Midnight Swim

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Melissa was hot. And she was sweaty. How was she supposed to sleep in these conditions? “Air conditioning” she thought, “is great, if it’s working.”

Irritated, too uncomfortable to sleep, too restless to read a book or watch TV, she stewed, grumbling to herself.

Two in the morning was a rotten time to be awake, she decided. She had to do something before she just blew a fuse or melted away.

Getting off the bed and moving to the window she looked out into the night, and smiled. Of course. The pool.

Heading downstairs with a smile on her face, Melissa wondered why she hadn’t thought of this earlier. Walking out to the pool she dropped her nightie by the side and dived in. Heaven. Just what she needed.

Relaxing in the moonlight and the cool water Melissa swam a few lengths, finally relaxing and floating, just enjoying the peace.

Then the peace was disrupted by a large splash and someone was powering through the water, having a midnight swim in her pool.

Moving to the side of the pool, Melissa waited until the noisy stranger paused between lengths before speaking up.

“Who’s that, and why are you in my pool?”

There was a moments silence and then a startled voice spoke. “Oh, hullo. I didn’t notice anyone else here. I was hot and decided a swim would be just the thing. I’m Chester. I’m currently staying in the Adams’s guest house.”

“That doesn’t explain why you’re here in my pool,” pointed out Melissa, irritation in her voice.

“I’d have thought that was obvious. If I wanted a swim, where else would I go? The Adams don’t have a pool. At this time of night I didn’t think anyone would notice, let alone object.”

“Well, I do object,” said Melissa, irritated. “Go away, please.”

Melissa saw Chester pull himself up to sit on the side of the pool, giving a small gasp as she realised that he hadn’t bothered about bathers for his illicit swim.

“Why so hostile?” asked Chester with a laugh. “I promise I won’t hurt the water. It’s hot and mucky tonight and the neighbourly thing to do is to share the pool.”

“Maybe I’m just not feeling hospitable right now,” grumbled Melissa. “Please, just go away.”

“Meaning that other times you might be more hospitable?” queried Chester. “Why not now, I wonder?”

Looking around, he spotted the small tangle of clothes on the bench and drew some correct conclusions.

“Naughty girl,” he murmured, with humour in his voice. “You’ve gone skinny dipping, haven’t you?”

Receiving no answer he dropped back into the pool and glided over to where Melissa was holding the side of the pool. Standing near her he deliberately glanced downward and then shook his head.

“What a pity,” he said. “The moonlight and the water hide all your charms. But consider the advantage; they also hide my charms from you, because I have to admit I’m canlı bahis skinny dipping as well. If I promise not to try to take advantage, may I please stay?” he asked humbly. “It is a hot night, you know.”

Melissa glared at him, but capitulated. He wasn’t getting out until he was good and ready, and they both knew it. She was also stuck in the pool until he left, because there was no way she was getting out naked and showing off everything to a stranger.

By mutual agreement they moved apart, Melissa taking it easy, if you could call a state of nervous relaxation taking it easy, while Chester did some more laps. He seemed to have a lot of energy for someone who just wanted to cool down.

After a while Chester drifted over to Melissa and started chatting. Once her self-consciousness about their respective nudity had had a chance to settle down, Melissa’s own bubbling personality came to the fore, and soon they were talking about things in general.

Among other things, Chester learnt that Melissa was in her early twenties and had been engaged for two years. He raised his eyebrows at this snippet. “Rather a long time,” he suggested.

“Brian wants to wait until his career is a bit more settled before we actually marry,” Melissa said. “He doesn’t want to be distracted just now.”

Chester laughed. “He may find you’re a hell of a distraction if you get pregnant while still unmarried,” he observed. “Babies have a way of mucking up the best plans.”

Melissa blushed. “I won’t,” she protested, “I mean, I don’t, that is, it can’t happen.”

Chester just laughed at her again, shaking his head. “Accidents happen,” he told her teasingly, “rubbers break and the pill doesn’t always work.”

Melissa glared at him. “I said we don’t,” she snapped, “so accidents can’t happen.”

Chester blinked. “You’re in your twenties and you don’t?” he asked, surprise in his voice. “You mean that you’re a virgin?”

Melissa was scarlet now. “Some people believe in waiting,” she pointed out in an icy voice. “Brian is one of them.”

“The man’s an idiot,” muttered Chester. “Why on earth do you want to marry someone like that.”

“He’s not an idiot,” snapped Melissa. “He’s just sensitive, and I can respect that.”

“And he’s probably getting some on the side,” she heard a low voice, which comment she pointedly ignored.

“You do realise that this makes things harder for me, don’t you?” queried Chester.

“Ah, how so?” came the puzzled reply.

“Well I intend to talk you into my bed tonight, and the fact that you’re a virgin is going to make it tougher,” came the answer.

Melissa quietly swore to herself. She’d just known he was going to make a pass.

“Don’t even bother asking,” Melissa told him.

