Relieving Stress

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Steph came home and collapsed backwards onto her bed with a little sigh. It had been a very long day, and she honestly wasn’t sure how much longer she could put up with her job. It just seemed like the stress seemed to be piling up on top of her, creating more and more problems.

There was one upside, though. She at least got to fantasise about one of her colleagues. She had lost count of the number of times where she had slipped into a daydream of her inviting him into the back office and locking the door, his fingers tangled in her shoulder-length black hair as he kissed her fiercely, stroking his hands all over her body, sitting her up on the desk as she unbuckled her jeans…

Even just thinking about it right then caused her pussy to get wet. She bit her lip, rubbing her legs together as she felt something trickle down her thigh. It would be wrong to deny such pleasure.

She stood up and undid her belt, tugging her jeans down and letting them fall to her ankles. Her lacy white thong followed shortly after, and she kicked the clothing clear as she lay down again, spreading her pale legs apart this time as she reached down the side of the bed, searching for something. A smile lit up her lips as her fingers closed around what she wanted; a six-inch purple dildo. She closed her eyes and lost herself in her lustful thoughts, licking the tip of the dildo and slowly running güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her tongue around it before taking the first two inches into her mouth, sucking slowly up and down, coating it with the wetness of her saliva. Mmm…I bet his dick is even bigger than this…

She took it deeper down her throat, another inch and then another, until she had deepthroated virtually the whole thing. She made little choking sounds as she imagined him facefucking her roughly, slamming his dick in and out of her pretty mouth, using it as nothing but a tight fuckhole. These mental images surprised her – she was usually extremely dominant and controlling in her sexual relationships, but since meeting him she could think of nothing she would like more than to be his submissive little sex doll, even if it was just for one night and she got to revert back to her usual behaviour and fuck the hell out of him next time, bouncing her tight pussy on his big cock.

She felt another trickle slip its way down her pale legs at the thought of that, pulling the dildo out of her mouth with a wet popping sound and slipping the first half of it into her soaking wet clean-shaven pussy, moaning softly at how easily she was able to enter herself. She was tight – extremely tight – but the sheer arousal caused by her fantasy had made her slick and silky, allowing her to accommodate güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the toy with very little effort. She began to move her hand, moving the dildo in and out, fucking herself and moaning his name while wishing it was his cock inside her the whole time. Her free hand roved up her body, over her smooth stomach and under her shirt, squeezing her C-cup tits in their white lace bra.

She put the dildo down temporarily to sit up and tug her shirt off over her head, then unclipped her bra and removed that too, letting those big tits bounce free, rubbing and squeezing her nipples while moaning loudly. The dildo shortly found its place buried back between her thighs, in and out even harder, faster and deeper now. It was soon just as wet as she was. Her breathing sped up, coming in short, quick gasps as her face flushed a hot red. Her hair fanned out across her pillow as she threw her head back with parted lips amidst cries and sighs of ecstasy. The power of her imagination drove her actions with unbelievable intensity. She wanted him so fucking much. She had to have him – every inch of his skin, every inch of his cock. So. Fucking. Badly.

She reached back down the side of the bed again, bringing up another toy of the same length – this one baby blue, her favourite colour. Still fucking her pussy with the purple one, she slid the second güvenilir bahis şirketleri toy between her breasts and circled her tongue swiftly around the tip, sucking hard as she pumped her mouth with it, imagining her colleague titfucking her hard until he shot his warm sticky cum all over her face and tongue and in her hair. Her pussy was a contrast of rain and fire, so hot and wet.

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she moaned out loud, thrusting both of the toys with more speed and force. For a few moments, she actually contemplated sticking the second one into her tight ass and double-penetrating herself, but decided his dick would be the first thing up there, if anything at all. Instead, she opted to slam every single inch of the purple toy into her little cunt and every inch of the blue one down her throat, her body gagging and bucking at the same time, wracked with waves of delight. The images of him screwing the shit out of her on her desk grew ever more vivid and detailed. She could practically feel his breath and his skin on her own. She wished he was there.

“Oh my fucking God, I’m gonna cum! Just thinking of you…ah!”

Her hips jerked upwards almost uncontrollably, her spine arching into a curve, burying the toy up to the hilt as she squirted a little stream of girly fluids onto her sheets with a loud moan, her breath coming in panting ragged gasps as her cheeks flushed scarlet, her whole body shaking and trembling.

Despite pleasuring herself so vigorously, she still wasn’t satisfied.

Rolling over, she picked up her phone and dialled his number. She had to. She just…she had to.

“Hey,” she murmured into the receiver. “Are you busy tonight?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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