Lesbian Couples Matching Club Ch. 02

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After their memorable and unforgettable party at the luxurious Five-Star hotel in Montreal, Anne P. and her lover Carole returned to their apartment in their small city near the ocean. It was back to the routine of every day life once again and with their lesbian relationship. Both women were very open minded to anything. They did things and decided everything together, including telling each other if they were going to spend the night with another lover. Honesty and trust were key values for these luscious lesbians.

When they received the invitation from their former French teacher from high school, they agreed to go together knowing full well that anything could happen… including meeting other women, which could be adding some extra spice into their liaison.

Three weeks after their trip to La belle province, they circled this coming weekend on their calendar. Anne and Carole would each have their respective dates from their Lesbian Couples Matching Game. Instead of spending only one night with their dates, they would spend an entire weekend. Both women were getting fully prepared.

As always, Anne was immaculately dressed up: a red turtleneck sleeveless tight dress showing her huge boobs, a red woolen jacket, brown stocking covering her big legs, and white high heels. With her long brown hair past her shoulders and gorgeous face filled with makeup, Carole whistled at her lover as she sees her in the bathroom getting ready. Both ladies exchanged a nice long kiss before Carole began getting herself ready for her upcoming date with Diane, the tall gorgeous blonde bombshell with the big bulging booty. Anne got into her car for the long drive to the other small town where she will be spending the weekend with her lesbian match, Rolande the mature older lady.

At her big house, Rolande was patiently ploughing into her closet for a nice outfit to wear and preparing a nice romantic dinner. Since her mother passed away, she was living alone with no one to visit her regularly. By looking at her, everyone would tell you that she looked like a nun. In fact, she went to church every Sunday. However, as life in a small town never seem to change, the townspeople’s favorite pastime was to start rumours.

A cashier at the grocery store, now turned florist by opening her own business from her home, started gossips about her former sexual crazed boss. Apparently, the ball-headed grocery store owner was having numerous extra marital affairs with other women and a couple of his cashiers. One of these other ladies was Rolande, who was going to the store every single day not only to get milk and bread. She did not look like a nun after all when she was spotted by one of the courteous clerks, who kept it a secret, in the store’s basement enjoying some doggy-style action with the store owner. The young clerk wished he could’ve been the lucky one banging her deep and hard, losing his virginity casino siteleri in the process.

Still driving on the road, Anne was on the verge of stopping by a house to visit someone she hasn’t seen in quite a while. What her lover Carole does not know is that Anne has a secret lesbian love affair with Lizette – Carole’s older sister. After passing by the house, Anne withstood her urge, driving all the way to the town where she stopped at the florist’s house.

The prior grocery store cashier was happy to see Anne. She meticulously wrapped six red roses into colorful paper. After Anne left, the florist wondered if Anne’s story was true: Anne told her that the red roses were for her mother. The florist could start gossiping again, but Anne did not care. She was on her way to be with Rolande.

Ever so secretive, Rolande gave Anne some very specific instructions as soon as she arrived at her house: drive your car all the way into the garage at the back of the house, close the garage door, and enter by the back door so no one can see you. Anne followed her instructions to the letter.

Dinner was fully ready as the doorbell rang. Rolande opened the door, smiling enthusiastically at her lesbian match. Both women exchanged hugs and kisses on their cheeks. When Anne gave the roses to Rolande, the older lady could not help but to kiss her on her hot lips. She was very emotional, putting her roses into a glass vase.

After taking off her woolen jacket, hanging it on the coat rack by the door, Anne sat at the table, deeply amazed at the beautiful setting: a nice red silky nap covering the table with two lit candle lights, a full bottle of Merlot, two empty glasses, and two big plates filled with Filet Mignon with mustard surrounding the meat and mushrooms on top of it, encircled by fancy silverware, enhancing this romantic dinner.

Anne showered Rolande with compliments on her outfit: a silk grey blouse, tight black skirt showing her mouth-watering big booty, brown stockings wrapping her huge legs, and shiny black high heels. The delicious romantic dinner was just the beginning as Rolande demonstrated her outstanding culinary talents. She would also gladly show her other hidden aptitudes.

Holding Anne’s hand, Rolande led her lesbian date to the living room where two other lit candle lights and two other glasses of Merlot rested on the table in front of the couch. Both women sat down next to each other, still holding hands, and smiling at one another. After each taking a sip of red wine, Rolande began smoothly caressing Anne’s legs. Looking right into her eyes, stroking her date’s short dark hair with a tiny tad of grey, Anne’s lips met Rolande’s into a deep long incredible kiss.

The older mature lady gently fondled Anne’s huge boobs as both women were still enthralled into their profound embrace. With her eyes closed, Anne could feel Rolande’s hot canlı casino kisses to her cheeks, down to her covered neck, her chin, and back to her soft lips. Entranced by Rolande’s touches, Anne laid gently on the couch as her older lover’s hand began stroking her pussy soothingly, still being flooded with tender kisses.

