My Lesbian Sugar Mama Pt. 02

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Hello again! I’m Kenzi Kittle, and I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I’m a young woman with an actual ‘lesbian sugar mama’ who takes care of me and pays my bills! My Sugar Mama’s name is Mrs. Dallas Morgenstern, and she’s an older lady (in her mid-fifties) from my hometown of Latrelle, Pennsylvania. Thanks to her, I got a scholarship to attend State University, with Mrs. Morgenstern also letting me live rent-free in a condo she owns right across the street from campus! In addition, I have a private tutor, I’ve been enrolled free-of-charge in a fitness gym, and she has even purchased several pretty outfits for me to wear, and all I need do in return is to allow her to enjoy my body whenever she desires to do so (which is pretty often!)

Mrs. Morgenstern is a dominant older lesbian woman with lots of money, and our relationship succeeds because I’m comfortable being her younger, submissive girlfriend, despite not even being entirely sure if I’m a lesbian! And she’s fine with that! So what if I enjoy being kissed & cuddled by a woman old enough to be my mother – is there anything wrong with that? I guess I just enjoy the erotic intimacy of being undressed by a woman like I’m her own personal Barbie Doll. It’s fun! And Mrs. Morgenstern has never been anything but super-nice to me, so if she finds my body attractive and wishes to treat me in a special way then who am I to complain? She’s certainly helped me far beyond what I could ever have done for myself! And let’s be honest here – there’s something deliciously kinky about her stripping me naked and covering my body with kisses!

As of this writing, I’m a 19-year old freshman girl at State – with blonde hair and a slender, attractive young body. I’ve been told by guys & girls alike that my breasts are beautiful, my long slender legs are incredible, and that I possess a fantastic ass! Several college boys began asking me out the day after my arrival here in August, but as part of my agreement with Mrs. Morgenstern, I turned them all down using a variety of excuses, NONE of them being that my body is the exclusive property of an older lesbian woman who fucks me on a regular basis, which would have just sounded weird. I usually tell them that I have a steady boyfriend back home, which isn’t true, but it works. And I tell my girlfriends that Mrs. Morgenstern is my aunt. Also not true, but at least it explains her spending all of those nights at my place.

Mrs. Morgenstern drives up here from Latrelle nearly every Friday, arriving at my door at around seven in the evening. She prefers me to be bathed & perfumed upon her arrival, greeting her at the door completely nude so that she doesn’t have to waste unnecessary time pulling off my clothes before then taking me into the bedroom. Tonight was no different. Upon entering the condo and closing the door behind her, she immediately embraced & lovingly kissed me, before then holding me at arm’s length and ordering me to do a slow turn for her, which I did. She loves inspecting my nude body, especially ogling my butt, as she has insisted that I engage in regular aerobics workouts to “keep that ass perfect” (her words, not mine) and just how she likes it!

Tonight within five-minutes of her arrival she had me face-down on the bed, with a large cushioned pillow beneath my waist so that my curvy bottom would be positioned upwards for her viewing & handling pleasure, allowing her to leisurely kiss & lick my firm perfumed rump. She likes lying down immediately behind me with her face planting warm wet kisses all over my nude derriere. On several occasions she’s mock-threatened to permanently mark her initials (DM) onto my right ass-cheek with a branding iron, with me always whimpering in my little girl’s voice, begging her to reconsider, while vowing to be her submissive slavegirl for the rest of my life, all the while sensually wiggling my butt ever so slightly – she loves that! Mrs. Morgenstern definitely has a ‘thing’ for pretty round female behinds. Usually, after several minutes of this kind of conversation & accompanying ass-worship she’ll then put on her strap-on and proceed to fuck me doggy-style while I again whimper & squirm. She’ll laugh and slap my ass and then continue to rythmically pump away from behind, with her dildo sliding back & forth within my moistened pussy. The woman is an amazingly creative & fun lover!

This evening, after she’d finished taking me from behind, we continued lying there together while she casually caressed my nude body with her finely manicured hands. That’s one of the things I especially love about giving myself to her. In addition to knowing the proper way to fuck a girl, she’s also warm, loving, & considerate. She plays with my body without ever making me feel cheap or objectified. Well, maybe a LITTLE objectified. I mean, it’s just fun being her possession! I suppose that’s partly because of my natural submissiveness to older women. Anyway, tonight as we lay there we got to talking about some of the friends I’ve made since my arrival.

