Macy’s Crush

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She wasn’t the first woman to catch Macy’s eye and she wouldn’t be the last, but at the time she captured Macy’s heart and body in way’s that Macy had never before imagined possible. It was a forbidden, secret relationship, but that was nothing new. Eventually it would end with heart breaking finality, but that too was hardly anything new for Macy. Not that any of it mattered at the time. It wasn’t about the past and it wasn’t about the future. It was all about those perfect moments that could only be shared by two women, those perfect moments that had been all too rare and fleeting for Macy before her first love come on the scene and showed her how good it could truly be.

Her name was Emma, but most of the girls at school didn’t know that even though several of them knew her. They just weren’t exactly on a first name basis with her because she wasn’t a fellow student. Well, she was a student and she was going to their school for a class, but it wasn’t quite the same thing. Emma, better known as Miss Gutierrez, was studying to be a teacher and was currently assigned as a student teacher in Macy’s AP English course. She was also an ace tutor who had volunteered to help Macy up her grades in calculus for absolute nothing when, through a casual conversation after class, she learned that that one little class was the only thing keeping Macy off of the “A” honor roll.

At least, that was the cover story. It had never really been true. Well, it was almost true. At the time, thanks to a quiz Macy missed due to illness that her jerk of a calculus teacher refused to let her retake, Macy was technically just below an A- in the class. Of course, Macy, a veritable math whiz, knew that while it would prevent her from achieving her fourth straight perfect 4.0 grade point average it was hardly going to kill her chance of getting an A in the class. Not that she saw any reason to mention that when Emma made her offer that fateful day after class. The chance to spend time with Emma away from the restrictive school environment was something she had no intention of passing up.

Macy had had a crush on Emma from the very first time she saw her in class. In fact, it was more than just a crush. Macy was absolutely in love with Emma and simply couldn’t hide it. She felt like she was just a little, giggly girl whenever Emma talked to her. She even blushed when Emma complimented her on her essays and the poems she wrote or when Emma decided to emphasize her point by touching her in even the most innocent fashion. It was actually something that Emma did quite a lot.

If Macy had ever dared to dream that it was even possible that someone as beautiful and mature as Emma would even think of her in ‘that way” she might have found it all fairly obvious, but until their first evening alone at Emma’s apartment she really had no idea how aware of Macy’s crush Emma really was. All Macy knew was that when Emma offered to tutor her during their usual post class conversation she couldn’t help but answer with a somewhat overly enthusiastic yes.

“Well, good,” Emma had said as she allowed her hand that had previously been resting on Macy’s shoulder to slide gently down the soft, bare skin of the girls arm. Macy actually shivered a little at that and found herself speechless even as Emma asked “Well, when’s a good time? Is tomorrow good?”

“Um… uh… yeah, but… m…my parents will be home… um, not that matters, but…” Macy managed to sputter out before she realized how silly it sounded, like she was setting up a date. Why it would matter if her parents were home if it was just a tutoring session? Macy silently chastised herself for sounding like a moron before Emma saved her from having to explain herself any further.

“Oh, well that’s okay. We can always go to my apartment. We’ll have plenty of privacy there just, uh… keep it under your hat. I’m not technically a teacher or anything, but it might not look too good if it got out that I was having cute, teenage girls over on weekends,” Emma said with a smile that revealed just the slightest hint of wickedness. Macy was sure imagining it. Still, she couldn’t help but smile a little abashedly in return and hope against hope that it wasn’t just her mind playing tricks on her.

“My lips are sealed,” Macy said barely pausing as she filed away those thoughts for later.

“I knew I could trust you and don’t worry, it’ll be fun. I’m sure we’ll get you all caught up in no time and maybe, if we finish early we can listen to those CD’s I keep forgetting to let you borrow,” Emma said as she once again reached out to touch Macy in that familiar way that simply drove Macy crazy. After that the conversation seemed to be drawing to a close, but not before Macy found herself saying something she was amazed to hear coming out of her own mouth.

