Loves Me, Loves Me Not – Catfight #01

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Jane loves Kelly and she hopes that Kelly loves her too.

Some women want it all and who can blame them? This is your life, your one and only life. Yet, sometimes a stretch, some women, those who swing both ways, want the best of both sexual worlds. Some women want the love of a man and the love of a woman. Some women want heterosexual sex with a man and lesbian sex with a woman. Some women want it all. Kelly was such a woman.

Holding a glass of red wine in each hand, one for her and one for Kelly, after being bumped and losing her balance, Jane accidentally spilled two, full glasses of red wine all over Kelly’s white sundress. Then, while reaching out for something to stop her from falling, with nothing to grab, she grabbed the front of Kelly’s dress, ripped her dress wide open, and exposed Kelly’s naked breasts. Jane’s worst nightmare, she humiliated the woman she wanted as her friend and hoped for lover. Returning the embarrassing favor of exhibitionism, Kelly stood and slapped Jane hard across her face and then, stripped her naked.

# # #

“Roses are red and violets are blue, I love her, and I hope she loves me, too.

Roses are red and violets are blue, I’m lesbian, and I hope she is, too,” sang Jane.

The first time attending the company barbeque, made mandatory this year after so few people showed up last year, the only thing good about the outing was that she’d see Kelly, her quarrelsome co-worker. Even though Kelly would be with her husband and his children, Jane hoped to get her alone for a few minutes to talk to her. Suspecting she did, Jane hoped that Kelly shared her romantic feelings. She hoped that Jane was bi-sexual. Jane hoped that she could have a lesbian, sexual affair with Kelly.

Whether experimenting in a dorm room with a roommate, having a drunken threesome at a college frat party, or losing sexual control during spring break after excessively drinking and/or doing drugs, many women have had lesbian experiences. Now that they’re married, sexually frustrated, and unhappy at home, it’s not a stretch to write that lots of married women are closeted bi-sexual. Lots of married women want what their husbands can’t sexually give them. Some women want the best of both sexual worlds, the love of a man while having lesbian sex with a woman. Some women want it all.

“Roses are red and violets are blue, I hope to finger and lick Kelly’s pussy, too. Roses are red and violets are blue, I hope she fingers and licks my pussy, too,” sang Jane while alone in her car driving to the barbeque.

Not much of a poetess but, biding her time while waiting for the right moment, her words helped Jane to express her sexual feelings for Kelly. She’d love nothing more than to have a sexual affair with her co-worker. She’d love nothing more than to give Kelly a sexual orgasm with her fingers and her tongue. She’d love nothing more than for Kelly to give her a sexual orgasm with her fingers and tongue, too.

‘How hot would that be to have lesbian sex with my co-worker? How hot would that be to finally see, touch, feel, and fondle Kelly’s new, surgically implanted, D cup breasts while fingering her erect nipples,’ thought Jane. ‘I’d love to touch, feel, fondle, and suck her big, fake tits. I’d love to finger and lick her pussy. I’d love to give her a sexual orgasm with my fingers, my tongue, and my strap-on dildo.’

Afraid of embarrassing herself if her sexual advances weren’t reciprocated but rejected, not wanting to be reported to human resources for sexual harassment and fired, she kept her sexual desires to herself. Nonetheless, every time she was with one of her lesbian lovers, creeping into her conscious thought, she thought of Kelly naked and having lesbian sex with her. Every time she masturbated herself, she thought of Kelly masturbating her and her masturbating Kelly. Every time she undressed, she thought of Kelly undressing her and her undressing Kelly. Every time she showered, she thought of Kelly showering with her.

‘Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Nearly my every waking moment, I think about making love with Kelly,’ thought Jane while feeling sexually frustrated. ‘Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,’ she doodled her name on her note pad. ‘I love Kelly. I love you, Kelly.’

# # #

Author’s Note:

As are all my stories, this is a true story. This is a lesbian, love story that Jane asked me to write about her new, lesbian lover, her married, co-worker, Kelly. While supervising her at work, Jane had been secretly, sexually lusting over her for nearly three-years. For nearly three-years, she wanted to stare into her big, blue eyes, run her fingers through her long, lush, naturally blonde hair, hold her, and kiss her. For nearly three-years, Jane wanted to strip Kelly naked and make lesbian love to her.

