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Pet Lemon Laws

There are currently seventeen states with Pet Lemon Laws. Stores all over the country have been opening up to sell pets. Often times the pets that are raised in these stores are sick or have a congenital disease. The risk for illness and disease is higher for those pets that have been sold through a store or puppy mill. The Pet Lemon Laws were put into effect to protect consumers against defective pets.

As of now, most states¡¦ Pet Lemon Laws only apply to dogs. There are a few states that protect cat purchasers as well. Most of the Pet Lemon Laws state that a pet that is sick or dead may be returned for a refund or a replacement pet. Often times the pet buyer is given the opportunity to treat the pet¡¦s illness. Veterinary bills are covered by the seller. Usually, the medical bills cannot exceed the purchase sale price plus tax of the pet.

Most Pet Lemon Laws give the consumer two weeks to return the pet to the store if the pet is sick or dead. For a congenital defect, or a serious or fatal disease, some states will give up to one year to return the pet to the seller with a veterinary note for either a full refund or exchange. Worms or parasites are not covered under most state laws as being a serious illness.

When can you apply the Pet Lemon Laws? If a store does not comply with a refund or replacement within a reasonable number of days upon receiving a Veterinary note stating the illness, you should file a claim against the seller. Usually, attorney fees are granted to the winner of the case.

The Pet Lemon Laws do not cover any pet that has developed a serious illness or defect due to neglect or abuse of the animal by the purchaser. Maltreatment and injuries that occur after the sale of the pet are not covered under the law as well. Further, if the disease or illness is disclosed to the buyer at the time of purchase, the pet lemon laws do not apply.

The 17 states that have Pet Lemon Laws are Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia. If you are going to purchase a pet in one of these states, research the individual state¡¦s laws to find out their exact coverage of the Pet Lemon Laws.

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