Learning from Aunt Sophie

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Penny Garson, just turned nineteen years of age, sat back in the passenger seat of the blue Jaguar and feared that she might be dreaming. The change in her life in just two hours was totally unbelievable . Getting away from the grim St Augustine Homes was like escaping prison, no matter where she was being taken. She glanced sideways at the incredibly beautiful lady in the white trouser suit. Penny was only just coming to terms with the notion that this was her aunt, her late mother’s sister, Aunt Sophie

Out of the confines of the Matron’s office and into this lush vehicle, Penny had been gi ven a second, warm jasmine scented hug by this lady, her aunt, who had then sat back and sighed, “What an old battle axe that Matron is.” Rapidly she undid the top three buttons of her jacket, revealing an admirable amount of cleavage. “Had the temerity to tell me to button up while in her establishment. The old cow. I’m glad I’m getting you out of there.”

Starting the car, and with another smile at Penny, she added, “She probably thinks we shouldn’t have tits, eh?” Penny was delighted to join in with her aunt’s laughter, and liked her already.

“Just how long have you been in the Home?”

Penny knew the answer exactly, “Fourteen months and six days”.

Serious faced now, her aunt nodded, “More than anything you must let me apologise for not being around to keep you out of that awful place.”

Aunt Sophie went on to tell Penny how she avoided looking at the news and newspapers, “News is always miserable. So I had no idea of what had happened to my sister Ruth and your father, or to you. And I’m deeply sorry for that. It was just wild chance that I found out.”

Aunt Sophie went on to describe how she had purchased a rather delicate vase, and it arrived protected by reams of newspapers, which were over a year old. “The headline was prominent enough, ‘English couple die in horrific road accident in Dordogne.’ I might have pushed it to one side but for the accompanying photographs. Your mother never smiled on photographs.”

For a moment she concentrated on negotiating a difficult bend. Then she went on, “We mightn’t have been close, Ruth and I, but I was naturally upset. From the newspaper I found the solicitor, and when he told me how their Will placed you, for your own protection, in the care of the St Augustine Home, well, I was horrified.”

“It was so I didn’t get led astray,” Penny told her.

Penny’s aunt nodded and then laughed, “Oh, the irony of placing you in that home without knowing that it now takes in low risk young female offenders. “

“They were the only bright spot in the place.”

Aunt Sophie laughed again, “I can imagine.”

“My parents were always like that with me. No freedom to explore the world, to meet people. When they went on this holiday they even hired a minder.”

“A minder?”

“To keep me on the right path.”

Aunt Sophie’s head was nodding as she drove, “God, so like how it was with our own parents. Your mother followed their path, I never could. Anyway, you became my duty.”She smiled at Penny, “But one I have looked forward to.”

Aunt Sophie’s dark eyes glanced sideways at Penny, “God, you are such a fine looking girl. I just can’t wait to see you properly dressed.”

“But I haven’t any other clothes.”

“I’m sure we’ll find something.” The enigmatic smile on her aunt’s face had Penny wondering just what she had in mind.

“Did you have a boy friend before—well, the accident?”

Penny gave out a derisive snort , “Are you joking?” Then a thought struck her, a memory from the evenings in the Home.” This will give you some idea of how much I know about boys.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“Not really,” Penny told her, and went on about how, in the late evening, in the Home, when she had turned eighteen she was allowed to sit in a chat group of girls. They had made a ruling that the age range had to be eighteen or over. Penny had listened avidly as the older girls talked and giggled about having “a boy’s ‘thing’ right up.”

“Honestly? All of it?” asked another eighteen year old, who, Penny knew, had, like her, come from a restrictive church background

“No, just bits of it.” A twenty year old answered sarcastically. “Of course, the whole thing.”

The churchy girl still looked uncertain as she asked, “How did he get it up into you when it’s so soft and floppy?”

That made Aunt Sophie laugh, as she moved her hand to change gear, “Such ignorance.”

“Not so funny,”Penny said regretfully. “Great howls of derision went up from the older girls, ‘It goes hard, stupid.’ One of them sneered, and she turned to me and asked if I could believe that any girl wouldn’t know that.”

Penny drew in a breath, and kept her eyes on her aunt for reaction as she admitted, “Aunt Sophie, I could only shake my head and say nothing because I wasn’t too sure myself. Oh, a vague idea, but that’s how much I knew about boys.”

She could read nothing in her aunt’s face. No shock, no canlı bahis surprise, no pity. But then Aunt Sophie asked, “But your own body must have told you something.”

