My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 12

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Lucy was fiercely disconcerted when I stalked her like a prowling jungle cat across the room and bent down to snatch her up into my arms. ‘Aamir?’ she exclaimed uncertainly, all the breath from her body stolen by that action.

‘I want you… I burn for you,” I breathed slowly.

Lucy stared up into my silvered eyes and her entire body clenched while her heart pounded in her ears. ‘I want you too,’ she admitted breathlessly, barely able to credit that she had the nerve to admit that, and yet if I could admit it, why shouldn’t she?

She yanked at my shirt as I reached for her, our combined movements ending up in a tangle.

I rasped, gazing down, nonetheless, at her flushed and lovely face with ferocious satisfaction. I had never craved anything as much as I craved her hands on my body and he leaned back from her to pull my shirt up over my head and discard it.

Lucy looked up at me like a teenager and I, however, chased away all her apprehensive thoughts simply by taking my shirt off. As I leaned back over her to toss it away and my abdominal muscles flexed.

She gazed up at my superb torso with helpless appreciation. Heat flowered low in her pelvis, making her press her thighs together on the resulting ache. Exhilaration flooded her at the knowledge that she was finally feeling what other women felt when they desired intimacy with a man.

‘I will endeavor not to disappoint you,’ I growled, my lips planting a caress across her collarbone that made her shiver, lean brown hands tugging up the last of her clothing inch by inch, fingertips lightly glossing over her slender thighs and finally her narrow ribcage. The butterflies fluttering in her belly took flight.

The last of the layer of clothing fell away and Lucy sat up to embark on my lower.

It might be her first time but she wasn’t about to lie there like some petrified virgin and let me do everything, I felt she told herself squarely. Her hands were shaking so much though that she could hardly get the zip down and he closed a steadying hand over hers, pressing her fingers against me before arching my hips to snake lithely out of my jeans. My boxers went with them and she stared at the evidence of my arousal and then, dry-mouthed, reached out to stroke me, her heart already racing as though she had run a marathon.

I had taken off all my clothes and stripped and stood naked before her.

She, on the other hand, was busy looking at my penis. It hung down and was stiff but not as stiff, as she had expected it would be. But to my amazement, it began to grow and grow right before her eyes. “What you are seeing now is what happens to a man who sees a naked female.” She could only stare at my massive penis, now fully erect and standing straight out. She wondered how on earth “That big thing” would ever fit into her.

I spoke to Lucy in calm soothing tones as I explained here, how a penis gets hard, that she shouldn’t be afraid, and how pussy muscles adjust to the size of the penis it receives.

The instant she touched me, I tugged her up against me with a hungry groan and crushed her mouth under my again, my tongue prying apart her lips and skating across the roof of her mouth before colliding with hers. Another burst of heat shot through her, tightening her muscles, and she shifted closer still, wanting the hard heat of me plastered to every inch of her. He was so passionate and she loved that passion, could feel it surging through my lean, powerful body to meet her own.

I laid her back and shaped her breasts with sensuous hands, smoothing, massaging, molding, before dipping my head to catch a straining pink nipple in my mouth and swirl my tongue around the throbbing peak until her spine arched and a stifled gasp was torn from her. She was much more sensitive there than she had ever realized and little tingling thrills began to dart through her, trickling casino oyna down into her pelvis to create a hot liquid pool between her thighs.

Her hips arched up of their own volition, her body controlling her responses, and all the time the nagging craving at the heart of her was building to an unbearable level and she was making little impatient sounds she couldn’t quell. When I finally touched her cunt where she most needed to be touched, her body had a wild flood of sensation seized hold of her, provoking a cry from her lips. It was her very first climax and the sheer intensity of it took her by surprise.

Then I imprinted a burning kiss on her clitoris itself, pressing my lips down on her soft springing flesh as I did so. ‘Ah!’ Lucy moaned sharply, agitating herself divinely as her lust began to dominate her. Then I lightly ran the tip of my tongue along her tender slit and began to lick the lips of her cunt.

‘Oh!…Oh!…’ Lucy gasped in a strange half-strangled voice, closing her eyes in ecstasy-no longer resisting but yielding to her now imperious erotic desires. Jane, to whom this sweet pastime was an absolutely new revelation, was a study-with eager gleaming eyes, dilated nostrils, and slightly parted lips. She watched Lucy with the keenest interest, Lucy now being in the throes of the wildest erotic frenzy, wriggling, quivering deliciously, thrilling with rapture as my loving tongue tickled and licked her now inflamed cunt.

