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Jennifer stood on her front porch and waved as her two children ran down the street to catch the school bus. At 33 she often was mistaken for someone in her early twenties. This was due to the rigorous schedule she followed. Her black hair was cut short and off her face, the better to see her ice blue eyes and her pert upturned nose. Her figure was an astonishing 40D” x 24″x 32″ and at 5′ 6″ she looked like an hour glass with 15 minutes of extra sand thrown in for good measure.

She looked next door and saw her neighbor Betty doing the same thing. Her two kids were the same age, but her son was older by one year then her daughter, where Jennifer’s daughter was a year older than her son was. It worked out perfectly for both families. Both kids had playmates and classmates. They even studied together after school at Jennifer’s house to use the Internet.

Betty caught Jennifer’s eye and waved a coffee cup and looked questioning at her. Jennifer smiled and pointed at her watch and raised 2 fingers, signaling that she needed 2 hours before she could come over. Betty looked sternly at her, shook her blonde head and raised 1 finger in response. Betty expected her in 1 hour. Jennifer nodded sheepishly and ducked quickly back into the house, suddenly extremely excited.

It had been a frustrating 2 weeks that the kids had been home from camp, but not at school. They had only been able to see each other in public; Jennifer had seen the look in Betty’s eyes the night before when the two families had dinner together. That look told Jennifer that as soon as the kids went back to school, she would be put through the ringer, and she could not wait.

She had showered right after her husband and was dressed and ready to go, but she had to finish cleaning the house. It would not do to have her husband come home and wonder what she had done all day. The kid’s rooms were clean, so she made the bed in the master bedroom and set dinner up in the crock-pot. She quickly ran the vacuum over the living room and was finished. One last walk through and she was satisfied that the housework was finished. She had two minutes left when she changed her shoes, walked out the door and locked it before heading next door to Betty’s.

Jennifer let herself in through the side door into the mudroom and locked it behind her. She unbuttoned the shoulder buttons on her short set and unzipped it, letting it fall to the floor at her feet. She wore nothing beneath her short set and stood naked in the mudroom but for the 4-inch heels she wore. She reached into her large purse and pulled 5 dog collars out. Two she buckled around her ankles and two went around her wrists. The last collar had a leash attached and a dog tag that read “Betty’s Bitch”. Jennifer buckled this collar about her throat and put the leash between her teeth, got down to all fours and crawled into the kitchen.

Betty sat waiting for her slave in the kitchen sipping her coffee, with her legs crossed. She too was naked except for her heels, 5-inch black patent leather. Betty was a year older than Jennifer was, and half an inch taller, but their sizes were exactly the same. Jennifer kept her head down and eyes locked on the floor and crawled to Betty’s feet, where she pushed her face down and let the leash rest on the floor and started to lick Betty’s toe caps.

Betty felt the soft tongue run over the tops of her shoes and brush to top of her foot and smiled. Jennifer had learned fast, and accepted her place at her Mistress’s feet eagerly. Jennifer was better educated, her husband made more money, and she was prettier, but Betty had her under her thumb, and Jennifer was always craving more.

Jennifer sucked and licked Betty’s shoe clean, taking special care to do the underside and back. She could barely get her mouth around to suck the heel, but she managed without disturbing her Mistress. She touched her tongue to Betty’s soft warm flesh as often as she thought she could, but waited for her to shift so that she could do the other shoe. When she finished the first shoe, Jennifer indicated to Betty that she was done by sucking the whole toecap into her mouth and licking the bottom. Betty pulled her foot roughly from Jennifer’s mouth and re-crossed her legs. Jennifer did not hesitate, and she thrust her mouth on the other foot and started to lick and suck it clean.

Betty let her go on like this for some minutes, smelling the juices of both herself and her slave, reveling in the anticipation. She thought about the last time that they had done this. She had tied Jennifer to the couch facing the window and spanked her without mercy. The people passing by on the street could only make out vague outlines through the sheers, but Betty felt that Jennifer had been on display for the world. She had something even more tortuous for her this time.

Jennifer slaved away on her Mistress’s feet and shoes, hoping to please her, but knew that was impossible, and she was glad. The fact that Betty would be furious about casino siteleri how Jennifer licked her shoes clean, no matter how good a job she did, would cause her to punish Jennifer, and that was what Jennifer needed right now. The small bits of dirt imbedded in the sole of her shoe caused Jennifer some difficulty, but she continued until Betty pulled the shoe from between her lips.