Author’s Warning:

If you don’t enjoy reading about women kissing, making out, sexually touching one another, and feeling one another through their clothes, I suggest you read another story. If you don’t enjoy reading about women undressing one another and making love with one another, casino oyna then I suggest you read another story. If you don’t enjoy reading about women having lesbian sex, then I suggest you read another story. If you’re disgusted and turned off by women having a catfight and stripping each other naked, then I suggest you read another story because this story is all about that.

Only, if you’re like most men who enjoy watching women having sex, then this story is for you. If you’re like most men who enjoy women fighting and stripping one another naked, then, you’re going to love this story. Every man loves a good catfight especially between two, beautiful and sexy women. Every man loves a good catfight, especially when the women are intent on humiliating one another by striping one another naked.

“Catfight! Catfight! Oh, my God. Jane ripped Kelly’s dress wide open. It’s ripped to shreds and she’s not wearing a bra. Wow! Look at her huge, D cup naked breasts,” said a man watching the catfight transpire.

“Catfight! Catfight! Oh, my God. After slapping her hard across her face, Kelly reached down and pulled Jane’s dress over her head and tied it in a knot. Then, not stopping there. She pulled down her panties. In the way that Jane accidentally stripped Kelly topless, Kelly stripped Jane naked,” said a man in the crowd recapping all that he had seen.

# # #

Take a moment and think about it. In the way that you’d love to have sex with your female relatives and/or with your wife’s, your girlfriend’s, or your significant other’s friends, wouldn’t you enjoy watching your wife, your girlfriend, or your significant other having sex with her female relatives and friends, too? How hot would that be to watch your wife, your girlfriend, or your significant other having lesbian sex? Your sexual fantasy come true, how hot would that be if they asked you to join them and have a threesome with them?


“We need a third,” said Tiffany to her boyfriend.

She gave her lesbian lover a sexy look and a naughty smile while giggling. Not sure why they needed a third, Joe looked from Tiffany to look at Crystal.

“A third? For golf?” Joe looked up at the sky. “It’s a beautiful day for golf.”

The women shook their heads and laughed.

“No, not for golf,” said Tiffany. “We have something else in mind.”

Joe looked confused.

“For bowling? God, I haven’t bowled in years. I don’t even know where my bowling shoes are but I could rent a pair.”

Again, the women shook their heads while laughing?

“No, not for bowling,” said Crystal. “The last thing we want to do is go bowling,” said Crystal with a laugh.

Joe scratched his head.

“For what then? Why do you need a third,” he asked with an innocent shrug?

Both women looked at one another laughed. Then, right in front of Joe, while staring at him, Tiffany gave Crystal a deep, wet kiss while feeling her bra clad breasts. Crystal returned Tiffany’s deep, wet kiss with her deep, wet kiss while feeling her shapely ass. Finally getting the message, Joe had an aha moment.

“For sex,” said Tiffany breaking off the kiss to reach beneath Crystal’s short dress and grab her panty clad pussy. “We need a third for sex, Joe. We want to have a threesome. We want you to have sex with the both of us,” said Tiffany explaining why they needed a third.

The women giggled again before kissing again.

“We want to have a threesome with you, Joe,” said Crystal. “We want you to make love to us before fucking us. We want you to give us a sexual orgasm with your big, hard cock,” said Crystal grabbing Joe’s prick through his pants.

Obviously not having an issue with lesbians, lesbian sex, and/or threesomes, as if his clothes were on fire, Joe stripped himself naked and climbed in the middle of the bed while watching the women undress.

# # #

As I wrote earlier in the story, if you’re like most men who enjoy watching women having a catfight, then this story is for you. Tell me the truth and be honest. Think about it and imagine all of the sexy scenarios if you can. Wouldn’t you enjoy watching a catfight between your sisters and cousins, your mother and your aunt, or your mother-in-law and your sister-in-law? How hot would that be to watch the women you know stripping one another naked while you watched and masturbated yourself?

‘Oh, my God. I can’t believe I’m not only seeing my mother’s naked breasts but also my aunt’s naked pussy and ass,” thought Joe while watching his mother and his having a catfight.

Personally, having had lesbian sex several times before when I was in the swinging lifestyle with my ex-husband, even though I’m not lesbian, I had sex with women for his sake. Not embarrassed to admit but a few times, I even enjoyed having sex with a beautiful and sexy woman. He enjoyed watching me with a woman and then joining in when we were ready. Watching us making out with one another, and touching and feeling one another, while having sex was a real turn-on for him as it is for many men. We canlı casino always drew a crowd of men watching us undressing and having sex.

