how hot the massage had made her.

Her mind raced with insane thoughts. Having sex with the other “trainees” was exactly what Amy had hinted at. Ellie was now utterly captivated by the idea, imagining the fingers of another person penetrating and attacking her pussy…

In no time at all she was already squealing and she fell back onto the bed, out of breath and sweaty again. Pulling the vibrator out, she stopped it and licked it like a sweet lollipop – and of course it was sweet. The taste made her crazy. That was one powerful orgasm.

Ellie needed more release straight away. She wanted to heat things up a bit, though. The panties excited her enough, so easy too slide away to get full pussy access. The bra had been handled by Amy – that was the perfect incentive to wear it. However, the blouse and skirt could be improved.

She opened the wardrobe whilst slipping off the skirt. She couldn’t wear the dress, she didn’t want to get it creased… but the costume. Mmm.

Suddenly the costume party sounded like a great idea. She glanced at the time – 5:57. Perfect! She hurriedly put on the fairy costume, magic wand included, and turned on the TV.

She had a moment to admire herself in the mirror. Wow, this made her look hot. Her usually unsatisfactory breasts became power houses, magnetic. She squeezed them and felt her nipples roar like live volcanoes below. The skirt was short, but, hey, it didn’t have much of a chance of flapping up – in fact, it was barely one skirt, just many strands of erratic fabric. The base layer could be lifted but the additional light layers stuck out strongly and went down further. Plus, there was even a petticoat she wore with it. She span on the spot, letting the skirt bob with excitement. Perfect.

She returned attention to the screen and sat on the bed. Sure enough, there was a new option – “View event”, which could only be the party. She clicked onto this straight away.

It was already underway. She could flip between cameras and every view showed a large hall full of sluts in dresses making out and caressing one another. There were pillows and bean bags everywhere and a raised area where announcements were made.

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