Most Memorable Loss of Virginity

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I mentioned to you before that while I had eaten pussy a few times and received a blowjob once, I hadn’t fucked ‘properly’ and was still a virgin. You had latter brought up a plan to change that last fact, and hinted it would be an exceptionally memorable way to lose my virginity. I was on my way to your place, eagerly anticipating losing my virginity to you..

I arrived at your apartment, stepped up to the door, and knocked. You must have been anticipating me, because I waited only a few seconds before hearing the lock undone and the door opening. You stood before me, a smile on your face and wearing a white fuzzy, comfortable robe. You gave me a quick kiss, and pulled me inside before shutting and locking the door behind me.

I turned and was startled by the presence of another woman sitting on the couch, a glass of wine in her hand – previously, it was always just us playing together – the rules appear to have changed. I noticed she was wearing a robe matching yours. She smiled at me, so I turned to you, and raised one eyebrow in an implied question.

You answered my unasked question – “When you told me you hadn’t been properly fucked, I wanted to change that for you and be your first. But even more than being your first, I wanted your first time to be memorable. I know a few women I’ve occasionally traded gossip with, but none that I’d be comfortable going in-depth about my sex life with, or helping me plan this. I went to several websites to find someone; it took a few weeks but I finally found what I was looking for in Shae here.” At this, the other woman raised her glass in a semi-salute/way of saying hello. “That’s not her real name, of course,” you went on, “but that’s how she wants to be known this evening – she’s a fan of Game of Thrones and thought it might be an interesting name to be called, given my plan for this evening.”

I smiled politely at this, but I was still a little confused – how does losing my virginity need another woman involved? The possibilities though were interesting, and my cock hardened at the thought. Still, I was confused why an FMF threesome would be an exceptionally memorable first time – it would be an exceptionally memorable experience, no doubt, but I didn’t yet see a tie-in to losing my virginity.

You took me by the hand, and gesture to Shae with a ‘come-hither’ finger curl, indicating she should follow us. We proceeded into your bedroom, where a wooden chair sat facing your bed. I was still lost as to your plans, but was content to let you lead. You kissed me, gently, again, and told me to strip out of my clothes. I was a little hesitant, given that you both were still wearing your robes, but given the promise in the air of an unforgettable evening, my doubts were pushed aside, and I pulled off my shirt, and brought my pants and underwear down in one motion, leaving me naked in your bedroom. Despite the circumstances of being the only one naked, my cock was starting to twitch in anticipation of what’s to come.

You guided me to the chair and gave me a gentle push so I ended up sitting on it. You said, “Shae will be warming you up this evening, but don’t let yourself cum – make sure she knows if you’re about to so she will pull back.” As you said this, Shae opened her robe and let it fall to the floor. In true Game of Thrones casino siteleri fashion, she wore nothing underneath. She knelt before me, and my cock finished hardening, pointing towards the ceiling at full attention. She licked her lips, looked into my eyes, smiled, and took me into her mouth, one of her hands coming up and cupping my balls as she licked and sucked away.

You had been waiting for her to finish getting ready. Seeing her start to slowly suck on my cock, you cleared your throat, drawing my attention back to you. You undid your own robe, and let it puddle to the floor. You were wearing lingerie underneath it; sheer fabric, see-through enough that the swells of your breasts were fully visible and hints of your perky nipples poked into the fabric, while at the same time gauzy enough that not much detail was revealed. Your panties were the same sort of sheer, ‘almost but not quite see-through’ material; your pussy lips were highlighted through the fabric, but only a minimal indication of the true pleasure beneath them which I know so well from tasting you previously.

You began to put on a show for me, playing with your tits through your top, pinching and twisting first one nipple, then the other. Your hands roamed over the fabric, clearly pressing it to your skin and brushing across your body. You let out a small gasp, as your self-pleasure was obvious. I glanced at your panties and noticed them becoming more transparent – your pussy was getting wetter and wetter, making the fabric more and more see-through.

Your gasps and moans were getting louder; if it was possible, I’d say you had almost cum just from stimulating your tits and upper body with your hands. In one motion, you peeled off your top and cast it aside, leaving your tits fully exposed to my eyes. My cock twitched at the sight and is met with Shae’s warm tongue. Involuntarily, I glanced down at her continuing to slowly pleasure me and suck me off. I noticed she had one hand in her own pussy, playing with herself as she slowly tortured me through lightly sucking on my cock, nowhere near enough to cum, but enough that I was getting harder and harder, my precum seeping into her mouth and being mixed with her own saliva as she worked my cock.

I managed to pull my eyes off of Shae and back to you. In the few moments I had been distracted, you had stripped off your own soaked panties, and had grabbed a dildo and sat on your bed. Your pussy was clearly sopping wet, yet even so you made eye contact with me and almost deep-throated the dildo, which made me groan aloud again at the sight; imagining your face and mouth where Shae’s is right now, remembering our enjoyable previous oral exchanges. You slowly pulled the dildo out of your mouth, and ever so slowly eased it into your pussy.

You made eye contact with me again, and not breaking it, started fucking yourself with your toy. I didn’t know if it was just the energy of the moment, or if you had already teased yourself before I arrived, but it doesn’t take you long to cum, your orgasm shook your body and made your tits move in an incredibly erotic and distracting vibration. You caught your breath for a moment, then said to Shae, “I’m ready; as we planned”.

