My Best Friend’s Mom Ch. 02

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I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all my readers and fans for your comments and support. You guys are great! I hope to be able to post more frequently now that my personal life has settled down a bit. Also if you have time please check out my blog, the address is listed in my profile.


Part I

I had a hard time concentrating on my classes during school on Monday. But then losing your virginity in a weekend long sex fest with your girlfriend will have that effect on a person, especially when your girlfriend is also your best friend’s mom. I had never thought that I would ever be attracted to another woman, sexually or otherwise. Much less actually falling head over heels in love with one. Kelly just seems to make me feel more alive then I ever have before.

I couldn’t get Kelly off my mind no matter how hard I tried. “Jess” Jessica? Helloooo, Earth to Jessica.” Jenny said as she waved her hand back and forth in front of my face.

“Huh? Oh, sorry Jen.” I said distractedly.

“That’s okay. I was just telling you that my mom is gonna be working late tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me.” Jenny said.

“Oh. Uh, no I can’t. I have a…date tonight.” I said after some quick thinking.

“Oh yeah!? With who? Come on, give me the 411.” Jenny said almost gleefully.

“I…uh…”I don’t want to talk about it here.” I said jerking my head at all the other kids walking past us.

Jenny understood what I meant and said, “Alright, but you’ve gotta give me all the details later.”

I just nodded my head which Jenny took as my agreement and changed the topic to our regular gossip. This worked great because not only did it get her off topic but it also gave me time to formulate a plan for my “date” later tonight.

After swim practice, let out I went home and started getting myself ready. I took a nice long shower and shaved off any stubble that had grown in over the weekend. This went pretty quickly for me after four years of experience. After I dried myself off, I picked out what I wanted to wear. That part took the longest, but I think it’ll be well worth the effort when Kelly sees me. Before I got dressed, I put on some light makeup to accentuate my natural features. Once I had on my war paint as my dad calls it, I put on my clothes. First, I slid into my garter belt and then, I carefully pulled on my sheer black lace topped stocking and fastened them to the straps hanging from the garter. Next, I slid into my black lycra miniskirt. It was one of the things Kelly had bought me and was short enough that it would flash my stocking top when I walked. Following that was my lacey black bra and a sheer black long sleeved blouse. And, for the finishing touch, a pair of strappy black shoes with a five-inch spiked heels.

I looked at myself in the full-length mirror on the back of my bedroom door and smiled. “This should drive Kelly nuts,” I thought, and I could already feel myself starting to get wet at the thought of what I had planned for tonight.

“I’m going out! I’ll be back later!” I called out to my mom as I went out the front door. As I got into my car and sat down, I hiked up my skirt so that my bare ass resting on the car seat. By the time I pulled into the parking lot for Kelly’s office my pussy was wet has hell. If I had been wearing panties they would have been soaked though. Before I got out of my car I took off my bra and set it on the passenger’s seat. Now my hard little nipples were clearly visible through my blouse. I smiled wickedly at the thought of how Kelly would react when she saw me as I walked through the door of her office. I smiled again as I got out of my car as I saw a wet spot on the driver’s seat. It was after 6:00pm and I was happy but not too surprised to see that Kelly was the only person still at the office. She looked beautiful sitting behind her desk in a loose white blouse and a black skirt, the lights glinting off her blonde hair.

“I’ll be with you in just a minute,” Kelly said without looking up from her computer screen.

“That’s okay. I can wait,” I said devilishly.

At the sound of my voice Kelly’s head popped up like on of those chicken timers. As she looked at me her expression turned from one of open mouthed surprise to a now more familiar one of lust complete with wicked grin.

“Mmmmmmm. To what do I owe this wonderful surprise?” Kelly asked in a tone that clearly said whatever it was she wanted to do it more often.

“How about your incredible love making skills?” I suggested, as I walked around her desk to stand between her and her desk giving me a better look at her and her outfit. Her blouse was solid in front, but was sheer in the back and arms, and her back skirt came almost down to her knees.

Kelly smiled as I walked over to her desk. “God you’re so fucking sexy. I’m wet already!” Kelly said lustily.

“Good, that was the effect I was looking for,” I said, as I straddled her legs and sat down on her lap facing her as she sat in canlı bahis her office chair. My skirt rode up so that my stocking tops and a good bit of the straps were in clear view. I put my hands on Kelly’s shoulders and leaned forward meeting Kelly in a very passionate french kiss. As we kissed, Kelly’s hands found my small tits and began massaging them through my blouse, which caused me to start moaning softly.

