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Blood Pressure Monitor

Sometimes a health care provider will suggest that a person get a blood pressure monitor for their home if there are serious concerns that the person has worrisomely high blood pressure. Having a device at home enables the patient to keep a closer watch on their hypertension condition and be able to notify their health care provider if the levels increase in any manner. As well, checking at home may affect the true readings since in their own home a person is more relaxed and less tense. So, often for people who have high blood pressure an at home reading, while high, may not be as bad as one taken in the doctorˇ¦s office.

It is easy to get a home device to measure blood pressure. You do not need a physicianˇ¦s approval, there is not a prescription necessary to allow you to rent or buy one. It merely requires finding the right supplier and making your arrangements. They are easily found in the bigger pharmacies and in most stores that carry medical supplies. 

There are two types of these monitors that are commonly used in the home. One is a digital machine that makes use of a cuff. The cuff is placed on the arm and then a pump is used by the person to increase the pressure much the same way the doctor does. This device then requires the person to listen to the sounds made; again much like the physician does, using a stethoscope. This is a rather complicated and somewhat difficult device to use for the average person and may not be the best choice unless the person has some medical experience. 

The digital machine works much easier. The cuff inflates itself and the device will measure the sounds itself. The best of these are the ones that use a cuff for the arm just like in the doctorˇ¦s office. They will give you a read out so you will know what the results are. If you do not want o get a blood pressure monitor for your home you can always use the ones that are now at most pharmacies. They just may not be as accurate as the at home devices will be.

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