Laurie’s Milk Ch. 06

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Steve Andrews listened to the voice on the phone, nodding his head as he absently kicked his feet in pool.

“Okay Chloe. Well, we’ll see you tomorrow then.” He listened more. “Okay, thank you, I’ll let her know. Okay, bye then.” He put down the phone on the tiles and returned his full attention to his baby son Angus, sitting in his swim ring and splashing about in the shallow end.

“Aunty Chloe’s coming over tomorrow. That will be fun, hey buddy?” cooed Steve, jostling Angus as he laughed.


Steve looked up from Angus, and saw his best friend Alex, and Alex’s girlfriend Danny walking across his patio. Danny had a towel bag slung over her shoulder, while Alex carried a six pack of Canadian Club and Dry in hand. Steve smiled and greeted them as they walked up the steps and through the pool gate, hugging and shaking hands when they all came together.

Alex and Danny were over for a swim day. The winter had been surprisingly mild, and spring early and warm. Steve and Laurie’s pool was still a little cool, but with the current humidity, no one was complaining about the water being a little nippy.

Alex was wearing a pair of swim trunks that were practically molded to his thick muscular thighs, a blue collared shirt, unbuttoned and open, and pair of flip flops. Danny was similarly attired for the weather in a billowy white coverall, floppy sunhat and aviator sunglasses. The coverall did nothing to wear Danny’s shapely figure, hugging her hips and bottom tightly.

Alex peeled a Canadian out of the cardboard carton and gave it to Steve. He pulled another one off for himself, while Danny peered back into the house.

“Business call?” asked Alex, indicating to Steve’s phone sitting on the pool edge with his foot. Steve had written a book that had had its public release two months ago, and from all reports from his agent, it was selling well. He was staving off press and marketing commitments for the time being, but it didn’t stop the phone ringing more than ever before.

“No, no, that was Laurie’s sister. She’s coming up for a long weekend to see her mother and Laurie, and was just organising to come see us,” Steve explained.

Alex smiled. “Well hopefully she gets here before your baby does.” Steve grinned and nodded in agreement. Laurie was well close to term with their second child. If she went into labor that very moment, Steve would not have been surprised.

“So where is Laurie?” Danny asked.

Steve looked up from unscrewing the cap off his drink.

“Ah, she’s up in bed, resting,” he answered.

“Is she alright?” asked Danny, concerned.

Steve smiled. “She’s fine,” he reassured Danny. “She’s just pretty close to popping and as big as a house. It’s been a bit hard for her to get around for the last couple of months, so she’s spending a lot of time in bed or on the lounge.”

Steve looked at Alex and gave him a smirk, one that his friend mirrored, as they both knew that Danny had ulterior motives.

Nearly a year ago, both couple’s relationships had had a shake up when a night spent between Laurie and Danny had started a secondary lesbian coupling between them.

Danny had always had bisexual tendencies, and while Laurie had considered herself straight beforehand, she had found that she enjoyed being with her friend physically; soft and familiar in certain ways that her husband wasn’t.

The two girls had disclosed their night of fun to their partners, who had surprisingly been okay with them being together casually, and after a night of ‘swapsies’, had been given the greenlight to continue their coupling.

Despite this freedom, the girls didn’t see each other too often. Danny co-owned a bar in the city and was in the process of opening a new one, while Laurie looked after Angus nearly full time. Combined with the fact she was growing another human being inside her and everything that came with that process, there just wasn’t much time between them. But as often as their lives would allow, the girls found the time to go out together and have lunch, buy clothes, or see a movie. Or fuck.

Laurie’s growing belly hadn’t stopped the girls from experimenting, and her swelling breasts had only fueled their nursing sessions, as Danny couldn’t keep her eyes or hands off them if they got a moment alone. Laurie may have been annoyed if the attention didn’t make her feel so good.

Still, over the last few months, Laurie and Danny had been conspicuously absent from each other’s lives, as work and family conspired to keep them apart. Danny certainly ‘got her fill’ from her massive and well-endowed boyfriend, but her only contact with Laurie over the winter had been phone calls and online messaging, and she was a little anxious for some face time.

Steve smiled at Danny reassuringly. “You can go up and see her. She wanted to be up then you guys got here anyway.”

Joy sprang across Danny’s face. “Great, I’ve got something I really need to tell her.”

Without further comment, Danny walked casino siteleri out the pool area quickly and hurried into the house.