“Look at this mess.” Betty ordered. “You call this clean? The dog could do a better job. Up on your knees, and don’t forget your leash.” Jennifer obeyed instantly, picking her leash up in her mouth and sitting up on her knees like a dog. Betty took the leash and led her out from under the kitchen table on her knees and placed her in front of Betty’s chair. Picking up a roll of butcher’s twine from the table Betty proceeded to tie Jennifer’s breasts in a tight figure eight, leaving her gasping for breath through clenched teeth.

Jennifer could now see her Mistress wore the strap on 10″ dildo that they had bought together on that day trip downtown. The thought of that monster ripping into her moist flesh made Jennifer even more aroused. She could feel her juices pooling between her legs on the kitchen floor, and smell her scent rising from her puddle.

Betty tugged on the twine and the gasp Jennifer made told her it was tight enough. Walking behind her Betty pulled Jennifer’s arms behind her back and clipped the collars she wore on her wrist together. Taking more twine Betty tied Jennifer’s elbows together, pulling them until they almost touched. Jennifer was gasping and shaking by this point, her breasts thrust forward, pulling at the twine. Betty was pleased with her progress; there had been a time, not long ago, when Jennifer’s elbows wouldn’t come close to where they were now. Betty walked back to sit in front of her kneeling slave and put the twine and scissors back on the kitchen table.

She fondled the reddening breasts and extremely erect nipples and Jennifer twisted and turned in place, trying to escape the pain of her breasts, but Betty had more in store for her. Picking up the container of dental floss, Betty pulled out a length of it and broke it clean, and then she tied it tightly to the stiff nipple of her slave. Jennifer winced as the thin string bit into her flesh, but could not stop the pain or her Mistress from repeating the procedure on her other nipple. Tears were welling up in Jennifer’s eyes but she was also leaking pussy juice on the floor at a greater rate, showing just how excited and happy she was.

Betty leaned back in the chair and watched her bitch writhe in pain. She took the toe of her shoe and worked in between Jennifer’s spread legs and into her dripping pussy. The pointed toe rubbed her clit and lips and Jennifer started to thrust herself onto the probing toe. Thrusting harder and faster, Jennifer was approaching her release when the toe was removed and left her hanging. Jennifer’s eyes flew open and she looked imploringly at Betty, but did not speak. Betty shook her head and took the leash from Jennifer’s mouth and pulled her forward into Betty’s open thighs.

Jennifer lost her balance and almost fell into Betty’s crotch, but stopped when she reached the massive dildo jutting up from Betty’s loins. The harness was the one with the split in the crotch so that the wearer could be licked while she wore it. Jennifer opened her lips and took the fake penis into her mouth and throat. Betty hung the loop of the leash over her wrist and twirled her fingers into Jennifer’s hair and started to guide her up and down the massive member. This model had no scrotum attached so Jennifer worked hard to reach the base of it to stick her tongue through the slit and into Betty’s pussy. She had yet to master that technique, and knew that she never would, but still she tried.

Betty established a rhythm with Jennifer’s face and then took her hands off her head. Jennifer kept the pace set by her Mistress. But she still could not get more than 7 inches into her mouth and throat. When the dildo was dripping salvia down onto the harness, Betty pulled Jennifer off and slid down in the chair, opening her legs and Jennifer lunged forward to lap at the exposed pussy. Jennifer thrust her tongue up Betty’s dripping cunt and scooped out the juices waiting there. Betty grabbed her head and crushed it into her pelvis and started to ride her face. Thrusting up and down, Betty ground her clit against Jennifer’s nose and came to a shattering climax. As her orgasm passed, Betty collapsed on the chair, and Jennifer continued to lick and suck her through the harness.

Betty pushed her away and stood over her sex slave. Picking up the leash, she tugged to get Jennifer to stand. This was another skill that she had worked hard to master under Betty’s gentle tutelage. Leading her over to the railing that separated the kitchen from the sunken living room, Betty pushed Jennifer’s back until she bent over and lay on the railing, her legs spread and her canlı casino ass high in the air. Betty had her husband reinforce the railing to take this weight by saying that the kids liked to lean on it and she did not want them to tear it from the wall and floor. Now she had her slave bent over it at the perfect height for fucking or spanking.

