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I was on holiday at the time, just cruising around the country in this big old motor-home, going where I wanted, stopping when I wanted. At the time of the incident I was temporarily parked next to a large park in the centre of this country town. It was a reasonably sized town and I’d stopped to get some lunch. After lunch I went for a stroll through the park, just taking it easy and wondering if I should stay for a couple of days.

There was a jogging track around the park and as I approached one bend this female jogger came whipping around the corner and bumped into me. A happy accident, I thought, but decided on second thoughts that it was deliberate.

I was standing there, helping the young lady get her balance, enjoying the sweet fresh smell of her and the way her softly rounded breasts pressed against my chest. I could almost believe she belonged to me.

Then I came to the conclusion that she also thought that I belonged to her, or at least, my possessions did. One moment she was standing, leaning, smiling sweetly, the next she was screaming in surprised pain and frantically pushing against me, trying to get clear.

She had a little trouble getting clear for two reasons. One, when she’d started screaming I’d taken a much firmer grip on her arm, as I knew the reason for the screams. Two, was because her hand was in my pocket and she seemed to be having trouble extracting it.

I like to do my bit for law and order. We should all take our civic responsibilities seriously. One way in which I do this, especially when I’m likely to be in a crowd, is to keep a dozen or so blue tacks in my pocket. And I don’t mean Blutack, the sticky stuff for general use around the home. I mean those nasty pointy little blue tacks that really hurt when they dig into your skin.

My sweetly smiling jogger had used the distraction of her leaning on me to dip her hot little hand into my pocket, and I’m damn sure sex wasn’t on her mind. Instead of my wallet she found herself clutching all these sharp little things. She must have thought that there were a bunch of biting mice in my pocket.

Jerking her hand around to draw it out of my pocket was just driving some of the tacks deeper. I took a firm hold of her wrist to stop her wriggling.

“Hold still, moron,” I snapped.

I carefully extracted her hand and started removing the various little tacks still clinging.

“Moron? Me?” she was saying wrathfully. “What sort of idiot has spikes in his pocket?”

“Maybe one who doesn’t want to be robbed,” I pointed out. “Why don’t we find a nice policeman and discuss it with him.”

This didn’t seem to meet with her approval as she started trying to hit me. Now this wouldn’t have had much effect on me normally. I was quite capable of dealing with an irate little thief. It turned out this wasn’t a normal situation.

The jogger had barely begun to struggle when I heard the sound of running feet and promptly decided I was visiting the idiot capital of the world. Another jogger was running full bore at me. This one was also female, and from what I saw, much nicer looking than the first. Definitely more rounded on top.

All I really had time for was to brace myself and then she barrelled into me.

“Unhand her, you swine,” she shrieked as she cannoned into me.

I did, even if it wasn’t by choice. Jogger number one took advantage of the distraction to wrench her arm free and bolt, leaving a lot of blue language trailing behind her. I turned my attention to jogger number two. An accomplice or an innocent bystander coming to the rescue?

“Unhand her?” I asked. “Bit of a savage penalty for a petty thief isn’t it?”

“I didn’t mean it like that and you know it,” came the protest. “I saw you attacking her. How dare you? We have laws here, you know?”

“You also have idiots,” I muttered. “Is it a natural thing here or did they import some?”

“Don’t you sneer at us. Just because we don’t tolerate bullies doesn’t mean we’re idiots.”

“Maybe not. But jumping head first into a potentially dangerous situation indicates otherwise. Why the hell didn’t you just stand back and scream?”

“Ha. You’d have liked that. Gives you a chance to run. I’m not scared of you. I do martial arts. I can take you down just like that,” she said, snapping her fingers.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, it was the thief who took the chance to run, not the victim. And I doubt that you could handle a five year old, let alone an adult.”

“Oh, yeah? Watch this,” she snapped.

She threw a couple of quick punches and then leapt high to do a flying kick. It would have been really impressive if she hadn’t slipped on take-off and fallen flat on her back. For a moment I thought she’d actually knocked herself out.

She hadn’t, but the fall was heavy enough to leave her badly shaken. Seeing I was right near my motor-home I picked her up, carried her over and laid her on the bed while she recovered.

It took the young woman a minute or two to get her breath back. Then she looked around and found she casino siteleri was someplace unknown. She promptly demonstrated her agility of mind by jumping to a conclusion.

