Marte’s New Set of Challenges 08

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The winds outside blew strongly. The tree branches lashed out against the siding on the back side of the house. Marte put coffee grinds into the coffee pot and turned it on as she waited for her two best friends to arrive. The storm outside brought cooler weather into the area. The autumn winds blew out of the east.

Marte heard car doors shutting outside and walked to the front of her cabin. She opened the door and greeted Terra who was walking up the wood steps. Terra smiled warmly, her long black hair blowing in the wind. Terra gave Marte a hug, stepping inside to get out of the wind.

“Cindy is not here yet, huh? I thought she would beat me here.” Terra asked.

Marte replied, “Nope. Not yet. She said she wanted to stop by the store on her way. Hopefully she will make it before the rains come. Coffee should be ready soon.”

The two women sat on the family room sofa and chatted as they waited for Cindy to arrive. The coffee pot timer sounded and they moved into the kitchen. Marte caught Terra staring at her and laughed to herself. She was used to Terra checking her out after all these years; nothing unusual. The chatted about the incoming storm while sipping on a cup of coffee.

The sound of a rumbling engine grew louder as Cindy pulled up the dirt driveway. Terra set her empty cup on the kitchen table and dashed through the kitchen into the family room. Marte had stepped to the side to avoid being trampled by Terra. Marte walked into the family room, trailing Terra who had already opened the front door and stepped outside, leaving the front door open a few inches. The wind caught the front door and blew it wide open. Marte walked into the gust of wind and held onto the door to keep it from slamming against the wall.

Terra hugged Cindy and helped her carry the two bags of groceries into the cabin. Marte gave Cindy a warming hug and shut the door behind them. The three girls spent the next 30 minutes preparing lentil soup on the stove before retreating into the family room. As was usual with the three females, the conversation became perverted.

Cindy said, “If this storm is as bad as the weather forecast says it is supposed to be, we may have to stay up here for the night.”

Terra quickly quipped, “That means we will be able to share a bed just like the good ole’ times.”

Marte giggled, “I am sure you would like that Terra. You girls are always welcome to stay, but I am sleeping next to Cindy if that is the case.”

Pouting her lips as if to play like she was hurt by the comment, Terra said, “What is wrong with sleeping next to me?”

Marte placed her left hand on Terra’s right thigh, “I know all about those wandering hands of yours. I would never get to sleep if you were next to me.”

Terra laughed, “I can be good.”

Marte and Cindy spoke in unison, “Uh huh!”

All three women laughed out loud. Terra put her hand on the back of Marte’s hand and started rubbing her fingers softly over Marte’s skin. Marte pulled her hand away. Feeling a little chilly, Marte pulled a blanket from the back of the sofa and placed it over her legs.

“Do you want me to start a fire?” Cindy asked.

“If you would like to.” Marte answered. “There are a few logs on the back porch.

Terra jumped to her feet and said, “I will get a few” as she scurried across the room.

It had been a few months since the three of them had gotten together for dinner. The busy summer months gave way to a few weeks of slower traffic in their crafts store, which allowed them to stock up for the late Autumn traffic that would begin arriving in the next couple of weeks. Cindy had suggested they all get together a few days earlier and Marte volunteered to host.

The fire warmed the cabin. The three friends sat at the kitchen table enjoying their soup when the rains moved into the area. They could hear the the rain pelting against the roof and the side of the house. Terra stood up and looked out the kitchen window. She saw the dark clouds cover the sky as the rain poured down, bouncing off the back deck.

“Looks like this is going to be a long storm. I guess we should decide what to do for the evening. I say we all climb in bed and cuddle.” Marte said as she turned around to face her friends.

“When have you ever been able to just cuddle without things going further?” Cindy asked, knowing her friend very well.

Terra walked across the room and stood behind Marte, rubbing her hands over Marte’s shoulders. “I never said just cuddle. I was just suggesting a starting place.”

Marte rolled her eyes at Cindy before saying, “You always have that mind of yours in the gutter. You would think you haven’t had any in months.”

“I haven’t.” Terra said defensively with a loud tone of voice. “Well, not the touch of a woman anyways. You know I love a man’s penis, but men don’t know how to please us females. Not like you two anyways.”

Marte and Cindy could not argue with her logic. Cindy began to entertain the thought of the three girls having some fun once again. Her boyfriend casino siteleri didn’t need to know. Terra continued to rub Marte’s shoulders, enjoying the intimate contact.

“Well, what should we do?” Marte asked, looking at Cindy.

