Knothole Saloon

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, using Microsoft spell check; you have been forewarned.

In 2017, Blackrandl1958 had an invitational, ‘Writers Go West.’ There were some wonderful stories in that series, which inspired me to try my hand at the genre.


The stagecoach came to a stop in front of the Mayor’s office, which was also the post office and the telegraph office. After the dust from the path had settled, the stagecoach driver got down and opened the door to the coach.

A small, wiry figure got out of the dark interior and stretched. Then the stagecoach driver handed down a fairly heavy trunk.

“Thanks; happen know where the sheriff’s office is?” Sam McCleary asked.

“Next building down,” the stagecoach driver said, nodding with his head.

“Thanks again,” Sam said, trunk perched on a narrow shoulder.

Sheriff Boyd glanced up when the door opened. Earl Travers, his deputy also looked at the door.

A small, wiry figure entered, trunk on shoulder.

“Hey there, name’s Sam,” the stranger said. “Sam McCleary. I’m a bounty hunter.”

Earl sat up a little taller in his chair. The chair groaned under the man’s bulk.

“Say that’s McCleary?” Earl asked. “Think I heard of you.”

“And what can I do for you, Sam?” Sheriff Boyd asked guardedly.

“Looking for the Knothole Gang,” Sam said easily.

Sheriff Boyd looked past Sam. Then he looked at Sam again and frowned.

“Uh, Sam, they’s seven of them,” Sheriff Boyd said. “You planning on taking all them in? Going need more’n just you do it.”

“They wanted, dead or alive,” Sam shrugged. “Figure they be pretty easy handle they dead.”

“Like I said, they seven of them,” Sheriff Boyd said.

“Know that,” Sam said and shifted the trunk to the other shoulder. “Stopped in tell you I’m here take them in. I’m a bounty hunter, but I’m not here step on no toes.”

“Your funeral, Sam,” Sheriff Boyd shrugged. “Where you want me send your carcass?”

Deputy Travers snickered. Sheriff Boyd grinned.

“St. Louis, Missouri,” Sam smiled easily.

Six of the seven members of the Knothole Gang were presently at the Knothole Saloon. They’d taken their name from their hideout. It was a small squat building made of knotty pine boards. It stood among other small, squat buildings in the town of Benhurst, Colorado. Other bank robbers and train robbers and stagecoach robbers occupied other saloons in the small town that sweltering July of 1880. But it was the Knothole Gang that had killed three US Marshalls in their last heist.

Sam McCleary looked at the small building. Sam looked around at the other buildings. Gangs were known to be territorial. The Main Street Saloon wouldn’t take too kindly to the members of the Knothole Gang showing up in their saloon. Same with the Nugget, and the Sweet Oak Saloon.

The only building across from the saloon that would be considered open to all was the stable. Sam ambled to the stable.

“Help you?” the stable master asked genially.

“Needing hire a buggy and four horses,” Sam said.

“Where taking it?” the man asked, looking at a barely serviceable buggy.

“Denver; nearest train station,” Sam said.

After securing the buggy and approving of the four horses, Sam walked to the Knothole Saloon. The man behind the counter perked up; strangers weren’t that common entering his raucous establishment.

“Whiskey, neat,” Sam ordered, putting the heavy trunk on the floor.

Five dancing girls bounced and gyrated to a poorly played piano. Sam cast an appreciative eye at one of the girls. She was a round figure, round, with a head full of copper colored curls and a pleasing face sprinkled liberally with freckles.

“Girls for hire?” Sam asked, nodding toward the dancers.

“Course,” the man nodded.

“Hmm, needing a room for the night and I can get a hot bath?” Sam asked.

“Course,” the bartender agreed. “Two for the room, um, one for the bath, and which one them girls you thinking?”

“Big Red at the end there,” Sam nodded. “Whole night be how much?”

“Five,” the bartender said quickly.

“How much?” Sam asked, surprised.

“Fine, fine, three,” the bartender grumbled.

Sam nodded, put a five dollar coin and to dollar coins onto the bar.

“Wanting some vittles; stew smells good,” Sam said.

“Hey, Clara!” the bartender called out.

Clara stopped bouncing to the jangly music. She looked over at Frank, then opened her green eyes wide as Frank pointed to the wiry looking stranger.

Penny also looked over at the stranger and pursed her lips in distaste. She was a buxom blonde with finely shaped legs. She was used to men choosing her, even fighting over here. Clara being chosen before her? It had never happened before.

“Fixing eat some stew; you eat?” Sam asked as Clara approached.

Clara looked at Frank. Frank shrugged and fixed a second plate of the casino oyna hearty venison stew.

“Got a bath coming,” Sam said as they ate their meal.

Clara smiled a saucy smile.

“Needing me scrub your back, stranger?” she cooed.

