My Arrival

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I was both anxious and nervous as I packed my things in the trunk getting ready to leave for college. At 19. I had never been away from my parents for longer than a couple of days. My parents had always sheltered me from worldly ways.

I knocked on the door of the house I was renting a room for the year. My jaw dropped… standing before me was a middle aged woman with full breasts, slim waist, and beautiful long legs. Her brown hair sparkled in the sun, and she had the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen She was wearing a satin shirt as a skirt. It was dark blue and molded her body like a glove. Are you Mrs, Strahn, and is this 2342 Pine Road? Looking down trying not to stare at her semi exposed breasts.

Yes, and you must be Jerry. You were expecting some one older she grinned. We sat and she asked. Why do you think I chose you from all the applicants? Its because I wanted some one young and inexperienced.

Mrs. Strahn… I don’t know what you mean. Squirming in my seat as blood rushed down to my penis causing discomfort.

Call me Krista. Do you know what people call me behind my back? Devil with Tits, she answered herself. Do I look like a devil? I tried to swallow but my throat was dry and beads of sweat formed on my forehead. And my tits aren’t overly huge. Lifting them and casino oyna juggling in her hands. They are average 34c.

Jerry, every year I take in a boarder, like you. My mission is to teach them how to please woman and enjoy the freedom of sexual pleasure. Go up stairs unpack, and think about what I’ve told you. If you come down for supper. Ill assume you want to learn.

I had never met anyone that gave off such a sexual aura. I couldn’t get her image and words out of my mind, and how she could get me aroused with just a few words. I had to stay. No I wanted to stay. Looking down at my erection. Ive had them before but was always able to distract myself by thinking of something else. It was not working. I had to pursue this.

I walked into the kitchen. Krista smiled nodded her approval looking at the obvious bulge in my jeans. You can loosen your pants if you are uncomfortable? I don’t mind nudity. Actually I like it. Unbuttoning her dress.

Her breasts defied gravity standing straight out and her waist was so tiny extenuating her hips and pelvis. My penis throbbing and pressing against my jeans. Come on; don’t be shy, walking toward me.

Looking at her like a deer caught in headlights, trembling I undid my belt. Kresta pulled down my pants. Oh my you have nice equipment slot oyna cupping my balls and wrapping her manicured hand around my erection.

Touch my nipples kneeling down to lick my tip. You have a beautiful cock Jerry, feeling it throb in her hand. I squeezed her nipples as she took my head in her mouth causing me to ejaculate instantly. Filling her mouth with my creamy white liquid.

I’m sorry I’m sorry I sobbed. Krista looked up smiled. Its OK baby. That’s why I chose you. Licking me clean. Now lets have supper.

I was trying to process what just happened as I went through the motions of eating my supper. Krista s voice brought me back to reality, asking have you ever licked a girl? I didn’t think so.

I went to my room, setting up my computer, and arranging for my classes next day.

My turn she says sitting on the desk with her heels on the edge motioning me over. My eyes blurring as she spread her pussy exposing a wet pink slit.

Krista pulled my head down to her as I instinctively licked up and down fast. Through moans slow down, its not a race. Just like that as I slowly licked up and flicked her with my tongue. Tasting her bitter sweet juices.

My cock began to grow and throb as she moaned encouraging me to keep licking sucking, put your tongue canlı casino siteleri inside. Just like that yes suck my clit… Cumming yes baby stick your finger in. Fuck it hard suck it. She tightened her legs around pulling my head and convulsing.

Jerry you did good! Now I want to feel you in me. Laying me on the bed my cock standing straight up. Precum forming on the head. Krista straddled me lowering herself down… Guiding me in slowly. Sensations running through me like electricity. She reached behind me grasping my ball sack as she sat down burying me deep. twisting my ball sack causing pain, I yelped. I know baby but we cant have you losing control yet. Krista rocked back and forth lifting and sliding down.

Her grip tightened as her pussy molded itself around my throbbing cock. Leaning over me as she pumped. I took her nipples in my mouth. Krista encouraging me. Yes baby do it. I’m almost there. One hand on my chest the other gripping my bag. Hips grinding as her pussy contracting. Screaming yes yes loosening her grip on my balls.

My cock immediately exploding sending cum shooting up into her. Krista began shaking as her pussy milked my cock for another explosion of my cream.

She collapsed on me and laid there sweating and panting as I began to shrink.

Krista got up straddled my chest. Licked me clean as my cum dripped on my chest from her pussy. Krista then turned around and cleaned it off my chest. licking her lips, said good night and went to her room. Leaving me to Ponder about my upcoming year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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