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Lemon Laws of Pennsylvaniaa

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law was created to protect consumers from having to endure a defective automobile, especially when the defect is due to the manufacturing process. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law applies to new cars that were bought and registered in the state of Pennsylvania. As well, the car must be for family or personal use with a capacity of 15 or fewer persons. Under Pennsylvania Lemon Law, motor homes, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles are not covered.

Pursuant to Pennsylvania Lemon Law, the manufacturer has to correct or repair a malfunction that severely affects the value, use, or safety of the car. They must do so at no additional cost to the owner. The defect must occur within the first year or 12,000 miles of the original date of purchase, or the length of the original manufacturer・s warranty, whichever is first.

If, after 3 repair attempts, the defect still exists, the Pennsylvania Lemon Law states that you might be entitled to a replacement automobile of similar value, or a refund of your purchase price, minus an allowance for your usage. Pennsylvania Lemon Law also applies if you car is in the shop for 30 calendar days.

To invoke the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, call the manufacturer・s zone representative. You can find this information in your owner・s manual. If the representative is unsuccessful in getting the malfunction repaired, you can opt for arbitration.

Under Pennsylvania Lemon Law, the arbitrator・s decision is binding on the manufacturer. However, the consumer may choose to file suit even after the arbitrator has ruled.

In some cases, the manufacturer might not have an established procedure for dispute resolution. If this is the case, you may file suit under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law without having to go through arbitration first.

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law states that you, the owner, are responsible for bringing your car to an authorized repair outlet, unless it is unreasonably difficult to do so. If such is the case, the Pennsylvania Lemon Law allows you to give the manufacturer written notice. Arrangements can be made to have the car brought to the repair site at no additional expense.

When in the shop, the repair center has to give you a detailed, itemized statement that outlines what repairs were made, and how much parts and labor cost.

If the car is defective because of the owner・s neglect, alteration, or abuse, Pennsylvania Lemon Law does not apply.

To further protect consumers, cars that were returned as a result of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law cannot be resold in the state, unless it meets certain criteria.

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