Size Matters

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My boyfriend Chris used to go on at about how small his cock is and he kept saying I needed a bigger cock to satisfy me. After a while I started to ‘go along with it’ telling him how I’d really love to be fucked by a really big thick cock.

One night last year we were in bed and he reached into his rucksack and pulled out this absolutely huge black dildo. It is a BAM realistic model and it measures 13 inches in length and 8.5 inches around!

Quite frankly I could not really believe he was serious. When he used to tell me how much I would come on a big cock I would imagine what it would be like but never in my wildest fantasies did I ever dream of one this enormous!

All I could think was ‘that’s got to hurt… surely no woman could take that?’ To be honest I found the thought of using it really frightening. When I refused to try it he got really sulky and childish. He kept on at me for weeks, either saying I’d love it or being really horrible, telling me I was pathetic because I couldn’t take a decent sized cock, that pussies are designed to stretch enough for a baby to pass through and all I had to do was relax. Eventually he wore me down so much I finally agreed to let him use it on me. He’d got to me so much that I that at that point I didn’t really care if it hurt. I was so fed up with being made to feel inadequate for not being able to take a big cock that I actually wanted to do it just to prove him wrong.

He was all excited when I said I would try it and he got really randy which put me in the mood for a good fucking. We went to bed and he went down on me and licked my pussy till I came, preparing me for what was to come.

To say it didn’t really fit would be an understatement but I was really determined to take it. By using lots of lubrication and a vibe on my clit as Chris tried to insert it I found that my pussy gradually relaxed, I could feel more and more of the huge head of it stretching me as it went in.

It was hurting a bit but I just tried to keep myself relaxed and not ‘clench up’ while Chris pressed it into me. It took quite a long time but eventually I got closer and closer to orgasm, the stretching sensation was delaying it but finally when I did come he took advantage of it and forced casino siteleri the thing right up inside me! I was shocked as my orgasm subsided, lying there with that huge great thing inside me. I was amazed that I’d actually taken it! It still felt pretty sore but not as bad as I expected, just really bulky and full and tight…really tight!

Looking down between my legs it was a shock to see how stretched my pussy lips were around the massive girth of the thing. I must admit though, did look really quite sexy. Chris was over the moon; his face was a picture, telling me what a sexy bitch I was!

I actually felt very sexy and proud of myself for managing to take it. It made me feel incredibly feminine and receptive; it’s hard to describe but it felt ‘right’ somehow, as if it were my destiny to accept this thing inside me.

Whatever it was it felt good, incredibly erotic for both of us. I think Chris was as amazed as I was to see more than half of that huge shaft buried inside me.

He began to move it, slowly working it in and out, fucking me with this monster cock. Part of the satisfaction of taking the dildo had been to prove him wrong; I wanted to take it because I was angry that he made me feel I wasn’t good enough, not ‘woman enough’ to take a big cock.

The longer he fucked me the more excited I got and it soon dawned on me that I really wanted to ‘pay him back’ for his put-downs… I had proved him wrong on his first claim, now I wanted to pretend he was right on his others… that he really wasn’t big enough for me, that I really did need a big dick to satisfy me!

As the fucking continued I relaxed and got used to the thickness of it and I very quickly became more and more turned-on. I realised that I would not have to do much pretending…he had actually been right all along; I really did love being fucked with this monster cock! It was so much better than I had ever imagined!

As I thought about it the more excited I became, jerking my hips to meet the thrusts of that big thick dick. I found it exciting to think of making Chris jealous and started telling him how good it was, that he was absolutely right, I really did need this huge tool to satisfy me, that I had such a greedy pussy and that canlı casino I’d be ruined for him after stretching so wide for the dildo!

Whether it was what I was thinking and saying or genuinely the size of the dildo but I realised I was that I was going to come and within a matter of seconds I did… Jesus Christ it was intense! It was unbelievable, I thought I was going to die I came so hard on it! I screamed so loud half the neighbourhood must have heard me!

My boyfriend kept on fucking me and I came again in seconds, again equally intense. I couldn’t take any more and had to make him stop. As I came down from the high Chris pointed out that I’d come from being fucked!

I never come from thrusting alone; I always need my clit stimulated… “Then its true” I said, smiling at him “I really do need to be fucked by a really big cock!”

He wanted to fuck me himself then and when he entered me his cock felt really small in comparison and I teased him “I can barely feel it, that’s no use to me now; I need a huge cock inside me!”

He seemed to like it and fucked me furiously, telling me what a cock-hungry slut I was, reminding me almost accusingly how hard I’d come on that big rubber cock. He did come inside me but I suspect it was more from being so turned-on than from much friction!

Not surprisingly I was rather sore the next day but in no doubt whatsoever that I was going to do it again soon! I was as randy as a bitch in heat! It was only a couple of days later that I asked Chris to make love to me again and when he asked if I wanted to use the dildo again I could barely conceal my excitement. I got the distinct impression I was being just a little too enthusiastic but I didn’t care; he had awakened these desires in me, now he would have to satisfy them!

He then asked if he could tie me down and I was all for it. We had often done it before and the idea of being strapped down spread-eagled to the bed and fucked senseless with that beautiful big cock was extremely appealing!

Big mistake! Once he had me securely strapped to the bed he informed me that I had been demeaning by telling him his cock was too small and as punishment he was going to fuck me all night with the dildo! I thought he was play kaçak casino acting at first and as he began licking my clit I encouraged him to do just that. “Oh God yes, fuck me all night long, I can’t stop you now, you can make me come as many times as you want to, there’s nothing I can do about it!” I panted, quite relishing the idea at that point.

He started pushing the huge head of the dildo into me as he licked my clitoris and before long I was impaled on the massively thick shaft of rubber. It felt even better this time; I guess I wasn’t so concerned with my ability to accept it and I was feeling very eager to take it given how much pleasure I had from it the last time.

It was extremely exciting to feel so helpless, the stretched out immobilised victim of a brutal ravishment by a huge cock that would not stop, caring nothing for my weakened cries as it plundered my orgasm-wracked body!

Little did I know that my fantasy was about to become a reality as I was rapidly brought to orgasm by the gigantic rubber penis. When I came I screamed out loud, my body convulsed, my pussy desperately clenching on the still thrusting shaft of the dildo as he pumped it relentlessly in and out.

I couldn’t close my legs, they were held wide apart allowing him to fuck me through one orgasm to the next with no respite! Just as the last time I was able to come just from being fucked with the huge dildo, in fact the longer he continued the more I realised I was unable to stop coming!

I was completely at his mercy; no matter what I did I just kept having orgasm after orgasm in rapid succession until I was begging him to stop… But he wouldn’t, he just kept on fucking me with it till I was delirious with pleasure, long since losing count of the number of orgasms I’d had!

Eventually he did get tired and he stopped fucking me. The last thing I remembered was looking at the clock and realising I had been fucked for over four hours!

It was dawn by the time we woke up, both of us having fallen asleep, exhausted, the dildo still buried inside me. I had been impaled on it for nearly nine hours by the time he pulled it out of me and unfastened the straps. My pussy was really loose and sloppy and Chris wanted to fuck me with his own cock. He slid in so easily and fucked me till he came, telling me how proud he is of me, how much of a woman I am to take his big rubber cock and come so much on it. I am a lucky girl to have such a generous Daddy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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