“Oh, I’m not going to ask now,” came the affable reply. “I’ve just changed my plans. Don’t you think bahis siteleri that you should be getting out of the pool now? You’re going to get all wrinkled if you stay in much longer.”

“So much for my irresistible charms,” thought Melissa, piqued.

“I’m not getting out of the pool while you’re here,” she announced. “You get out first while I look away. I’ll get out when you’re gone.”

Chester ignored this little sally. Calmly reaching over he put his hands on Melissa’s waist and, with one quick heave, lifted her out of the pool to the side, leaving her sitting shocked and naked in front of him.

Before Melissa could react, he had placed his hand on the side and with a quick spring he was also out of the pool, standing next to her.

Drawing Melissa to her feet, he took her hand and tugged gently. “Come on,” he said.

Melissa glanced at her nightie lying on the bench, and snatched at it as he led her past. Removing it from her hand, Chester tossed it back to the bench. “You won’t need that just yet,” he told her, shepherding her along the path.

“Where are we going,” Melissa demanded, confused.

“I’m taking you to bed,” came the appalling answer. “Haven’t you worked that out yet?”

“But you said you weren’t going to,” protested Melissa, angrily. “And I haven’t agreed to, anyway.”

“I said that I wasn’t going to ask you,” explained Chester. “Not that I wasn’t going to take you. I suspect this fiancé has given you all sorts of hang-ups about sex, so it will be a lot easier to just show you than try to persuade you.”

All the time he was talking, he was walking, heading down the path towards the Adams’s guest house. Melissa glanced over at him, not sure what to make of this chauvinistic and arrogant statement. She also became aware that the heat she was now feeling was not the heat of the climate, but her own internal heating system turning itself up a notch.

She gulped and tugged at her hand, trying to pull free. Chester blandly ignored the little tugs, sensing the hesitancy behind them. If she didn’t really want to be let go then he was quite happy to hold firm.

Melissa scurried along next to Chester, her mind a whirl. He was going to want to have sex with her, and she didn’t know what she wanted. Or what to do. She glared over at Chester, swallowed, and looked elsewhere. She had just observed how much he wanted her, and she was not going to look at that evidence again.

Chester slid open the patio door and bowed Melissa in. Following her, he indicated a door and followed as she walked slowly towards it. Reaching past her, he pushed it open and ushered her into the bedroom.

Melissa stood there, excited and frightened. “What am I doing?” she asked herself. “You know damn well what you’re doing,” she answered herself. “And it’s about time.”

Chester watched her, seeing bahis şirketleri her fright and her excitement. He strongly suspected that any attempt at a slow gentle breaking in would meet with sudden resistance and a woman running for the doors. Storm the barricades and carry the day, he decided.

Melissa was startled when Chester just pulled her towards him and started kissing her, but she was quite willing to go this far. She was even more startled when his hands came up to firmly grasp her breasts, roughly massaging them while moving her back against the bed.

Then she was lying back on the bed with Chester still kissing her and roughly playing with her breasts, while his knee was pressing between hers, forcing her legs wide.

“My god,” she thought. “He’s not making any allowances for me. He’s just going to take me.”

Then Chester was pressing his erection firmly between her lips, making his way in and brushing casually past any resistance she might have offered. Melissa answered him with defiance, thrusting herself at him, daring him to overmatch her. She barely felt the twinge as her virginity was lost, accepting him into her, flooding her passage to make his way easier, letting him fill her while she closed around him.

Then they were mated, one person straining towards a single goal. For every thrust Chester made, Melissa was there, matching him and determined to carry the day. They were hot and wild, dancing the old rhythm and finally taking wings together.

Chester lay back, looking at Melissa and laughing. She tried to glare at him indignantly, but couldn’t hold back her mirth.

“I’m sorry to muck up your wedding plans,” Chester told her, “but if lover-boy can’t match you in bed you’re better off without him. You really will have to give him a try before the wedding.”

Melissa ignored this gratuitous advice. “I’m going to have to be getting back home,” she commented. “I still haven’t had any sleep tonight.”

“Me either,” commented Chester, “but I’m sure I will now. We’ll have a quick shower and I’ll walk you home.”

They moved into the shower, rinsing under the cool water. Chester picked up a sponge, rubbing it smoothly over Melissa, wiping her down. Turning her round he rubbed her back before pushing her forward slightly to lean against the wall.

Melissa gasped as she felt his hand snake around to again roughly grip her breasts, and then she felt his erection demanding entry. Legs moving further apart, bottom pushing out, she reached down and guided him home, feeling him surging into her, and then the dance resumed.

Gasping, Melissa strained to meet this new assault on her senses. Hands braced against the shower wall, her bottom pushing hard back and her hips gyrating as she attempted to defeat this invader, enjoying the battle taking place in her body.

Mastering Melissa as she writhed under him, Chester knew that she was also mastering him. Taking her, he was her prisoner, and he would have to pay for his release. Happily they fought their battle, in agreement that this was how it should be.

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