My Times Ch. 01: Kim

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This is a memory. The events written below are as true as memory lets me remember. The names have been changed, because that’s what you’re supposed to do. If you’re expecting a tale of godlike stamina or loving making that shakes the pillars of heaven, then I’m afraid you will be disappointed. This is life. This is a first time. It’s awkward. It’s sweet. It’s precious.


During my last year of high school I started working at a local grocery store. I was 18, had just gotten my first car, and was ready to start making some real money bagging groceries and stocking shelves. The career of the future for any high schooler who didn’t know what to do next. I was working there one day when I saw her, my first. Kim. She was a beautiful mix of Korean and Caucasian. Curly long hair the color of dark chocolate. Bright almond eyes you could get lost into for hours. A tight, thin elf-like body. She had a wonderfully innocent sarcastic humor. And she was a total flirt.

When I first saw her I knew I had to have her. Mind you I was a skinny virgin at the time. I barely knew where to stick what where. These were the days before we had endless porn at our fingertips. The only way we saw boobs or bush back then was from stealing a porn mag off the newsstand or flipping to the pay-per-view channels after our parents went to bed.

If you never saw those channels then it’s too bad. They were great. The colors were reversed, squiggly lines criss-crossed the screen. Just seeing a titty was fantastic. Of course close ups of people fucking made absolutely no sense. You could hear the moaning but because of the poor video quality you had no idea what was going on.

Kim and I hit it off pretty quickly. At least once we started talking to each other. When I first saw her I was too nervous to say anything. Here was a fantasy walking through my reality. We would have on and off shifts. I’d see her talking with other workers or with customers but I was always stuck on the other side of the store or down the line at another register. My heart skipped a beat every time she came near. She was intoxicating.

When I finally get a chance to work with her I nervously played coy. I wouldn’t say a word just brushing off questions with a smile and a shrug. Surprisingly that tactic worked. My coy left her wanting to know more. I guess guys my age were always more than willing to flirt and gush over here.

Here’s a tip: playing coy doesn’t normally work. In fact I don’t think it ever worked again. Maybe it was a one time being young and dumb thing.

Finally, after weeks, almost months, I asked her out. The typical awkward dinner and a movie. I don’t remember what we ate and I don’t remember what we saw but I do remember I couldn’t wait to see her again. Because I was trying to be a gentleman, I offered to pick her up. She was hesitant at that idea. Instead her dad dropped her off the store where we worked. Just awkward all around. Of course I got the stern eye from him. She just rolled her eyes as she got into the car. “Don’t worry about him,” she said. “He’s just protective.” I totally understood. “Where are we headed?”

Like I said, dinner and a movie. I was making late-90s minimum wage so the choices for food were slim. Still we had a good time. At least I think I did. When the date was over and I had to bring her back to the parking lot so her dad could pick her up, she gave me a kiss on the cheek. My senses went into overdrive. I had to jerk it at least three times before I went to bed that night.

After the first date things picked up. We flirted more at work. Her parents became more trusting and let me pick her up and drop her off at home, either for dates or after work. No staying afterwards though. Some rules still applied. Kisses on the cheek became tongues in the mouth. Awkward hands grew brave and explored each others body.

She was a beauty. As my fingers grew braver, she let me inside. Her breasts were small, barely bigger than the palm of my hand, but her nipples were firm and sensitive. Her pussy was unshaven, trimmed, and tighter than anything I had ever sunk my fingers into before. Even though I wasn’t aware of what it was at the time, I could feel her hymen, strong and intact. I had to have her.

We met more and more often. Our car rides became longer and longer. My fingers probed further and deeper. Hers reached inside my pants and surrounded my aching cock any chance she could. But we never had the real chance to be alone, to finally go all the way and experience each other the way nature wanted us to. Until one night.

My home phone rang. It was Friday night. This was the day before cell phones were available to anyone and everyone. Beepers were the rage but I couldn’t bring myself to get one let alone wear one. My mom picked up. “It’s Kim,” she called across the house.

I hurried from my room. “Hey, what’s up,” I said into the receiver, moving back into my room for some privacy.

“My parents are gone until the morning. They left a little while ago,” she said. Her voice sounded breathless with casino siteleri a hint of need. “I was wondering if you wanted to come over?”

“Let me think about it,” I said. She grunted on the other end, frustrated at my wishy-washy answer. “I’ll come over if you make it worth my while. I mean it’s a long way to your place.”

