My Valentine

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This is for the Valentines 2019 contest, “please vote on this story?”


My friends begged me for weeks to go out with them, but I have used up all my excuses why I can’t go out with them. It has been over six months since I have broken up with my ex and they think it’s time for me to get back in the dating scene. I’m not ready, but I don’t want to spend Valentines Day home and alone either, so I cave in and agree to go out with them.

The night started out with everyone meeting up at my apartment to get ready. They all thought I would back out at the last minute and stay home. After everyone’s hair and makeup were done, we all got dressed, then head out for a nice dinner together. Dinner was all she planned on doing, but the girls had other ideas on how the night was to end.

Somehow, she allowed them to talk her into going to the Safari Club for some dancing. Even though she knew it was against her better judgment, but she went anyway. Besides, she was not driving tonight, so she had no choice, but to ride along. “Maybe she should have driven?” Then she could have left when she was ready to go, then went home to sulk alone. Guess lessened learned for next time, “drive your self.”

The Safari Club was packed tonight. There was a line of people waiting to get into the club. When we got to the entrance, the bouncers unhooked the rope and let us right in. There were some “unhappy people” having to wait in line to get in, but we didn’t care. We kept on walking thanking the bouncers as we walked on. We were just out for some good ole fun, drinking, and dancing. We all just needed to “let loose” for the night.

As soon as we walked in, she felt like someone was watching me, but saw no one staring at me. We got our drinks and found a table. Luckily they saw an empty table right at the edge of the dance floor, that way we could leave our drinks and purses at the table and still dance not having to hold everything.

One of her friends leaned over and said: “there is a gorgeous guy at the end of the bar watching you.” Before turning around to look, she asked her to describe him, so she knew who she was looking for. Who she described, didn’t do him justice after I turned around to see him.

He’s “hot,” she said. Probably standing over six feet tall, long dirty blond hair tied back in a ponytail hanging past his shoulders, black pants with a vibrant blue long sleeve shirt. “Hot,” she said while waving her hands as to cool herself off.

When she turned around, she was shocked. He wasn’t just “hot,” he was downright “gorgeous.” He looked like he could have been a model. After dragging her eyes up and down his body, she looked back up to his face to find him watching her checking him. He smiled, held up his glass and took a drink.

One of her friends asked: “do you know who he is?”

“No, I don’t know who he is,” she said, but if I did, I don’t think I would forget someone who looked that good. “He’s downright gorgeous,” she said. I wouldn’t mind “knowing who is,” she thought. She had never had a one-night stand, but for someone who looked like he did, she “might change her mind” she said. They all turned back around and laughed.

When she turned back around, there stood a waitress at our table. She was standing there with new bottles of Bud light and opened them in front of us. With a big grin on her face, she said: “Compliments from the man at the end of the bar.” Then she leaned down and said: “the gentleman would like to have the next slow dance with you if that is ok?”

She figured “why not do something out of the ordinary?” and said “yes.” She turned around, held up her beer to him before taking a drink.

After another couple of drinks, “Lose It by Kane Brown” came on. This was one of her favorite songs. She had enough of a break, then went back to dancing with her friends. While dancing, she faced where he was at the end of the bar so she could see him. Not that she would ever go up to him, but god was he “nice to look at.”

A few more fast songs came on, so they stayed on the dance floor. Then a slow song came on playing “Alone with you by Jake Owen.” They headed back to their table when she saw the gorgeous stranger fast approaching. All she could say was “oh my god, here he comes.”

Before she knew it, he was on the dance floor in front of her. He held his hand out and asked: “if he could have this dance?” She slowly took his hand as he pulled her close. It was like little shots of electricity was shooting through her body when he touched her. Still not believing this was happening. She had no choice, but to hold his hand and put her other hand on his shoulder. He kept her close, but not too close. Close enough though that she could smell his cologne. They danced in silence, but a “comfortable silence.” His touch was like nothing she had ever felt before.

The next song played was another slow song, “Heaven by Kane Brown.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear “my name is Jake, what’s your name?” All she could say was “Kylie.” Then he casino siteleri pulled me a little closer.