Reluctantly, I broke our kiss as Kelly gently pushed me backwards off her lap forcing me to stand. Before I could even start to complain, Kelly said, “Hop up on the desk and spread your legs. I want your pussy.”

Of course, I did as she said and using my hands I boosted myself up and backwards so that I was sitting on Kelly’s desk and spread my legs as wide as I could. With my legs spread so wide, my miniskirt slid up high enough that my bald little pussy was clearly and delightfully on display for Kelly. She wasted no time in wrapping her arms around my thighs and pulling herself face first into my pussy. Kelly dove in like a starving person at a buffet. I leaned back on my elbows as I let out low moans of pleasure, “Ohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmm.” Kelly’s tongue plunged in and out of my pussy, swirled in circles one way and then the other, and every so often she’d flick her it over my clit.

“Oh god…Oh yes… Oh god I’ve been needing…this all day,” I moaned between gasps for breath.

Just as I was about to cum, the headlights from a car turning into the parking lot lit up Kelly’s office.

“Oh shit! Oh Fuck! My clients are here!” Kelly said in an almost panic stricken as she jumped to her feet.

“Here spray this around the office real quick. It’ll hide the smell,” she said as she handed me a can of scented Lysol.

I took off my heels and did a quick run around Kelly’s office spraying the can of Lysol the whole way as I went. Kelly dashed into the bathroom to clean her face and fix her makeup. We finished about the same time and met back at her desk.

“I can’t let them see you here dressed like this.” Kelly said urgently. Her clients would be at the door in mere seconds and there was no way for me to leave without them seeing me.

“In the bathroom!” Kelly said quickly.

“What if they need to use it?” I asked just as quickly.

“Fuck!” Kelly said, casting a look around her office for ideas. “Quick under my desk!” she said.

As I got on the floor behind her desk, the alarm beeped announcing her clients arrival. I carefully crawled as far under Kelly’s desk as I could while she went to greet her clients. I heard them exchange pleasantries with each other and tried to make myself as comfortable as possible since I didn’t know how long I’d be stuck under the desk.

Kelly came back around to her side of the desk, sat down and carefully pulled her chair towards her desk. I was sitting Indian style under Kelly’s desk with nothing to look at but her legs until she shifted on her chair to reach for something and spreading her legs slightly she inadvertently flashed her bright red panties at me. That gave me an idea. Tentatively, I reached out with my right hand and slowly slid my hand up her skirt and between her legs narrowly parted thighs. Kelly gasped softly and flinched a little bit when the edge of my hand lightly brushed against one of her thighs.

“Are you okay?” one of her clients asked.

“Yes I’m fine. I just caught a draft or something for a second there,” Kelly invented quickly. I tried not to giggle too loudly. To my surprise and delight Kelly spread her legs as wide as her conservative skirt would let her. I now had a clear view of her red panties and I was unable to suppress a wicked grin when I saw a large dark spot on the front of her panties.

I lightly brushed my fingers against the front of Kelly’s panties and felt her ever so slightly press herself against my caressing fingers. I teased her for a few more minutes by rubbing my fingers a little more forcefully against her panty clad pussy. The front of Kelly’s panties were now positively soaked with her arousal. Deciding I had teased her enough, I tried to slide Kelly’s panties to the side so I could have better access to her pussy but I was unable to do so because Kelly’s weight was keeping them from moving very much. Sensing this, Kelly rose part way out of her chair under the guise of pointing something out to her clients in their contracts. I took the opportunity to slide her underwear all the way to one side completely baring Kelly’s pussy to my probing fingers, and then, very quickly, I slid my hand as far back as I could and caressed her bare ass cheeks revealing the fact that Kelly was wearing a thong. I smiled wickedly once again as I slid my hand back to Kelly’s very wet pussy.