“You know… actually, I’m totally not doing anything tonight, so…” Macy said still feeling uncharacteristically nervous even as she was amazed at her forwardness as she openly lied casino siteleri to Emma. She, in fact, already had plans for the night. It was a Friday after all and she was hardly a recluse. In fact, she was actually supposed to spend the night at Kelli’s, a very, very close friend, with all that usually entailed. A small part of her was actually screaming its disapproval as she made her seemingly innocent overture to the twenty two year old goddess before her. Was she really willing to give up certain sex for just the chance to hang out with Emma? Yes, yes she was.

“Hmm, well if you’re really that anxious to… catch up on your studies,” Emma said complete with the odd little pause that definitely set off a few flares in the depths of Macy’s brain, “I’m sure we can do that. I was just going to waste a night being bored at a frat party anyway, so sure. Seven good?”

“Oh, if… if you had plans…,” Macy tried to back track only to feel those gentle fingers on her arm again.

“Oh, no. Trust me. I’d much rather hang out with you and your calculus book than fend off drunken frat boys all night. Seriously, when you go to college you’ll understand,” Emma said with a light, knowing laugh as she stroked Macy’s arm subtly in a way invisible to any prying eyes that might be about in the quickly emptying hallway.

“Okay, well seven it is then,” Macy said with a bright smile.

“Good, then it’s a date,” Emma said with a shining smile of her own before getting out a pen and writing down directions to her apartment for Macy who was simply glowing at that point as she played back the words “it’s a date” in her head over and over again. After that they said their parting words and Macy almost floated down the hallway while Emma smirked to herself watching the deliciously cute little elfin beauty as she walked away. If only Macy had seen she would’ve died right there on the spot.

As it was Macy was pretty much in a daze for the next few hours as she hurried home before her parents got there to allow herself some “Macy time” before she got ready for her date that wasn’t a date. Macy time actually took a lot less time than it usually did as she brought herself to orgasm at a record pace just thinking of being alone with beautiful Emma. It was so fast in fact that she found the need for another session of Macy time in the shower despite herself.

She really was feeling out of sorts. Macy had never felt like this before. Then again she’d never been with anyone but other girls before and Emma, even though she was really only four years her senior, was a real woman. Not that she was certain anything would actually happen. No, far from it. She actually spent most of the time when she wasn’t masturbating like a crazed thirteen year old boy trying to talk herself down as she searched her clothes for something cute and sexy, but not too obvious, to wear over to Emma’s.

She didn’t even know if Emma was in to girls let alone high school girls like her. Emma was after all a college student twenty two years of age. If she did like girls Macy was absolutely certain she wouldn’t be the type to deal with the oddities and insecurities of high school girls that she herself was well aware of.

Still, it was hard for Macy to talk herself down. Emma was after all a very beautiful woman. Even the fairly conservative clothing she wore when at school couldn’t hide the beauty of her body from Macy’s eyes. Her tall, lean physique toned, as Macy had learned over the course of their many conversations, by years of track in high school and in college was something to behold. Her breasts, though hardly large, also appeared to be quite lovely even under loose, toned down blouses. Even her butt was just perfect. Not too big, but definitely not too small or flat. No, it was just the right size for Emma’s thin, athletic body.

Emma’s long, smoothly rounded face was just lovely with those beautiful blue eyes, her cute, prototypically feminine nose and full mouth perfectly capped by silky black hair that looked lovely and soft whether up in a ponytail or allowed to flow free just past her shoulders. Even Emma’s ears looked perfect and her toes, when she chose to wear open toed shoes, just seemed to draw in Macy’s eyes and make her salivate despite herself.

In short, clothed she was simply beautiful. What she looked like naked however was still a mystery, but that hardly stopped Macy from imagining. Somehow she just knew that she would be nothing short of perfect. How could she not be? Not that it mattered. Even if she was just a patchwork of scars and bad tattoos under her clothes Macy’s crush wouldn’t have been affected at all. It was Emma that she wanted. The fact that appeared to have a beautiful body to go with her kind demeanor and angelic smile was simply a blessing from the gods.