When the song ended, she went to step back, but he still held her close. She figured the music would pick back up, but no, to her surprise, it was another slow song “Something Going On by Trace Adkins” played. This time, he pulled her even closer to him while looking down at her. He never took his eyes off her while they danced. This time though, he had a little more sway to him as they moved together on the dance floor. She could hear him singing along as he looked down at her. Little did he know she liked this song, and it was like he was singing directly to her.

Before she knew what was happening, he leaned down and softly kissed her lips. He was gonefeom her lips just as fast as the kissed. She was shocked, but what was even more shocking was that she “wanted him to kiss her again.” She had never kissed a stranger before. She had only ever kissed one guy and that was her ex. This felt so wrong, but felt so right at the same time.

When the song was over, he asked if she “would have a drink with him?” “Ok” was all she could say before he put his hand on the arch of her back as they walked thru the club to a table in the far corner.

Her friends would not let her live this down. This was something that never ever happened to her. She doesn’t understand why “he picked her out of all the pretty girls in here tonight?” She thiught if herself as just your average looking Jane standing five in half feet tall, size nine. Not small, but not big either. Her mom always called it big-boned. But “why her?” She thought.

Jake asked, “do you come here a lot?” I don’t recall ever seen you before and “I am sure I would remembered you that is for sure,” he said.

I used to come here all the time, but I haven’t been here in here for a long time she said.

I suppose that is why I haven’t seen you before he said. I’m new here. Maybe five months now he said.

As the waitress brought over another Bud Light for her and a Jack and Coke for him, the conversation seemed to flow after her nervousness wore off. They continued talking until she realized the waitress had brought a few more drinks. She knew she should slow down and drink water, but she didn’t. Kylie was enjoying herself. When she started feeling her buzz starting, she needed to be careful she thought.

When she looked up at him, she hadn’t known when it happened, but he had moved closer to her, and his arm draped across the back of her chair now. She couldn’t believe how comfortable she felt with him, “it must be her buzz?” She thought.

“Ain’t Just the Whiskey Talking by Trace Adkins” played. She was swaying to the music in her chair when he stood, held out his hand out and asked: “lets dance?” Once again, she took his hand as he helped her up. He placed his hand in the arch of her back and escorted her back to the dance floor. This time her friends were dancing, and they joined them as they danced, but he was right there dancing with her. Never leaving her side.

She was lost to the music, swaying against him. She had never danced that way with a guy before. Not even with her ex, did she dance that way. She didn’t know what was going on with her tonight, she marked it up to the buzz she had, and she was feeling good too. She had never had a one-night stand before, but she thought if this man asked her to leave with him, “she would.”

After the song was over, her friends said they were ready to leave. When she turned around to say goodnight to Jake, he asked: “don’t go?” “Stay a little longer?” he asked. When you are ready to leave, I will get you a car.

She thought “what the hell, you only live once” and before she knew it, she was saying good-bye to her friends. She hugged her friend’s goodbye, thanked them for making her come out tonight, and told them she would text them all tomorrow. As they were walking away laughing, they all turned around and said: “don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.”

She shook her head as they walked away. She didn’t know what she was doing or how her night would end, but she would see where it went. She wanted her night to end with her asking her going home with him. Why she didn’t know, because she had never had a one-night stand’s, but there was something about Jake. It must be the confidence he had that was drawing him to her and lord knows his looks don’t hurt either she thought.

He escorted her back to the table in the far corner. As soon as they sat down, the waitress brought new drinks for them. Before she left, she asked: “can you please bring me a glass of water?” She was right on them with new drinks as soon as they were low. Probably looking for a good tip or wanting another look at him. He was gorgeous, “who wouldn’t want to look at him?”

After she finished her beer, she knew she was reaching her limit. She thanked him for the dances and drinks, but told him she thought it was time for her to leave. She pulled out her phone out to order a Uber, but he said canlı casino he would take care of her ride home. He said he had a driver and he would take her home.