“Oh, in the girls’ school they covered the bleeding bit and how babies were born. Honestly, I learned more about the reality of it from the older girls in St Augustine’s. But I was aware of –of needs–and, by the time I was in that chat group, I used to–“She couldn’t believe she was telling this to a near stranger—”—touch myself. Up here and down there.”

“And found out what?” Aunt Sophie kept her eyes on the road. .

“Sometimes I’d go wet and weak. Always left feeling empty”

“Life has been pretty rotten for you, Penny. I hope I can change all that.”

Penny had to clear her mind again, “I could never have told my mother those things. Are you really her sister?” she asked tentatively Aunt Sophie smiled, “Oh, yes, I can quite understand your doubts. Chalk and cheese, my dear older sister and I. She probably didn’t tell you about me. If she did you’d have heard her using words like ‘disgusting’, ‘disgraceful’, maybe even ‘whore’. She certainly fired them at me before we went our separate ways.”

“But why?”

“How old are you, Penny?”

“I turned nineteen just six days ago, the twenty second.”

“God, nineteen and never been–Oh, Penny , there is so much you need to know–need to find out–“She paused as though uncertain how to go on, and Penny, noticing that they were driving out into the countryside quickly asked, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see soon enough.”.

Just a short distance further and hedgerows on the right gave was to a high grey stone wall that, for one horrible moment, had Penny thinking of St Augustine’s. Then a high metal barred gate broke the wall, and her aunt appeared to touch something on the car dashboard, and the gates magically opened.

Beyond the gate, and coasting over a smooth, straight drive, Penny saw, through trees, a large imposing house. It was a bit like pictures she’d seen of Buckingham Palace, only not quite as big.

“Is it a hotel?” Penny asked.

Aunt Sophie gave a little laugh, “No, my dear, this is my home.” A slight pause, before she added, “And yours for as long as you wish to stay.”

Penny’s heart was pounding against her ribs. To live in a place like this, she just could not envisage it. There had to be some kind of condition, some proviso that would reduce her joy at the thought.

Aunt Sophie stopped the Jaguar at the massive double front door, cut the engine, and turned to Penny taking both her hands in her own. Her aunt’s face looked more serious than Penny had seen it so far, and in her worried mind, she was thinking, “Here it comes. Here’s the pitfall.”

But Aunt Sophie’s smile returned as she said, “Before you get inside, you’re going to find things different to what you’re used to. You’ll see pictures on the walls that may surprise, shock or disgust you. I don’t yet know which that will be. You’re going to meet Bruno and Paris, two men who keep the place in order for me. I don’t call them servants, they’re much more valuable than that. They may look frightening but they are here to help you.”

Aunt Sophie leaned forward and hugged Penny once again, “Oh, we have so much to talk about, so much to find out about each other. Now, inside, and we’ll show you your room, and get you settled and tidied up”

At the large front door, Aunt Sophie said, “No, I’ll not use the key. This way you’ll get to meet Brutus.” And, she pressed the doorbell, causing a loud clanging sound from inside.

Penny relieved by what Aunt Sophie had told her so far, was now puzzled as to who Brutus could be. The name made her think it might be a dog, but, in less than a minute, the door opened and there stood the biggest, widest man she had ever seen. Dressed in light blue overalls he defied description as to what his role might be in the house. His face was round with narrow eyes, a wide mouth, and a nose that looked like it had been hit by a very large hammer.

“Good afternoon, Miss Sophie,” he said with some respect, but his voice was not the deep rumble his physique suggested. It was more the raw growl of someone with a sore throat. “I see your mission was successful.” And his eyes regarded Penny appraisingly.

“Yes, Brutus, meet Penny, she may be with us for some time. Penny, this is Brutus, he keeps everything in order for me.”

Brutus took a step towards Penny, and although his movement was in no way threatening, she took an involuntary step back. Brutus smiled, held out his hand, and tentatively Penny responded by offering her own.

“Delighted to make your acquaintance, Miss Penny,” the big man said, taking Penny’s hand, and bending he kissed the back of it gently.

“Ever the gentleman,” Aunt Sophie said cheerily. “Her room will be ready, I assume?”

“Of course, Miss Sophie, I’ve left the curtains closed. May I apologise for my mode of dress. I’ve been weeding around the patio.”

“That’s bahis siteleri all right, Brutus. I assume Paris is in the kitchen?”

“Just starting.”