“Kidnapping,” she yelled. “You won’t get away with this. I’ll fight to the end. You just got in a lucky punch.”

“Actually, I didn’t get in any punches,” I pointed out. “You did it to yourself. And if you look past me you’ll see that the door to the ‘home is open, we’re not moving and the park is right there. Are you always this melodramatic?”

“I am not melodramatic,” she said indignantly. “What else was I to think?”

“Oh, how about that a stranger was accosted by a pick-pocket? Maybe about how you tripped trying to do a flying kick and laid yourself out? God help the ref if you ever get in an official bout. You’ll probably nail him instead of your opponent.”

“I did not trip,” she denied. “You must have done something sneaky.”

“Keep telling yourself that. Maybe one of us will believe it.”

“My sensei says I’m one of the best pupils he’s ever had,” she snapped. “If you hadn’t done something I’d have kicked your ass.”

Some people don’t know when to shut up.

“Look, kid, if you were an adult I’d give you a chance to show me. I’d take off every stitch you’re wearing without you landing a single blow.”

Not that I’d need to take off much. Shorts, top and undies would be it.

“I’m eighteen. Not a kid. Come on, let’s see you try. I’ll put you down in one minute flat.”

I laughed.

“Forget it,” I said. “You haven’t got a chance. While it would be fun to watch you jump about, I don’t think you’d enjoy the experience.”

“Don’t you laugh at me,” she yelled.

To my surprise she took up a stance and then came right at me. I just swayed to the side, caught her about the waist and tugged her shorts down. They were a little tight but once past her butt they slid off with no problems. I tossed the short on the bed and set her back on her feet, stepping clear.

She looked at her shorts on the bed, her panties on display and me laughing. I assumed that she’d realise she was outclassed and grab her shorts. Not this lass. Straight back at me she came, squealing in fury when her top came off.

“Come on, kid, give over,” I warned her. “You haven’t got a chance, so get dressed.”

“I told you! I’m not a kid.”

And back she came. If that was the way she wanted it. This time when I grabbed her I peeled off both panties and bra, and she suddenly found herself standing there naked.

I looked her up and down, letting her see that I was looking her over.

“I’ll give you this,” I murmured softly. “You may not be able to fight but you’re certainly a woman.”

“I can fight. I just don’t seem to be as good as you. Well, go ahead. Do your worst. I will resist your lust.”

Did I say melodramatic? Someone had to wean this girl off schoolgirl romances.

“Who told you that you can fight? And what do you mean do my worst? What lust?”

“My sensei,” she snapped. “I already told you that. And you stripped me prior to raping me. I know your sort.”

“If your sensei told you that it’s because he’s trying to get into your pants. Has he suggested that you spar nude so he can watch your movements better? Or maybe suggested that you’ll be a better fighter when you lose your inhibitions?”

From the blush on her face I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d made both those suggestions. I started up again before she could reply.

“Have you yielded to his suggestions yet? I’m sure he’s got some real interesting moves he wants to show you. Ah, as for my lustily raping you, might I point out that we’re parked next to a public park with other people right there. And the door is open so they can see in.”

“Oh my god. I’m naked. Close the door. Please. Close the door.”

Here was me thinking I was reassuring her. She huddled to one side of the ‘home, out of sight from a casual glance in. I shrugged and closed the door.

You’d have thought she’d have taken the opportunity to start getting dressed. Not this chick. She was back standing in the middle of the floor, defiantly naked.

“Now I suppose you’re going to attack me,” she snapped.

“No. I’m not. Why should I?”

“Because you’ve got me alone and I’m naked. Of course you’re going to ravish me. Men always do in this sort of situation.”

“Really,” I asked her. “Been in this sort of situation often?”

“What? No. Of course not. What do you think I am?”

“I thought I’d already mentioned that. The bit about idiots, remember.”

I got a nasty look.

“Well I haven’t got all day to stand here waiting,” she complained. “Are you going to hurry up or not?”

“What’s your name? I can’t really keep referring to you as the idiot.”

The nasty look got nastier.

“Janet,” she said.

“Well, Janet, I’m Harry. And the answer to your question is no, I’m not going to hurry up and rape you. As a matter of fact, I’m not going to rape you at all.”

