The Gift

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When it comes to gift-giving, people say it’s better to give than to receive. They also say it’s the thought that counts and the best gifts are those that come from the heart. I’ve always prided myself on coming up with great gifts you can’t buy in a store, because I believe the best gifts are a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

Georgia and I had just finished our annual holiday shopping trip to the mega-mall and found a nice little bar for before dinner drinks. Neither of us had crossed off gifts for the men in our lives and it took several drinks (and no dinner) trying to come up with the perfect gift. Georgia wanted to go to an adult store, leaning toward getting a porn movie with a lot of girls masterbating since that was her mans favorite thing to watch her do. I figured some sexy lingerie would be something my man would appreciate so off we went.

Somewhere between the bar and the adult store Georgia had an epiphany. Why not make our own movie for the boys so they could watch us masterbate for them at their leisure? We already had a hotel room booked for the night ready for the early morning post-thanksgiving day sales, I’d already purchased a digital camcorder for a gift, we had plenty of liquid courage so all we needed was some sexy lingerie and we’d be set to record our show for the boys.

Back at the hotel we poured some more wine and drew straws for who would star in the first video. Georgia got the short one. She retreated to put on her costume under her clothes. Emerging she walked to the full-length mirror at the foot of the bed and squeaked “ready.” I hit record on my digital camcorder set on a tripod and whispered “action.”

She started by slowly unbuttoning her top which clung to her curves with each gesture. As she loosed the final button, she let the blouse slowly slide over her shoulders, down her back and float lightly to her feet. Her hands raised to her jet black hair and freed it from the bun letting it fall across her shoulders. Slowly, Georgia’s fingers dropped to the button of her skin-tight slacks. With deliberate movements, she unzipped and peeled them away from her bronzed skin.

Georgia stood there, wearing a sheer black bra wrapped in matching lace and matching sheer panties. Both were nearly transparent and her hardened nipples were pushing against the material. She ran her fingers through her hair and then the backs of her fingers glided down her sides to the top of her panties then back up to gently cup her full breasts. Georgia turned slowly, admired herself one last time in the mirror and then walked to the edge of the bed and crawled across it to its center where she closed her eyes and laid on her back.

I followed her movements occasionally zooming for a closer look making sure the camera was focused on the main attraction.

Georgia’s hands drifted aimlessly across her deeply tanned skin occasionally grazing the sides of casino oyna her breasts or flirting with the edge of her panties. From where I stood, and through the eye of the camera zoom, I had an unobstructed view and could see the results her teasing was having, stiff nipples straining to be touched. As if she heard my thoughts, Georgia’s hand reached up and cupped her breast, gently massaging its fullness and occasionally lightly pinching her nipple. Her breathing had deepened and her parted lips kissed each breath.

I was so intent filming Georgia caress her breasts, I almost missed her other hand drift down tracing the outline of her panties. As I zoomed the camera in for a close up, I could see her well trimmed bush and even the thin line of her pussy through her transparent lingerie. I watched her slide her hand beneath her panties and begin more intent massaging of her wanting pussy. Her panties provided little more than a transparent veil from what was going on below. Her pussy swollen with excitement was begging for something and Georgia’s finger slipped in to oblige. Her stokes were slow and deep and her wetness was evident with each withdrawl.

Almost shocked back into reality, I became aware that my breathing had also picked up in intensity and I could feel the lips of my own pussy sliding together with even the slightest movement.

Georgia was really picking up the intensity, alternately rubbing and fingering herself. She had changed from lightly caressing her breasts to deep massaging and feverishly rolled her nipple between her fingers. Her back arched as she drove her hips against her fingers. It seemed only a moment before her breathing all but stopped. I watched eagerly as her entire body tightened, bracing against an orgasm. When she could no longer hold back, the waves of pleasure washed over her as joyful gasps and moans escaped her lips.

Georgia slowly removed what I now saw was two fingers from her throbbing pussy, leaving a wet trail of ecstasy across her stomach. Her eyes slowly opened and met mine in a deep relaxed gaze. “Your turn,” she whispered.

Had I not been so aroused, I may have been too anxious to go on, but now, I could hardly wait. It was my turn for center stage, but my show would tell a slightly different story.

As I slipped out of my clothes and into my lingerie (I’d chosen a sheer white baby-doll top and sheer white boy-short bottoms) every touch excited me more.

I skipped to the bed, slipped under the silky sheet, donned my white blindfold, laid my wavy blond hair on the pillow and called out “Ready.” I heard Georgia call back action and knew the camera was rolling and I was the star.

I stirred ever so lightly, imagining I was waking from a long nights sleep beneath the covers. My hands, above the sheet, walked across by body which was hidden beneath. Per her earlier instruction, Georgia, slowly pulled away the sheet. I felt it canlı casino glide gracefully over my breasts, across my stomach, legs and finally my feet.