Shae took one more deep bob of her head on my cock, before almost reluctantly pulling canlı casino her mouth off of it. She kissed the head, and as she stood her pussy passed my eyes and nose – I realized that she had cum as well, although I missed seeing it as I was distracted watching you pleasure yourself. Shae walked over to the bed in an almost sashaying motion, exuding sexuality, and lay down flat on the bed, facing upward.

You turned to me and I sense I’m about to get an answer. You said, “I had found a porn clip the other day while searching for my own fantasies. It wasn’t a video of a man losing his virginity, or a threesome, but merely lesbian porn of two women playing together. While I don’t like going down on other women, something made me take a closer look at this video. In it, the two porn-stars had eaten each other out, but then scissored their legs and pussies together, each rubbing their clit against the other’s clit. It inspired me to think of something similar for your first time fucking – Shae is laying face up on the bed. I’m going to lay on top of her, and kiss her. You are going to watch us make out, and when you’re ready we’re going to grind our pussies together and spread our legs wide open at the edge of the bed. You’ll stand between us, and slide your cock in-between both of our pussies. After all, anyone can lose their virginity to a woman – it’s not everyone who loses their virginity to two women at the same time!”

My cock throbbed at this statement, and before you could move to lay on top of Shae I grabbed you and pulled you to me, kissing you hard. You almost melted into my mouth, and everything else fell away. We only came back to reality when my cock brushed against your wet pussy lips, making us both jump at the sudden stimulation, and bringing us back to the moment. I noticed Shae sitting up on the bed, taking in the view of us kissing, and playing with herself at the same time.

You smiled and push me back slightly, then turned and crawl onto the bed, onto Shae’s body. I noticed that you are teasing both myself and Shae – your tits just ‘happened’ to brush against Shae’s pussy, then as you slowly pulled yourself up her body your tits traced paths along her skin, your nipples brushed against her skin and left goosebumps in their wake. Your tits finally arrived at hers, and both of you had the sensation of your nipples brushing together and apart, as you made yourself comfortable on top of her. You began kissing her, first delicately, light kisses, but they quickly transformed into more passionate ones as your tongues began fighting for dominance.

I looked down and grabbed my pants, pulling out a condom, tearing open the package, and sliding it onto my cock. I had some difficulty while doing so, as my eyes were continually drawn to the sight on the bed – you are hot as hell, and now another attractive woman was kissing you too; both sets of tits rubbing and jostling against one another. I noticed Shae’s hand was rubbing your clit and yours was on hers.

I couldn’t take it anymore, and I stood between the two of your legs. I should probably have been more careful, but at this point I was too aroused to think about it, and I shoved my cock in the space between your grinding pussies, fucking both of you at the same time, grazing your clits as I thrust all kaçak casino the way in. In retrospect, I should probably have slid in slower, to give you both time to adjust, but I couldn’t think of that at the moment – all that mattered was the feeling of two sets of pussy lips on my cock simultaneously. You and Shae both jumped and paused briefly as I made the initial thrust in, gasps coming from both of you at the sudden sensation of my cock lightly intruding into your own pussies, but then you were back to playing with each other.

This time I had a little more control. I pulled back almost all the way out, and thrust in again, at a slower speed less likely to hurt either of you, out, and in, out and in, losing myself in the pleasure. I knew I wouldn’t last long with all of the pleasure coming to me, and just as I thought it my cock started throbbing as I came, filling the condom. I pulled out of the two of you, and pulled off the condom, throwing it in the general direction of the trashcan (luckily, it went in, although I didn’t check at the time). I noticed both you and Shae pulled back somewhat, your pussies no longer touching, and I realize it must have been an uncomfortable position to hold. You had Shae ‘warm me up’ with her mouth so it wouldn’t take me as long to cum. Nonetheless, I’m grateful to you – I had the pleasure of losing my virginity to you, and to Shae at the same time. As you said, it was an unforgettable experience.

I noticed that you and Shae were still kissing, although less frequently than before, as you both caught your breath from the strain of holding that position. I was filled with a sense of desire; wanting to pleasure both of you for the incredible gift you gave to me. I got onto my knees on the floor and started licking your pussies; although they are not touching each other, they are still close together, so I can lick you, then lick Shae, lick you, then lick Shae. I was a little worried that since I couldn’t lick your clits due to our positioning you were getting less pleasure, but on my fourth or fifth licking exchange I tasted both of your fingers as well – you were teasing each other’s clits while I licked, all the while your kissing is still ongoing, with the fight for dominance between your tongue still undecided. Grinning to myself, I got back to the imminently enjoyable task of pleasuring both of you with my mouth.

That night seemed to last forever – after you rolled off of Shae, you took me properly for my first ‘single woman fuck’ – Shae was watching, playing with herself, and licking both of us as you rode me – she is licking my balls, licking your pussy, and all the while fingering herself. It takes a little while, but my second orgasm arrives as powerful as my first, filling a second condom – I’ve lost track, but you have cum several times and Shae has cum one or twice as well.

You slid off of me, and an eager Shae pulled off the used condom and replaced it with a third (the last I had brought – I had never imagined how this evening would go). She began to ride me. Knowing of your distaste for going down on a woman, I pulled you back to the bed and position you above me, having you ride my face so I can eat you out while I fuck Shae.

After that, the rest of the evening was a blur – I remember you having multiple more orgasms, Shae having a few, and I my third inside of her, my last for the evening (a first for me, three in a single session). We drifted off to sleep in a pile on your bed; when we awoke Shae was gone but left a note thanking us for letting her join in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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