Lesbian Rapist

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The Usual Disclaimers: If you are under 18 or this type of material is illegal where you live, please leave now. The author does not condone rape or abuse in anyway, remember this is a fantasy and all characters are fictional.

Lesbian Rapist – The First Time

My name is Katrina, I am a 30 years old and single. I am 5’7″ 130 pounds with long red hair and green eyes. My long shapely legs and 36 C breasts have gotten me a lot of attention through the years.

I have been bisexual since I was 15 when I was seduced by an older girl from the cheerleading squad. It did not take me long to realize I was a control freak in bed as well as in other parts of my life. It helped me become a successful person in the business world as a stock broker and financial planner, but sometimes it scared off potential sex partners.

PART 1 – Background

I met Angie one night in a hotel bar. It was late and we were both a little tipsy. We flirted back and forth and at the end of the night we were both to drunk to drive home so I convinced her to share a hotel room with me. Angie is a tall brunette with brown eyes and long hair curly hair. She had perky 34 B breasts, a cute butt, and long legs. She was in her mid to late 20’s.

It did not take long for us to start rolling around on the bed making out and it lead to a night of wild sex. The next morning we were more relaxed but still hungry for each other.

Angie turned out to be submissive and since I am a controlling bitch so we got along well and the sex was incredible. Before we left the hotel that day we talked and decided that we would meet again but we would keep our relationship mysterious. No exchanging of phone numbers, no addresses, we left not even knowing each others last name.

We agreed to meet every other Friday in the same hotel bar that we met in the night before. We kept this torrid relationship going for several months, each meeting led to sex, each time it was wilder and kinkier than before.

One night after sex we were in bed cuddled up and talking. Angie shared a deep dark fantasy of hers. She dreamed of having a female intruder break into her house and tie her up. The intruder would use and abuse her. Basically she wanted to be raped by another woman.

It made us both hot and led to another round of rough kinky sex. When we were through she said her birthday was coming up next week. I jokingly asked her if she wanted anything special for her birthday and she look at me with a serious expression on her face. “Katrina I trust you and I want you to help me make my fantasy come true.”

I asked her if she was sure and she said “Yes, I have thought about this a lot and I want this more than anything.” She told me she lived alone. No one else would be in the house but her.

Before we left the hotel that day she wrote her address on a piece of paper and said that she would “accidentally” leave her patio door unlocked for a week.

It was up to me to decide what day to come to her house. __________


The idea of what Angie wanted me to do turned me on every time I thought about it. I decided if it was what she wanted I would do my best to fullfil her fantasy.

I knew I needed a bag to carry my tools. I decided to use an old oversized black purse. It was way outdated and I have no idea why I still had it. It was huge and had enough room for what I needed.

Now being into kinky sex I had amassed a nice collection of adult toys. I had two pair of hand cuffs, a set of nipple clips, a vibrator, a medium size butt plug, and my 10 inch strap on. I put them all into the bag. I also threw in a pair of used panties, a small ping pong paddle, some candles, a lighter, and a kitchen knife. My Motto was BE PREPARED.

I decided to do it on Monday, the first day she said she would leave the door unlocked. I figured she would not expect me to do it so soon and I would catch her by surprise.

I waited until about 10 P.M. to leave my apartment. I threw my bag onto the passenger seat and checked the piece of paper Angie had given me. It said “125 Jackson.”

I found 125 Jackson Street easily enough and parked on a side street to wait. I could watch the house from where I was parked. I watched the lights go out as she went from room to room. I decided to give her some time to go to sleep so I could really catch her by surprise. __________


I waited until I could not wait any longer and left my car. The street was deserted at this late hour. I was actually shaking with excitement and anticipation as I made my way to the back yard of Angie’s house. There was the patio and the sliding glass door.

I tried the door but it was locked. Had Angie just forgot? Had she changed her mind and chickened out? I tried a window but it too was locked. I was about to give up but as I tried another window it was unlocked. It was the window to the laundry room.

I threw my bag in and crawled through the window. It was a tight casino siteleri fit, I guess Angie decided to make me work for my reward, I made a mental note to make her pay for that when I had her at my mercy.