Steve frowned. “What was- ,” he started.

Before he could continue his thought, a loud rustling in the neighbor’s bushes behind Alex and himself caught Steve’s attention. He peered between the fence palings, and his eye caught on the movement of a yellow fabric between the gaps.

“Morning Olivia, how are you?” he called out.

Startled, a thin blonde in a sundress jumped up from the bushes she had been pruning.

“Oh, good morning Steve, I’m just…trimming my hedges…” she finished lamely, waving a pair of shears at Steve and Alex to show them. Olivia’s French accent clipped in and out of her speech.

Steve nodded. “They seem to need quite a bit of maintenance.” He and Laurie seemed to catch her trimming those hedges quite often.

Alex smiled and waved.

“Well…I best go inside then…” Olivia said, and turned on her heel quickly, trotting back to her home.

“That was…weird,” said Alex watching her retreating back.

Steve shook his head as he adjusted Angus in his swim ring.

“She’s been like that since we moved in. I guess you’d call it…flighty? She only seems to come out when we’re outside with Angus, but if you try to talk to her at all, she runs for her back door.”

Alex chuckled and drank from his bottle. “You know what Danny’s going to try to do when she gets up there right?” he asked.

“Of course I do,” replied Steve, finally cracking his own drink. “Neither of them have seen each other in months. If she can get Laurie up for it they might as well, it will be months before they can again after the baby is born if it’s anything like when we had Angus.”

Alex nodded. “Did you guys end up finding out what you’re having?”

Steve smiled. “Baby girl. We’re naming her Bonnie, after Laurie’s grandma.”

“That’s great man, congratulations,” said Alex, patting his friend on the back.

He took his shirt and flip flops off ready to jump in the pool when he looked around his feet.

“Dan’s taken the towel bag with her.”

Steve looked at Alex frowning. They turned together and looked at the house.

Danny knocked softly on the door to Steve and Laurie’s bedroom.

“Laurie?” she called quietly as she let herself in. She closed the door behind her, leaving it open a crack so not to waken Laurie with the sound of the latch collecting.

The air-conditioning was on in the room and the blinds were drawn, keeping the atmosphere inside dark and cool.

A soft, piteous moan escaped a mound curled up under the bed sheets. Danny crept up to the side of the bed, and carefully pulled the sheet down. Under the soft cotton covering, Danny found Laurie, curled up, hair messy, and wearing a thin white night shirt that only covered a small part of her belly. Danny gasped at the sight of her. Months apart had not prepared Danny.

Steve said she was as big as a house, and Danny could see it was not an idle exaggeration, Laurie was huge.

Her belly was perfectly round, expanding further outward from her wide hips and doming in front of Laurie a good foot and a half, or more, from her body. Her belly button had popped, and then stretched nearly flat with the pressure the baby was putting on her skin.

Laurie’s thighs and ass, which had already been in ‘voluptuous’ proportions, had grown inches thicker again, now waving and jiggling with each small movement of Laurie on the bed top. The last time Danny had seen her Laurie had complained at how tight her underwear were becoming. She was certain Laurie had gone at least one size up since then or the waistband of the pair she was wearing would have been sawing at her flesh.

But more than her belly and her butt, Danny’s eyes bugged out as they settled on Laurie’s breasts. Before her second pregnancy, Danny’s friend and lover was hardly fitting a 32F bra…looking at her now, it was difficult for Danny to believe Laurie could get the clasp to meet on a bra that size.

Laurie’s breasts had a look about them that could only be described as bloated, uncomfortable with pregnancy and breast milk, and looked like they would burst out of Laurie’s nightshirt if she moved the right way. Thick damp circles were clear on the material covering her nipples. Steve and Angus were probably unable to keep up with her production now that her body knew there would soon be another mouth nursing from her very soon. Her nipples were always erect now, as thick as thimbles and a bit longer than Danny’s first thumb joint to the end of the digit.

In Danny’s eyes Laurie looked every bit a fertility goddess, but from the petulant moans coming from Laurie, Danny suspected Laurie didn’t currently share her sentiments.

“Laurie,” cooed Danny again, this time gently pushing on Laurie’s shoulder to coax her awake.

Laurie screwed her eyes tighter closed. “Whyyy,” Laurie whined in frustration canlı casino at being woken. She relaxed one eye, and peered through her eyelashes at the person taking her from slumber.

“Danny?” Laurie screwed up her face and relaxed it once more. “God, what time is it?”