As the time ticked by and it got closer and closer to seven o’ clock Macy’s thoughts began to drift from the perfect outfit. Instead she began to focus on praying to whatever canlı casino god, energy, life force or spirit that controlled the world and its inhabitants to keep her from making an ass out of herself. It was something she did quite often when she was about to try and seal the deal with a girl, but now it seemed all that more important. Emma, Macy kept repeating to herself over and over, wasn’t just any old high school girl. She was a real woman and soon Macy would know whether her crush would forever go unrequited or if there really was something to all the vibes that she felt Emma throw her way.

Finally, as the time to leave was at last approaching Macy stared at herself in the mirror and gave herself one last silent speech even as she felt the butterflies in her stomach come to life for seemingly the thousandth time over the last few hours before she headed out of the house. She was secretly glad that Naiya, her stepsister, had gone over to her friend Ashlee’s house and that their parents were still working. She just knew that they would have known something was up had they been there. They probably wouldn’t have been able to figure out its exact nature, but she really wasn’t in the mood for any questions of any kind. She was simply too preoccupied.

Macy was so glad that no one was about to question her motives she almost forgot to leave a note to let them know where she was. She also realized she’d forgotten to call Kelli and tell her she wasn’t coming over. Neither were really fatal mistakes, but she just didn’t want to have to deal with any phone calls while in Emma’s presence. As much as she silently(and even occasionally not so silently) tried to remind herself that it wasn’t a date she was rushing off to feeling flustered and anxious Macy just couldn’t help but treat it exactly as that. Even the clothes she’d picked out to wear after at least an hour of deliberation ( extra tight, low cut jeans with strategically placed holes and a tight black t-shirt that left little to the imagination while showing of her lovely mid section) was more date than school. She’d even picked out her cutest thong as well as the matching bra just in case.

Macy scribbled out a quick lie about staying at Kelli’s even as she tried to be vague, but polite to Kelli as she told her she wouldn’t be able to come over. Kelli was mildly disappointed, but she got over it before the conversation had ended. Macy was hardly surprised. That was just the way Kelli was. Knowing her Macy was absolutely certain that Kelli would be on the phone to either her latest boyfriend or some other girl as soon as Macy said goodbye. It didn’t bother Macy at all. In fact, she wasn’t even thinking about it as she hurried to her car and headed off to Emma’s still feeling incredibly nervous.

Even as Macy pulled into the parking lot of Emma’s apartment complex she was still trying desperately to calm herself down. Macy began doing breathing exercises as she stared at herself in the rearview mirror of her crappy little beat up Honda. They helped a little as she opened the car door and cautiously approached building E still feeling plenty nervous, but somewhat in control.

As she climbed the stairs to the third floor apartment Macy’s sense of control began to fluctuate greatly, but she struggled through it step by step until she was finally at Emma’s door. Still, it took her a full minute to get up the courage to knock on the door and even then she could only manage to do it ever so lightly. So lightly that Macy herself had a hard time hearing it even in the silent hallway. It took her another half a minute of silently psyching herself up and telling herself to stop acting like a wuss before she could knock again with a bit more power.

Macy managed to wait a full five seconds after her second attempt at knocking before she started to panic and think Emma wasn’t home until Emma’s beautiful face appeared in the door with a big smile and a friendly hello and suddenly Macy felt all better. She was still nervous and fragile, but the sight of her crush standing there smiling with her beautiful hair flowing down on to her almost bare shoulders was simply inspiring.

There she was just standing there in a tight white tank top with spaghetti straps that was a tad to short to fully cover her beautiful, flat belly, a tight pair of pink gym shorts with a fairy tattoo just peaking out above the waist band and apparently not much else judging from the nipples poking through the thin material of her tank top and the way her breasts bounced so hypnotically as Emma waved Macy into her domicile cheerfully. It took Macy a second to heed this invitation as she was stunned by the amount of skin on display before her. When she finally did she was instantly made aware of the fact that she was most likely not entering a typical teacher’s apartment.

The first oddity she noticed that made her aware of this was the fact that the art work hanging upon Emma’s walls was hardly what she expected. In fact, it kaçak casino was almost too good to be true as the posters and lithographs hanging on her walls definitely hinted at something beyond all of Macy’s expectations. First, there was the pot leaf poster on the wall next to Emma’s entertainment center which was accompanied by a slightly less obvious, but no less telling Bob Marley poster on the wall next to the sliding glass door that led to Emma’s small deck. Add in the fact that Emma had apparently felt no need to hide that fact that she owned a bong, as one was clearly in sight on her coffee table and Macy knew instantly that she and Emma had at least one thing in common outside of school.

