Locking Up the Library Ch. 03

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I had smuggled Sophia into my dormitory. There were rules about visitors, but with so many girls walking around, no one was checking any ID’s.

I got some towels and we started kissing again and undressing each other. We wrapped the towels around each other and I took her by her hand and let her to the showers on my floor. We checked that no one was seeing us and quickly jumped behind a curtain. The water was just the right temperature. We started kissing again, somewhere a few showers down, someone was singing Titanium, giving us the perfect soundtrack to make out.

It was the first time we were in a properly lit space and we curiously glanced at each other’s bodies. We applied soap to each other and gently touched our boobs, kissed and slowly moved our bodies against each other. The soap made us slippery and it felt so good moving against her, skin against skin. She was so beautiful. My hands wrapped around her bum and I squeezed it, pulling her closer, kissing her.

Suddenly we heard voices and decided it was better to sneak back. We grabbed our towels and tried not to giggle as we ran back towards my room and quickly hid inside.

We jumped on my bed and started laughing. “That was exciting” Sophia laughed, “I haven’t been in a dorm for way too long. Brings back so many memories.”

“I bet it does”, I smiled, “now let’s get you some fresh things to wear or you’ll catch our death. I’ll let you have go at my sacred underwear drawer.”

“Oh fun, I love going through other people’s panties” she grinned and winked at me. I handed her one of my undershirts and she put casino oyna it own. It gave me a sexy shiver seeing her wearing something of mine. We stepped up to my underwear drawer and she started looking through it curiously.

“Oh boy shorts, these will do nicely” she picked out a black pair, grinned and said “turn around please”. I did and when she gave me the ok, she was standing there just in my boy shorts and my undershirt, she looked so hot, I must have subconsciously bitten my lip.

“Why thank you Rachel.” She laughed and suddenly her eyes caught something. Her eyes widened and she stepped towards the drawer, “is that… oh my god.”

I blushed suddenly realizing what she’d found. “Nothing to see there!” I tried to close the drawer but she was quicker and pulled out my strap on I had hidden in the back of the drawer.

I took a step toward her and tried to grab it, but she had hidden it behind her back. She giggled, “it’s gorgeous, and I love the colour.” I took another step and reached around her, she let me take it, but held onto my wrist. I looked at her, her eyes looked into mine and then down to the strap on, my eyes followed and then they went up again and made contact. That’s all it took.

She pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard. Pinning my arms against the wall and scratching their way down until she had reached my breast and squeezed them hard. I moaned. She pulled on my towel and flung it on the bed. She kissed her way down to my nipples and played with them, licking them, sucking, biting. She knew exactly how to work me, I moaned so loud. Then she grabbed me canlı casino by the shoulder, turned me and threw me on my bed, I landed on my back.

“Stay like that and close your eyes!” I obeyed, I wanted nothing more than to obey her.

I don’t know how long I stayed like that, naked, on my back, legs slightly spread, when suddenly I could feel her tongue. “Oooooh” it felt so good. I dug my hands into my sheets and quietly moaned, arched my back as she went down on my, her fingers digging into the skin of my inner thighs only heightening the sensation. Her tongue felt so intense, she made me so wet. I could feel the orgasm build inside me, I wanted it, I needed it. And she gave me what I needed, I felt her nails digging deeper into my skin and she was licking me so hard and fast that I must have started to talk, but I couldn’t be sure, all I felt was her tongue fucking me and then I came, I came hard. The orgasmic wave sweeping through my body, I arched my back, grabbed her hair and pulled her towards me and kissed her. I wanted to taste myself on her tongue and we kissed hard and passionately. I bit her ear and whispered “I know you’re wearing it Sophia, fuck me!”

We quickly moved further onto the bed, she was pinning me down, kissing me, her breast pressing against mine, then her hand disappeared and I could feel her move the strap on into position. She looked at me, bit her lip and then slowly slid it inside me. I groaned with lust and kissed her. She moved her hips and pushed it deeper into me, then moving backwards and again into me, deeper this time. Slow but intense. We kissed and looked kaçak casino at each other. “That feels so good!”, I moaned.

She smiled and moved her hips with a bit more force. “God you should see yourself, you’re so beautiful.” I blushed and she kissed me again. “I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you hard.” It turned me on so much hearing that in her sexy, husky voice. She bent down to bite my nipples and I wrapped my arms around her, feeling that she was starting to sweat. That was so sexy. “Faster, do it faster.” I groaned. She didn’t need to be encouraged any further, she thrust harder and deeper, picking up speed. She pinned down my arms again and bit my neck. I screamed, and moaned as she was fucking me faster and faster. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer, my moans must have told her that because she was picking up even more speed, biting my ear and whispering: “I’m gonna make you cum so hard Rachel!”

I closed my eyes and let myself be completely taken over by the rhythm of her fucking me, I moaned as felt myself plunge into the abyss, I must have moaned so hard she put her hand over my mouth. I didn’t really notice, I was completely taken over by earth shattering orgasm that was going through my body. I got my hands free and dug my fingernails into her ass, wrapping my legs around her and pulling her as close as I could, moaning, sweating, cumming before the tidal wave eventually calmed down and I slowly collapsed, a sweaty mess, breathing heavily, while Sophia just looked at me, taking it all in, smiling, loving it.

After a while I had caught some of my breath back and I looked at her happily. “I better don’t wake up back at the library and realize this has been a dream!”

She laughed and pinched my butt. I squealed and giggled.

“No, definitely not a dream.”

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