Danny walked around the bed and lay down next to Laurie, rubbing her friend’s arm soothingly.

“Nearly eleven,” she said quietly.

“Ohh…I’m sorry Danny, I meant to be up before you guys got here,” Laurie mumbled.

“It’s okay Laurie,” said Danny soothingly. She moved her hand from Laurie’s arm and rubbed her belly in awe. “You’ve gotten so big.”

Laurie moaned again. “Oh my god, I’m so fricking huge! Look at me; I was nowhere near this big with Angus. I can’t even walk from the bed to the bathroom without my legs going to jelly. And these-,” she grabbed at her breasts, jiggling their massive weight in emphasis, “I’ve gone up another cup size!” She groaned. “I don’t recognise my own body in the mirror. And I’m leaking so much I’m going to bed on top of a towel, and Steve still has to change the sheets every day.” She sighed, exhausted even though she was only just waking up.

Danny stared at her friend. Her heart ached for Laurie’s obvious discomfort and mental exhaustion, but still, Danny couldn’t deny just looking at Laurie in her current state was making her pussy wet.

Laurie measured the look in Danny’s eye correctly. “I’m sorry honey. I want to have some fun too, but I don’t think I’m up for it today,” she apologised. “I think I’m going to struggle to even make it down the stairs at this rate.”

Laurie’s libido had skyrocketed through her first and second trimester, fucking Steve daily, Danny as often as they could, and gleefully she had had a few very enthusiastic encounters with their black teenage neighbor, Jensen, as well.

When she had become too big for athletic bouts, Laurie was still content lying on her side on the bed, and letting Steve pump his thick cock into her as he stood beside, holding her leg airborne across his body. The extra pressure on her sexual organs from the baby developing in her body consistently pushed her through a cluster of orgasms in this position before Steve came, normally inside her, but occasionally painting her belly and breasts. Even on the days she couldn’t handle that much activity, Laurie would happily suck him until his seed flowed thickly down her throat, because she knew he would reciprocate the moment she took his dick out of her mouth.

But in the last four weeks, her sex drive had taken a nosedive as the size of her pregnancy reached what Laurie thought would be its peak, and then grew still beyond that expectation. In the last two, she had been nearly unable to leave bed or the lounge for lack of energy. Steve did what he could for her to keep her happy and comfortable, and she gave him a few lazy hand jobs despite his insistence she didn’t need to, but in all, right this moment Laurie felt the most tired and the least attractive she had ever been.

Danny smiled understandingly.

“That’s okay Laur, I get it. But-,” Danny looked at Laurie’s mountainous chest “-do you think it would be okay if I…you know.”

Laurie smiled. “I would have asked you to if you didn’t ask me. They’re so full all the time now, I’d love it if you would nurse some of it out for me.”

Laurie grabbed at her night shirt and pulled it up around her head and off, leaving her completely nude except for her grey cotton panties. Her breasts bounced and rolled front of Danny’s face as they tried to settle under their own weight. Danny marveled again at their size: from her perspective, each of Laurie’s breasts were starting to approach something close to the size of her own head!

Excitedly, Danny pushed forward and latched onto the breast closest to her face. Barely suckling, it took no effort to get Laurie’s milk flowing, a trickle at first before becoming a steady stream down her tongue.

Laurie sighed contently and put a her arms around her friend, one hand on the small of her back, the other around the back of Danny’s head, stroking her hair as she suckled at her breast.

“What am I doing to do Danny? Two babies under two years old,” she groaned. “Damn Steve, he can make me do anything when he gets me horny enough.”

They stayed interlaced as Danny slowly drained as much of Laurie’s milk as she could. Laurie’s production was too much for Danny to be able to take all of it, but she was greedy enough for Laurie’s nectar that Danny would keep nursing until she made herself sick on breast milk if Laurie didn’t make her stop, as had happened on two separate occasions.

Slowly, the taut skin of Laurie’s breast started to soften, then sag slightly toward the bed, as evidence that Danny had drained a good amount from the breast she was attached to. On instinct, Danny unlatched, and made to quickly start on the second. Laurie giggled.

“Easy Danny, you’ll give yourself a little belly if you keep kaçak casino drinking like that,” she cautioned.

Danny blushed at Laurie’s admonishment. “Well, actually Laur… about that…”

Laurie frowned. “What?”

