Love , Desire

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As I sit in my seat, waiting on the flight to land. I cant help but think about you. How you have made my life so much happier. How you give me something to look forward to. As time passes, I get closer and closer to you. I want to be with you so much.

I long to feel your fingertips on my skin. To feel your lips pressed against mine. I want to smell your scent, and run my fingers through your hair. And I know in a few hours it will happen.

Time sometimes seems like an eternity, We are miles apart, yet so close in our hearts. The longing to be together so strong. I often dream of what it will be like the day we meet. And in a few short hours I will know.

I cant wait to see your face as I come through the gate at the air port. To go with you to the restroom with you, and feel you press your body against mine.

You push me into and empty stall, close the door, and kiss me hard against the wall of the stall. I feel your tongue enter my mouth, your hands cup my breasts. Your fingers squeeze my nipples, I watch you push my skirt over my hips, as I spread my legs for you. I see your eyes wide, as it becomes apparent I have worn no panties.

Seeing your lust, when you smell my pussy. My body trembles knowing your tongue will invade my slit. Moaning, as I feel you lick my clit, sucking it. My hands in your hair, pulling you to my wet, dripping cunt. The excitement overtaking me, as you make love to my pussy for casino oyna the first time. Taking me in a public place.

Looking down at you, my fingers touch your raven colored hair. Feeling the silky strands slip through my fingers. My pussy sending shocks through my entire body as you lick me. Moaning as I feel your long finger enter my vagina. My walls clench around your finger as you search for my G spot. Screaming loudly as you find it. Not caring if anyone hears us. Feeling my O approaching as your hands squeeze my ass. Your tongue fucking my cunt. Pulling your hair, holding you to my pussy.

My O hits hard The cum flowing from me like a river. Your tongue lapping it, drinking my cream. The waves so strong. My body shaking, my hands grasping for anything to hold onto, in the cramped stall. I pull you up, and kiss you hard. Sucking your tongue into my mouth. My hands running up and down your back. Pulling you close to me.

I push you back, you fall onto the commode. I look down at you, the grin on my face, from ear to ear. Knowing I’m going to give you the same O you just gave me.

I get on my knees in front of you. Looking into your beautiful brown eyes, I whisper softly, that I love you. I push your top up, over your bra. I see your delicate breasts encased in white lace, so beautiful.

I then push your bra over your breasts. Exposing your milk white flesh to my adoring gaze. The pink nipples already canlı casino erect. I lean forward and take your right nipple into my eager mouth. Sucking the hard nub. Teasing it, flicking my tongue over the tip. Tasting your skin for the first time. Sucking hard on your nipple, wanting more. Wanting to suck your nipple till you cum. But I have other things in mind for your O.

I kiss my way to your left nipple. Looking up into your eyes, my mouth opens. My tongue snakes out to flick the tip. Licking it, sucking it. My teeth close on it, pulling it hard. Biting you for the first time. Hearing you moan inspires me.

My hands slip inside your shorts. My fingertips touching the waistband of your soft cotton panties. Sliding my fingers down the front of your panties. Feeling your soft curls thru the fabric. I find your warm wet slit.

I begin rubbing in small circles. Your head goes back, and a low moan escapes your sweet, sexy lips. My lips still licking your nipples, as I finger you thru your panties. The moisture flooding the crotch. Pushing thru the fabric into your slit. I unsnap your shorts, and pull them down your sweet legs. You sit looking at me wearing only your panties.

I kiss down your belly. My tongue, licking a trail to your mound. I pull the fabric of your panties aside. Exposing your bright pink slit. I sit back and admire your beauty. Looking up into your eyes, seeing your desire.

The lust overtakes kaçak casino me. My fingers pull your lips open, your hole in my view. My tongue thrusts into your vagina. Fucking you deeply. I hear you moan, as you push your hips up off the seat to meet my thrusts. Your pussy sending thrills through your entire body. My tongue deep inside you. Licking up your slit. Finding your hood pulling it back with my fingers. Exposing your red blood engorged clit. Sucking the nub into my mouth. Pulling it with my lips.

My eyes never leaving your sweet face. Watching your mouth open. The gasps escaping as the feelings overwhelm you. Fucking your hot pussy with my tongue. Eating you with the pent up passion of all the months of cyber.

Devouring my baby’s hot pussy. My hands slide up your sides. Holding you as you buck against my face. Your soft skin, milky white, so beautiful. My tongue deep inside you. Sliding my hands to your ass, holding your cheeks. Fucking you hard with my tongue. I spread your cheeks, and push my finger into your ass. Your hips buck hard. A scream escapes your lips, as the O hits you. Your body shaking, your hips bucking, the cum covering my face.

I stand and straddle you, as you come down from your O. Looking into your eyes, I kiss your soft lips. Our tongues dance, we hear the door. Footsteps. Someone has entered the ladies room.

We both stand up, and straighten our clothes. The woman enters the stall next to us. As her stall door shuts, we leave, and head for the door. Giggling like school girls.

We leave the airport. Walking to your car hand in hand. We get in your car and head for home…. our home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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