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(Just a quick one I wrote about another naughty idea.)


Freddy eagerly awaited Julie at their normal rendezvous point. They had been seeing each other for a few months and had not talked much beyond the fucking they give each other when they meet. They met at a bowling alley, both there with friends who needed a distraction from breakups. When their friends left, they decided to stick around and chat before adjoining to a local hotel room for a one night stand.

That was a few months ago and since then they became fuck buddies. It was pretty easy to see that Julie was a wild one. It seemed like catching her was difficult due to her promiscuity. She seemed to have a new fuck buddy every night. Except she still made time for Freddy every chance she could. She confessed once after a satisfying fuck that Freddy seemed to get her. This touched his heart, but it didn’t curb her desire to fuck others. Freddy figured when it was time, maybe she would make a decision.

That was the mindset when he saw her Miata pull up. He saw as she got out that she was a bit troubled. She walked up to him and kissed him on the lips, another first. “Hi baby,” she said.

He was stunned by the kiss. “Hi,” he responded. “Are you alright?”

“Kinda,” she forced a smile. “I was a bad girl.”

This perked up Freddy’s ears. “What did you do?” he teasingly asked.

She leaned güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in close before she placed his hand on her butt. “I…I fucked a guy before coming to see you,” she said. “And he forgot to wear a condom.”

Freddy was a bit concerned. Julie was usually a stickler about guys wearing raincoats when they fucked her. Even Freddy usually did that. He was a bit concerned when Jenny pressed against him. “He pulled it off when I wasn’t paying attention and when he stuck it in, it felt so good….”

Her voice trailed off before she pressed his hand against her booty. “But I have something for you too, baby,” she said as she started to kiss below his chin.

Her face moved closer to his ear when she whispered, “I’m a bad girl…I need to be taught a lesson. You feel what I mean?”

The last question was punctuated by her sliding her skirt up and pressing Freddy’s hand against a plug. Freddy’s eyes went wide. He knew what she was hinting at and was excited because she never did it with him before. He pulled her off of him long enough to slide into the room and push her on the bed. She already had her skirt lewdly stretched open by her legs. He could see the cum leaking out of her pussy as she started pulling her top off.

“I need a good fuck, baby. I have been so horny all day,” she said.

Freddy was grabbing the condom out of his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wallet when she stopped him. “Uh uh,” she said. “I was a bad girl. I get your cock uncovered in my ass.”

Freddy dropped his condom and walked over to the bed. Julie already had her tits out when he approached the bed, his cock already out of his jeans and hard. Julie’s red hair was already in his hand before she started kissing along his cock. She kept teasing it slowly before he pushed her head a bit and the head popped into her mouth. Her green eyes looked up at him almost begging before he slid in more. She opened her throat and accepted his cock.

Generally, Freddy was a bit more reserved with her, like she was a piece of china sometimes. One of the reason she liked Freddy was because he didn’t treat her like the slut she was. He fucked her well, but he was usually more kind. It was as if he was developing feelings for a trashy girl like herself. This night, however, he was fucking her throat like the good slut she was. She took his cock, letting him fuck the emotion out of his heart. She looked up with her mascara running.

He pulled back a bit before he watched her climb onto the bed… Her cunt was still dripping the other guy’s cum as she went to her hands and knees. He saw her ass holding the blue jeweled plug. He reached for it before he remembered her words. güvenilir bahis şirketleri He stung her left ass cheek with his hand. She flinched before he could hear her moan a little. He repeated the spank on her right cheek, and then began to alternate slowly. It was ten smacks on each side before she was moaning more and her cunt was even wetter than before. He climbed on the bed and pulled out the plug and before she could react, shoved his cock in with one stroke.

Julie was not an anal virgin by any means, but it had been a while since anyone took her ass. The sudden invasion hurt a bit, but she moaned anyway knowing full well her indiscretion awakened her lover’s rage. She stayed on her knees, but slipped her fingers down to diddle her clit while he started to pound away. His cock was tight in her ass, her ass squeezing his cock as hard as she could while he took out his rage on her. It wasn’t long before she could feel him easing back.

“Fuck your slut’s asshole!” she screamed.

He began to pound her again. An orgasm washed over her before she looked back at his face. She could see the twisted rage in his face. It was then she tried to appease him.

“Daddy, please cum on my face,” she said sweetly.

He pulled his cock out and began to stroke it as she took her spot on the floor and opened her mouth wide, her tongue out. Her mascara was running down her face as she waited for his cum to do the same thing. She wasn’t disappointed. Shot after shot of white goo emptied out of his piece and landed on her face, her lips, and her tongue. It was a few quiet breaths before he looked down at her.

“You like being a naughty slut, don’t you baby?”

She smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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