Blindfolded, I felt exposed and vulnerable and it made my body tingle. I hoped Georgia was watching me with the same enthusiasm I had watched her.

Wasting no time, I slid my hand under my sheer top, fully aware the camera could see my slender fingers tipped with red nail polish creep up to my milky white breasts and small pink nipples. I teased myself, circling each nipple several times before pinching it. Each pinch sent sparks of electricity down my body to my aching pussy. A single button, centered between my breasts held the top together and I wasted no time freeing my body from its cage. I alternated between gentle caresses, massages and light nipple pinching. My nipples were harder than ever before.

I was so aware of my throbbing pussy. I imagined Georgia capturing my wetness on film. She could no doubt see between my legs was void of any trace of hair and the wetness would be obvious on the tight-fitting sheer shorts. I took the middle finger of my right hand into my mouth, imagining it was Austin’s cock using my tongue and lips to wet every inch then traced a line across my stomach, under my panties, and after moving up and down a few times along the entrance to my pussy, plunged in.

I was overcome with pleasure, never had I been so turned on, knowing I was the star and being watched. Intently I fingered myself, deep slow strokes at first. One finger wasn’t enough, I slid in a second finger and while pumping back and forth used my thumb to rub my clit. The orgasm surprised me — and almost as quickly as it came, it was gone. I laid there and could only think “not fair.”

Then I felt Georgia’s soft, warm hand lift my own from under my panties and place my fingers in her mouth. As she licked away my wetness I couldn’t help imagine how lucky the cock that found its way to her mouth. A light tingle returned to my pussy and I could feel my nipples harden once again. Blindfolded I concentrated on each of Georgia’s touches.

The fingers that had been in her mouth she lowered between her legs. Instinctively, they found her wanting pussy, wet with excitement and warm with love. As my finger parted her lips and slid inside her, a gasp escaped her lips and I felt her breath upon my face. She lowered her lips to mine and we kissed softly and passionately, interrupted only by her occasional soft moans. I could feel her breasts and especially her nipples rubbing on my own. I started to feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and quickly I withdrew them from her wetness. Georgia gasped in disappointment, but I was having way too much fun to let it end so soon.

Grabbing her arms I flipped her to her back and with one hand held her hands above her head. With the other I removed my blindfold and used it to tie her wrists to the bedpost. kaçak casino Her eyes shot up at me with a mix of confusion and excitement. That’s when I realized that the camera was still rolling. I gently kissed around her breasts, careful to avoid the nipples. From the corner of my eye, I could see them stretching out, yearning to be sucked. Finally I gave in and took one into my mouth, using my tongue to circle and flick it back and forth. As I slid the nipple from my mouth and gave it a little bite. Georgia’s body flexed beneath me, but quickly relaxed. I did the same to the other breast and this time she moaned in anticipation of what might happen next.

I kissed my way down her stomach, then skipped to her knees. From there I gently kissed the inside of her thighs towards her pussy stopping just short. I could smell her sweetness and was sure she could feel my breath. She arched bringing her wetness closer to me, but I retreated, enjoying the power and control I had.

I took one of my breasts and used the stiff nipple to slowly slip up and down the lips of Georgia’s wet pussy. I watched as they parted easily wanting more attention. I pushed my nipple as deep into her hole as I could and she moaned with excitement. Over and over I tit-fucked her and then abruptly stopped. This was fun. I moved back to her face and gazed deeply into her pleading eyes then brought my pussy-soaked nipple to her mouth. She wasted no time engulfing it and sucking every last bit of juice from its surface. Her body was shuddering with anticipation of what might come next.

I straddled her breasts and slid one of her nipples into my aching pussy. I rocked back and forth trying to get it deep inside me with only limited success. I slid off her and noticed her breast glistening from my pussy. Tentatively I began to lick my own wetness from her breasts and the tangy flavor left me wanting more — I needed to be fucked.

Grabbing Georgia’s hair I straddled her face and lowered my pussy to her mouth. I felt her tongue slip back and forth along the lips of my pussy and then push past their walls inside of me. I used her locks to pull her deeper into my wetness. Her tongue slipped in and out of my pussy with each probe bringing me closer to orgasm. Finally her tongue found my throbbing clit and just when I could feel the orgasm building from all the parts of my body she turned her head away. Our eyes met and I could see she was returning my tease from moments earlier. The only way I was going to cum is if we did it together.

I turned around, facing her stomach and lowered my face between her legs, which greeted me openly. As I started to lick the lips of her pussy she began to moan and I lowered my hot pussy to her face. Together we licked, tongue-fucked and sucked each other into multiple waves of ecstasy, one on top of the other.

I unbound her and we laid together in silence for a long time, gently caressing each other’s naked bodies. Georgia was the first to break the silence by asking, “Are we going to include that last part in our gifts to the boys?”

I just smiled and said, “what would we give them next year?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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