With a shy grin on her face, Danny disengaged from Laurie, and getting to her knees, unbuttoned her coverall enough to slip the entire garment over her head, leaving her nothing but her bright pink bikini top and blue swim shorts.

Laurie looked at her friend’s body; a nice set of boobs, a tiny waist, thick hips.

And a little belly that had nothing to do with milk bloat.

“What?” said Laurie, her eyes widening with shock. “Danny, are you…?”

Danny blushed, and nodded.

Laurie squealed. “Oh my god! Danny! How long?!”

“…About eight weeks we think.”

“Oh my god, congratulations!” said Laurie, hugging her friend as closely as her own pregnant belly would allow. “I just can’t believe it!”

“Believe it,” said Danny, “we’ve been trying for long enough, I can scarcely believe it actually happened.”

Laurie rubbed her friend’s little belly, studying it. “You know, I don’t think either time I was quite this big at eight weeks,” she said.

Danny blushed again. “Well…you probably weren’t… I’m having twins.”

“Really?” Laurie asked, eyes going round.

“Yeah. I mean, it’s a little early to be sure, but the doctor thinks it’s a boy and a girl. So we’ll have a fifty-fifty chance of being mother-in-laws together in twenty or thirty years.”

“God Danny, don’t go planning for that. But Jesus, I’m so happy for you and Alex.”

Laurie pulled Danny close and hugged her tightly. Joy for her friend washed over Laurie, and with it, her remaining fatigue disappeared.

Basking in their shared excitement and warmth, Danny used the cuddling to return her lips to Laurie’s second, still full breast. Laurie let out a mock exasperated sigh, but made no attempt to stop her from drawing more milk from her. Far from it, Laurie was finding that with all the excitement and the fact she was now properly awake, that Danny’s return to her breast was beginning to arouse her, as relief from engorgement was accompanied by small, tingling curls of electricity in her nipple each time Danny pulled at it.

Laurie coyly stroked at Danny’s rounding belly, fueling the prickling heat beginning to warm between her legs. Her welling lust was surprising to Laurie as up until recently she had only had enough stamina to sleep and be cranky about not being asleep.

She decided to enjoy herself while she could.

Laurie wound her fingers around Danny’s belly button, and with faux discretion, slipped them up her torso and under the fabric of Danny’s bikini top, giving her swelling breast a gentle squeeze.

Danny let go of Laurie’s nipple and looked at her friend.

“Having fun there?” she asked coyly.

Laurie shrugged smiling.

“You know, since I found out I was pregnant, one of the things I’ve been looking most forward to is the thought of being able to feed you for a change?” said Danny quietly, eyes hooded from her own lusty emotions.

Laurie felt her nipples prickle at the thought, and felt out a short, shaky breath.

Danny smiled, happy at the change in her lover’s mood. “Would you like me to do something nice for you?”

Laurie nodded quickly, and Danny raised herself onto her knees. With a quick tug on the knot in the middle of her back, Danny had her bikini top undone, and pulled it from her body.

Laurie studied Danny’s breasts. They had increased in size slightly in the early part of her gestation. More dramatic was the change to her nipples. Originally soft and light pink in colour, Danny’s areola’s had become larger and had darkened to a cherry colour similar to the colour of her lips. They jutted further from her body than they had the last time Laurie had seen them, and Laurie was certain they were fatter now too. Another seven months of pregnancy…Laurie felt a rumble of lust in her belly at the thought.

Danny used her hands on Laurie’s hips to guide her into the position she wanted her: flat on her back, full belly ballooning high in the air; the lower half of her body was completely hidden to Laurie’s sight. It was an uncomfortable position for Laurie with the weight of her belly pressing straight down on the rest of her body, but arousal and excitement made her endure.

Smiling, Danny moved her hands from Laurie’s hips to her underwear. Her less pregnant friend gripped lightly at the waistband, and in one long motion, had them down her thighs, her knees, past her ankles, and off of her body.

Now naked, Laurie felt Danny put her hands on her knees and gently pried them apart. Danny was surprised to see Laurie was completely shaven, unknowing that Steve was looking after that for his wife, and was greeted by a clean, plump and damp pussy.

Danny licked her lips and hunkered down. Laurie’s belly completely prevented her from seeing what her friend was doing; only her taut round bottom was visible as it swayed in the air. Danny’s hot breath pushed against Laurie’s clitoris, causing the tender flesh to quiver and tense. Laurie let out a small squeak of excitement and anticipation.

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