Please Spank Me Ch. 1

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I had been out of work for a month when I saw the ad at the Farmer’s Market for field help. Even though I’m only 5’1″, Ben didn’t hesitate agreeing to “try me out for a couple of days.”

It was the hottest of days in June when I stepped out into the bean field. It was my job to pick the weeds out. There were about a dozen of us field hands and we had each been assigned an area to weed. We were told to wear long sleeved white cotton shirts to keep the sun from baking us. When we took our morning break under the cottonwood trees, Ben turned the hose on us all to cool us off. I was the only girl among these field hands, so needless to say they all enjoyed the site of me wet in a white shirt. I had not worn a bra that day and standing there drenched to the skin, I nearly looked topless. Ben apologized and guided me to his workshed. “Mari, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to show off your titties like that,” he said, “Come with me and I’ll give you a dry shirt.”

I stepped into the workshed with Ben and he opened a closet door. He handed me a shirt and with the other hand he motioned for me to take off my shirt and hand it to him. I hesitated. “Now, Mari,” he chuckled, “I can already see your pretty wet titties, you ain’t a gonna show me any more than I am already looking at now.” Reluctantly, I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Ben watched eagerly as each button was undone. I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri glanced downward and noticed a bulge growing in his trousers. My clit twitched with delight and it surprised me that I was finding pleasure in this.

I slipped the wet shirt off and with my breasts tilted up proudly, I stepped closer to Ben while I handed him the shirt. “Thank you so much, Ben,” I said. Brushing his arm with a wet tit. “You’re welcome, honey,” he said as he reached for my shirt but gazed at my hard nipples the whole time.

“Aren’t you mighty hot out there in the fields?” Ben asked. “Oh, yes,” I told him, “The sweat just rolls off my……titties,” I teased. I glanced to see the progress of Ben’s bulge, and it was indeed growing. I sank down onto the cot in the workshed, spread my legs seductively, and patted the spot next to me, “What about you, Ben, aren’t you hot too?” I asked.

Quickly, Ben was by my side and as close as he could be. “Missy, you don’t know how you are messing with me,” he scolded in a stern manner. “It ain’t proper for you to get my cock so hard, you being one of my field workers.”

“Why Ben, I do believe I’ve upset you,” I said, “I think you might need to spank me. Spank me, please…..Ben. Teach me a lesson. I’m such a naughty girl”

Ben didn’t have to be asked again, he flipped me over his knee and slipped güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my shorts to my ankles. He gazed at my ass and softly patted my cheeks. He put his finger in his mouth and then slipped it into my ass. I giggled. He began softly spanking my ass and with each spank, he increased the force. My clit twitched with each spank he gave me. “Benny, you’re making me wet,”: I told him. This only increased his force. “You little slut, you’re are enjoying getting my cock hard, aren’t you?” He said. “You’re cock is hard?” I teased, “I don’t believe you, Benny, you are going to have to prove it. You’re gonna have to prove you have a hard cock.”

With that, Ben pushed me off his lap and back onto the cot. He ripped my shorts from off of my ankles and flipped me over onto my tummy. “I’ll show your ass that my cock is hard,” he yelled. Ben was being so loud that the other field workers had heard and were standing at the windows watching.

Ben took my legs and quickly yanked them apart, pulling me up to him by my hips. He looked up at the windows and smiled at the field workers, “This is how Mari likes it boys, watch how a real man gives it to a woman,” Ben bragged. The boys cheered.

Ben took his cock and slowly rubbed it on my anus, teasing me terribly. I rocked my ass back onto his cock and he pulled away saying, “Not until I’m güvenilir bahis şirketleri ready to give it you horny girl.”

“Oh, Ben, but I want it now, I want to feel your cock up my ass,” I said. I could hear the field workers hoping and hollering. Some of them were braver and had come into the room to get a front row seat.

Ben slowly rubbed my ass and began telling me how he had hired me only to be able to take me like this and that every night he jacked off in the shower thinking about sinking his cock into my sweet ass. I begged him again to quit teasing me and to show me what he wanted to do.

He spanked me hard and told me to quit asking, that he would fuck me in his own sweet time. He then got down on his knees. I could feel his breath on my ass and then all of a sudden I felt a soft tongue slipping in and out of my anus. I began rocking my hips and rubbing my clit. The boys in the room had their dicks in their hands and were jacking off to the rhythm of my thrusts.

Ben then stood up and pulled me back abruptly onto his cock, slipping the first three inches of his stiff prick into my ass. I gasped with pleasure and pain. I told him to give me the rest. He reached around and pinched my nipples hard with one hand, with the other he grabbed my hip and thrusts the rest of his 9-inch cock deep into my ass.

He slowly slipped his cock in and out of my throbbing ass, “You like it in the ass, don’t you, baby?” he asked. “Oh yes, Ben. I want you to fuck me every day at break time, and promise me that you will spank me every day too. Please.”

Ben shuddered and groaned as he came deep in my ass. “You’ve got my word, and a job for the rest of the summer.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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