“You’ll meet him later, Penny. Come on—room first and then –a clean up. Thank you, Brutus.”

With a nod, and a smile in Penny’s direction, Brutus ambled away to disappear somewhere behind the wide staircase that dominated the extensive entrance hall. Despite her preoccupation with Brutus, Penny had been struck by the size of everything. A huge chandelier hung high above them. Two large paintings of the same man were on opposite walls, one a portrait, the other full body.

As they moved towards the stairs, Aunt Sophie indicated the full length painting, “My husband, that was painted just six months before he died. “

“When was the other one painted?” Penny asked, indicating the portrait.

“Oh, that was his father, who built the business.”

“I thought they were the same person.”

“Very alike, weren’t they? I hadn’t the heart to take them down.”

“Your husband was very handsome.”

“He was, and a hell of a lover with it.” Aunt Sophie sighed as they moved up the stairs, and Penny thought how strange that she should add that last piece of information.

Running parallel with the slope of the stairs Penny saw a third huge painting, one of a very different nature. It depicted a naked lady, reclining on a sofa, with proud breasts, a flat belly and shapely hips, with the fingers of one hand curled at the point where her thighs joined. The fuzz of dark hair under the fingers was clearly painted.

“That looks very natural,” Penny struggled to find a suitable comment.

“Take a good look at the face,” Aunt Sophe said, looking back with a smile.

Penny looked closer. The face had a strange expression, lips slightly parted, tip of the tongue just showing, eyes with lowered lids, looking directly outwards.

“How would describe that expression?” Aunt Sophie asked challengingly.

“I’m not sure.”

“Lustful,” Aunt Sophie told her. “Look.” And she narrowed her eyes, and parted her lips.

Penny looked from her aunt and back to the face in the painting, then back to her aunt again. “It’s your face,”she gasped.

Aunt Sophie chuckled, “More importantly it’s my body too. Done three years ago.”

Penny just found it all too difficult to take in and her aunt detected that, as she said, “Come on, you need much more explanation of all this. Here’s your room.” She had stopped at a blue painted door, which she immediately pushed open.

Penny was totally staggered by the luxury before her eyes. The room was large, with delicate pink wallpaper, and the biggest bed Penny had ever seen. A wide, curtained, window, looked out over a vast rear garden when the curtains were parted. In one wall was a double sliding door which led into what her aunt called, ‘a walk-in wardrobe’.

“Rather bare at the moment, but we’ll soon have that filled, and over here is your en-suite.” Seeing Penny’s uncomprehending look Aunt Sophie simply pushed open another door to reveal a bathroom, fully tiled in cream, with a large corner bath, a shower cubicle and the toilet.

“And this is your very own bathroom.”

“My own? Nobody else—?”

Aunt Sophie said, “I’m so delighted by your surprise. You deserve it. Now, why don’t you go ahead and have yourself a good soak, bath or shower, whichever you please. Brutus has put out a pile of towels on the chair. I need to get out of this ridiculous suit, and see if I have temporary clothes to cover you.”

As she opened the door to leave, Aunt Sophie called back, “Oh, if you decide to use the shower, I think you’ll find that Brutus has set the temperature at a bearable level. He’s such a thoughtful and reliable man.” Then she left.

Penny debated whether it would be bath or shower. It was only bath at the Home, so the shower won. She quickly stripped off her school garments and threw them into a corner. Nervously she turned on the shower and found it just as her aunt had promised.

Soon, Penny was lavishing herself with foam over her breasts, down over her belly and between her legs, her fingers gave her a thorough cleansing as well as no little thrill. As she allowed the water to wash away the suds, she realised that she had forgotten to place a towel nearby.

Turning off the shower, she opened the doors and stepped out. She was just halfway to the towel when the door opened and Aunt Sophie came in. Penny had been sharing showers with other young women for over a year, so why did she feel so awkward now? Was it because all that her aunt was wearing was a diaphanous robe, through which her breasts, lovely figure and dark triangle showed clearly.

Penny grabbed for the towel to cover her nakedness. Standing uncertainly facing her aunt, she saw the smile of approval that her aunt gave her.

“Oh, Penny, this is one thing you’ll get used to. It’s all about inhibitions. I’m hoping you’ll be able to overcome them. bahis şirketleri I rarely wear anything at all when I’m about the house. And I have to tell you that you have a superb body. I’ve been trying to find you a bra, but with those firm breasts you don’t need one. Now, get dried, put on the towel dressing gown behind the door there, and come through.”