Jennifer spread her legs wide and rested her abdomen on the rail, her head hanging down. She heard the clip of the ring on her ankle to the spindles of the railing and knew she was immobilized. Her legs were spread at about 70 degrees and her slit was wide open as her Mistress stood behind her. Betty took the head of the dildo and rubbed it gently on Jennifer’s wet lips. She pushed back, trying to impale herself on the fuck pole, but Betty pulled back out of reach. Jennifer heard the click of Betty’s heels and opened her eyes to look through her spread legs. The kitchen was upside down and the image combined with the blood running to Jennifer’s head caused a feeling of vertigo.

Betty went back to the kitchen table and picked up the 7-inch vibrator resting there and coated it with cooking oil. She then came back to where Jennifer waited and placed the point of it against Jennifer’s tight asshole. Pushing slowly and listening to Jennifer moan in agony and delight, Betty soon had the entire length sunk into her back channel. Betty pulled it out and pushed it back in several times to ensure smooth movement and that Jennifer enjoyed it. Jennifer pushed back against the thick intrusion each time she felt it start in. Moaning and groaning she was in a state of extreme arousal when Betty pushed the vibrator in all the way and turned it on high.

Jennifer raised her head and screamed through clenched teeth as her orgasm rolled over her. Her legs shook and her entire body vibrated from the force of it. Her juices poured out of her like a broken water main, causing another puddle on the clean kitchen floor. As she calmed down she felt Betty’s hand on her ass.

“Look at the mess you made of my floor.” Betty yelled. “Puddles everywhere, you are worse than a new puppy. You know why I treat you like a dog, because you are one. You know what happens to bad puppies that mess their Mistress’s house? They get spanked, and then they get their noses rubbed in to their own messes to teach them a lesson.” Betty picked up the metal spatula from the table and advanced on Jennifer’s helpless form.

Jennifer shook her head violently, trying to stave off her Mistress, her tears flowing freely from the corners of her eyes upside down into her hairline. Betty just smiled coldly and positioned herself beside the white flawless globes of Jennifer’s ass. Raising her arm she let the spatula fly and the metal twanged on contact with her ass. Betty pulled back and admired the large red mark on Jennifer’s tail. Swinging again, she put a duplicate mark on the other cheek.

Betty continued to redden Jennifer’s white skin with metronome like precision. She paused slightly before each stroke to give Jennifer sense of anticipation. Her ass was glowing red and her face matched from the flow of blood to her cheeks. Betty applied the spatula without mercy, increasing in force until Jennifer was howling through clenched teeth and tears were free flowing from her eyes. On the fiftieth stroke she stopped and put the spatula down on the table, stepped between Jennifer’s spread legs and drove the strap on dildo harness deep into Jennifer’s waiting clam.

Jennifer screamed again, this time in delight as the dildo slid into her. The harness met the vibrator in her ass and pushed that deeper as well. Betty gripped her hips and started driving into her helpless victim. Jennifer pushed back at each stroke, clamped her pussy walls tightly against the rod as Betty pulled it out, trying to keep it inside her pulsing depths. Betty could feel the heat from Jennifer’s well warmed globes and as she shuddered again from another crushing orgasm, Betty stopped plunging into her well. Reaching behind her back, Betty unbuckled the harness and stepped away from Jennifer’s convulsing frame, leaving the dildo embedded in her dripping hole.

Betty waited until Jennifer stopped squirming and then picked her up by her hair and stood her upright. Her arms were still pinned behind her and her legs still locked to the spindles. Jennifer swayed unsteadily on her feet as Betty leaned down and unclipped her legs from the railing. Taking the leash from Jennifer’s mouth, Betty could see the deep teeth marks in the leather, as well as the saliva dripping from it and wetting her face. Betty jerked the leash and pulled her to the largest puddle under the table. Forcing Jennifer to her knees, Betty pushed the back of Jennifer’s head until she bent over and touched her nose the mess she had made.

“Bad puppy.” Betty scolded. “You made such a mess, and then you do nothing but make a bigger one coming while you are being punished and leaving your Mistress unsatisfied. kaçak casino Now clean it up.” Janice stuck out her tongue and started to lick the floor clean of her own juices. This was a new twist to their game and Janice found it only made her wetter. As she lapped up her own juice, another puddle began to form between her legs again.