After I was in I tried to be as quiet as I could as I walked down the hall looking for the master bedroom. I found the door slightly ajar and looked in, through the darkness I could make out a form on the bed.

I listened and heard light snoring so I knew she was asleep. I ease the door open a little farther and made my way into the room. I took both pairs of handcuffs and my pair of dirty panties out of my bag and left it by the door.

I knew I had to be quick to get her cuffed and gagged before she became fully awake. I attached one end of each set of cuffs to the bedposts at the head of the bed. I cuffed her left wrist loosely trying not to wake her up. As I cuffed her right hand I sensed she was starting to wake up so I clamped the cuffs hard and as she opened her mouth to scream I stuffed the dirty panties into her mouth.

As she struggled and kicked I tightened the cuff on her left hand. I went to the door and flipped on the light switch. What the hell? That was not Angie cuffed to the bed. It was an older woman with short blonde hair. In her struggle to free her hands she had kicked the blanket to the floor.

Oh my, she had a great body with a nice set of breasts and sexy legs. She was wearing a peach colored T-shirt and matching panties. She was also wearing a sleep mask which effectively blindfolded her. God she was hot.

I had brought my video camera with me, I thought it would be fun to video tape it and Angie and I could watch it together later. I set the camera on the bureau and made sure it had a good view of the bed.

I was confused but excited beyond belief. I knew I should stop but I couldn’t. As I neared the bed she sensed me standing there and started kicking at me. I decided I needed to do something to stop that, so I looked through the dresser in the corner of the bedroom.

I found her lingerie drawer and took out two stockings. I used one to tie each foot to a bedpost. It was a fight but I finally got her under control. The woman on the bed was struggling and it caused her shirt to rise up showing off a flat tummy and lots of tanned skin.

I felt bad for a moment but decided If I let her lose now I would be in deep trouble anyway. I tried to rationalize my actions by trying to convince myself that this is just some game Angie was playing on me and this blonde is another girlfriend of hers.

I decided I was in trouble either way but the blonde was beautiful and I was so turned on at the moment that I was not thinking straight and I doubted if I could have stopped if I wanted to. for some perverse reason I wanted to look into her eyes. To see her fear. I pulled the mask off of her and stared into brilliant blue eyes that were filled with fear.

When she seen that the person who had tied her to the bed was female her fear ease a little and was mixed with confusion. I smiled down at my blonde victim.

Her eyes stayed on me as I kicked my shoes off and started to undress. I removed the black hooded sweatshirt and let my long red hair fall down around my shoulders. I was not wearing a bra tonight because I thought Angie and I would both be naked quickly and it would save me some time. I heard her gasp as I peeled off my black T-shirt exposing my 36 C breasts.

I unzipped my jeans and slid them down my legs. Seeing my victim staring hard at me, I turned my back to the bed and slide my red bikini panties down and off. I wiggled my ass as I walked back to the door and retrieved my bag. After I got the knife from the bag I dropped the bag on a chair and climbed up on the bed straddling the blonde at the waist.

I reached down and caressed her beautiful face gently, she was trembling at my touch. I move my face down close to hers and whispered that I was going to remove the panties from her mouth, if she screamed she would pay for it later. Just to make her believe I was serious I let the tip of the knife brush lightly against her neck.

As I removed the panties I did not give her a chance to scream or to say a word. I leaned in and kissed her fully on the lips, As she tried to open her mouth to protest I started to explore her mouth with my tongue. She was struggling trying to get free. I broke the kiss and set back. I guess she was in some state of shock because all she did was look up at me.

Finally I asked her what her name was, she did not answer. I slapped her across the face. What is your name I repeated. Still no answer. I slapped her harder this time. When I drew my hand back to slap her a third time she whispered, “Patti, my name is Patti.”

“well my dear Patti, do you know a brunette named Angie?”

She just shook her head no.

“I see, well she gave me this address…”

That is when Patti said “I will give you money, you can have my jewelry, just let me go canlı casino please!!!”

I gave her my best evil smile, “I am not here to rob you, do you think I would undress just to take a few dollars and some cheap jewelry?”