“You’re not?”

I canlı casino shook my head.

“Why not? Do you realise how insulting that is? Look at me. I’m naked. How can you say you don’t want me?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want you. I said I wasn’t going to rape you. However, if you’re lie down on the bed like a good girl, I’ll be more than pleased to take advantage of you.”

“What? You expect me to lie down and let you take me? That’s totally unreasonable. I couldn’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Women just don’t do that sort of thing. Men have to make them.”

“Where the hell do you get you information on sex?”

She pointedly ignored the question.

“Are you a virgin?”

“Of course,” she said, flushing. “No man has ever caught me naked before.”

“Figures,” I muttered. “Virginal and scared stiff of sex and wanting someone to blame.”

“I am not scared,” Janet protested. “Just naturally wary about you and your male lusts.”

I cast my eyes to the skies but there were no answers written there. What to do?

“OK. The way I see it there are three options. First, I toss you on the bed and ravish you.”

Janet nodded, smiling, apparently pleased that rape might be back on the agenda.

“Second option, I just toss you and your clothes out of my ‘home and drive off. Your nakedness and ravishment are no longer my problem though I’m sure you’ll find plenty of takers.”

That wiped the smile off her face.

“The final option, I just get undressed and relax on the bed until either your female lusts overtake you and you attack me, or you get even more scared, get dressed and run away.”

“I’m going with option three. It could be interesting.”

With that I casually undressed. The look on Janet’s face was a wonder to behold. She was frantically not looking at me while trying to peep to see what it was that she was trying to ignore.

Nude, I pushed past Janet, hearing her squeak of horror as my erection brushed her as I passed. Then I just relaxed on the bed, hands behind my head, admiring Janet’s figure. It really was a very nice figure, and for someone who was virgin her breasts were looking as though they wouldn’t mind changing that status. Her nipples were standing proud, just begging to be touched.

“Stop that. You can’t just lie there like that. It’s not proper.”

“Says the young lady standing there nude,” I murmured.

“That’s your fault,” Janet pointed out. “You pulled my clothes off. And why is that thing moving?” she added.

By that thing, I assumed she meant my erection. I deliberately tensed it so that it started bouncing a little as well.

“That’s my lust at work,” I said amiably. “It knows you’re here and is hoping for a kiss.”


“A kiss. You know. It wants to feel your mouth. Bodies react when they want something like that. I mean, look at your nipples. They’re also asking to be kissed.”

Janet glanced down, gave a gasp and put an arm across her chest. She seemed stuck for words.

“Just relax a little,” I said. “Why don’t you just sit down and touch me. I’m not going to bite. Or at least, not yet.”

Blushing, Janet sat carefully on the edge of the bed, then placed a hand on my chest. My chest? For crying out loud.

“By touching me, you’re supposed to hold me by the handle provided,” I said, moving her hand down to the said handle.

Janet closed her hand over my erection and just held it. You’d think she was holding a bubble that would pop if she moved. I waited, giving an occasional twitch so that Janet would know I was in her hand. She looked alarmed at the first twitch, but relaxed when nothing else happened. Slowly she moved her hands, tentatively exploring her prize.

She froze again when one of my hands reached for her breast, lightly touching first one and then the other. When that was all I did, Janet kept up her tentative exploration.

“Lean down,” I said after a few moments.

Biting her lip lightly, ready to leap to her feet at a moment’s notice, or no notice for that matter, Janet leaned over me, looking slightly puzzled. She didn’t notice where I was guiding her until I reached up and nipped her breast.

My teeth closed lightly on a nipple, grazing it, then I was sucking lightly on her breast, my tongue rolling her nipple around. Before she had a chance to protest I drew back again.

“See,” I said softly. “It wanted to be kissed.”

Janet looked at her breast, nipple wet and proudly standing, and I felt her hand tighten slightly on my cock.

“Don’t let it bother you,” I said before she could say anything. “I know that sort of thing is new to you and makes you nervous. When you’re more experienced you might want to try a little kissing on you part, but you can skip it for now.”

For my pains I got an indignant look. There I was again, suggesting she wasn’t up to it. Janet leaned down, but this time she chose the direction.

When I felt her mouth close over my erection I had to bunch my fists to stop from kaçak casino yelling. That woman had a lot of natural talent. Her hot little mouth covered me and started driving me crazy.