“Scrub yours too,” Sam agreed.

“Ooh, both us going take a bath?” Clara giggled flirtatiously.

“Bath’s ready, partner,” Frank said a few moments later. “Got you in Room Three.”

“Key?” Sam asked, holding out a small hand.

Frank hesitated a moment, then fished a skeleton key from his vest pocket. He then offered to have the stranger’s trunk brought up.

“I’ll handle it; thanks,” Sam said.

“Want more?” Frank asked, nodding toward the two empty plates.

“No, thanks. Belly’s full, now, Clara, let’s you and me have us a little fun, huh?” Sam smiled.

At the foot of the stairs, Sam let Clara go up first. Then Sam turned to Frank.

“Listen, know how get a message to the knothole Gang?” Sam asked in a strong clear voice.

“Uh, might,” Frank said, shooting a nervous glance at three men playing poker.

“Tell them fixing bring them in,” Sam said. “Up to them how they want come in. They wanting be alive, tell them be out front of here at eleven o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Uh, yeah, sure, eleven o’clock,” Frank said, swallowing.

Sam carried the heavy trunk up the stairs, located room 3 and entered.

Clara was already disrobing. She’d loosed her dress and it had puddled around her plump legs. Her petticoat and corset were unlaced and she smiled as Sam closed and locked the door. Sam shoved the heavy trunk against the bottom of the door, barring anyone from peeking underneath the door.

This also made it more difficult for anyone to force the door open. Sam figured the little announcement downstairs would cause one or two to attempt entry into the room.

Sam nodded approvingly as Clara’s corset fluttered to the floor, revealing two large freckled breasts capped with two large pink nipples. Her belly had a pleasant plumpness to it, and her navel was a dimple in her soft paunch.

Clara then wiggled and giggled and pushed her petticoat down her pale legs. Her womanhood was capped with an orange tuft of curls that did not fully conceal her cleft. Her pale pink lips peeked out from the slit, plump and moist.

Sam pulled the Stetson off, letting a floor length curtain of blonde hair fall. Clara stared at the stranger’s long blonde hair. Sam then hung the hat on the doorknob, blocking the keyhole.

Without the hat on, the stranger had a handsome face. Slightly oblong, with high cheekbones, warm brown eyes and a small nose. Sam’s lips were pale, full and when Sam smiled, the smile revealed some straight white teeth, with one tooth that was slightly twisted.

Sam worked the buttons of the dusty shirt, one by one. Then Sam pulled the shirt open, revealing two small, well-formed breasts, capped with light brown nipples and a flat belly. Sam kicked off the dusty boots and slithered out of the dusty denim trousers. This revealed a pair of womanly hips, and a small thatch of blonde hair that barely covered a plump cleft.

“That’s a, you’re a…” Clara sputtered, looking at Sam.

“Shh,” Sam smiled and approached the nude Clara.

Sam wrapped her arms around the chubby whore. Then Sam gave the red headed woman a soft kiss directly on her full, pouting lips.

“I’ve never, I ain’t never…” Clara protested.

“Shh,” Sam said again and pulled Clara toward the large washtub.

She kissed Clara again, then assisted the skittish woman into the tub of steaming water.

“Scoot up,” Sam ordered and climbed into the tub, facing Clara’s back.

Sam grabbed the linen scrap from the small table and dunked it into the hot water. She then gently ran the rag over Clara’s freckled shoulders.

“Really, I ain’t never been with no woman,” Clara whispered nervously.

She did giggle as Sam’s small hands came around and rubbed the scrap of cloth over her heavy breasts. Sam then playfully pinched one of Clara’s hard nipples. Again, Clara gave a giggle.

“Might find being with a woman a little more pleasing than being with some hairy, sweaty old man,” Sam whispered into Clara’s ear as she pressed her wet breasts to Clara’s wet back.

Again Clara giggled as Sam continued to rub the wet cloth over Clara’s flesh.

“Stand up for me there, honey?” Sam urged.

Clara did as she was bade.

“Put them hands on that bureau there?” Sam requested.

Clara did, feet still in the hot water of the tub. This bent her forward at the waist. Her full pale buttocks dripped water into the tub as she stood.

Sam gently ran the scrap of linen over Clara’s full buttocks. She then gently scrubbed at Clara’s light pink anus. Underneath, Clara’s light pink lips peeked out, quite swollen with Clara’s excitement.

“Ooh!” Clara yelped as she could feel Sam’s hot breath on her exposed anus.

“Love a woman’s nether hole,” Sam confessed as her tongue lapped a circle around Clara’s anus.

It was an odd sensation, canlı casino having a tongue lapping at her nether region. Clara shivered at the intimate contact. There was a tension in her stomach as Sam’s hands pulled her full buttocks apart.