It took a few seconds for the implications of that statement to sink in. She started struggling again. I laughed as I cupped her ample breasts and leaned in and kissed her a second time, her mind was still struggling but her body was starting to give in as her lips opened to allow my tongue to enter.

I set back and told her that if she cooperated I would try not to be to rough on her, but if she resisted or tried to fight me it would very painful and I would still get what I wanted. I reached down and grabbed the collar of Patti’s T-shirt. After I made a small cut with the knife, I pulled hard and the flimsy material tore easily as I ripped the shirt from her body.

“My. My what nice breasts.” I leaned down and took her right nipple into my mouth. I start licking and sucking on it making it hard. I repeated my actions with the left nipple. As I was sucking one I would pinch and twist the other nipple.

When I bit down hard on one of her nipples, she screamed. I asked her if she wanted to be gagged again? she shook her head no.

After playing with her nipples for a few minutes I crawled off of her and got my bag. I took out my pair of nipple clips with jagged teeth and as she seen them she screamed NO and started thrashing around trying to free herself again.

Instead of slapping her face, my hand came down hard slapping her right breast. She still struggled so I slapped the left breast, then the right one again.

She was still struggling but not as much. I licked her right nipple again making sure it was hard as I attached the clip to it, I was expecting another scream but all I heard was a low moan. I did the same to the left nipple and this time she just whispered “oh God.”

I stepped back and looked at her once again. As I was admiring her body I asked if she was bi? She told me No, I then asked her if she ever fantasized about other women. She turned her head and would not answer me. I reached out and rubbed her cunt through her panties. She jumped. I smiled as I realized Patti was wet, this was turning her on at least a little.

I pulled at the waist band of her panties and they tore away easily. Now we were both completely nude. I rubbed her pussy again this time tracing the lips with my finger. I stuck a finger into her moist hot cunt and started working it in and out.

After my finger was coated with her juices I removed it and she watched me lick it clean. I inserted my finger again then held it to her mouth and told her to lick it clean, she turned her head so I reached down and slapped her cunt hard making her jump.

I stuck my finger into her mouth and made her suck it clean. I told her not to be shy, she tasted delicious. With that comment I leaned down and started licking her pussy. I licked for several minutes and would occasionally flick my tongue over her clit causing her whole body to tremble.

I started sucking and biting her clit and in no time her body went stiff and with a half moan-half squeal she came hard. Wow did her juices flow. I tried to lick it all up but there was just too much.

Finally when she had quit shaking and relaxed I crawled back to the head of the bed and kissed her deep, letting her taste her own juices on my lips. She was either to weak or to stunned to fight me this time. When I broke the kiss she was laying there with her eyes closed, I think she was still feeling the effects of her orgasm. I went back to my bag of tricks and got out my 8″ vibrator.

Patti’s eyes flew open as she felt the buzz on her pussy. She moaned again and was pushing her hips up trying to let her pussy touch the vibrator. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her with it? You could see the struggle on her face before she finally just nodded her head yes. I slowly inserted it into her pussy. I worked it in and out slowly and it was driving her crazy. Finally I decided it was my turn for some pleasure so I jammed all 8 inches into her cunt and left it there buzzing away.

I crawled to the head of the bed and put a knee on each side of her head. She was trying to say NO as I lowered my cunt to her lips. “Bitch eat my sweet pussy” I all but screamed.

She was hesitant but she could not resist for long and I felt her sink her tongue deep into my pussy. MMMMM I was still not convinced she was not bi because she was doing a great job. I felt her body go into convulsions as I assumed the vibrator made her cum again. She had quit licking, but I was grinding my wet cunt all over her beautiful face. Before long I covered her face with my cum.

I was breathing hard and sweating but God did it feel so good.

As I finally came down from my orgasm and climbed off the bed, I heard Patti ask if I was going to let her go now. I laugh and said we were just getting started. I removed kaçak casino the vibrator from her cunt and she watched me lick it clean and put it back into my bag.

She looked hopeful as I untied her feet. She was still cuffed to the bed though and before she thought about kicking at me again I grabbed the right foot and pulled it over her head and tied it to the same bedpost her right hand was cuffed to.

