The Bicycle Pt. 01

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He texted me to be at his house by 3pm today. Said to wear a skirt, ride over on my bike, and to use the new seat he got me.

It was noon. I ate breakfast, took a shower and decided what to wear. It was late spring and nice outside, so I chose a floral skirt, white tank top and a cardigan with black flats. No bra… Hoping the ride to his house wouldn’t been too bumpy and that passers by would be able to see how hard my nipples were.

I was already wet just thinking about using the new seat. I decided to leave early- to give myself plenty of time to get over there and to go around the block a few times to get used to the feel.

I stepped into the garage and there it was staring back at me, begging to be used: the seat of my bike. Adhered to the black leather seat was a beautiful black, slightly curved dildo, 6″ in diameter and 6″ in length. It was accompanied by a nib of a butt plug-just enough to poke through, so you’d know it was there.

I peeked through the window to see if my neighbors were outside, trying to decide if I should mount it before I opened the garage door. I decided to ease my way onto it and waddle over to the door.

I was so wet, I knew I wouldn’t need lube in preparation. With one foot steady on the cool cement floor, I swung my other leg over and could feel the cold metal bar between my thighs. I lowered myself and lightly slid my clit across the dildo and could feel my juices making it slick. I held my breath and lifted my bum over the dildo and slid down and back to get the butt plug ready to slide into my ass. The smooth, cold, and slightly forgiving nib on the plug made me shiver. I could feel how swollen my pussy was, aching for something inside of it.

I slid forward gently with my clit resting on the base casino siteleri of the dildo and the plug gently easing it’s way up my butt crack and patiently waiting at the entrance to my ass. I took some weight off of my feet and the plug slid in with ease. I shuddered. To me, no pleasure is greater than feeling something, anything in my asshole.

The seat was pretty slick at this point, so I sat there for a few minutes rocking back and forth – touching my sticky clit to the dildo, and penetrating my delicious ass with the seat intruder – in alternating motions.

I could have cum from that alone but I wanted to save my explosion for my guy.

I slid my clit up the length of the dildo, standing on my tippy toes and could feel the tip slide back against my clit and head for my hole. I held my breath and set down a little bit as the head of the dildo pushed into my swollen pussy. I bobbed up and down for a few strokes to get used to my newest intruder. I exhaled, clenched my fists around the handlebars, shut my eyes, slowly released my calf muscles and felt my heels touch the ground. I was affixed to the bike. My clit was rubbing against the seat, the dildo was burried inside my enraged pussy and the plug was nudging my asshole as if it were gently asking permission. Although, I knew it would be buried just inside me throughout the ride.

I shifted my weight to my right leg and placed my left foot on its pedal. The shift caused both of my new friends to slide deeper inside me and sandwiched my angry clit between the forgiving leather seat and my body weight.

I reached down and found my clit, dripping with my sex juices. I rolled the tips of my fingers against it and moaned. With my two holes down there filled up and my fingers gently rubbing my canlı casino engorged clit, my eyes rolled back in my head and an involuntary moan escaped my slightly parted lips.

I bounced up and down a few times to feel how deep my new friends could get. I felt the dildo slide a little deeper into my pussy and I wanted to feel the butt plug slider deeper too. My hands slid up my thighs and around to my juicy ass. I slapped my ass and jiggled it against the leather seat. Pulling my ass cheeks apart, I put more of my weight onto the seat and felt the butt plug slide in a bit deeper. I wanted more…

I bounced on the seat and held my ass cheeks apart. I grinded my clit against the seat and could feel the dildo shift inside me. I was sweating. And I. Wanted. More!

I did’t know how much time had passed, but I knew I needed to get going or I’d spend the rest of the day sitting here, teasing myself.

I gripped the handle bars and pushed forward with my right foot, moving towards the door. “This won’t be so bad” I told myself. I decided to forego the extra ride around the block to “get used to the feeling”. What was I thinking?! I just wanted off of this thing and onto my lover.

I pressed the button to open the garage door and felt the warm breeze upon my feet and my legs. I could hear the sounds of lawn mowers in the neighborhood and hoped none of the old men wanted to stop and chat like they usually did. I slowly rolled down the driveway, stopping half way to close the garage door and check my phone – the time was 2:40. Shit! Had I really spent that much time in the garage getting acquainted with my new seat? “Okay, I can do this.” I inhaled a deep breath and set off.

I decided to ride in the street since it wouldn’t be as bumpy as the sidewalk. kaçak casino With all of my weight on the seat and the toys nestled deep inside my wet, warm pussy and ass, I felt the warm breeze on my pussy lips and clenched my pussy and ass muscles. This just made me more wet and I could smell my juices.

A few cars drove past – one honked – I didn’t know if it was because he could smell my juices too or if he was just being an asshole… I realized it was my best friends dad. I waved to his rearview mirror. He had no idea what I was sitting on! If only he knew…dirty old man.

I waved to my neighbors mowing their lawn with a big grin on my face. None of them knew. I went the route I knew would have the least traffic. I checked the time again: 2:50. Okay. I was a few blocks away from his house.

I felt my ass get really warm all of the sudden and actually stopped at the next stop sign to investigate. With the lawn mowers still humming throughout the neighborhood, I hadn’t heard the vibrator click on. He must be watching me. I suddenly got hot. Sweat was trickling from my temples and down my chest between my breasts. I glanced down and saw a few wet spots where sweat was gathering.

I checked my phone again: a text from him “Hurry, love. And to be safe, do take the sidewalk <3" Shit. He was watching. I glanced around sheepishly and set off again. The sidewalks weren't as smooth as pavement but weren't as bumpy as I'd imagined. I felt something inside me move. He'd turned on the dildo. It was gently moving around inside me as the plug was quietly humming away. Distracted by neighbors mowing their lawn, they all seemed to stop and stare as I rode past. My face was flush and I was sweating more – could they tell? Did they see my hard nipples I had once hoped they’d see? Did I want them to look at me anymore? I rounded the corner and saw his house. The garage door was open, inviting me in! A smile spread across my face. “I got this”, I said to myself…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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