More Than She Expected

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She didn’t know why, but all of a sudden she wanted to try it. She had been seeing David about three months and although there sex life had gotten off to a pretty slow start things had improved drastically the more they got to know one another.

All of her previous boyfriends had wanted to try it but she had never wanted to, in fact she couldn’t think of anything less appealing to her, and whenever she was asked she gave them a firm no.

Perhaps it was because David had never even mentioned anal sex and never even attempted to play with her anus that made her want to do it. She spoke to friends, some of which told her it was terribly painful and they would never try it again and others who told her although it was painful they also go immense pleasure from it. So she decided that she wanted to find out more and researched it on the internet, she started with the anatomy of it all, how it should be done and what was necessary, then she began reading erotic stories involving anal sex, this turned her on she could wait no longer.

There was only one problem though David and she never really spoke about sex and what they wanted! They usually just did it without discussing what they liked and what they wanted to try. So she decided a little Dutch courage was in order and as they planned to go out for drinks that weekend she decided that would be the night.

She spent hours getting ready wanting to look extra special for David and it obviously worked he was speechless when he came to pick her up. They headed out and had drinks. As the night progressed Louise’s nerves got the better of her and she began to get drunk, very drunk.

By the time they headed home she was very wobbly in deed, they headed for the bedroom and David began kissing and undressing her with drunken haste and as she flopped naked onto the bed he dived between her legs and started to ferociously lick her clit, she moaned her appreciation loudly and after a few moments pulled him into a 69 position and sucked the full length of his cock in the her throat greedily, she sucked and licked his cock until she could feel his orgasm building, her mind was whirling she decided it was now or never and quickly pushed him off her.

She sat nervously in front of him, he asked her what was the matter, she started to speak then stopped,

“What is it Louise? You can tell me!”

“I …. I mean….erm…have you ever tried anal sex?”

That was it she had asked him, she quickly reminded herself that men loved anal sex and calmed her nerves a bit.

“Erm no actually canlı bahis I haven’t” he replied with a slight smile spreading across his lips

“Oh well would you like to?” she stammered avoiding eye contact

“Yes” David said without hesitation.

“Ok then, but I’ve never done it before either and I know you wouldn’t hurt me but you will be gentle wont you?”

His only reply was a deep and passionate kiss, then he worked his way down her neck planting little kisses and licks as he went, he worked right across her stomach and traced circles with his tongue until he reached her clit and began flicking it slowly and teasingly, this drove her wild and just as she was about to come he pulled away and gently turned her on her front pulling her knees up until she was on all fours, then he went back to her clit and dragged his tongue up from her clit to her anus, she immediately tensed on contact, then she relaxed as he began to trace little circles around her virgin ass, she couldn’t believe he was doing this he just didn’t seem the type to eat her ass.

She moaned loudly to encourage him and as he continued to eat her ass she reached up for the tub of grease she had left out specially, she turned and faced him once more and dropped her head to his cock and teasingly flicked her tongue over the head and then sucked his full length into her mouth, she bobbed her head for a few moments then pulled back and began to rub the grease all over his cock, then she rubbed a large dollop over her own ass and resumed her position on all fours in front of him.

She felt his hands began to massage her ass cheeks gently and then his breath on her back as he planted kisses along her spine, she couldn’t believe how relaxed she was as he pushed a finger into her anus with ease thanks to the grease she had used. She moaned slightly at the intrusion it felt strange nothing had ever been in her ass and she couldn’t work out how she felt about it as he worked his finger in and out of her ass, after a few minutes the excitement must have started to get the better of him because he roughly inserted another finger in to her and pistoned them back and forth.

No sooner had he inserted them did he remove them and began to massage her ass cheeks again, she thought he must have realised that it was uncomfortable for her, but then without warning he positioned his cock at her tiny virgin ass and pushed hard all the way in. She gasped loudly and her eyes shot open at the sudden intrusion, it hurt a little bit but it was more the shock of it that caused her to call bahis siteleri out

“oh god, stop a moment please stop.”

