Lessons Ch. 02

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Authors note: This is the second part of Lessons. As I said in the first one, each chapter is from another characters point of view. The first one was from Ann’s view. This one is from Samantha’s view. I received a feedback from a reader who was very angry with me for not putting in the title that there were other parts after that one. I did mention in the authors note that there were other chapters, but maybe I was not clear enough. So, this one of course is titled Lessons Ch. 2. in addition, I will mention here that there are other chapters after this one, and yes, you will see to be continued at the end of this story. I hope you enjoy it. After Samantha and Julie became entwined over a kissing lesson at a party, they went their separate ways. Neither one had bothered to get the other’s phone number; after all, it was just a night of passion, nothing more right? So they thought. Fate was not to let them go on their merry way. This is what happened from Samantha’s point of view.


The morning came way too quickly; the sun shined through my window and blinded me to waken. I moaned deeply and tried to hide from it, but no matter how thick my cover was, it beckons me from my bed. Rolling slowly to one side, my feet went over the edge and contacted the wood floor warmed by the sun’s rays. I breathed in deeply, carefully to test the state of my head. I had enough to drink the night before that would bring a horse down.

I was pleased to find no headache waiting to bring me to my knees, or better yet hanging my head over the toilet. Slowly I got to my feet, and I felt the slight bruising of my body from the passion I had shared with Julie. Damn, she was an excellent lover. Never before had I met someone that turned me on as much as she did. I didn’t usually just have sex with someone I hardly knew. Damn that kissing lesson, damn Ann for asking me to help. Then again, maybe I should be thanking her.

It had been so very long since I had felt my body convulse like that. Yes, I would have to write her and thank her, hell maybe I should just volunteer for more lessons like that. I stopped in front of the bathroom mirror and looked at the image staring back at me, the eyes filled with left over lust as I remembered the night before, how Julie’s hands had felt on my body, and oh my god how her mouth felt on me. I shivered with the memories, and found myself gripping the edge of the sink hard enough to turn my knuckles white. I shook my head and began to get ready for my day. I could not let a wonderful night of memories distract me. After all, it was just a one-night stand.

As I drove down the street to the baseball field I began to think about Julie again, I wondered what she was doing, then would shake my head and tell myself to get over it. I was sure she had her own life, and was sure she was not thinking about me. I pulled into a lot filled with other cars and saw my fellow teammates getting ready for our game. Many of them at been at the party last night and they began to giggle at me as I walked towards them. I just smiled, set my gear on the bench, and started to suit up.

I was the catcher for this team, and personally, I loved the job, I mean how else can you get away with looking at a woman’s ass. After all I was right on the level of most, as long as I remembered to catch the pitch I was fine. I listened to their teasing and just grinned at them as they tried to get details from me. I tried to look as if it was nothing much, but my close friends could tell how it really was from the look in my eyes.

I paid scant attention to the other team as they arrived one by one, going to their side of the field and readying themselves. I rarely bothered to observe them in the bench. I was more interested in what they did on the field. Finally, it was time to get started. The ref called us on the field, we were the first to take it, since it was our home, and the right to bat first went to them. I crouched down behind casino oyna home base and pulled my mask over my face; waiting to catch the few practice balls, we were allowed. The ref called for the first batter, and I went into game mode.

I took a moment to gather my view of the batter’s ass, noting quickly she had too much back there and gave my attention to my pitcher; the first ball was a strike. I smiled; this was going to be way too easy. My pitcher struck her out in short order, the second came up and she too was sent back to the bench. I was quite pleased with our progress and decided I would reward myself with a gander at the next batter’s ass.

As soon as I looked up enough to see it, I about fell over. I knew that ass, I knew the curves, and I had felt the flesh under my touch. I blinked, then I shook my head, turning my mind back to the game just in time to catch the ball coming in quick to my glove, or so I thought. The sound of the bat hitting the ball echoed in my ear, I knew it was going to keep going just from the sound of it, yet I stood up quickly to catch it if we were lucky enough to keep it infield.

No such luck though and I watched the woman run around the bases, I kept watching her, the brim of her hat was down to far for me to see her well, her hair was up inside of her hat, but I knew that body. She rounded third and headed my way, but I was soon pushed out of the way by her fellow teammates, and before I could get a good look, they hauled her away as if she had just won the game for them. Damn I thought, it is only the first inning.