Cindy surprised the conservative Marte with her response. “You know. I actually like Terra’s idea. Now we all know it will not stop at cuddling so we should discuss what we want to do further.”

“Really?” Marte said. “Terra is becoming a bad influence on your thinking.”

Terra and Cindy laughed out loud as Terra replied, “I take offense to that.”

“I have an idea.” Cindy said. “We can each write down a place and a person and an action. We will put all the places together, the names and the actions together, then each of us can draw one paper from each pile.”

Marte knew there was no sense arguing now. It was two against one. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, she could use a little intimate touching since her boyfriend had been gone for three months now. She took a deep breath and exhaled. “Fine. I will play along.”

Marte gathered a sheet of paper and three pens. Terra tore the paper into nine pieces and distributed three pieces to each person. After a few minutes, the girls finished filling out each category and placed them into three separate piles.

“Who picks first?” Cindy asked.

“Terra, you can go first.” Marte said. “She appears to be the most horny, so I am willing to let her go first.”

“Okay, here are the rules.” Cindy said. “Terra will pick one from each category and then we will act them out later.”

“Why later?” Terra inquired with a pouting face. “I want to go now.”

The two women laughed. “Patience.” Marte said.

Terra drew three pieces of paper and opened them up. The first one said “Marte”, the second said “blindly feel someone orgasm”, the third pied said “bedroom”.

“Okay, how is this going to work?” Marte asked. “The action is Terra’s writing.”

Terra could not help beam with joy. “That means you get to feel one of us girls have an orgasm while blindfolded.”

“Oh my gosh.” Marte expresses.

“Since Terra is so horny. I will give and she can receive.”

“That’s a plan!” Terra shouted.

Marte chose three pieces of paper next. They said, “Cindy, pleasured with toys and ‘X’ lounge”.

“Where is the ‘X’ Lounge?” Marte asked.

Terra burst into laughter for several seconds before finally composing herself enough to answer, “It is the dominatrix lounge down the hill.” “Are you freakin’ kidding me?” Cindy said. “Girl, you are twisted. That had to have been written by you.”

“Yep, sure was.” Terra replied.

“Well, that one is going to have to wait until a later date, I guess.” Marte said.

Cindy grabbed the last three pieces of paper and opened them up. Her three pieces read, “Terra, youth meeting and shell.”

“What the hell?” Terra said.

Marte laughed. “That should be fun.”

Cindy could not help but laugh also. “That means Terra will have to wear the famous shell at the youth meeting we have in a couple of days. Marte and I will have a blast at that meeting.”

“There is only one problem.” Marte said. “Terra is getting two orgasms out of this and I am getting none.”

Holding her hands in the air and tilting her head to the side, Terra replied, “Breaks of the game girl.”

“I am sure we can work something out tonight, Marte.” Cindy said.

“Damn right.” Marte answered. “I am not going to feel Terra have an orgasm and then go without getting pleasured.”

“You can take my challenge at the youth meeting.” Terra offered.

“Oh hell no.” Marte replied, causing them all to laugh uncontrollably.

The girls talked about the upcoming plans for work then joked about the three challenges until it grew dark outside. The rain continued to fall outside. Cindy put two logs onto the fire to last through the night, then the three of them made their way into Marte’s bedroom.

Terra quickly stripped her clothes off and laid down on the bed naked, unashamed of her nakedness. It wasn’t the first time she had been naked in front of her best friends and she was sure it would not be the last time.

Cindy pulled a chair up to the side of the bed and moved Terra over toward the edge of the bed. Marte was not happy to be blindfolded for the challenge, but found the challenge interesting. She had never simply felt a woman have an orgasm. All the other times, she was involved in the action one way or another.

“Okay.” Cindy said, “Marte will put one hand on Terra’s stomach just below her breasts so she can feel Terra’s heartbeat and breathing and the other hand will go on the top of her mound so she can feel her hips move and her body shudder. Terra is not allowed to move her hands or help.”

“Wow!” was all Marte could say.

Marte put her slid her right hand up Terra’s stomach until her hand cupped Terra’s left breast.”

“I said below the breast.” Cindy said as she adjusted Marte’s hand and placed it just below Terra’s canlı casino breast.

Marte laughed. “Oops. My bad.”

Terra felt herself becoming aroused, heightened by the warmth of of Marte’s hand on her breast for a few moments. Just being naked and anticipating pleasure was enough for her blood to start pulsing through her body and her juices to start building up.