Again I repeated my actions with the left foot, effectively bending her double, exposing her ass and cunt for my use. I went to my bag and got the ping pong paddle.

WHACK….WHACK….WHACK….WHACK….WHACK….I did this until both cheeks was a nice dark shade of red. I heard my blonde beauty crying. I felt bad again, so I leaned in and kissed both cheeks. licking between her butt cheeks and swirling my tongue around rimming her ass. She had quit crying and was moaning now.

I licked from her ass to her cunt and back again. When I quit licking her, she pleaded with me to keep it up, she was on the verge of yet another climax. I laughed and informed her she would cum when I was ready, not her. She was whimpering and all but begging by now.

I slide my 10 inch strap on up my leg and fastened it into place. I rubbed the tip across her pussy lips getting the head wet. Then I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her.

“God No, please, that is to big” she screamed at me. I smiled and pushed my hips forward burying the entire length of my “cock” into her pussy. I held it there for several seconds. Then started easing it back out.

I would ram the strap on hard into her cunt then slowly pull it back. Each thrust forward, the nub on the end against my cunt would rub against my clit making my pussy throb. Before long I was thrusting in and out of her cunt with wild abandon. We were both building up to an incredible orgasm and it was only a matter of time before ripples of pleasure was pulsing through my body.

By now Patti was screaming at me to fuck her and fuck her hard. I was fucking her abused cunt hard, fast and rough. OH FUCK!!!! We screamed together as we were both hit with an earth shaking orgasm.

I collapse on top of Patti and just lay there unable to move for several minutes. Eventually I regain the strength to move and I pulled the strap on from Patti’s abused pussy. I untied Patti’s feet then found my jeans and searched the pockets for the key to the handcuffs. Neither of us had said anything since we came together.

Patti was watching my every move, I think she was afraid to get her hopes up that her ordeal was over. Before I unlocked the cuffs and set her free, I removed the nipple clips. The feeling of blood rushing back into her nipples must have been intense as her body shivered and a moan escaped her lips. I could not help myself, I kissed each nipple them sucked them gently.

I unlocked the cuffs from the bed post and she sat up for the first time since I had entered her bedroom. She was rubbing her wrists. trying to get the blood circulating back into her arms.

I told Patti that I if she even thought about going to the police that I would make sure the video tape would be made public, and that everyone would see her being fucked by another woman. They would see her enjoying it and begging for more.

I then ordered her to go to the bathroom and clean up. She had trouble standing but eventually managed to walk to the bathroom.

I was almost dressed when I heard her start the shower. I grabbed my bag of toys and the camera and let myself out. As I drove home I could not believe what I had done. It was all I could think of and it turned me to no end. __________

It was Friday night and I was sitting alone in the hotel bar. I had no idea if Angie would even show so I sat there nursing my drink watching the crowd. When I was all but ready to say forget it and leave I seen Angie come into the bar.

Her eyes searched the room and when she seen me she looked mad. She came up to me. “I thought you were going to help me fulfill my fantasy? I left the door unlocked and waited for you.”

I told her I went where she told me to but apparently it was the wrong address.

“I gave you my correct address, 125 Jackson Lane. I waited all week with my back door unlocked, you never came by.”

Jackson Lane I asked? I still had the paper she wrote her address on in my purse. I dug it out and handed it to her. Angie looked at it and seen all it said was 125 Jackson. I told her I assume it was Jackson street.

“So you went to 125 Jackson Street? What happened?”

Not wanting to tell her about Patti I said, “Yes, but it was a vacant lot. I was mad for awhile thinking you played a mean joke on me”.

We laughed about the mix up and she lean close and said, “why don’t you let me make it up to you tonight. I already booked a room, just in case.”

I smiled and said, “that sounds like fun why don’t you go up and I will get my overnight bag out of car and meet you there.”

I watched her walk away and headed for my car. After my night with Patti I had lost interest in what I had with Angie. Instead of getting my things and going to the room, I got into my car and drove home. I never went back to that bar and never seen Angie again.

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