David stopped for a few seconds, she was gasping for breath then again with out warning he pulled all the way out and slammed back into her ass. This time it hurt and she wasn’t sure she could endure the pain, his roughness had shocked her, she never imagined him to be like this ever, and secretly although she wouldn’t admit it she was turned on by it.

Thoughts reeled through her mind, she couldn’t believe she had asked for this what was she thinking, what happened to her gentle boyfriend and why am I so wet? Why is this turning me on so much? She grabbed the head board to steady her self; David must have sensed he had gone too far because he held him self in her not moving allowing her to catch her breath. In her drunken state she pulled her self away from him and without word swallowed his erection in her throat, she could taste her ass on him but it didn’t stop her sucking and licking him, he placed one hand on her shoulder and another on her head gently as she bobbed up and down, he began stroking her hair gentle as a sign of encouragement as his orgasm approached. He shot his hot streams of cum in her throat and she swallowed the lot, and then continued to clean his cock, once she was done he pushed her onto her back and began to eat her pussy until she too exploded into orgasm. Not a single word was said as she curled up into a ball and David spooned behind her stroking her body as she drifted off to sleep.

She woke early before David, her head hurt from all the drink and her mouth was dry, as she went down stairs for tablets and water she remembered the events of the previous evening, she deicide David must have just gotten carried away with the alcohol after all he was pretty drunk as well. She crawled back into bed and snuggled her back into David’s stomach. He sleepily grumbled and his morning erection poked at her ass cheeks. Then without word he reached round and began to lightly stoke her nipples one by one then reached his had down the flat of her stomach over her ass and between her legs, her wetness was very obvious, he began to rub her clit until she moaned loudly. Without warning or even thinking about it she moved her own hand to her ass and pulled her cheeks apart for him, she couldn’t even believe she was doing it, had it not hurt her the night before?

David knew what this meant and began to rub her own slickness on her tiny hole, then inserted a finger. It hurt more than it had the night before, bahis şirketleri probably because she didn’t have the affects of the alcohol to aid her, but she had forced her self to relax, she was going to do this! He pushed his finger into her a few times then rolled her onto her stomach pushing her legs apart, then positioned his cock against her pussy and thrust into it a few times causing her to moan loudly she wanted more but he pulled out after a few seconds and positioned his cock at her semi virgin hole once more.

She took deep breaths and tried to relax, as he pushed into her it felt as though he was about half way in, when he began to pull back out and then he thrust into her once more, it wasn’t as easy for him as last night because he had only used her juices for lubrication however despite the pain she was glad of less lubrication because it didn’t give him easy access to thrust deeply into her straight away. Still forcing her self to relax he pushed into her back and forth harder and harder until she felt her ass give way and he slipped all the way into her, a loud “ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh” escaped David as this happened and Louise screamed! It hurt like hell but she was going to do this, although he hadn’t complained when she stopped him last night she knew that it wasn’t fair to freely offer her ass to him in the short space of a few hours and then take it away.

“Are you ok?” he asked her.

“Im fine just keep going” she managed to say in between gasps. He pulled back once more and began sliding his cock back and forth with relative ease.

“Oh god this is so hot, you’re so sexy”

The whole time Louise fought the urge not to beg him to stop as he got faster and faster. He pushed deep into her and without warning he reached beneath her and began to rubber her clit, the impact was instant and she came hard almost instantly, she screamed out from the pleasure and the pain as her ass spas med around his cock, that was all David could take the heat from her ass was unbelievable and he shot hot streams into her ass causing her to come again harder than before. Once they had both come down he gently pulled his cock from her ass and turned her over for a kiss, then rolled onto his back.

“Are you ok?”

“I think so, it hurt so much.”

“Oh god im sorry Louise I guess I got carried away.”

“No its ok I had the best orgasms I’ve ever had, even though it hurt, I guess it kind of turned me on because it did hurt, I didn’t think I was into pain.”

“I guess we need to investigate further then, find out what you are into.”

“Yeah maybe, but you will have to let my ass have a few days recovery first though.”

They both laughed and then cuddle up and drifted off to sleep.

Who knows what the will discover next…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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