Marte could feel Terra’s warm skin beneath her fingers. She felt Terra’s heartbeat quicken and caused Marte to feel tingling sensations run throughout her own body. Blindfolded, Marte couldn’t see anything but blackness. She had to rely on her senses of touch, smell and hearing to follow what was happening.

Cindy spread Terra’s legs open wide and looked up at Terra’s face to see her looking down and smiling. Knowing where Marte kept her toys, Cindy opened the top dresser drawer and grabbed a pocket rocket. She closed the dresser drawer and moved to the foot of the bed. Cindy slid up the bed and placed herself between Terra’s legs. She put the mini vibrator on the bed and started running her fingers up and down Terra’s legs.

Terra took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, closing her eyes and preparing to enjoy Cindy’s expert workmanship. Marte wondered what was happening, only able to feel Terra’s chest rise and fall. Cindy moved her hands to Terra’s mound and began massaging her inner thighs.

“Mmm. That feels good.” Terra commented.

Cindy’s fingers slowly moved inward and began tracing Terra’s outer labia, causing Terra to groan softly. Terra raised her hips ever so slightly in reaction to Cindy’s roaming fingers. Cindy placed her right hand on top of Marte’s hand and rubbed the back of Marte’s hand softly.

“No fair.” Marte said. “This is going to be hard enough as it is.”

Cindy chuckled, then returned to massaging the outside of Terra’s vagina. She placed the first two fingers of her right hand just above Terra’s clit and started making small circles on her lower mound. Terra hips raised again, trying to receive more pressure from Cindy’s fingers.

“Ohhhh.” Terra cooed.

After a few minutes of priming Terra’s body, Cindy adjusted her body and placed her tongue on Terra’s labia. She softly traced the outer lips with the tip of her tongue. She could smell Terra’s sweet aroma with a slight taste of salt on her skin.

Marte felt Terra’s breathing increase and focused on the increasing heartbeat, which intrigued her. It is weird, Marte thought to herself, not knowing what was going on and only feeling the reactions of Terra’s body. Terra’s reactions were turning Marte on. Each time Terra’s hips rose, Marte felt her own hips instinctively push forward against the air. She could hear Terra’s breathing become shorter and shorter as she took deeper and deeper breathes.

Cindy darted her tongue between Terra’s labia and inserted the tip inside the vagina, causing Terra’s body to shudder. Terra moaned softly, causing a chain reaction in which Marte moaned in response. Cindy intentionally made movements that would cause Terra’s body to make a sudden reaction, feeding Marte’s hands with stimuli.

After twirling her tongue around the insides of Terra’s vaginal walls, Cindy removed her tongue and slowly slid the tip up the inner labia. When her tongue touched the bottom of Terra’s swollen clit, she paused. Terra groaned with displeasure, wanting the tongue on her clit, as the tongue traveled back down the inner labia.

Marte felt Terra’s hips shudder as the tongue slid back up and swirled around Terra’s clitoral hood. She heard Terra release a long, soft moan. This was becoming torture to Marte and her own body. She wished she knew what Cindy was doing. The sudden movements of Terra’s body caught Marte off guard. When Terra’s body shuddered, the sensations would travel up Marte’s arms and through her own body, sending shocks of pleasure down to her own yearning vagina.

Cindy could feel her own body reacting as she teased Terra. When Terra’s hips rose, Cindy ground her own pelvis against the bed. Cindy wondered what would happen after she gave Terra an orgasm. Her tongue slid inside Terra’s hood and flicked the tip up and down her sensitive clit. Terra’s body tensed and shuddered two times in succession.

The taste of Terra’s juices gathered on the tip of Cindy’s tongue as she ran it back down and inside the vagina walls. Terra’s moans grow louder, now filling the room as the tongue darted in and out of her body. Terra grabbed her own breasts and squeezed them. She could feel mini spasms throughout her body each time the tongue slid inside her vagina.

Marte could feel her hands starting to sweat on top of Terra’s hot, sweaty body. The smell of Terra’s sex juices began to enter Marte’s nostrils. Marte fought off the urge to abandon ship and join in the sex act. It was all she can do to hold back.

Convinced Terra was sufficiently primed, Cindy lapped up and down Terra’s spread slit with the length of her tongue while reaching for the pocket rocket. Terra’s hips rose each time the length of Cindy’s kaçak casino tongue slid over the clit, followed by a series of shudders.

Marte tried to scoot closer to the bed so that she could press her hips against the mattress, but she could not find enough leverage to achieve her goal. Sexually frustrated by the blind teasing she was being subjected to, Marte groaned in displeasure as she felt Terra’s body trembling beneath her hands. She felt the heart racing as it pumped blood through Terra’s body.