‘Can’t you control yourself at all?” Betty demanded. “At this rate we will be here all day. You will have to clean this up later. Over here bitch.” Betty commanded as she pulled on the leash and led Jennifer over to the kitchen counter. Jennifer obeyed meekly, trailing a line of juices from her dripping well; still clamping the dildo in tight as the vibrator tingled in her ass.

Betty hopped up on the counter and spread her legs, one foot on the counter, one hanging. She tugged on the leash and Jennifer kneeled down in front of her Mistress and buried her face in Betty’s soaking muff. Jennifer thrust her tongue deep into Betty’s dripping slit and scooped out the juices like a woman dying of thirst. Her arms were still pinned behind her back, but Jennifer did not need them to fasten herself leech like to Betty’s overflowing gash. Jennifer’s own fingers just reached her ass and pushed the vibrator deeper into her chute, her channel contracted and pushed it out slightly, and Jennifer was fucking her own ass while she ate Betty’s pussy.

Betty could feel the orgasm building as her slave licked her pussy and tickled her clit with her nose. She noticed the movements up and down as Jennifer fucked herself with the vibrator and kept the dildo deep inside her, the harness lying on the floor. Jennifer began to lose the rhythm as she started to cum. Betty started to give a sharp tug on the leash to remind Jennifer of her place, but at that instant Betty’s own climax hit and she started to thrust her hips into Jennifer’s face.

As Betty felt the belly-tightening climax, she laced her fingers through Jennifer’s hair and crushed her face to Betty’s thrashing pelvis. Jennifer in the throes of her own release stiffened her tongue and let her Mistress ride her face. Orgasm after orgasm lashed Betty as she rubbed her face against her devoted slave. Jennifer lapped the offered cunt and clit like it was her last meal, breathing only on the upstroke and getting as much pussy cream as air each time. Finally Betty pushed her away and slumped back against the kitchen cupboards, her magnificent chest heaving as she fought for breath.

Jennifer sat back on her heels and licked her lips, and any other place her tongue could reach, to taste the cream Betty had left dripping off her face. Betty caught her breath and slid off the counter to sit on the floor with Jennifer. She kissed her bound slave and licked her own juices off the flushed face before her. “That was excellent baby. You really can eat pussy.” Betty said softly, still licking the wetness before on the face before her.

“Thank you Mistress.” Jennifer said, speaking for the first time since she arrived.

“You are welcome. Now you just have time to wash the kitchen floor before I take you upstairs and we eat each other.”

“Yes Mistress.” Jennifer responded, holding absolutely still as Betty undid the twine holding her arms behind her back. As the string fell away, Jennifer picked up her leash and put it again in her mouth, stood, bent over to help her Mistress to her feet and went to the mudroom to fetch the mop and bucket. Jennifer obeyed the established pattern that Betty set for her.

Betty followed Jennifer into the mudroom and when she bent over to pick up the bucket, Betty pulled the harness from between her thighs. Jennifer groaned at its removal but went on about her chores. At least Betty left the vibrator this time. Betty dropped the dildo into the bucket and said, “Clean this first, and the one up your ass. You will need them upstairs. Bring them when you are done. I expect you in 15 minutes.” Betty turned and left chuckling evilly. A glance at her watch as she went up to her bedroom told Betty it wasn’t even noon yet, they still had hours till the kids got home. ‘Plenty of time,’ Betty thought to herself.

Jennifer shuddered and knew she was in for it again. It took at least 20 minutes to wash the floor and add the cleaning of the toys and she was doomed. By setting such an impossible time limit Jennifer knew that Betty had still more punishment in store for her. She could hardly wait as she hurried into the kitchen to wash the dildo and pull the vibrator.

Betty sighed wistfully as she walked into the master bedroom. Jennifer would try so hard to meet Betty’s unrealistic demands, she would fail miserably, she would be punished for it, and she would love every second of it. Betty knew that because she could see the love in Jennifer’s eyes each time she sent her home.

Betty squatted at the end of the bed, holding on the high post and reached between her legs, and pulled the butt plug from her own asshole. With a deep sigh of relief, she tossed into the sink in the on suite bathroom and stretched out on the bed. She already had the silk ties rigged at the top and bottom of the foot posts for her bitch’s punishment and she looked forward to the rest of the day with glee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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