The next batter came to the plate and she was struck down quickly, now it was time for us to get some pay back. I watched as three of my mates went up and loaded the bases for me. It was now my turn, I was the power hitter, I would bring them home, even if I didn’t come all the way, they would. I never hit less than a triple, and if I did, I always pushed to third anyway I liked taking chances sometimes.

I stepped into the box after taking a few practice swings. I was known to have a weird stance, and sometimes the pitcher would look at me weird, this one did as well, but soon she cleared her mind and fired the first one in. See my stance gives me a weird strike zone and I grinned as the ref called it a ball. I stepped out and swung a few more practice swings and stepped back into the box, the ball was coming in quick, it was a change up, or so she was trying, it too was called a ball.

I decided to be a smart ass and tell the catcher I wished her pitcher would throw something that was worth hitting, she called a time out, and without looking at me went to her pitcher. I was pleased, at least now, maybe I could bring in three instead of being forced to walk and only bring in one. She came back to the plate and I noticed she was the same woman I had been watching, oh shit, I thought to myself. Damn it Sam get your mind back on the game. I stepped back into the box, the next ball came in quick and hard, and I swung. STRIKE ONE. Damn it! I stepped out of the box and took a deep breath in. No way in hell was I going to let a woman make me miss this ball.

I stepped back in and closed my mind down, the ball came in, the same as before, except this time my bat made contact, and hard. I could feel the sting in my hands as I hit the ball, I could hear my bat cracking and I cussed under my breath as I ran to first, looking to my ball and seeing how far it really went.

Damn it was going to fall in the outfield instead of going over the fence. I ran for second, I still had time. I ran for third, my coach told me to stay. Oh, hell no I could not do that. I looked over my shoulder watching as the outfielder hit her cut off man. I would make it, I ran hard and fast. I saw the ball out of the corner of my eye, I was racing it. I saw the catcher covering the base. I was faster yet I still dove face first into the dirt, sliding my body into the plate and the canlı casino catcher, the ball rolled away from her glove. SAFE! I grinned and looked past the mask right into Julie’s eyes.

She whispered with a grin on her face. “Somehow I don’t think you are.”

The rest of the game was a blur, no one else scored and it went quickly. We won 4-1. My mates were congratulating me. We had plans to go to the pub and have a few drinks. I didn’t know it then, but someone had invited the other team as we normally did. I got in my car, I looked for Julie, but she had already left. I didn’t know why but my heart sunk at the thought of not getting her number this time.

I breathed in slowly and drove to the pub; we always went there right after, so the bartender was use to seeing us grubby when we walked in. She greeted us and asked how the game went. My mates began a wild tale of me and my daredevil ways to win the game. It wasn’t as exciting as they made it sound. I just sat at the bar drinking my beer and laughing as they told their wild story.

Finally, little groups broke off and everyone was settled into the semi celebration. I had to go to the bathroom to empty some of the beer out and made my way through the crowd, semi looking for Julie. However, I did not see her anywhere, and thought perhaps she chose not to come. I pushed past the last few people and entered the woman’s restroom. All the stalls were full and I had to stand against the wall until one emptied. Finally, I was able to empty my bladder. I had heard the others leave one by one, and knew I was alone when I went to the sinks to wash my hands. At least I thought I was alone. My head was bent down, paying attention to what I was doing when suddenly I felt hands on my hips. I jerked my head up and saw the image of Julie in the mirror.

“Well it is about time I found you alone,” She said with a smile as she began to grind against my back. I could feel her breasts caressing over my back, and her hips pushing against my ass. I turned slowly into her arms, wrapping my own around her waist.

“What took you so long?”

She didn’t answer me; she just took my hand and led me out of the bar to her car. I didn’t even think about leaving my car behind. I would follow her anywhere and that thought didn’t even bother to disturb me. After driving for a few miles we pulled into a drive leading up to a beautiful house, she parked and got out, I followed of course. She unlocked the front door and we slipped inside. I could hear her lock the door after she closed it, the sound played over and over in my head. Of course, I was there for a reason.

We never spoke, we looked into each other’s eyes, took each other’s hands. She led me to her bedroom, closing the door behind us, pushing me against the door. Her lips met mine and I melted into her arms. She whispered against them,

“Think we can make it to the bed this time lover?”