I ceased for a moment, to feast my eyes on her and to exchange significant smiles with Daina and Jane-then I whispered to the latter, ‘Help me to hold Lucy’s cunt open so that I can get my tongue inside!’ at the same time placing my left hand alongside Lucy’s slit. Quickly comprehending my wishes Jane placed her fingers opposite to mine, and together we pulled Lucy’s cunt widely open-then after an admiring glance at its pinky juicy luscious interior now evidently throbbing in intense sexual excitement I inserted my tongue deep into it and began to agitate it subtly with uncontrollable desire! Wildly she tossed and jerked herself upwards as if to meet the thrusts of my tongue, her head rolling from side to side in her blissful transports and her breasts dancing with the palpitations of her heaving bosom, while she ejaculated brokenly incoherent exclamations in the fury of her erotic rage.

I saw it was time to bring on the ecstatic crisis, and so my tongue attacked her throbbing and excited clitoris, sucking and tickling it passionately. ‘Ha!…ha!…ha!…’ she cried chokingly in a paroxysm of rapture, then she spent frantically in exquisite bliss and delicious spasmodic quivering as my still devoted tongue absorbed the sweet maiden love-juice of her hot discharge as it reveled in its delicious environment between the lips of her cunt.

When I found that the spasms of pleasure were ceasing to thrill through Lucy I withdrew my tongue and lips from her cunt and rose. As I did so Jane gave a gasp of astonishment and pointed to my mouth with an expression of horror, for my mouth and lips was plentifully bedewed with Lucy’s spendings. Lucy had just climaxed; Jane and Daina were kneeling either side of her and kissing her fondly as they stroked her breasts as if to stimulate her. I heard Daina say softly, ‘Didn’t I tell you, dear, that you were going to taste something very delicious?-oh! you are a lucky girl!’

Just then Lucy caught sight of me-she sprang up, threw herself into my arms, flung hers around my neck, and kissed me passionately over and over again, murmuring, ‘Oh, darling!…darling!’ till she had to cease for want of breath. Then Daina took her off for a necessary toilet, leaving me with Jane.

By now I was in a furious state of erection-it was absolutely necessary for me to get some relief from somebody. I seized Jane and whispered fiercely, ‘Will Lucy be ready to be ravished when she comes back, or must canlı casino she be allowed to wait a bit?’

‘Now is the time Better not to let her wait any more, dear,’ she answered.

I smiled down at her and kissed her even more hungrily. ‘You are so receptive,’ I husked.

Lying there dazed by the experience, Jane reached up to explore me, palms spreading across my chest, captivated by the strength and heat of me before sliding lower to encounter a restraining hand.

‘now,’ I said ‘I’m too aroused and I need to be inside you, and now I was about to enjoy the exquisite pleasure of depriving Lucy of her virginity.

‘Now I suppose you will take Lucy, Aamir!’ said Jane eagerly. I nodded. ‘Then I’ll get everything ready for her,’ she said, with a meaning smile as she produced the towels that she had provided to protect her bed quilt from the tell-tale stains that Lucy’s defloration was sure to cause. I said but I would like to keep the bed quilt as a memoir.

Jane glanced at my prick. ‘You are hardly ready yet, Aamir!-we’ll have to work you up, sir!’ she added smilingly. ‘Let me make a start,’ and seating me at her side she commenced playing with my limp and flaccid penis. The touch of her hand was heavenly, and soon I began to feel my forces revive.

Daina and Lucy reappeared from the toilet, and when Lucy caught sight of the bed so obviously prepared for her and saw Jane getting me ready, her courage seemed suddenly to leave her; she nervously exclaimed, ‘Oh! I can’t!…I can’t do it!’ and tried to run away into her room.

But Daina caught her and held her gently but firmly, and said with an encouraging smile, ‘Nonsense dear! here, Jane, will you take Lucy and give me Aamir, and I’ll have me ready in a way that you do not know! Come along, Aamir!’

“Yes, Aamir,” said the quivering girl. “But Aamir please, promise me you won’t hurt me, oh, please don’t hurt me. I know what you are going to do and you will kill me, I know it will kill me-I simply couldn’t stand it.”

“Now, leave that to me,” I said. ” I am sure you will enjoy it in time if you will get those foolish notions out of your head and be a good, sensible girl.”

Leaning over, I found her lips with my own and impressed upon them a burning, lascivious kiss, my mouth half-opened, and my darting tongue titillating the girl’s ruby lips, causing her strange sensations of lust which coursed up and down her body. Raising my head, I commanded her to stretch herself out straight upon the bed. She did so. My eyes devoured her beautiful figure stretched upon the snowy sheet, rosy with fire and glowing in the light of the rose-shaded lamp. I turned her over and lie upon her face, then assume different positions as I admired the beautiful lines of her feminine beauty, my hands playing about her lovely limbs and breasts. My tool was becoming stiff and hard, my breath came in gasps, and I was once more in a frenzy of desire.

