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Still soaking wet from the pool, Paul stepped into the sauna, greeted with the familiar scent of heated wood and sterile air.

That the condo had its own pool and sauna was definitely a well-appreciated bonus. But Paul was not a social swimmer, but took the exercise very seriously. Waiting until after midnight, he would grab a towel and put on his trunks, then steal down in the bowels of the building to enjoy a solo swim.

The results spoke for themselves. As a man in his early thirties, he’d never been more fit. He’d seen too many men in his age group who’d already let themselves go, who allowed the passivity of an office job and the security of marriage to let their fitness slip into sloppy bulges. Paul determined not to end up like that. Of course, still being single, there was a natural impetus to try and make a positive impression on the opposite sex. He definitely believed that the merits of exercise extended well beyond well-toned muscles, though. It sharpened the mind, and made for a brilliant way to relieve the day-to-day stresses of life.

Coming down after midnight was a habit that had evolved as a kind of accident of convenience. As it turned out, very few other people ever had the same idea, so he could swim in complete privacy and freedom. It was definitely great to have the entire pool all on his own, and he could go full tilt without worrying about bumping into anyone else. At the end of each session, he would invariably sit for a short while in the sauna room before calling it quits for the evening.

Nothing in particular brought the idea to mind, but as Paul dashed some water over the rocks, it suddenly occurred to him to wonder what a naked sauna would be like. It was relatively common thing, wasn’t it? Perhaps not here, but it certainly was done. Having to sit in damp clingy swimming trunks wasn’t especially fun or comfortable, that’s for sure. It had to be said, this was all pretty casino oyna private, and it wasn’t likely that someone was going to slip down for a late night steam for no particular reason. There didn’t seem to be any obvious reason why not to give it a try.

With some very minor trepidation, Paul stripped out of his trunks, laying them on the bench beside him. It did feel kind of strange to be naked in a place where other people could always walk in. He took a quick glance out the narrow glass window just to put to rest any lingering fears that anyone was out there. Naturally, he was alone, and he took a reassuring breath. Folding up his towel, he placed it on the wooden bench as a seat cushion –whatever the merits of a naked sauna, burning one’s butt certainly couldn’t be one of them.

Closing his eyes, Paul laid his hands on his knees, letting the close humid air have its effect. It didn’t take very long for the sweat to start coating his body; every muscle relaxing as the heat gently sapped his strength. It wasn’t the kind of environment one could take sitting prim and proper, so despite the lewdness of the posture, Paul allowed his knees to spread wide, leaning back. He glanced down to where his genitals hung out for all to see. There was still a trace of worry about being discovered, but it was a fear that was rapidly fading, and he actually smiled at the sight of his brazenly exposed prick.

Flicking his hands over his balls, he wiped away some of the sweat that had accumulated there. It was an innocent gesture, but it actually felt kind of good. Due to the heat, his testes hung lower than usual, and he experimentally weighed them between his fingers. He was not an especially hairy guy, but for the first time he wondered what his genitals would look like if he’d shaved them entirely bald. It was an idle thought that only served to prolong his self-exploration, rubbing and stretching the elastic skin canlı casino of his scrotum.

Responding to the attention, his penis began to thicken of its own accord. Paul hadn’t consciously intended to arouse himself, but any time one’s hand comes into contact with one’s most private parts for a good length of time, the results tend to be inevitable. Gently grasping the base between finger and thumb, Paul watched with mild amusement as his prick engorged into firm and full erection, glans pointing upward in silent askance.

There was no conscious decision made, but as he felt comfortable being alone in the small steamy room, Paul casually stroked the length of his cock, enjoying the sensations. Even at this moment, it didn’t seem so much like masturbation, because there was no lurid fantasy brimming in his imagination, and it was far too hot to really have very much libido.

Still, it wasn’t terribly long before his breath became labored, and as he teased the smooth skin of his glans with fingers and thumb, he realized that it would be very difficult to stop if he wanted to. If anyone walked in now, there would be no doubt in his or her mind as to what he was getting up to. Thankfully, no one was around to share in this shameful little indulgence. Clutching the edge of the bench with his free hand, Paul’s legs tightened as he stroked himself with greater earnest, increasing the heady rush of pleasure.

The heat and steam made every movement more intense and difficult, burning his nostrils, sapping at his strength. Beads of perspiration rolled all over his skin, drenching his thick blonde hair, threatening to spill into his eyes. The relatively simple act of masturbation was transformed into a real physical ordeal, a challenge nearly as great as speeding through multiple laps in the pool. Only the rewards of sexual release could justify such self-generated abuse.

The sweat allowed his hand to kaçak casino glide with very little resistance over the surface of his prick, prolonging the experience even further. He could see the veins bulging through the surface of the skin along the length of his cock, and the smears of pre-cum that were now an almost constant flow. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could go on, having become so lightheaded from the effort and the stifling heat. His balls were achingly tight to this body, and his toes clenched and flexed over and over.

Heart racing, he panted and groaned, clutching his cock tight, silently begging for this wonderful torture to end. Butt rising from the sweat soaked towel, he clenched every muscle, inside and out, until he finally felt that subtle twinge. As waves of pure erotic pleasure crested over him, streams of watery semen pulsed from the end of this cock, jetting up the length of this chest and stomach. His prick jerked hard in his hand, as if trying to escape as it unleashed its payload of procreative fluid. Only after his orgasm receded did the unruly organ finally go still, oozing cum onto this stiff fingers and losing its rigidity.

Head falling forward, Paul took a few long painful breaths, lungs aching from the overheated air of the sauna. The semen that landed on his body began to slide off of its own accord as it joined with his sweat, making for a pungent mélange. Quite wisely, Paul decided to leave the small room and take a soothing shower. By now, he knew it was safe to be naked, and he didn’t bother to put back on his trunks as he stepped out and walked across to the stalls. He cleaned himself from head to toe, washing away the last residue of his solo fling.

The aftermath of this episode came a couple days later, when a formal note slipped under his door reminded him that all public areas of the building were monitored by camera, and that certain activities were certainly not allowed. A personal addendum scribbled at the bottom suggested that if he wanted a safe way to have a little fun, to take a stroll over to the security center the next time he finished one of his late night swims.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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