Sam loved the spicy taste of an anus. She loved the sweet sight of a pink ring clenched tightly, forming a puckered mouth. Sam loved the feel of a tight little hole fighting against her finger as she pushed in.

Clara did give a little yelp as Sam pressed a spittle wet finger against her tightly clenched hole. Sam fought against the tightly clenched hole and gained purchase.

“Ooh!” Clara grunted as Sam’s finger pushed into her hole.

Sam then dipped her head lower and lapped up and down Clara’s slick pussy lips. She could taste the woman’s excitement as her tongue passed along the lips.

She used her other hand to pull Clara’s lips apart. Waggling her tongue from side to side, Sam lapped up as much of Clara’s essence as she could. Then she sought out Clara’s bud of pleasure.

“Ooh!” Clara cried out as Sam’s hot mouth encircled her bud.

Sam laughed and greedily lapped at Clara’s pussy. She continued to thrust her finger in and out of Clara’s nether hole.

“Ooh!” Clara cried out again as Sam wormed a second finger into her nether hole while her small teeth nipped at Clara’s bud.

Her legs felt weak as Sam caused her to crest in pleasure. Her hands on the bureau did keep her from toppling forward as the beautiful woman sucked and licked at her cleft.

“Come on, Honey, sit back down, huh?” Sam chuckled as Clara wobbled unsteadily.

Clara carefully sank back into the steaming water.

“My first lover was a red head,” Sam whispered, arms pulling Clara against her. “Ain’t no one loves like them red heads.”

“I’ve never…” Clara whispered again.

“And I’ll show you,” Sam promised.

She gently kissed Clara’s blushing cheek.

“We all need someone show us,” she whispered.

The cake of lye soap was then dunked into the water and Sam made quick work of lathering them both. She then sluiced the suds from their skin.

“Come on, Sweetie,” Sam said, grabbing the flannel sheet from the small table.

Clara docilely allowed the woman to pat her skin dry. She then climbed out of the tub and crawled into the straw stuffed bed.

Sam made quick work of toweling herself dry, then crawled into the bed. She pulled Clara close and kissed the whore on her full lips. Then she gently pulled on Clara’s chin with her thumb. Clara opened her mouth and Sam slid her tongue into Clara’s mouth.

The two kissed for several long moments. Sam’s small hands toyed with Clara’s heavy breasts as they kissed. Then Sam wiggled between Clara’s pudgy legs. She pressed her wet sex against Clara’s wet sex. Both women groaned lightly as delicious feelings rippled through them.

Then Sam wiggled down. She paused at Clara’s breasts and nuzzled each nipple for several long moments. Then she wiggled down again. Clara giggled as Sam nipped at her soft belly.

Then she groaned as Sam’s mouth cupped her cleft. Clara shivered and groaned as Sam’s tongue lapped at her heavy pussy lips. Then Sam’s thumbs were pulling her cleft open.

“Ooh!” Clara keened as her pleasure crested.

Then Sam wiggled forward again. She kissed and nipped and nibbled her way to Clara’s lips.

“Now you,” Sam quietly ordered.

Clara hesitated for a moment. Then, heavy blush on her pretty face, she bent and took one of Sam’s fat nipples into her mouth. The nipple had a rubbery texture. It tasted of the harsh lye soap they’d just used. The breast itself was firm, with just a little give as Clara used her hands to gently stroke them.

She switched to the other nipple and gave it a gentle suck. She traced the areolae with her tongue then trailed her tongue down to the undersides of Sam’s small breasts.

Sam let out a happy sigh and Clara smiled up at her. Sam’s belly was hard, firm. Sam did giggle when Clara lapped at her belly button.

Then Clara bent her head and smelled the other woman’s pussy. There was a musky aroma, smelling slightly of musk, of sweat, of harsh soap.

Clara gave the other woman’s lips a timid lick. The flavor was not unpleasant so she gave it another lick. Then she fully cupped Sam’s cleft with her mouth, licking up and down Sam’s wet pussy lips. The texture was rubbery, smooth, the taste was not unpleasant. Clara used her thumbs and pried Sam’s lips apart. Blindly, she licked and sucked, searching for Sam’s clitoris.

“Ooh, yes,” Sam hissed when Clara did locate her bud of pleasure.

Clara slapped the bud a few times with her plump tongue. Then she sucked the bud into her mouth and sucked on it.

“Aieegh, damn!” Sam keened and stiffened in pleasure.

Clara licked Sam’s pussy as the woman’s cleft oozed her essences.

“Put some fingers in there,” Sam urged.

Clara drove two fingers in, stroking along the walls of Sam’s pussy. Then she began to swat Sam’s clitoris with her tongue again. She added a third finger kaçak casino and Sam shuddered in pleasure.

“Give me another one,” Sam ordered.