Cindy turned on the pocket rocket and placed it on Terra’s mound, just inches from Marte’s fingers. The vibrations flowed through Terra’s body, sending jolts of pleasure toward her crotch. The vibrations formed a circle of about a six inch radius around her mound. The sensations stopped just short of Terra’s clit, only frustrating her. Terra knew Cindy was intentionally teasing her body.

The vibrator began to inch down Terra’s mound at an agonizingly slow pace while Cindy’s tongue circled the engorged labia. Terra begged Cindy for more, causing Cindy to grin. Cindy pushed the vibrator down over Terra’s clitoral hood, which sent shock waves throughout Terra’s vagina. Surges of pleasure jolted toward Terra’s groin in an instant. Her hips shot up, which caused Marte’s hand to momentarily leave her body before falling back down onto her mound. Her hips locked in the air as loud moans from the base of her throat filled the room.

The vibrator was sending waves of joy to Terra’s clit. Terra could feel her juices beginning to flow more freely. Marte felt Terra’s hips bouncing in the air and she did her best to keep her hand on Terra. A few times Marte’s hand pushed down against Terra’s body, pushing her hips down to the bed. The feeling of a body shuddering and gyrating was amazing to Marte, who had always been interested in a woman’s body movements and reactions. Terra’s heart felt like it would burst through her chest, below Marte’s right hand. Marte could feel Terra’s chest rising and falling over and over again.

Twinges of pleasure ran through Marte as she own body reacted to the actions of Terra’s body. Marte could feel the vibrations of the pocket rocket as it flowed up Terra’s body. Marte wished it was her body that was being pleasured, instead she had to endure the second-hand sensations. Marte could feel her own clit scream for pressure and pleasure. She could feel her own wetness form inside her panties.

Cindy slid a two fingers inside Terra’s vagina and felt the convulsing walls grip her fingers. The fingers slid deep inside Terra then began pumping in and out. In the meantime, Cindy rolled the pocket rocket in circles over Terra’s lower mound and clitoris.

Marte could hear Terra’s wetness as Cindy’s fingers pushed in and pulled out of Terra’s vagina. It was driving Marte mad with sexual frustration. The noises, the smells, the sounds, the feelings of Terra’s gyrating body and pounding chest were almost too much. Marte moaned along with Terra, not realizing she was doing so.

Terra could feel the sweat dripping down her over heating body. She could feel an orgasm building in her belly. She wanted more than anything to feel the release. Her hands continued to palm and squeeze her own nipples and breasts.

Pulling her wet fingers out of Terra, Cindy placed her left hand on Terra’s mound. She pulled the skin up to fully expose Terra’s sensitive clit. The sound of Terra’s deep and constant moans told her that Terra was getting close. Cindy pressed her lips against Terra’s clit and slid the vibrator down the slit of the spread vagina. Pushing the tip of the pocket rocket inside Terra’s walls, Cindy placed her lips around the hard, exposed clitoris. She started sucking on the clit, causing Terra’s hips to buck against her face.

“Don’t stop! Please! Don’t you dare stop!” Terra begged Cindy.

Marte could feel her own body on the edge of an orgasm as Terra’s body shuddered against Marte’s hands. Terra’s body was slippery and it was tough for Marte to keep her hands in place. The aura of the room was electric. Marte was suffering from sensory overload. It was bad enough that she could not press her hips against the bed, but she also could not please herself because her hands were on Terra’s body.

Knowing Terra was on the verge of an orgasm, Cindy began massaging Terra’s mound. She slid her tongue between her lips and lashed at Terra’s screaming clit. The touch of Cindy’s tongue, combined with the vibrations deep inside, sent Terra over the edge. Her body writhed and bucked in pleasure.

After several seconds, Terra was too sensitive to take anymore. She pulled her hips away from Cindy and closed her legs. Cindy’s head and hands were pushed away by Terra’s legs. Cindy slid off the edge of the bed.

Feeling Terra pull away, Marte removed her hands from Terra’s body. Marte ripped the blindfold off her eyes. She raced to her dresser and pulled a rubber dildo out of the top drawer. Unwilling to wait for stimuli from either of the girls, Marte yanked her pants down her legs and raced to the other side of the bed, throwing her body on top. Her hands feverishly guided the dildo between her sopping wet legs. Her hand became a blur as she filled herself and pushed herself to a thunderous orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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