“Well… my best friends are all freshman girls like myself. Caitlyn & Alisyn both do aerobics with me casino oyna at Lucille’s gym. So does cute little Kat! They’re all very pretty young women with sexy little bodies and aerobicized asses! You’d definitely love them,” I gushed. “In the morning I have Spanish class with Emma & Autumn. We three then usually eat lunch together! They’re also both very cute girls!”

“Are ALL of your friends cute?” she inquired, the back of her hand gently stroking my rump and squeezing it affectionately.

“Well, these friends certainly are, as I’m sure you’d agree if you ever meet them!”

“Do they all have delicious little rear ends like this one?” she asked, leaning over to kiss my own derriere. “And do they taste as good as this one?”

I responded with a slight giggle, arching my back so as to grant her more intimate access to my comely bottom. She bit down slightly on my right ass cheek, eliciting a squeal of delight from me.

“So why not invite these friends of yours over sometime?”

“Seriously? I mean, I’d love to… the only thing is… well, my only real free time is on the weekends, when you’re here,” I attempted to explain. “And that’s when we do things like what we’re doing right now!” I sensually wiggled my butt to remind her.

“We can always make time for our lovemaking,” she replied with a smile, while continuing to softly nuzzle my naked ass cheeks with her face. “Invite them over. I promise I won’t get in the way.”

“I guess it could be easily be arranged,” I mused. “I mean, they’re always inviting me to do stuff with them on the weekends, but I’m always making excuses why I can’t.”

Mrs. Morgenstern then rose up and gently lifted my hips to once again position me face-down & ass up, so as to have another go at my nude young body with her strap-on. “Yes,” she insisted. “Invite your girlfriends over here next weekend… maybe for something like a sleepover?”

“I’ll do it,” I agreed, arching my back so that she could once again slide her strap-on into my pussy. “We could watch movies and make popcorn!”

“Sounds like the beginning of a plan,” she said, firmly grabbing my hips as she once again began slowly fucking me from behind. The talking ceased as I was once again transformed into her submissive young plaything, crying out while she once again pumped me vigorously with her strap-on, occasionally slapping my naked butt while penetrating me. It’s the price one sometimes has to pay when you’re the slavegirl to a dominant older woman!


The following weekend arrived sooner than expected. All five of my girlfriends had received my sleep-over invitation via text-message, although Mrs. Morgenstern had by then already made a few adjustments to my party agenda.

“I’ve rachetted things up a few notches,” she said. “Instead of watching old movies, why not a pajama party? I’ll buy the pizza, and you girls can do fun stuff like maybe playing naked Twister!”

“Seriously?” I asked. “You intend to watch us getting naked?” I hadn’t fully anticipated the possibility of her even being there, but the idea didn’t sound entirely out of place, either. I mean. Mrs, Morgenstern was nothing like a strict, intimidating parent – no, she was more like a fun aunt. I added: “You know, I think my friends would love you!”

“Of course they will,” she confidently replied. “And I’ll be sleeping in your bedroom while you & the girls can rough it out here in the living room floor with your sleeping bags.”

“And what kind of special activities have you planned for us, besides naked Twister?”

“Oh, I’m just kidding about that… but I have been serious thought to a ‘sexy nightie’ contest, with the girls all wearing their skimpiest sleepwear… with the hottest girl winning a prize, which would be a gift certificate to that clothing store you’re always going on about!”

“You mean ‘Chloe’s Closet?’” I excitedly responded. “Yeah, everybody loves that place! They have some incredibly cute fashions! I was there just yesterday and saw this adorable little short skirt…”

“Yes, I get it,” she interrupted. “They have cute clothes. So how about a seventy-five-dollar gift certificate for first prize, and twenty-five-dollars for second?”

“Oooh…” I was genuinely impressed. “They’d do anything for that!”

“Okay then… sexy nightie contest it is,” she exclaimed. “And I’ll also bring along Camile! She can loosen everybody up with a few of her wonderful drink concoctions.”

“Alcohol?” I stammered, somewhat scandalized. “You’re not going to get my friends drunk, are you?” Camile, by the way, is Mrs. Morgenstern’s maid. She’s about forty years old, and every bit as wild as her employer. “That just sounds evil!”

“I never mentioned getting anybody drunk,” the older woman laughed, correcting me. “I just want everyone relaxed and feeling really good. And we’ll have some other contests with other prizes, too. It’s all coming together! And I’ll even bring in some impartial judges to determine the winners, just so nobody thinks it’s rigged!”