It very quickly became apparent to me that I now had a dilemma. If Janet continued the way she was going I was going to explode, but how could I ask her to stop after egging her into starting?

The answer turned out to be really quite simple. My hand closed over Janet’s mound and squeezed and her head jerked up into the air with a squeal. She looked at me stunned. Hadn’t any of their locals got their hands on her? What was this, the city of eunuchs?

I started massaging and playing. I could see Janet wanted to protest so I got in first.

“Fair’s fair, you know. You were touching me in a similar way.”

From the look on Janet’s face she didn’t agree one little bit, but didn’t know how to say so. All she could do was sit there, eyes wide, as my fingers did a little bit of exploring. I rubbed and stroked, with Janet breathing hard and squirming under my hand. When I first slipped a finger inside her I thought she was going to scream.

Once again my mouth found her breasts, but this time I applied a little pressure as I played, easing her down onto her back. Then my mouth started wandering.

“What do you think you’re doing?” came the nervous query when my mouth brushed across her mons, stirring gently through the little tuft of fur that she had.

“Just a kiss or two,” I said softly, moving my mouth onto her mound.

Janet gasped and clutched my hair, tightly. If she’d pulled she’d probably have torn out great handfuls. Thankfully she just held still. I didn’t. My tongue traced along her slit and then pushed its way past. I teased her, tasting her, testing her, feeling her heat and moisture. When my tongue started teasing the area round her clitoris she screamed and yanked.

Rather than lose half my hair I let my head rise up and away from her. She was looking at me with shock in her eyes.

“What are you trying to do to me?” she demanded.

I grinned at her. Just easing you along to a point where you’ll be willing to succumb to my manly charms,” I told her. “I think you might have reached that point now, so what we’re going to do is this. I’m going to ease your legs apart, nice and wide, and settle between them.”

I was doing this even as I spoke, getting no resistance as I moved into position.

“Now you,” I told her, moving her hand back to my erection, “are going to ease your lips apart and gently steer my cock into place. Then we’ll see if your female lust is agreeable to meeting my male lust.”

Janet didn’t say a word as she followed my directions, but she looked awfully apprehensive. She looked even more so when she saw the head of my cock ease between her lips and watched her lips close over me.

She jerked her attention away from where our bodies were joining, staring at me. I held her eyes as I slowly eased my way in. I felt her hymen give and saw her bite her lips when it happened, but she didn’t say anything, just letting me continue to advance.

Her breathing had seemed to stop as I entered her, but now it was starting up again. She was breathing heavily, almost gasping, eyes still locked to mine as I continued my possession. Then she was mine and I held her pinned firmly to the bed.

And she looked me dead in the eye and said, “See. I was right. As soon as a man sees a girl naked he pounces and ravishes her.”

“Excuse me?”

“Look,” she said excitedly, waving towards where my erection had her pinned. “You’ve thrown me on the bed and are now ravishing me. I said you would but you didn’t believe me.”

“Janet, ravishment tends to imply non-consent. You not only consented but you steered me into position.”

“But you’re in me. That means I’m being ravished,” she said triumphantly.

“No. It just means that you’re no longer a virgin. It means that a man is making love to you. It means that because you started it you’ve got to do your utmost to ensure that you please the man, otherwise he might think you ravished him. Now why don’t you pay attention while I show you how to go about pleasing me?”

It also means that Janet had some very strange ideas where sex was concerned. Who the hell taught her about the birds and the bees? Jack the Ripper?

I pressed more firmly against her, seeing her eyes widen slightly as I did so.

“Now when I do that, you’re supposed to press towards me,” I told her. “Why don’t you try it?”

With that I pressed against her again, feeling her tentative matching pressure. And again, slowly lengthening my stroke, but keeping it nice and slow. Janet was now moving with me, a look of concentration on her face as she seemed to contemplate what was happening inside her.

“Good girl,” I murmured, and she flashed me a quick smile. I could already see excitement building on her face.

I’ll admit that the main reason I was moving slowly wasn’t out of consideration for Janet. It was out of consideration for me. Her little trick with her mouth had pushed me too damn close to the edge and I didn’t want to finish too soon. So a nice slow rhythm that would allow my own excitement to die down a little, while nicely stoking Janet’s fires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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