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Lemon Law of Ohio

Like all other states, Lemon Law Ohio was passed to give you, the consumer, legal recourse when a vehicle manufacturer sells you a defective automobile. Lemon Law Ohio outlines what you・re entitled to, what your rights are, and what you need to do.

Lemon Law Ohio gives owners an effective and powerful way to allow you to dispose of your malfunctioning automobile, or to obtain a refund. Not only does Lemon Law Ohio allow you to get rid of a faulty car, but you can also have your financing paid off. Additionally, you could be entitled to a refund of other incidental costs, including rental car, towing, and more!

Before pursuing relief under Lemon Law Ohio, there are five critical considerations for you to ponder. If you meet any one of the five criteria, you could be entitled to file suit under Lemon Law Ohio.

1. Have you brought your car in to the garage at least three times for the same defect?
2. Has your car spent 30 or more calendar days in the shop for repairs?
3. Has the authorized repair center made at least six tries to fix various problems, keeping in mind that more than one attempt can be made in the same visit?
4. Was there an attempt to fix a defect under the original manufacturer・s warranty, and does that same problem still exist, eve, though your warranty expired?
5. Did the dealer or manufacturer attempt to charge you for a repair covered under warranty, or flat-out refused to perform a repair?

Keep in mind that you must have bought the car while it was still covered under the original manufacturer・s warranty for the Lemon Law Ohio to apply.

Lemon Law Ohio still applies even after your vehicle has been fixed. According to the Supreme Court of Ohio, if you meet one of the criteria of Lemon Law Ohio, you can still dispose of your defective automobile, even if it is fixed.

As well, Lemon Law Ohio can still apply even after you・ve traded your vehicle. You might be entitled to recover additional cash. For example, if your rolled over a previous auto loan into the lemon car・s loan, you might be able to recover some cash.

Contrary to popular belief, you don・t have to file your Lemon Law Ohio claim within the first year or 18,000 miles. Under Lemon Law Ohio, you have up to 5 years from your original purchase sate to file a Lemon Law Ohio law claim. It・s possible that you might have even more time if you・re filing a Warranty Claim, which depends on when you started experiencing the malfunction or how long your warranty is.

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