Going on her knees like she was praying at church, Rolande lifted Anne’s tight dress slightly. With her fingers, she tore a hole big enough to expose her lover’s juicy twat. She crammed her mouth right onto Anne’s pussy, licking and sucking it abundantly. The more she fell Anne’s hand caressing her hair, the more Rolande licked and sucked her dry, humming at the same time. The tall brunette’s orgasm was powerful, with her lover enjoying the sweet-smelling sips of pussy leaks.

Without warning, Rolande stood up in front of Anne.

“I want you to lick my ass, RIGHT NOW, BABY!” Rolande shouted as she kneels on the couch next to her date with her enormous booty sticking out.

Anne smiled as she realized that her older lover’s ass wanted to be worshipped this very instant. Swiftly kneeling on the floor, Anne raised up Rolande’s skirt as she noticed something kinky that her mature lover was wearing: a black thong right in her huge ass crack.

“Come on, Baby! Lick it good!” Rolande ordered Anne as she caressed her huge legs, kissing and licking the stockings covered flesh before her hands gripped both the mature lady’s humongous butt cheeks.

Rolande could feel Anne’s luscious lips smooching her huge ass repeatedly. The tall brunette’s hot tongue started a licking frenzy, making sure that she did not miss one single inch of bulging flesh. Still employing her tongue to her heart’s content, Anne’s fingers rubbed Rolande’s pussy rapidly until she screamed the Lord Almighty’s name. Her prayers have been answered: she came like she never did before.

Both ladies stood up, holding and French kissing each other ardently. Holding Anne’s hand, Rolande led the way, climbing the stairs walking right into her bedroom. The lamp on the bedside table was lit. Standing in front of the bed, Rolande began another hot make out session, overwhelming her younger lover with an abundance of kisses and caresses. Like taking off a t-shirt, Anne removed her tight dress, showing her huge boobs covered by a red lace bra. Rolande lend Anne a helping hand by undoing the straps and removing her bra.

Anne gladly unbuttoned Rolande’s silky blouse, removing it from her body, and assisting her older lover into removing her white bra. Rolande guided Anne on the left side of her bed. Both women started smooching crazily until Anne sat on the blanket covered mattress. Rolande turned around, telling Anne to slowly remove her skirt. Without a second thought, Anne pulled Rolande’s skirt down, once again showing her humongous booty.

Holding herself on the dresser kaçak casino and looking in the mirror, Rolande bended down her massive butt for her younger lover to savour. Anne’s hot lips and wet tongue could not stop puckering and licking that lady’s ass. The tall brunette enjoyed grabbing the huge cheeks and sticking her pretty face right in between.

Unexpectedly, Rolande instigated a swift move by rubbing her enormous booty up and down on Anne’s large breasts. Anne’s areolas felt incredible, her nipples becoming harder as Rolande kept on her sensuous booty massage. After a few more rubs, Rolande sat on the bed with Anne caressing and kissing the back of her neck and shoulders. The religious lady smiled immensely as she felt her lover’s hands grabbing her boobs from behind.

As Rolande stood up straight, she turned around pushing Anne on the bed, and getting right on top of her. She began flooding her date with open mouth kisses, her lips making their path right into Anne’s incredible huge bosom. Holding Anne’s boobs tightly, Rolande kept on sucking and kissing them relentlessly. Out of nowhere, Anne started feeling her lover’s lips sucking her wet pussy. Rolande’s firing tongue licked her lover’s clit repeatedly until Anne yelled her name as she was coming into her face.

Both women enjoyed their orgasmic encounters. After continually kissing Anne’s lips and cheeks, Rolande put her head on her chest. They will be holding each other tight for the rest of the entire night. As she laid in bed with her older lover, Anne wondered about her lover Carole… and Lizette. Her thoughts about both women were only in her mind for just a few moments. She truly enjoyed her time with Rolande.

The remainder of the weekend was a wonderful one for both women. Anne chauffeured Rolande around going to restaurants for dinners, went for romantic walks by the river away from the nosy locals, and drove back to Rolande’s house where both women made love to each other again and again.

Before Anne left, she waited for Rolande to come back from church. With her loving commitment to Carole… and secret lesbian affair with Lizette, Anne promised Rolande that she will be back to visit her right before Christmastime. She knew that Rolande does not have many visitors, especially since her mother died. Anne would be thrilled to come visit Rolande giving her an early Christmas present.

With tears in her eyes, Anne reluctantly got into her car after hugging and kissing Rolande, thanking her for her charming hospitality and a fantastic weekend. The road back home was going to be a long one. Once again as she drove by Lizette’s house, she wondered what has she been up to. Maybe she could surprise her by showing up at the house, quickly making love to her, and then go back on the road again. But once more, Anne put the pedal to the metal with her high heel shoe, simply passing by, and thinking that there will be another time.

She had to get back home to her lover Carole, who was perhaps back from her date with the tall blonde bombshell Diane. And life for these lesbian lovers would be normal once again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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