“It’ll be worth it. Trust me.”

“I’ll be there in an hour,” I said. I slammed the receiver back down. My mom yelled at me for almost breaking the phone. I didn’t care. My heart was beating more than 100 times a minute. My hands shook from adrenaline. My footsteps skid across the tile floor. I had to take a quick shower and throw on a fresh set of clothes. This would finally be a night to remember.

Exactly sixty minutes later, I pulled up. Yep, her dad’s car was gone. All the lights except her bedroom and the den were off. I turned off my car and got to her front door as fast and as calmly as I could. My hands shook. I had to take a few breaths to calm myself. I paused. I knocked on the door. I heard scuffling, a body getting up from the couch, footsteps getting close. The door opened.

It was her brother.

“What are you doing here?” he said. I can’t recall his name. He was few years younger than her. A spoiled snot with a bad attitude. If it wasn’t for the chip on his shoulder he’d be as forgettable as plain oatmeal.

“I’m here to see Kim. Can you tell her I’m here?”

“She’s not here,” oatmeal-brother said.

“I am too, asshole,” she called from the other room. “Let him in!”

“I’m telling mom you invited a boy over,” he screamed back. “No one’s supposed to come over when they’re gone.”

“Oh go fuck yourself,” she screamed back. She walked into the living room. Her hair was down and she wore a loose t-shirt and shorts. As simple as it was I’d never seen anything sexoer. “You tell them and I’ll tell on you for what you did last time they were gone too.”

The two stared at each for a minute. Finally oatmeal-brother left the house in a huff.

“Is that something I should be worried about?” I asked, afraid to actually enter the house now. “I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“Fuck him.” She reached for me grabbing my hand and pulling me in. “Get in here.”

“You know, I have to admit it’s a turn on to hear you curse,” I said. I pulled her in tight, grabbing her by her ass and pressing my erection against her.

“I can fucking tell.” She kissed me. Our tongues danced. She draped her arms around my neck. I hefted her up by her bum and she wrapped her legs around my waist. To this day I still can’t tell you how long we held each other. “So, are you going to close the door?”

“I kind of have my hands full,” I said. We both laughed. She gave me a small peck. I shuffled over to the open front door and she closed it. “So what now?”

“I think we should go into my room and you show me how much my cursing turns you on,” she said, tightening her thighs against my waist, squeezing her covered pussy against my erection. She gave me an evil smile. I returned the look. It’s the kind of look you give and get when you know you’re about to do something your parents told you you should never do but your body screams for release.

It’s that wonderful ‘we’re gonna fuck’ look.

No more games. We went to her room. Our lips and tongues fought to stay connected as we pulled each others clothes off. For the first time we were naked together. “God I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” she said. Her eyes traveled up and down my body.

My eyes traveled along the same route over hers. “Me too.” Her skin was flushed. Her breasts, firm. Her bush was curly but trimmed along the sides. She pulled her chocolate hair down, letting it drape over her shoulders. Her breath was heavy, each inhale long and drawn out. I could tell her heart was beating as fast as mine.

She reached for me, grabbing my cock. Kim pulled me in close, slowly moving backwards to her bed. When she reached the edge, she fell against it, sitting there with my cock just level with her chest. She stared at me and I at her. Without a word she leaned forward and kissed my glans. Her lips slowly drew it inward. Her cheeks sucked in as tired to engulf all of me. Her teeth scraped along the meat.

“Gah!” I cried, pulling myself away. “Gently please.”

“I’m sorry. You’re kind of thick, and I’ve never done this before.” She tried to pull away, embarrassed at her inexperience.

“Hey, me too. This is as far as I’ve ever gotten.” It was obvious she was as nervous as I was. I sat next to her, trying to reassure her. “Let’s just enjoy each other.”

She nodded and leaned into me. We kissed. Our hands roamed. Hers found my dick. I found her clit. I at least knew where that was. We played with each others secret for awhile longer.

“I want to try again,” Kim whispered.

“If you can’t tell, I want you to try again too.” I chuckled, desperately trying to ease some of the nervous tension in the room. She smiled back and kneeled down on the floor, along the edge of the canlı casino bed. I edged myself forward making myself accessible.

Again she slowly kissed my head, running her tongue along the edges. “Something I saw in a video,” she whispered. I moaned with appreciation. When we she was ready, she pushed her head down, pulled me into her mouth. Again her teeth scraped along the edges. I didn’t dare say anything this time. I tried my best to enjoy both the pleasure and the pain.

