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Lemon Laws of New York State

All states have laws called ¡§lemon laws.¡¨ These laws are to help protect consumers on cars that they have purchased. Each state is very specific as to how the lemon laws are to be interpreted. The New York State Lemon Law is no different. New York actually has two New York State Lemon Laws. One protects consumers against faulty or defective new cars. There is also law to protect buyers who purchase a used car. This article will focus on the new car New York State Lemon Laws.

The New York State Lemon Law for new cars, stated simply, says that your car is covered against any defects for the first two years or eighteen thousand miles, whichever comes first. Even if you do not have the extended warranty, you are still covered for those first two years of buying the new car or the 18,000 miles. Your car must be registered and bought in the state of New York to be covered by the New York State Lemon Law.

Once you detect the problem or defect, you must first contact the manufacturer right away. The problem must be fixed by the manufacturer without any out-of-pocket cost to the consumer. If you have attempted to fix the problem more than 4 times and the problem is still not resolved, you are protected under the New York State Lemon Law. If your car is out of service for more than thirty days of repair to fix the same problem, that is also covered under the New York State Lemon Law. Finally, the New York State Lemon Law covers any consumer that was refused repair within 20 days of notifying the manufacturer.

Basically, the New York State Lemon Law states that if any of these conditions occur, the car purchaser is entitled to a comparable car or a full refund of the car purchased. The New York State Lemon Law does not cover any damage or default that the consumer did based on abuse, neglect, or modifications. The purchaser is also not covered if the defect does not in any way hurt the value of the car.

The best way to stay protected is to know your rights as a consumer. The New York State Lemon Laws were put into effect to guard consumers against defective car parts and vehicles. An agreement made to alter the New York State Lemon Law will not be held up in a court.

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