“And what canlı casino if I win?” I slyly ventured to ask, “I mean, I happen to know that I look amazingly hot in that sexy little French Maid lingerie that you bought for me last month!”

“Sorry, babydoll,” she responded, kissing me. “But it really wouldn’t do for you to win at your own party where you’re also playing the hostess. It will be rigged only in that YOU don’t come away with any of the prizes!”

Oh, well… I suppose some sacrifices have to be made.


And so Friday night arrived at last, with my five girlfriends happily accepting their invitations, and bringing along their sexiest, skimpiest nighties. Mrs. Morgenstern & Camile both arrived promptly at seven, followed soon after by the two women she’d picked to be our impartial judges: Lucille from the fitness center and Officer Bailey from the local police force.

Lucille is a very buff thirty-something young black woman who owns & teaches aerobics at the fitness gym where I regularly work out. She played varsity basketball at State, and continues to keep herself in excellent shape! And Officer Bailey is the policewoman I first met a few weeks back at a lesbian club. She’s in her late twenties, and we thought her presence might discourage any would-be party-crashers. I happen to also know firsthand that both she & Lucille are into girls, and so both eagerly jumped at the chance to judge a sexy nightie contest involving six scantily-clad young coeds!

My first guest to arrive was little Kat, a cute little blonde girl with a pixie haircut, whom I think looks like she could still pass as a high school student. Next came Autumn, with her pretty oval face and shoulder-length brown hair. Emma followed, an attractive red-haired girl with a perfect little rump as highlighted in those tight bluejeans she wore. And finally, Caitlyn & Alisya, arriving together, both wearing sweats & tank-tops. Caitlyn is a dark-haired beauty, petite & perfect, while Alisya is blonde like myself, with a tanned bikini beach body to match.

All five girls admitted to being hungry, and so I immediately removed the four huge pizzas from the warming oven that we’d ordered earlier (mushroom & black olive, Italian sausage & green pepper, pepperoni & pineapple, & one extra-large three-cheese combo), quickly filling the kitchen with a delicious pizza-smell! In addition to pizza each girl got a wonderful fruit-filled wine cooler especially made for the party by Camile. Most of the girls were already acquainted with Lucille, and a few also knew officer Bailey, and I quickly introduced them all to Mrs. Morgenstern & Camile, as well.

For ‘dessert,’ Camile made ‘mudslides’ for everybody, which is an iced-drink that tastes like a milkshake but has a ‘bite’ – it’s made by blending crushed ice, ice cream, vodka, a coffee liqueur, and Irish cream together. They’re incredibly delicious, and Camile makes them especially potent. Of course, the girls and I couldn’t get enough.

As the evening progressed, Mrs. Morgenstern eventually announced that the sexy nightie contest would begin in fifteen minutes, with all of us girls retreating to my bedroom to get undressed and change into our sexy sleepwear. The older ladies meanwhile made themselves comfortable in the living room, sipping on strawberry daiquiris provided by Camile.

My girlfriends really outdid themselves with their skimpy sleepwear! They must have each really wanted that first prize! Mrs. Morgenstern had decided that each girl would come out when her name was called, and she chose to call each one alphabetically.

The first contestant therefore was Alisya, whom I’ve always felt looked just like a blonde Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She entered the living room wearing a very sexy two-piece black bra & pantie combination with matching stockings & a garter belt. She did a sexy little prance about the room, much to the appreciation of the assembled female judges.

Next up was pretty brunette Autumn, wearing a diaphanous short white gown, scandalously showing off her entire body beneath, including tiny white thong panties. She appeared not the least bit nervous as she flaunted her delicious body past the drooling judges – her beautiful breasts, clearly visible as she sauntered by.

Dark-haired Caitlyn next emerged in what appeared at first to be a black dominatrix outfit of sorts, with dark fishnet stockings contrasting her bare thighs. No, not exactly lingerie/sleepwear, but who really cared? She had on black stiletto high heels (the rest of us were all in barefeet), and she carried a riding crop as a prop which she used to slap Alisya’s butt as she walked past her. It was definitely sexy!

She was followed by Emma, whose Irish heritage was evident, what with her curly flaming red-hair and milk-white flawless skin. Emma had on what appeared to be an emerald green top with matching emerald green panties that did a wonderful job showing off her delicious little ass!

