Reach Out and Touch Someone

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“Hello?” Chloe’s voice was husky with sleep as she answered her phone.

“Hi, Baby.”

Glancing at the clock, she noted it was 4 am. What was Rob doing calling her so early? “Is something wrong?”

“Yeah. I miss you.”

“You know my parent’s are in town…you can’t come over.”

“Talk to me, Chloe, please.”

“Robbie, it’s four in the morning.”

“I’ve been hard for you since I left you early this evening. I can’t sleep, nothing helps.” he drew a ragged breath, “Please, Lover…talk me through so I can some relief?”

“I…I’ve never talked to someone while they…” her voice dropped to a whisper.

“Are you sleeping naked?”

“Yes. You know I do.”

“God, your body is sexy. I love the way your skin feels beneath my hands. So soft,” he groaned. “Touch yourself for me.”

Chloe’s eyes looked around the darkness in her room. No one was there. No one could see her, yet she felt deliciously wicked as she slid her hand down her stomach to her pussy. “Mmmm, Robbie, it’s so wet for you.”

“Oh yeah. Tell me what you want.”

“You between my thighs.” Her middle finger began to make teasing circles around her clit, every now and again sliding over it. “Just to feel the heat of canlı bahis your body melting into mine.”

“God, yeah.” His groan filled her ear. “Tell me more.”

“The feel of your cock hard, pressing into my thigh.” Moaning she dipped an eager finger into her honey pot. “I’m so wet for you, Baby. I can feel your mouth hot and eager, suckling my nipples, rolling them with your tongue.”

From the other end of the phone all she heard was heavy breathing combined with slight groans. She was feeling bolder now, completely turned on that the sound of her voice was all it took to get Rob off.

“My hands run through your hair, holding on tightly as I feel an orgasm approaching. When you feel me arch up, you know what I need.” Now using a pattern of rubbing her clit and dipping her fingers in her wetness, she was beginning to find it difficult to think. “I need to feel your cock in me, filling me, stretching me. Oh, God, Robbie.”

“Chloe. Go on, Lover.”

“Your first thrust would cause a tremor through me.”

“I love the way your pussy does that. Just spasms around my cock.”

“You’re so good, Lover.” Her moans escaped a bit louder than she intended, but still she continued. “I’d want to flip us and ride you. I love bahis siteleri being on top so I can take you in deep. Then you set our pace alternating between moving my hips and cupping my breasts, still pinching the nipples to feel the tiny spasms gushing more juice around you.”

Chloe had always believed that phone sex was a silly past time, but now with one hell-of-an orgasm beginning to spread through her body, she knew she was wrong.

“Robbie, listen to how wet you make me.” She held the phone down by her busy hand as her hips began to buck. Her moans became louder until she cried out, “Fuck yeah! Oh Rob!”

When Chloe began to calm a bit, she brought the phone back to her ear moaning softly.

“Chloe, did you…”

“Yes,” she hissed in between moans. “Damn, Loverboy, here comes another.”

“That’s it, Chloe. Cum for me. I can feel your sweet juice covering my cock.” he sucked in a sharp breath, “And it feels so fucking good!”

“It doesn’t take long for me to cum again, losing all control I collapse on your chest, letting my pussy squeeze and milk you. I feel you roll us to the side of the bed, thrusting deep into me a few times before pulling out and stepping off the edge of the bed. You grab my ankles and bahis şirketleri pull me to the edge, pressing small kisses all over my breasts and stomach.”

“Yeah, Chloe, I’m so close.”

“You flip me over, spanking my ass, before pulling me up by my hips. Your strong hands hold me in place as you drive your cock into me with such force I cry out. Your right hand leaves my hip to spank me again. Robbie, harder. I’m begging you, pushing myself to meet your forceful thrusts.”

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum Chloe…don’t…stop.”

“I love hearing you groan when my pussy milks you, fitting around you like a velvet glove. I can feel your cock begin to throb inside me and I know you’re going to cum. I want you to cum inside me; I love the feel of a man shooting his load inside. I use the muscles of my pussy to hold you tight feeling you fill me with your seed. You hold yourself deep inside me to feel the rest of my orgasm with yours, holding me tight, until we’re calm.”

Chloe paused and listened to Rob groan, moaning out her name over and over. She could see him sitting there with his cock in his hand pumping it furiously watching cum spurt out, burst after burst.

“Damn, you are as hot over the phone as you are in my arms.”

“Think you can sleep now?”

“I can try. Thank you, Lover.”

“Anytime. G’night, Robbie.” She replaced the phone on her nightstand, snuggling back down with some wonderful visions in her head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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