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With the huge popularity of massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), it was only a matter of time before software developers would release programs to allow everyday computer users to create their own MMORPGs. Although there are very few programs available that can classify themselves as a true MMORPG maker, there are two specific programs that stand heads above the rest. Unfortunately, neither of them is free and both are still undergoing Beta testing ¡V but the future looks bright for both programs.

The first of the two top MMORPG maker programs is called Endless Opportunity MMORPG Maker. This program is currently in the Beta 2 phase, but by purchasing it (for the low price of $35 Canadian) you get Beta 1 and Beta 2 as well as any other updates to the program the company makes. The Endless Opportunity MMORPG Maker only allows the user to create online RPGs which have a two dimensional top down view. Screen layouts can be crafted specifically to the creator¡¦s taste, so nearly everything is totally customizable. The program is based around an older program called Online Roleplaying Engine although with each new update, the original features are being removed and replaced by upgraded tools. The program is constantly undergoing upgrades and will eventually feature a three dimensional mode for people who wish to give their game a more modern feel.

The alternative to Endless Opportunity MMORPG Maker is the more expensive and more powerful Realm Crafter. While it is also currently in beta testing, it features three dimensional development tools, and for those who do not wish to fork out $55 US, there is a demo available so you can test out all of the programs functions. Realm Crafter comes highly recommended from those who are currently using it and is easy enough for even those with no computer programming skills to use. The company who makes this MMORPG maker claims you can use it either for fun or commercial development.

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