Cute little Kat came prancing out next, wearing what appeared to be kaçak casino nothing more than a red satin thong bikini. To jazz it up, she’d added a pair of red ‘cat ears’ atop her head, along with a cute matching red tail, and a red-leather-collar & silver chain leash, which she twirled about in a flirtatious manner before then scampering off with a giggle.

And finally, it was my turn. I wore my aforementioned amazingly sexy black & white French Maid lingerie that Mrs. Morgenstern had purchased for me only a few weeks earlier, complete with fishnet stockings and a maid’s cap. I thought the skimpiness of it did a great job showing off my body, especially my long legs & ass!

The three judges were clearly enjoying the lingerie show, as they then asked each of us to come back and pose together before they made their final decision. Officer Bailey then insisted on each girl coming within arm’s reach of her so that she could examine our outfits more close-up, using her hands as well as eyes. As each girl desperately wanted to win, we all did our very best to please our female judges. Before this second ‘inspection’ was over, I would say that I had several sets of Officer Bailey’s & Lucille’s fingerprints covering my ass! Mrs. Morgenstern’s too, although she was perhaps a bit more discreet in ‘handling the merchandise,’ as it were.

In the end, after a brief consultation, Autumn took first-prize, with Emma coming in second. Mrs. Morgenstern later confided to me that I had tallied the most points, but as we had agreed beforehand that I shouldn’t win my own party’s competition, the prizes went to the other girls instead. I didn’t mind, as I thought that all of my friends really outdid themselves! They were all SO HOT! Personally, I would have voted for Alisya, as her body just looked luscious!

Before any of us could return to the bedroom to change back into our regular non-competition pajamas, Lucille then suggested a kissing contest, with Officer Bailey & Mrs. Morgenstern both seconding the idea. For 1st-prize, Lucille offered a one-month free membership at her fitness club. All of the girls immediately agreed to participate, as everybody was feeling quite good at that point, partly thanks to the round of Irish coffees that Camile had just distributed to each of us (actually it was Bailey’s & Decaf), resulting in a pleasant all-around buzz that made the idea of kissing one another seem like something we each really wanted to do!

Once again, the three older women served as judges, with each of us girls assigned to kiss each of the other girls, or fifteen brief make-out sessions in all. Points would be awarded for originality, length of time for each kiss, and the passion exhibited by each girl. And let me just say that the whole thing turned out to be AWESOME! Speaking for myself, I most enjoyed kissing Caitlyn. That girl has great lips, and I especially liked how her left hand reached down to squeeze my behind while we were passionately making out. But all of my friends did an impressive job in the girl-girl kissing department. It was a delight to be a part of it!

When we turned to the judges for a ruling as to who did best, Lucille & Officer Bailey both agreed that to be absolutely certain, THEY would have to kiss each girl, as well, one at at time. Officer Bailey went a step further, insisting that each girl sit on her lap while kissing her, with Lucille saying that she wanted that, too. And so that’s what we all did. I most liked kissing the third judge, who was Mrs. Morgenstern, probably because I already considered myself to belong to her, but I also enjoyed being kissed and fondled by both Lucille & Officer Bailey. In the end, the kissing-contest winner ended up being Emma, with cute little Kat finishing a surprising second, as her somewhat timid kisses were so comparatively innocent. Perhaps that’s what made them special!

Once again, after it was over, we were all treated to another one of Camile’s delicious drink concoctions, this last one having rum & Kahlua in it. While we were imbibing, Officer Bailey suddenly suggested that we girls entertain them with a stripping contest! Of course, my girlfriends (in their alcohol-induced state) all thought taking their clothes off to be a grand idea, and after conferring amongst themselves the older women determined that the winner would be awarded a one-hour massage from Camile. The girls loved it! We were each instructed to do a slow striptease/lap-dance for our three older female judges to a song of our choosing. Lucille & Officer Bailey then sat side-by-side on the couch while Mrs. Morgenstern positioned herself on the comfortable plush chair beside it as the lap-dance/stripping competition began.

We went one at a time. I went third, and I picked ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ by Britney Spears to dance to, as it just seemed somehow fitting. It also felt perfectly natural for me to take off my clothes and sensually dance for Mrs. Morgenstern, as I’d already done that so many times before. She looked exceptionally pleased by my performance. I thought that all of the other girls did surprisingly well, especially Alisya (who danced to Motley Crue’s ‘Girls Girls Girls’). I mean, considering the fact that none of us were professional strippers, I’d say that we each turned in some outstanding performances, and the judges seemingly agreed!

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