She thought for a minute and figured what the hell, “live a little” and said “OK.” Hopefully, he will take her home and “fuck her brains out” she tthought. She was so ready.

Once again, he stood and held his hand out to help her stand and once again, his hand was on the arch of her back as he escorted her through the crowded club and right out the front door. Once outside he pulled his phone out and called his driver saying “I’m ready.” After he put his phone back in his pocket, he asked: “are you hungry?” “I’m hungry, and I’m not ready for you to disappear yet,” he said.

She threw caution the wind and said “yes” I should probably eat something she said. I have had a little too much to drink, I dont normally drink this much she said.

“Good,” he said as his car pulled up to the curb, “I know the perfect place for a late-night snack,” he said. His driver got out quickly coming around to open the back door for them to get in. He held his hand out to help her in. He told the driver where to go before getting in himself. Before she knew it, they were pulling away from the curb.

She asked: “where are we going?”

“The best place in town for a burger. He looked at her and said, “I have enjoyed spending the evening with you, I am not ready for it to end yet.”

She could feel her face heating. She could only imagine how pink her face was from blushing so much. Before she knew it, they pulled behind a food truck. She looked at him, but said nothing. She had never eaten from this food truck before, so for all she knew “they might have the best burgers around.” Then the driver was opening their door.

Jake got out first and once again was holding his hand out for her to take. Only this time, he didn’t let go, he held it as they walked towards the truck.

She thought it felt nice to have someone hold her hand out in public. Her ex never did, he acted like he was embarrassed to hold her hand or anything in public.

As they were standing in front of the food truck, Jake asked: “did she want a hamburger or cheeseburger, fries or onion rings, and what dis she wanted to drink?”

Cheeseburger, fries, and water please was she said. “God this food smelt good,” she said.

Wait until you taste it he said. I can “promise you,” you have never had a burger as good as from here. He grabbed their drinks before heading towards an empty table to wait for their food.

They sat quietly for a few minutes, but it was comfortable silence. Jake spoke first asking: “what do you do for work?”

I work for an advertising agency was all she said, then asked: “what he did?”

All he said was a “he owned a small business” Apparently, she didn’t know he was the neww owner of the Club Safari. He would save that information for another conversation.

As Jake finished saying waht he did, they called from the food truck that their food was ready. He told her to stay there, and he would get their food. She was totally amazed at all the attention he was paying to her tonight.

She knew she wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t pretty either. She wasn’t skinny, but not heavy either. As her mom always called it, “I am just big-boned.” Standing at five in half feet tall, she didn’t look that bad at a size nine. She thought she was just a “plain Jane,” nothing special. Besides, her ex always told her she was fat and nobody would want someone like her.

“Why is he paying her all this attention?” She knows there were a lot of pretty girls in the club, “why didn’t he go for one of them and again asking herself why her?” She couldn’t help her self, she would have to get the courage to ask him “why someone as good-looking as him would want to spend time with someone like her?”

Jake walked back to the table carrying both containers. When he sat down, he said I ordered onion rings in case you wanted to try some. “We could share them?” onion rings and fries he said.

How thoughtful she thought. Her ex would have never orsered opposite amd offer to share with her.

Again, he shocked her as for how kind and thoughtful he was. She still couldn’t wrap her head around it, he had just met her. “Why?” I don’t know she said to herself. I mean he only bought me some drinks and something to eat. This is crazy to be thinking he might want to take her home with him tonight.

While sitting there eating their burgers “What’s Mine is Yours by Kane Brown” came on. This was crazy to hear this song. She felt so comfortable around Jake. Like she never wanted to leave his side. She knew her mind was running away from her, just because he was paying me all this attention to her. I’m sure he will take me home, and that will be the last I see him she thought.

While they were eating, she looked at Jake and asked: “can I ask you a question?” He looked at her and nodded like ask away. “Why me?” I mean there were so many pretty kaçak casino girls there tonight, “what made you pick me?”

He sat quite for a minute before speaking. First off he said, “you are pretty. You were the most beautiful girl there tonight he said. As soon as I saw you walk in, I knew I had to dance with you. The other girls don’t hold a candle up to you,” he said.