I responded by sliding my hands down her back, cupping her ass and pulling her up against me. Holding her against me, lifting her from the floor and carried her over to her four-poster bed. I laid her back on the soft mattress, my lips caressing over her neck, kissing and biting under her ear. Her moans whispered over my ear and I trembled against her. My hands traveled along her body, taking clothes from her as they did, caressing each bit of flesh that came to my fingertips with caring and desire. I was so hot for this woman, I knew I had to go slowly, I wanted the night to last, but the urges in both of us were consuming us and soon she was ripping my clothes off me, until finally we were both naked against each other on the bed.

Our heated bodies rubbing against each other, making it hotter in the room, raising our lust to higher degrees. I kissed over her neck; I kissed down her shoulder, over the swell of each breast, teasing by kissing around her budding nipples. She squirmed under my body, moving against me trying kaçak casino to get my thigh against her hot pussy. I wanted to feel her wetness, I needed to feel it. I moved into position, the searing heat of her burning my skin as I pressed tight to her and felt her arch up to make her clit rub against me.

I had not been thinking about what she could do to me now, I was only thinking about wanting to make her moan, wanting to hear her scream my name. My mouth went over her nipple sucking into the warmth as one hand slide down her side, over her hip, between her thighs under me and over her pussy. My fingers parted her swollen lips, nudging against the throbbing budding clit. Teasing it slowly, working my finger back and forth over it, then sliding down, pushing into her, filling her with two fingers as I slam my thigh against the back of my hand.

She pushed her thigh between my legs and slammed against me, thrusting me forward into her breast as I sucked on her nipple. I growled low and I could feel my juices begin to paint her thigh. I could not help but to grind against her thigh as my fingers worked her pussy over, thrusting in and out with the motion of my thigh against her, making sure the heel of my hand was grinding against her clit.

Her hands came to my back, I could feel her nails sinking into my flesh and raking it as her moans filled my ears. I let her nipple slide out of my mouth and I captured her mouth once more. My tongue snaking in fucking her mouth as my fingers fucked her pussy. Our bodies entwined together rutting against each other, pussies being fucked and rubbed, clits throbbing, breaths gasping as the bed rocked under us. I tried to hold it back, I tried to fight the waves I could feel rushing towards me. I wanted it to last longer.

I wanted to hear her scream first, but her thigh was insistent, rubbing me in just the right spot. My clit was aching and throbbing harder. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I growled into her mouth, pulling away as I thrust myself against her even harder, in turn fucking her pussy with my fingers harder. I could see the look in her eyes, she was close to. I would cum with her, and she knew it. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her body began to thrash under me, wildly moving against me as I did her. My mouth, face fell to the crook of her neck breathing in heavy.


“Cum with me”

Words spilling from which one we didn’t know, we didn’t care. The wave was hitting us, our minds went blank, and all we could do was feel and feel and explode against each other, making us both scream. My head came flying up as my pussy moved faster over her thigh, my fingers moving faster in her until I could fill her pussy squeezing my fingers with her release. The feeling made me cum even harder, thrusting against her faster. Our bodies a blur until finally we fell. Me into her body, her deeper into the bed. Panting, trying to catch our breath, kissing each other on the neck, soft moans escaping our lips.

“Lover, I have to tell you something.”

I looked up into her eyes as our bodies finally relaxed and settled against each other. “What?”

“There is a camera in here.”

I smiled as I leaned up to look into her eyes more, then around the room trying to spot it.

“Hmm, and who gets to see it?”

“Well she is watching right now.” She smiled at me and waited to see what I would say.

“Who is?” I rolled off her and sat on the bed beside her. I was interested to know who wanted to see us badly enough for her to put a camera in her bedroom, then again, maybe she did this all the time. I didn’t know her well enough to think differently.

“Your friend Ann.”

“Oh really?” I laughed and got off the bed and began looking through her drawers. She read my mind and pointed me to the one that held her toys. I opened it and saw what I was looking for. A strap on. Mine was at home, very uncomfortable to wear at a baseball game. I took it out and slid it onto my thighs, making sure it was nice and tight before adjusting the cock. “Well I think she needs to come join us now, don’t you?”

“Oh most definitely.”

to be continued…

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