After a few minutes I moved her off. “You did great,” I told her.

“You didn’t cum.”

“We’ll save that for later.” I pulled her from her knees and laid her on the bed. “Now it’s your turn.” I spread her legs and leaned in. I’m not a fan of bush. I prefer my pussies clean. , like how I had seen them in magazines. The thought of hair between my teeth and up my nose doesn’t really do anything for me, but for her I wanted to do her everything.

She tasted delicious. I used my fingers to spread her open, smoothing her hair out of the way, and I tried my best emulate the videos and photos I had “studied” before. I tried my best and she sounded like she enjoyed it. First experiences are supposed to give you reason to improve. If you’re the best out of the gate, then what’s the point?

After a few minutes my tongue and jaw were exhausted. She was digging her hand through my hair pulling me in closer. Finally she let go and began stroking the side of my face. I looked up. “Come here,” she said seductively. It was finally time.

I pulled myself away. Crawling on hands and knees I moved up until we were face to face, or groin to groin. “Do you have a condom?” she asked.

“Uh,” I stammered. “Of course I do.” I bolted from heaven and fumbled with my pants on the floor. I was a real butterfinger. I was so nervous I could barely get my fingers into the pockets. I couldn’t find one! I knew I brought at least two condoms. First pocket? Nope. Second? God damn it, no. Third? Fuuuuuuck. Please God don’t do this to me now. Fourth pocket? Finally found them. Two rubbers. In that moment they were worth more than all the gold in the world.

I ripped one open and awkwardly tried to pull it on. Practicing on yourself in your room is one thing but no amount of solo work can prepare you for that moment when someone is watching. Of course Kim watched me the entire time. Watching a man pull a balloon over his dick had to be one of the weirdest things she’d ever seen.

When I finally had the damn thing on she reached for me. I leapt into her arms. I slid myself over her. She reached for my dick and placed my head onto her entrance to heaven. She didn’t let go. “This is my first time. Please be gentle.” Her eyes pleaded. The last iceberg of fear before the maiden journey was in safe waters. It loomed in front of both of us. Cold, unforgiving, to crash into it now would ruin the entire journey.

I kissed her gently. “This is my first time too.” She gave me a weak smile. “I’ll be gentle. I promise.” Kim removed her hand. I pushed myself into her.

She screamed. Her hymen, that cursed unmovable barrier pushed back against me. I didn’t want to hurt her but I didn’t want to stop. I pushed further, harder, the barrier broke. She whimpered. I pulled myself back out. “Are you okay?”

She briskly nodded. A tear rolled down her perfect cheek. “Give me a minute. It’s really sensitive now.”

“Ok.” I pulled myself away and sat next her. Still naked my erection rose from lap like an awkward tower of flesh. Kim turned to me and giggled, flicking the head with her forefinger. It waggled.

“Sorry about that.”

“Don’t be.” I said, kissing her forehead. “We can stop if you want.”

“I don’t but just give me minute.”

That nice, gentle moment was ruined by her oatmeal-brother bursting through the door. “Hah! I knew you were doing something you weren’t supposed to!” he screeched.

We jumped faster than lightning. Kim pulled the blanket over her. Her action tossed me onto the other side of the bed, hiding me behind it. “Get the fuck out of here!” she screamed back. “This is my room and what I do in here is none of your damn business!”

He stood in the middle of the room; arms crossed in judgement. “I don’t care. You’re not supposed to have guys over and you’re certainly not supposed to be doing what you’re doing!”

My girl was having none of that. Kim pulled herself from the bed, dragging the blanket with her. One hand held the cover close hiding her nudity, her other hand smacked him across the face. “You keep your damn mouth shut or I’ll beat the crap out of you. You know I can!” He backed away from the slap. “Now get out of here!”

He bolted.

“And close the door!”

He closed the door.

“That was pretty amazing,” I said. I poked my head up from behind the bed. “Are you sure we don’t have to worry?”

“I told you everything’s fine.” She dropped the blanket, letting me bask in her glorious nakedness. “Now where were we?”

I almost lunged from behind the bed, my need for her was greater than kaçak casino ever. “I think we were going to have some more fun.” I grabbed her and pulled her up into my arms. She whooped at the movement. I tossed her back onto the bed.

“Now fuck me,” she said with a laugh.