Of course, all that was merely interesting and was nothing compared to the other art work that adorned Emma’s apartment such as the picture of two girls kissing hanging conspicuously over Emma’s couch and the large rainbow flag that she noticed hanging just around the corner in Emma’s tiny dining room. It was all fairly obvious and, while it did nothing to calm the butterflies in her stomach, it did wonders to Macy’s confidence in the fact that she might not have been reading too much into everything after all. Well, maybe she had, but these were all definitely positive signs of at least an interest in other women. Whether or not Emma was into her specifically was still a mystery.

The fact that Emma didn’t even seem concerned about Macy seeing any of this was a bit perplexing to Macy, but as Emma invited her to have a seat on her couch and offered to get her something to drink Macy tried to push it all into the back of her mind. She accepted the offer of a glass of soda and took a seat on the closest end of the comfy, but raggedy old couch, her heart still pounding in her chest. It was actually beating even harder now as she continued to take in her surroundings.

“I don’t have any ice, so I hope you’re cool with lukewarm soda,” Emma said as she handed Macy her drink still smiling and then sat down next to Macy on the long couch. Not right next to her, but a little closer than was necessary before continuing “Sorry it’s not cold, but my ice maker is on the fritz and I forgot to stick anything in the fridge.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” Macy said in quiet, nervous voice that seemed to make Emma’s smile even brighter, “I would’ve been happy with just water.”

They began to settle into small talk after that and eventually Macy found herself more at ease. She didn’t even notice that Emma never even brought up calculus or tutoring as they talked like two friends just hanging out for a good twenty minutes. Their conversation just meandered over a myriad of pointless topics ranging from how much Emma hated her apartment, how much Macy wished she could have any apartment of her own, Macy’s family, Emma’s family, the weather and on and on until Macy brought up the CD sitting on the coffee table next to Emma’s bong at which point Emma apparently first realized she had a bong sitting on her coffee table with a student in her apartment.

“Whoops, umm…,” Emma started to say as she eyed the bong and then Macy as she reached out and grabbed it and put it under the coffee table as if to hide it, “Do me a favor a pretend you didn’t see this okay?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s cool,” Macy said trying to sound nonchalant even though she would’ve killed for a hit at that point to calm herself down, “My dad smokes. He doesn’t think I know, but he’s always leaving it out so it’s kind of hard not to. Besides, it smells, so it’s not like I wouldn’t know without seeing his bong.”

“Ahh, but how did you know what it smelled like?” Emma teased in a very un-teacher like manner. Of course, nothing up to that point of their supposed tutoring session had been very tutorly.

“Well, duh, I smoke it, too,” Macy said feeling a bit braver.

“Shameful,” Emma said teasing her again sounding much more like a friend than a future authority figure, “As a future teacher I really should be admonishing such behavior in such a smart, beautiful girl.”

Macy really wanted to tease Emma back, but found herself blushing slightly and smiling at the compliment instead. No one had ever called her beautiful before. It actually made her feel good, especially since it was coming from someone as beautiful as Emma. Instead of teasing the older girl, no, woman, Macy instead found herself awkwardly returning the compliment and being rewarded with another bright smile before Emma continued.

“Thank you, that means a lot coming from such a pretty girl like you. You even blush pretty,” Emma teased as she reached out to gently touch Macy’s arm sending a light shiver throughout Macy’s body. Emma then continued “You know if you want and if you promise not to tell anyone after we do all this calculus bullshit we can get high. I know it’s not exactly proper teacher/student behavior, but I’m not really a teacher yet so…”

“Oh, sure, yeah, I’d love to,” Macy stammered out quickly interrupting Emma nervously “That’d be awesome.”

“Yes, it would, but seriously, you have to promise to keep it under your hat,” Emma said still smiling, but managing to put just enough seriousness in her voice to get through to Macy.

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