Sexy Phone Date

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She sat on the sofa, her hands finding warmth from the mug of hot coffee. Her thoughts drifted to him. The sexy voice sounding of rich chocolate poured over her soul, the way he laughed and the way he sounded when they erupted in unison. She could tell when he smiled…could hear it in his voice.

But for all that she did know, there were things she wanted desperately to experience first hand. What he looked like, how his hand would feel in hers, and even how his mouth would taste when she kissed him for the first time. She wondered how aroused he would become when she melted into him, giving herself to him in one mesmerizing kiss.

She shuttered, a sensuous pleasure smoldering inside her. She knew he would be calling soon. How could she feel this way about someone who lived so far away, and yet, was as close as a breath against her ear.

She felt him caressing her nipples until they were taut against his hands. Already, she could feel the simmer of liquid sensations pooling in her centre. All she had to do was think about him.

Lighting a jasmine candle, she strolled around her bedroom in her lingerie. She felt sexy. She felt loved. She couldn’t wait to hear his voice. She plumped up the pillows on her bed and smoothed the ruffled duvet. A glow of candlelight spilled across the bed. A teasing smile played across her lips as she pulled an erotic massager from her toy chest. He would love to be caressed with this, she thought, casino siteleri as she envisioned the foreplay to come.

The phone chirped, bringing her to the present. Her heart thudded in her chest. The caller ID displayed his number and she smiled broadly.

“Hey Baby,” she purred. “I was just thinking about you…tongue kisses my love…taste me.”

“Well hello there to you too my erotic little nymph,” he crooned. “Miss me?”

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you,” she said, as she guided the massager over her skin that suddenly caught fire.

“What are you wearing,” he asked.

“A smile, and soon, my vibrator…oh, you mean clothing?” She loved to taunt him.

“I bought something special, just for tonight,” she said. “I have on a black silk camisole that barely covers my naval and a matching pair of panties. I just got them today…for our ‘date’.”

“Mmmmm, sounds gorgeous. What’s the top look like?”

“For the most part, it’s satiny soft, with a lace trim across my cleavage. And right now, my nipples are pressed taut against the fabric. Wish it was your hands, baby.”

“I would love to run my tongue across that lace and dip down between your tits, making it warm and wet,” he coaxed.

“I bet I know what you would like to slide in there…you love my tits, don’t you? Sit on my chest babe, caress me through the silk while I grip your butt and pull you closer to me.”

He pulled himself canlı casino free of his boxers and began to stroke himself to her voice. He told her he longed to be tit fucking her softly.

“You should feel how wet I’m getting,” she said. “My panties are damp and my nipples are rock hard. I need you inside me tonight.”

He groaned into her ear, telling her how hard she made him with her mental stimulation. “I’m already dripping,” he confessed.

She smiled. She loved how hard she could make him with just a few words.

“I am rubbing myself through my panties,” she said. “My clit is really getting hard…oooooooh, yeah, touch me right there. Pinch my nipples baby, like that. I love how you touch me.”

He talked to her…touching her with his tongue, pulling gently on her nipples through the wet silk of her camisole. Pushing her top aside he assaulted her with his tongue.

She tugged on her erect buds, feeling his tongue on them.

“Please don’t stop,” she cried, her fever pitching. “I want to cum with you.

Her hands played with her vibrator, stroking her clit. She pulled her panties to the side and rubbed the vibe across her pussy lips.

“You make me so wet,” she told him.

“Tell me what you’re doing,” he urged.

“I’m wet…soaked. I have my vibe gently probing my pussy…it’s almost inside me. OMG, I’m so wet…it’s going in…slowly…”

Her breath caught as she inserted the vibrator. kaçak casino “Oh my God, you are sooo hard,” she told him. “Go slowly my love…nice and easy.”

“You like that don’t you,” he said. “I’m so hard for you. My cock is jumping. Squeeze it with your pussy. I’m fucking you deeply. Take it all. Come on, you can take it…that’s it. Feel me inside you.”

He stroked himself to her panting and moaning, both urging each other to the brink.

“I’m rubbing my clit,” she said. “I want you to come with me. Cum inside me.”

“Oh yeah, my God you feel so good,” he told her. “Look at me…look into my eyes. I want to see you when you cum.”

She rubbed herself to a frenzy, her panties getting more and more drenched. They held the vibrator in place while she worked her clit. Her nipples were pointed peaks. She could feel the orgasm beginning in her belly.

She rolled over on her stomach.

“I want you to fuck my ass. Please,” she said. “I want to cum with you in my ass.”

“I’m holding you down…face in pillows,” he told her. “Don’t cum, not yet.”

“I can’t help it…I love it when you fuck my ass. OMG, fill me. Hurry.”

Her muffled cries were smothered by the pillow as she bit down to feel the first orgasm rip through her.

“I’m cumming…oh my God…cum with me.”

“Yes, yes…feel my cock inside you,” he said, his fist pumping furiously as cum filled his cock. “Here it cums baby…here it cums…”

Together they erupted, pleasure bursting forth in a jumble of stars.


A heartbeat later, they smiled, knowing the other was doing the same.

“So my love…how was your day?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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