Unlike men having sex, unless you’re a gay or a bi-sexual man, it’s more acceptable and sexually titillating for women to have lesbian sex than it is for men to have gay sex. Unlike men, lesbian sex doesn’t mean anything to most women. Sometimes out of curiosity, it’s just something we talk about doing or do to sexually excite men, and/or do to ease our sexual frustration when a man doesn’t fulfill our sexual needs. Most times, lesbian sex between women who aren’t lesbian is just our way of sexually teasing men while showing them all that they hope to see of our naked bodies.

“I bet you’d love to watch me making out with my best friend, Brianna, while undressing her,” said Natty to her boyfriend while fondling his erect, naked prick. “I bet you’d love to watch me undress her. I bet you’d love to watch me having sex with her. I bet you’d love to watch me eating her pussy and watch her eating my cunt. After we’re done having sex with one another, I bet you’d love to have sex with the both of us,” said Natty to her boyfriend while sexually teasing him during pillow talk.

Her boyfriend, John, looked at her as stunned as he was sexually excited that she had said all that he had been thinking. No doubt, he’d love to watch his girlfriend have lesbian sex with her best friend. No doubt, not only would he love to see both of them naked but also, he’d love to have sex with both of them. His sexual fantasy come true; he didn’t know how to ask his girlfriend to allow him to watch her having sex with Brianna. He was so glad she volunteered.

“I’d love to watch you having sex with Brianna. I’d love to watch you strip her naked. That would be so hot to finally see Brianna naked,” said John. “I’d love to have sex with the both of you.”

# # #

Most times, women have sex with one another just for the shock value and/or for the sexual pleasure of their man. Unlike gay or bi-sexual men, unless they’re whores or prostitutes, women rarely go from one lover to the next. Unless she’s a whore or a prostitute, women don’t usually have multiple lovers in one night. Most women only have sex with one lover at a time.

Even when in the swinging lifestyle, most swingers, especially those who practice safe sex, have sex with couples they know are clean, disease free, and not overly promiscuous. They seldom go from one person to another person in the same night. Difficult to imagine but swingers have their own moral code. Most swingers are not as sexually promiscuous as people think. Most swingers will only have sex with their close, circle of swinging friends.

Conversely, women having sex with women are much different than men having sex with men. Most men who aren’t gay or bi-sexual are turned off by men showing affection for one another. Yet, oddly enough, these same men are sexually aroused when women show their loving, sexual feelings for one another. Moreover, even in the heterosexual, swinging lifestyle, sex between men is frowned upon but sex between women is encouraged. For some reason, most men enjoy watching women having lesbian sex but are turned off by men having gay sex.

“I dare you to kiss my sister, Kathy. I dare you to stick your tongue in her mouth and French kiss her. I dare you to touch her and feel her while undressing her,” said John to his girlfriend, Natty. “I dare you to strip Kathy naked while I watch. I’ve always wanted to see my sexy sister naked. I always wanted to know what she looks like when having sex, especially when having sex with a woman.”

Accepting his dare, Natty kissed John’s sister while touching and feeling her through her clothes. Surprising her, Kathy returned Natty’s deep, wet kiss with her deep, wet kiss. Both women were soon on the bed naked and having sex while John watched and masturbated himself. Then, while Natty was eating his sister’s pussy and Kathy was staring at him masturbating himself, she slid a slow tongue over his sister’s red, full lips. As if that was his invitation, he leaned over his sister and stuck his erect cock in her mouth. While Natty ate her pussy, Kathy sucked her brother’s cock.

# # #

As I wrote before, for some inexplicable reason, most men not only enjoy watching women having sex but also, they enjoy watching women having a catfight, too. Having had plenty of catfights in my past, I’ve been stripped topless while stripping my opponents naked more than a few times. Because I had four, much older brothers who taught me how to defend myself, no woman has ever gotten the better of me in a catfight.

“Rip open her blouse. Pull up her bra. Show me her tits. I want to see her naked tits. Now pull down her skirt and panties. I want to see my mother’s naked ass and naked pussy. Yes. That’s it. Oh, my God. You did it, Natty. She’s naked. My mother is naked,” said John while masturbating himself over his naked mother.

