My 18th

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It was my 18th and my parents had agreed to let me have a party. They didn’t want to be involved with it so had left to stay in a hotel in the country for two nights. The night they left was everything I hoped for and more.

There was plenty of booze, cigarettes and turned on young adults. I had certainly far too much to drink and gave me far too much Dutch courage and a new mind set. I was beginning to see my best friend as something else. She wasn’t just beautiful anymore, but sexy as well. She has a tan and light brown curly hair just below her fairly big boobs. She was wearing a short denim skirt with a sheer top with a bralette a size too small for her. This made her boobs looked bigger than they actually were. She had a simple necklace on.

Everyone began to leave around two/ three ish apart from my best friend as she was staying the night. She gave me a long hug as the last person left. Our boobs were pressed together and this turned me on more than it should have. We wobbled in side by side meaning we fell onto my double bed. We laid there with our legs linked together. She then started talking about the fun she had; and how she was going to miss me next year because of university.

She slowly began to place her hand against my legs. She was still talking about stuff. She was turning me on. I said we should start getting ready for bed. She slowly helped me get out my dress. I got my pyjamas out but as I did my vibrator came out with casino oyna it. She had noticed it and picked it up. She questioned how long I’d been using it and why I hadn’t told her. I explained that I thought she’d judge and giggled telling her I’d been using it for two years.

She then told me to lie down. I was wearing my lacy knickers and tight vest. She was wearing a thong and a baggy top. This was the usual for us. As I laid down she demanded I told her on what I watched or what turn me on. I answered with it depends on my mood. She nodded. She then lay with me and said the girls turn her on sexually, especially naughty ones. I giggled saying I had been a bad girl lately.

She then seriously said I needed to be punished. I said without hesitation that I was sorry and that I needed to be told off properly. She placed her hands on my vest and began to play with my boobs. Not before long my nipples were peeking through and her got eyes excited. She quickly put her hands through my vest saying I was so naughty.

After a few minutes, I took my top off. She immediately began to kiss me and then climbed on top off me. She began trailing her kisses all over my body. Suddenly she started tugging at my knickers. She asked me to apologise again. I said sorry again. She sat up and began to kiss my thighs. I was getting so wet then it was coming through my pants and she had noticed. She blew on them.

She then said it was best for her to straddle canlı casino me. She then fully snogged me dipping her tongue at the back of my throat. This made me moan. She smacked me and then took off her baggy top. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her boobs. She instructed me to play with them. We kept kissing at this point. I was beginning to feel myself get wetter and my cum was dripping through. She started tugging at my knickers. She went back to rubbing my thighs and I started to moan.

She asked me how naughty I had been and I yelled very. This indicated her to pull my knickers right down to my ankles. Without a second, she inserted her fingers messing around with my cunt. I started to cum all over hands. After fingering me after while I was about to moan as she was edging towards my clitoris and pulled her fingers out licking them. I squirted all over her. She told me I was bad girl.

I began telling her I needed to make it up to her and she said this was my punishment: she pulled out my vibrator and inserted into my lubricated cunt. I straight away moaned out my biggest orgasm.

Her eyes filled with excitement and told me I needed to put my hands down her thong. I did and I could feel how wet she was. I pulled away her thong revealing her bare vagina. I was still screaming at this point. She slowly pulled out the vibrator and placed into herself making her and I cum all over my bed. We were both panting at this point kaçak casino and pink in our faces. Watching her cum made me so turned on and the only way I could fix it was to masturbate.

She took about my vibrator slowly and got me to suck on it. I did and it tasted so good. I was about to pass it on to her to have go when she put on my bedside table and then started to straddle me without long she snogging me again. I flipped her to have go on top and this resulted in a smack war.

At this point, we were so out of breath, rosy cheeked, with sweat, cum slowly rolling out of us onto the bed sheets we laid down on her backs and staring at the ceiling. She then whispered sensually into my ear with happy birthday to the naughtiest girl I know. I then squirted all over the bed again. She moaned then this led to me moaning again.

She finally squirted. She then said sweet dreams as I certainly will. She grabbed my hands and rolled onto her side as I followed with her. This led us into the spooning position. She was little spoon and I was big spoon. I played with her boobs again.

She couldn’t handle it anymore she said as she oragasmed and picked up the vibrator whilst we were spooning. She was cumming onto me. I couldn’t resist to switch positions. I ended up sat on her face as I licked her out. She then poked her tongue into me and sent an electric shock which led me to squirt all over her face and properly scream. She pulled my body up for another snog. This went for a while ended up with another spoon. We were full on panting and wet that we slowly fell asleep with big smiles on us both.

It had been my naughtiest birthday and I was surely punished!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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