I don’t get it, I’m big and not pretty., I’m just average looking she said. “Nothing special.” I still don’t understand she said. Not that she was complaining though.

He shook his head and said, “you are beautiful, and you are not big.” I “don’t like,” skinny girls, I like “someone I can hold on to. Why do you think you are big and not pretty?” he asked.

She dropped her head and was quite for a minute before speaking again. “My ex always told me I was fat, and I needed to lose weight, and he never made me feel pretty. He acted like he was embarrassed to be seen in public with me” she said.

When he spoke again, he said: “look at me, Kylie. You are beautiful, and you are not big. You are “perfect. Never let anyone tell you otherwise,” he said.

After they finished eating, they headed back to his car still parked at the curb with the driver waiting patiently for them. As they got to the car, the driver had the door open waiting for them. Kylie slid in first, then Jake followed. The driver closed the door and walked around to the front of the car. Before the driver got in the Jake asked Kylie “will you come home with me?”. “I am not ready to let you go yet,” he said.

“Yes” was all she said as the driver got behind the wheel and looked in the review mirror for where to go next. “Home” was all Jake said. Then they were pulling away from the curb. Jake lifted her chin towards him and said I’m “going to kiss you now,” then his lips were on hers.

First, it was a soft slow kiss, when he realized she wasn’t protesting, he deepened the kiss sliding his tongue between her lips waiting for her to let him in. She willingly opened her mouth allowing his tongue to slide in and dance with hers. They kissed like that for a few minutes until when he pulled away, they were both breathless. She had no clue where they were going until they pulled up in front of a set of black iron gates. The driver pressed something above his head and slowly the gates opened.

She was amazed as they drove down her dream driveway. A long entrance under the canopy of trees with moss hanging off them. When they pulled up in front of the house, amazed at what she saw. A colonial-style home with a wrap-around porch. She had no idea where they were because she had her tongue in Jake’s mouth. This looked like the house she always dreamed about one day living in.

“Where are we?” she asked him.

“Home” is all he said as they walked towards the front door. Come on, and I’ll give you a tour he said as he grabbed her hand and walked on. He showed her a huge kitchen. He said he never cooks in it though. Then the living room, his office, and his game room that was filled with a pool table, a 64″ TV on the wall with every kind of gaming system hooked up to it. There was a set of double doors leading out to the back. The back patio had tables, chairs, lounges and a grill along with a pool and hot tub. The pool and hot tub heated he said.

Then they were off and up a set of stairs leading to the second floor. When they got to the top Jake said there were four guest rooms as they walked into one. All rooms had their in-suite. Bathroom and walk-in closet in all he said. He said the other’s all looked the same but didn’t show them all to her.

Then the stopped at the door at the end of the hallway. This is the master bedroom he said as he opened the door. Sitting in the middle of the room was a California King bed with a sitting area off to the side. There were two walk-in closets. The bathroom was out of this world. It had a standalone shower I swear ten people could fit in. It had two rain shower heads and two jets on three walls. Then there was the Jacuzzi bathtub with jets on all sides and ends of the tub. They then they went back out to the bedroom. There was a set of double doors that opened to a private balcony over looking the pool.

She turned around and looked at him, “I think I fell in love with your bathroom” she said laughing. I think you could probably fit my entire apartment in this one room she said.

All he said while smiling was “you can use it anytime you want.”

Like she ever thought she would ever be back here after tonight. It is only a “one-night stand?” she thought to herself. When she turned around to say something, he looked like “he was ready to pounce on her.”

She didn’t know what to do at that point, she had only ever been with one other guy before, and had never felt the way she was feeling now. It was always all about him, and she rarely got off. Now she thought about it, “she didn’t think he had ever given her an orgasm” at all while with her ex.

Next thing she knew Jake was on her in an instant, kissing her as he walked her back towards the bed. When she felt the bed at, they stopped moving, but he never stopped kissing her. After what felt like hours, he pulled away from her leaving her breathless.

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