Reaching out, I took the girl’s hand and carried it to my burning member, about which I clasped her delicate fingers. My tool was amazingly long and hard-she could hardly encompass it with her fingers and the length and breadth of this muscle and gristle caused a shudder of excitement to course through the girl’s frame.

I was, not satisfied with the feeling and pawing of this delicious girl, spread her legs and gazed long and fondly at the delicious moss-covered cleft, the mark of her femininity, and marveled at the smoothness and whiteness of her little rounded abdomen and the delicious swell of her well-formed round, firm, and big pomegranate shaped breasts.

The girl, on her part, ventured a peek through her fingers at me, who was so boldly inspecting her most secret treasures and gained a better view of that terrible machine which a short time before had bespewed her lower limbs with its unctuous flow; once more she marveled at its immensity and kaçak casino at the gigantic sack that hung, pregnant with its charge of manhood, a wrinkled mass beneath the swollen weapon. The flourishing mass of black pubic hair that graced the lord up to my navel was a new sight for the girl and she gave it the benefit of a full inspection.

Tiring at last of this delicious inspection of the girl’s most inner parts, I longed for more active diversions. Throwing myself onto the bed alongside the girl, I took her into my strong embrace. We made a sensual picture as we lay there, clasped closely in each other’s arms. My caresses now seething in their heat, caressed the girl’s eyes, her lips, her snowy neck, and throat, and then, with a tantalizing slowness that drove the now expectant Lucy almost wild with emotion, lowered my lips to her strawberry-like nipples, which stood out boldly as if inviting a hungry attacker; gently biting these coral tips, I slowly sucked into my mouth the full substance of her breasts.

All of these caresses had an effect that was almost miraculous on the now throbbing girl. She twisted and squirmed from side to side, now pressing her body tightly against mine, throwing her legs violently over my and grinding her mount vigorously against my rampant member. My kisses traveled downward from her breasts, tonguing and kissing the virgin mounts and valleys of her alabaster body, her belly, and groin. She could not control herself from the emotions that pervaded her very being. Never before in her young life had she felt such emotion as she was now undergoing. She had never felt the hot touch of a lover’s lips and tongue.

I was still enjoying myself to the utmost, my gorge rising high under these delightful manipulations, slipped down lower and lower until my eager tongue, erect and trembling, brushed over the golden locks of her delicious mount-turning the girl sidewise and parting her legs, I slipped my hot and glowing tongue within the crevice of her womanhood, that lump of heavenly delight that controlled her being, and licking and kissing my erectile mound, I soon had the girl in a ferment of soul-devouring passion.

She groaned, throbbed, and twisted from side to side under these divine touches administered by her sensual guardian; her eyes rolled wildly upward, her breath gasping as she rolled and twisted with clenched fists and quivering muscles.

My mind full set upon achieving the purpose in my mind, now desisted from the sport and, moving upward on the bed, once more took the lovely, passionate girl in my arms, smothering her in my embraces, which she now met with the fullest delight. My busy finger replaced my tongue as he gently manipulated and frigged her center of bliss, the girl writhing and twisting as if mad.

“Oh, Aamir,” she breathed, her senses almost departing, “oh, Aamir, what have you done to me that has affected me so? Oh, I just love you so much; you are the most desirable and sweetest man in the world! Oh, what you just did to me was the most pleasure I ever had in my life! Oh, it was lovely! More, Aamir, please?” And she kissed me furiously, twisting and writhing in the bed as though afire, my finger titillating her clitoris in a manner to set her wild.

I guessed her intention and laughed, then made way for Lucy-who was quickly folded in Jane’s arms and soon soothed and caressed till she had recovered from her sudden timidity. I think however that the sight of Daina and me had more to do with her reviving interest. Daina had made me lie on my back on bed-with a gentle thumb and forefinger she had raised my limp prick and with the other hand, she had gently captured my balls to the astonishment of both Jane and Lucy, the latter evidently forgetting her nervousness in the excitement caused by Daina’s proceedings. ‘See, sister Jane,’ exclaimed Daina presently, ‘Aamir is coming along finely!-I’ll have me ready for you, Lucy, in a minute!’ and with eyes dancing with delight she resumed her delicious ministrations and soon my prick was standing stiff and rampant and ready to ravish Lucy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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