As she quickly towelled herself down, Penny’s mind was racing. Her aunt had said that she didn’t wear anything around the house. But what about Brutus seeing her? Or the one called Paris?

Collecting the robe behind the door, she slipped it on and went back into the bedroom. Aunt Sophie, had changed into a loose fitting gown, and greeted her enthusiastically,”Here we go, Penny.”And with a throw away gesture she said, “Robe off.”

With less hesitation she let the robe fall away, and her aunt handed her silken panties, which felt so sensuous against Penny’s skin. A white blouse which Aunt Sophie buttoned up only as far as the last three buttons. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” Aunt Sophie laughed. Finally a dark blue flared skirt was only a little slack at the waist.

For footwear a pair of sandals were just the right size, “We’ll find something better when we shop. Now look in that mirror.”

Penny stood in front of the full length mirror by the walk-in wardrobe, and was staggered t how different she looked. “I look—look-“

“Terrific, my dear, and you’ll look even better in your own clothes. Now, I believe dinner is waiting in the conservatory”

The conservatory was a vast glass structure at the rear of the hose, giving a view over the large terraced garden. A table in the centre was set for two, and a tall man was busy at a side table. Penny guessed that it had to be Paris.

Aunt Sophie confirmed that, when she asked, “What delights for tonight, Paris?”

He looked up a tight smile on his sallow face, “Chicken paprika, Miss Sophie, with peppers.”

“Come and meet my niece, Paris.”

Smiling more warmly now, Paris walked towards Penny, holding out a hand. Penny held out hers, and like Brutus, Paris held it in more delicate hands, bent and kissed it. “I’m pleased to meet you.Miss Penny.”

He stepped back and said, “If I may say so , Miss Sophie, there is a strong family resemblance.”

Penny was surprised to hear his comment, but Aunt Sophie laughed and chuckled, “Oh, yes, black hair and fabulous tits.”

Paris did not look at all shocked at that comment. Aunt Sophie talked Penny to try a half glass of white wine with the food. Penny wasn’t too sure about the initial rather bitter taste, but it did leave a warm feeling inside her. But she could not recall tasting anything as good as that meal. In fact, as she said to Aunt Sophie at the end, “That was the best ever food I’ve ever had.”

“Hear that, Paris. You have yet one more fan.”

Paris gave a little bow, and said, “Thank you, Miss Penny.”

As they left the table Aunt Sophie put an arm around Penny’s shoulders, which was rather comforting. “Time for some serious talk,” her aunt declared. “Paris, let Brutus know we’ll take coffee in the lounge.”

Like everywhere else Penny had seen so far the lounge was richly furnished, with deep, comfortable sofas and easy chairs, an elaborate book case. As they entered Penny’s eyes were drawn to a small painting which showed a naked lady sitting astride a naked man, who was seated on a chair, his face buried between the lady’s ample breasts. Her head was thrown back in, was it shock, or delight?

Penny was slightly confused about what was taking place there, and she glanced in the direction of her aunt. Aunt Sophie gave a little smile and simply said, “Much to learn, Penny. Much to learn. Starting now.” And she directed Penny to one of two easy chairs positioned near a huge television screen on the wall.

When they were settled and Brutus, dressed more formally in a dark suit, had brought in and poured the coffee,Aunt Sophie told him, “No interruptions, please Brutus.”

“I’ll ensure that, Miss Sophie.”

He left and Aunt Sophie said, “I’ll begin by filling you in about how I am in this pleasant situation. I’ll try not to bore you.” She gave Penny a wide smile, and Penny could not envisage anything about her aunt being boring.

“I’m sure you will have noticed that I have a very relaxed attitude to sex.”

The unbuttoning of her suit jacket, the flimsy see through gown, the erotic painting, yes, Penny had noticed all of that, and had wondered about the significance of it..

Aunt Sophie’s eyes were firm on Penny, making her uncomfortable, as she said, “I’ve been debating with myself just what is the fairest approach to take with you. It’s more than just a relaxed attitude, I have. I just love sex. I suppose you could say I’m just a short step away from being a nymphomaniac. Yet I had a very similar restrictive early life like you have endured.”

Penny wasn’t sure what her face was showing, but her mind was racing with the mixed emotions of what her aunt was telling her. Shock and surprise were there, but there was also the excited tingle of how her own body felt it needed to escape from the repression it had known in the Home. “Not as frustrating as mine, was it?”

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