Clara curved her fingers and drove four fingers in and out of Sam’s pussy as she also licked and sucked Sam’s bud.

Balling up her fist, Clara drove her whole fist into Sam’s pussy while also licking and sucking at Sam’s clitoris.

“Aieegh, aw damn, damn, damn!” Sam grunted and shuddered, eyes squeezed tightly against the intense orgasm.

After a few moments, Sam weakly tugged at Clara’s wrist. Clara gently twisted and pulled, working her fist out of the other woman’s pussy.

She wiggled forward alongside Sam and the two women kissed again.

Outside of the door, they both heard the floorboards creak.

Earl Travers, Deputy Earl Travers winced. But a man of his immense bulk was bound to make a few floorboards creak. He stood outside of Room Three, Frank’s master key in hand.

Again, a floorboard creaked as he squatted down to peer into the room. But something was blocking the keyhole. Hunkering down even more, he attempted to peer underneath the door. But again, something was blocking Earl’s view.

“Ain’t nothing be done about it,” Earl muttered and got to his feet again.

He gingerly, quietly inserted the master key into the keyhole. With a careful twist, he unlocked the door.

Surprise was what he was aiming for. After quietly determining that the door was unlocked, Earl attempted to fling the door open and rush in on Sam McCleary and Ugly Clara, what most of them called the unattractive red headed whore.

Inside the room, Sam stood in the corner to the right of the door. Clara cowered down in the other corner, trying to hide behind the bureau. Sam had her shotgun out of the trunk, loaded and ready.

The door did open, not as quickly as Earl had anticipated. But with his full weight against the door, it did open.

The trunk prevented the door from opening fully; the trunk slammed into the wall, holding the door at three-quarters open.

Earl barged into the room and stared at the empty bed.

Sam kicked the door shut with a loud ‘bang’ and then pumped a shell into her shotgun.

“Hands on head, knees on floor, fat boy,” Sam ordered from behind Earl.

Earl knew he had very little chance of winning this contest.

“I’m Deputy Travers,” he barked, not turning.

Hands on head, knees on floor; I’m not going say it again,” Sam ordered, voice harsh.

Earl slowly got down on his knees.

“Clara, go take them guns,” Sam ordered, placing the muzzle of the gun against Earl’s head.

Clara came around and pulled the two six shooters from Earl’s holsters.

“Know I’m the law, Clara,” Earl threatened.

“Uh huh, and that ain’t saying much, now is it?” Clara sneered at the man.

When Earl was unarmed, Sam roughly reached up, jerked Earl’s hands behind him and handcuffed him. She then slammed the butt of her shotgun into the back of Earl’s head. With a grunt, Earl went down. Sam pulled Earl’s boots off and nodded in grim satisfaction when a third gun fell to the floor. Sam then used Earl’s own handcuffs and cuffed his ankles to his wrists, hog-tying him.

Her final act was to stuff a scrap of cloth into his mouth, then bind that scrap with some rawhide.

Sam again shoved the trunk against the door, hung her hat over the knob, then pulled Clara back into the bed.

“You was scared?” Sam softly teased Clara.

“You wasn’t?” Clara asked, eyes wide.

“Yeah,” Sam admitted.

She then kissed Clara’s pretty lips softly. Their kiss grew in intensity. Sam slid her tongue into Clara’s mouth as her hands cupped Clara’s heavy breasts. Her thumbs teased Clara’s nipples until they were hard points. Then Sam released Clara’s mouth and suckled on one, then the other nipple.

When Clara was gasping and cooing, Sam wiggled around. Her blonde slit dangled inches above Clara’s head. Sam then pressed her mouth to Clara’s wet pussy and began tonguing Clara’s lips, searching, probing for the opening to Clara’s sex.

Clara took the open invitation and began to tongue Sam’s blonde pussy. Sam lowered her sex until it pressed firmly against Clara’s mouth. The two women sucked and licked each other until Sam, then Clara grunted in orgasm.

Then Sam again began to tongue and lick Clara’s pussy while jamming two fingers deep into Clara’s pussy. Clara also began to finger Sam’s wet pussy. The two again reached their orgasms, grunting and gasping.

Then Sam wiggled around again, pressed her small breasts firmly against Clara’s large breasts and kissed the still gasping woman. With a final kiss, Sam slithered off of the whore, pulled the wool blanket over them both, and fell asleep.

Normally, when her customer fell asleep, Clara would stealthily get out of the bed, rifle through his pockets, and stow any of his valuables underneath the bureau’s raised bottom. Later, after the man had left, she’d return to the room and pocket his forgotten coins, watch, rings.

She would also take two or three bullets out of his pistol and make sure the hammer was on an empty chamber. Wouldn’t do to have a man discover his whore had robbed him and decide to exact a little retribution on that whore.

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