I mounted her and slid myself back in. She screamed in pleasure. Endorphins from the confrontation overpowered our fear and whatever discomfort or pain she had felt before. Kim grabbed my hair and pulled me down. “Ooooooh, fuck,” she moaned. “Don’t stop. But please don’t go crazy.”

“Of course,” I groaned. I pulled myself into her neck, kissing and sucking her skin as I thrusted back and forth. She was on her back, wrapping one leg around me.

“Oh, god. Please don’t stop,” she moaned again.

“As you wish,” I said. I sat back on my haunches to improve my thrust and my view. Her tight, little body shook with each thrust. Her small breasts jiggled as best they could. Kim’s almond eyes were barely opened, a mask of pure pleasure. She pulled at her chocolate hair, an open mouthed smile spread across her face.

Then I came.

The sight of her was too much. I wish I could write and say we went for hours, like most stories seem to do, but I can’t. I won’t. We were enthralled in the flesh for the first time in our lives. Excitement and a brand new experience don’t make for good bedfellows. They tend to get you out of the bed faster than you like.

I shuddered. An orgasm inside someone is a lot better than in your hand. I filled the condom and pulled out of her. With a sigh I lay myself beside her.

She snuggled close. Our sweat mingled. “We need to do this more often,” she said. “That was fun.”

“Yes. Yes, we do,” I moaned, trying to catch my breath. “Sorry it was so quick.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I enjoyed it, and I can tell you enjoyed it. That’s all that matters.” Kim leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I turned to her and kissed her back. We lay there for a few minutes basking in our newfound, once in a lifetime, we’re-no-longer-virgins radiance.

“What time is it?” I asked, turning myself to face her. “I think I’m getting ready for another round.”

Kim grabbed my stiffening cock. “Feels that way.” Without letting go, she turned to her bedside clock. “Let’s see, it’s, oh shit, later than I thought. My parents will be home in less than fifteen minutes.”

“What?!” I shrieked. “I thought you said they’d be gone until morning!”

“I lied to get you here. Besides why you’d even ask?”

“Well it’s a good thing I asked. I still have a curfew too!” I stumbled from the bed, grasping desperately for my clothes. Nerves again turned my fingers into wet noodles. I may have enjoyed fucking their daughter but I wasn’t ready to stick around and tell her parents about it.

Kim seemed thrilled about the idea of getting caught. She stayed in the bed playing with herself. “You sure you have to go? We might have time for one more round.”

I froze. My cock rose once more. Its head began to do the thinking. One more time sounded nice, but there was no way I’d enjoy knowing a ticking time bomb was on it’s way to her house. “It’s a thought and it’s tempting, but I have to go.” I yanked on my jeans, careful not to get myself caught in the zipper. “Will you be at work tomorrow?”

“Yep.” She continued to stroke herself. “Will you give me ride tomorrow?”

I pulled my shirt on, fumbling with putting my arms through the sleeves. “I’ll definitely be giving you a ride tomorrow, but I gotta go now.”

She pouted. “Okay. You go. I’m going to stay here and play.”

A chuckling grunt escaped from my throat. “And I’d love to stay and help, but I don’t want to end up dead.” I grabbed my shoes and socks and gave Kim a last departing kiss. She pulled me in, biting my lower lip.

“You sure?”

With a frustrated yet quiet roar, I pulled myself away. I didn’t bother to put my shoes or socks on and I shoved my boxers into a pocket as I bolted from the house.

“See you in the hospital, asshole,” her oatmeal-brother called after I left. “My dad’s going to beat the crap out of you when he finds out what did.”

I didn’t care. Better later than now. I got into my car and pulled away. As I rounded the street corner there they were: her parents coming up the block. We passed. I noticed them and thankfully they didn’t notice me. Nothing like a rush of danger to end an otherwise wonderful evening.

After that night we found any chance we could to be in each other’s arms and in each other. Darkened parking lots. Moonlight strolls on the beach. Sideroads with scant traffic. We never got the chance to explore each other in a proper bed again until prom night. But this chapters running long. I’ll save that tale for next time.


Thank you for coming this far. This tale went a lot longer than I thought it would but every detail, every line is necessary. Like I said the sex was, well, sex between nervous teenagers. It was wonderful. If you enjoyed it or hated it, if it made you feel anything, please leave a comment below or drop me a line. We bumbling wordsmiths enjoy hearing from people who took the time to read our material. I’m hoping to have the next chapter up next week. Until then, enjoy the pleasures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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