Once she felt my hand return to her pussy, Kelly eased herself back onto her chair and positioned herself with her hips tilted slightly upwards to give me the best access possible. My grin grew even wider as I slid my middle finger all the way into Kelly’s pussy. Kelly was so wet at bahis siteleri this point that my finger slid into her very easily. As I slowly started working my middle finger in and out of Kelly’s pussy, I used my thumb to gently rub her clit. It was fun listening to Kelly try and keep her cool while I kept slowly and diligently working my finger in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit with my thumb. She was becoming more and more distracted the longer this went on. Suddenly, Kelly opened one of her desk drawers, pulled out a pencil and put it in her mouth like a bit and started biting down on it as she shut the desk drawer. She pretended to be doing something on her computer as she did all this and a minute later I found out why. Kelly’s pussy started clenching and releasing my middle finger as I worked it in and out of her. She was cumming! Kelly was having an orgasm right in front of her clients and I was the one giving it to her!

Judging by how powerfully Kelly’s pussy was convulsing on my finger she having one hell of an orgasm. Knowing what I was doing to her and that it was happening right in front of two other people who could find out what was happening at any second was such a turn-on to me. I was getting so wet that I could feel my pussy juice running down my thighs and ass. Between Kelly’s orgasming pussy gushing all over my hand and my own pussy leaking all over my thighs and ass the smell of aroused pussy was becoming very strong. Kelly’s clients had to be able to smell us. Between her odd behavior and the smell I wonder what they were thinking.

I was having a lot of fun playing with Kelly’s pussy and brought her to three smaller orgasms by the time she stood up and said, “You’re all set. As soon as the buyer signs, I’ll send over your copy of the paperwork.”

They thanked her and left the office. As soon as that were out of sight, Kelly stepped away from her desk and playfully said, “Get out here you naughty little vixen.”

“Whaaaaat?” I asked feigning innocence as I crawled out from under her desk and got to my feet in front of her.

“What? You know what you little minx.” Kelly replied sternly, but the grin on her face ruined the effect. My only reply was a mischievous grin.

“Now get your ass back on that desk so I can finish what I started,” Kelly demanded.

With an even wider grin, I happily hopped back up on her desk and spread my legs wide for her as I leaned back on my elbows once again. Kelly wasted no time and as she sat back down on her chair and pulled herself face first into my sopping wet pussy for the second time that night. As Kelly ravenously ate my pussy, I started moaning loudly.

“Oh yes! Ahhhhhh yes! Oh yes that feels so good!” I moaned.

The sloppy sounds coming from between my legs turned me on even more as I raced towards my climax. I grabbed onto the edge of the desk with a white knuckled grip as I felt my body building to an earth shattering climax.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YES! YES! OH GOD YES!” I screamed as the dam holding back my climax broke and my orgasm hit me with like a tidal wave. Stars swam before my eyes and my body trembled and convulsed uncontrollably for several minutes before my orgasm receded.

“That…that was…fucking unbelievable!” I panted.

“Mmmm I’ll say,” Kelly replied. “Now that I’ve had my dessert how about I take you out to dinner?”

“Sounds great to me,” I replied.

“Good. Lets get cleaned up and then we can take my car. We’ll come back for yours later,” Kelly said.

“Okay, but I’ll have to get my bra outta my car before we go,” I said.

“Unt uh,” Kelly said with an evil grin as she shook her head back and forth.

“What do ya mean?” I asked.

“You got to take advantage of me in front of some other people, now it’s my turn,” she replied evilly.

I was a little apprehensive but if that’s what Kelly wanted I knew I’d do it. “Okay. Where are you gonna take me?” I asked.

“I know the perfect place don’t you worry,” Kelly replied with a wicked gleam in her eye and even more wicked grin on her face.

I felt a rush of excitement and apprehension at the same time. I trusted Kelly completely so I followed her out to her car without any other questions. We made small talk as Kelly drove to the restaurant, but I was a little disappointed that she didn’t have me do anything during the ride to the restaurant. She didn’t even finger me or anything. As Kelly pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, I scoped it out as best I could. It was called The Grotto, and it was set back from the road a little bit. The front of the building had a large pond with a fountain in the center of it. The entrance was softly lit and surrounded by plants and rocks in an attempt to make it live up to its name.

As we entered Kelly spoke to the hostess and requested a corner table for two. Although the restaurant was far from empty there was no wait for a table and the hostess brought us right to a table in the back corner of the dining room. The dining room bahis şirketleri itself was dimly lit and had lit candles on every table. Each table had a long white linen tablecloth that almost reached the floor. Kelly directed me to sit in the seat facing the dining room and then instead of sitting across from me she moved her chair so that she was sitting right next to me.