John watched his girlfriend fighting his mother in their backyard. Getting the kaçak casino better of her, he watched his girlfriend strip his mother naked while he stood over them videotaping them and masturbating himself. Then, once his mother was naked, looking at them incredulously, he watched his girlfriend have lesbian sex with her.

‘I can’t believe they’re both naked while rolling around in the grass slapping one another and pulling each other’s hair. Now that they’re done fighting, I can’t believe they’re having lesbian sex. I’m so glad I have my camera with me. I’ll be watching and masturbating over this video every day for the rest of my life. I should post this online,’ thought John.

If that wasn’t enough, while his girlfriend was in between his mother’s legs fingering her pussy while licking her cunt, just as his sister had done, his mother asked him something he never thought he’d ever hear her ask.

“John, do your mother a favor and stick your cock in my mouth while Natty is eating me. I need to blow you. I need you to cum in my mouth,” said John’s mother. “Cum John. Cum in Mommy’s mouth.”

Unable to control himself, after he stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked him. Then, when he was ready to cum, he stood, straddled his mother, and shot a load of cum in her mouth, all over her face, and across her naked breasts.

# # #

Loves Me, Loves Me Not; Catfight

As soon as Jane entered the campground where her company was holding a barbeque for their employees, families, friends, customers, and vendors, she looked for a familiar and friendly face. With so very many people there, she searched the crowd of employees looking for someone she knew. There were hundreds of people working at the company from offices scattered around the country. Their spouses and children were there too, along with their friends, customers, and vendors. Except for her immediate co-workers, she knew very few people there.

Advertised months in advance, encouraging employees to attend by making attendance mandatory to have some family fun, this yearly barbeque was a big deal. A chance to meet and greet customers and vendors, with her part of management, the company pressured her to attend. The barbeque was the companies’ way of thanking everyone for helping them to have a good, financial year and to continue to have a growing and glowing, financial future.

Those who knew Jane called her by her nickname, Cher, because she was tall, shapely thin, and with her high cheek bones, she looked a lot like Cher. Boasting that she was part American Indian, she had long, jet-black, straight hair, and big, brown eyes. Her pearly white teeth contrasted her tanned skin. Looking ten-years younger, no one would guess that she was forty-two-years-old.

She scanned the crowd looking for someone, anyone, she knew. Not nearly confining as a cocktail party, as least she was outdoors and could avoid those people she didn’t want to talk to and/or disliked. Some of her fellow employees didn’t like the fact that she was lesbian. Hiding in the closet for years, no one knew her sexual preference until an ex-employee outed her on her company chatroom page.

Now, everyone knew that she preferred having sex with women than having sex with men. As someone posted to her Facebook page, now, everyone knew she was a licker instead of a sucker. She had sex with plenty of men before but never liking it, she was more attracted to women. In agreement with the Facebook poster, she’d definitely would rather finger and lick a pussy than to stroke and suck a cock.

Literally lost in a sea of faces, surrounded by bad bodies, and obese people wearing tank tops, Bermuda shorts, or too tight, bathing suits, she looked for anyone familiar. Wanting to talk to someone, anyone, not wanting to remain alone, she didn’t want to seem aloof and unfriendly. Then, again, not wanting to stand out in a crowd, she wanted to keep and maintain her anonymity. Yet, with her sexual preference heralding her presence, embarrassed that people who knew that she was lesbian, and with them shunning her and avoiding her, it was difficult fitting in a family event.

# # #

Then, as if drawn to her and obviously, she was, she saw her nemesis, the woman she had a secret, sexual crush on, Kelly. Making her heart skip a beat while taking her breath away, she saw the woman she loved. With her shoulder length, lush, blonde hair tied back from her face, and her fair complexion and blonde eyebrows giving evidence that she was a natural blonde, she was so pretty.

Having a striking resemblance to her, she resembled a younger version of Portia De Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres’ wife. Her blue eyes sparkled like gemstones. As if the dress was tailored for her shapely body, she wore a short, sheer, and low-cut sundress. Good enough for Jane to eat, the most beautiful woman there, Kelly looked so sexy.

Every time Jane saw Kelly, even when they were feuding, she made her heart ache, her nipples erect, and her pussy moisten. Every time she saw her, she took her to bed that night in her dreams. Every time she saw her, putting aside all of their petty squabbles and forgetting that they hated one another, she wished she could kiss her. She wished she could strip her naked and have sex with her.

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