We had barely sat down when our waiter came to the table and handed us each a menu and took our drink orders. I ordered an ice water and Kelly ordered herself a glass of merlot. As the waiter left to get our drinks I felt Kelly’s hand touch my thigh. It wasn’t long before I felt her mischievous hand sliding up my thigh towards my wet and waiting pussy. I was looking around nervously trying to see if anyone sitting around us could see what was going on at our table. No one seemed to be paying us much attention though so I spread my legs slightly for her.

“If you don’t want people to notice what we’re doing, stop looking around so much. It draws attention.” Kelly said in a soft voice.

Taking Kelly’s advice, I focused my attention on my menu and tried to decided what to eat. She must have timed it on purpose because the moment the waiter returned with our drinks Kelly slid one of her fingers deep into my pussy.

“Mmph,” I whimpered softly.

“Are you ladies ready to order?” the waiter asked.

“I am. How about you Jessica?” Kelly said.

I just nodded my head in reply.

“I’ll have the dolphin with wild rice and steamed vegetables,” Kelly ordered.

“Excellent choice. And you miss?” The waiter said.

“Uhhhhh, I’ll have the Uhhhhh, the roasted chicken with a baked potato with extra butter please,” I said. It wasn’t easy ordering with Kelly working her finger in and out of my pussy and occasionally rubbing the heel of her palm against my clit.

“Very good,” The waiter said and then disappeared towards the kitchen leaving us alone at our table once again.

“Pull your skirt up so it’s not between your ass and your seat,” Kelly told me.

I was so turned on by this point that I didn’t even question what she wanted me to do, I just did it. I lifted myself about an inch off the chair and quickly pulled my skirt back out of the way and sat back down on the chair. The feel of the chair’s fabric on my bare ass turned me on even more than I was before. Kelly reached down with her free hand and folded the front of my skirt up so that I was completely exposed from my waist down. I was becoming lost in the erotic sea of pleasure Kelly was giving me. My eyelids became heavy and were soon half closed, my lips parted slightly and I started breathing through my mouth, and then I opened my legs wide and gripped the edges of my chair with the inside of my knees as Kelly continued to work her magic on me. I felt like Kelly was some kind of enchantress who put a spell on me and I was powerless to resist her.

It wasn’t long before I felt myself building towards a powerful orgasm. Everything seemed to feel more intense. Maybe it was because we were in such a public place with only a tablecloth to hide what we were doing, or maybe it was because I was so turned on. I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I could feel it building and building deep inside me, my whole body was tingling with the need for release and then BAM! My orgasm exploded! I struggled not to make any noise as I came but that was impossible.

“Mmmph. Mmmph, mmmph, mmmmmm,” I whimpered as my body went rigid in my chair. I’m sure at least a few of people noticed, and I’m sure some of them even had a good idea what it was all about.

When I finally started to calm down Kelly pulled her finger from my pussy and held it in front of my mouth. “Lick it clean for me baby,” she said, just as I saw our waiter walk out of the kitchen with our dinners. Obediently, I opened my mouth slightly, leaned forward and took Kelly’s wet finger between my parted lips. I sucked on it like it was my favorite flavored Popsicle, working my tongue around her finger making sure I swabbed every trace of my cum from her finger. I was still sucking on Kelly’s finger as our waiter got to our table.

“That’s enough baby,” Kelly said, as she pulled her finger from my greedily sucking mouth.

Our waiter grinned knowingly as he set our plates in front of us. “Is there anything else I can get for you ladies?”

“No thank you. We’re fine,” Kelly said dismissively, and our waiter disappeared once again.

We talked as we enjoyed our dinners. Time seemed to fly by and, before I knew, it Kelly was paying the check. She wouldn’t let me see the bill and refused to allow me to pay for my half.

“Don’t worry, I can afford it,” she said with a smile.

As we got up to leave, I inadvertently flashed a few people for a second until my skirt fell down in front. I had totally forgotten that Kelly had flipped the front of my skirt up. I know what you’re thinking, “How in the world could you forget your skirt was flipped up? I guess I was just so lost in what had happened and, after I came, I had leaned forward and the tablecloth covered me. Well, when I stood up, their were more than a few gasps of shock. If we weren’t already leaving I’m sure we would have been thrown out.

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