Kim’s New Life Ch. 16

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Kelly ordered me to stand and present. “Follow Sam’s instructions as she prepares you for your flogging.”

“My Flogging? That’s what they did on sailing ships to punish sailors. What the hell is she going to do to me?” I thought. I am sure that Kelly saw the fear on my face but did not say anything. She simply turned away and walked off the stage without looking back.

Sam told me to keep my fingers locked behind my neck and helped me move to a point near center stage. Once there, she connected my wrist cuffs to the ends of a three-foot-long spreader bar that she placed over my shoulders. After telling me to remain in place, she went to the rear of the stage where, much to my surprise, she actuated a switch that turned on a motor in the ceiling, dropping a chain to a spot just above my head. She attached this chain to the center of the spreader bar then reversed the motor slowly raising the bar and my arms. She didn’t stop until I was forced to stand on my toes. The ankle cuffs were removed, followed by the nylons and garter belt.

The coup de grace was next. She tied ropes to my ankle cuffs. The other ends of the ropes were threaded through eyebolts hidden under small trapdoors on the stage floor, about the same distance apart as the spreader bar. When she pulled the ropes through the eyebolts, my feet followed, all the way to the eyebolts. Once the ropes were tied off, I was barely able to touch the floor with my toes. I was suspended in the form of the letter X.

Kelly walked back onto the stage and stood facing me. The first thing I noticed was that she was now wearing a white gossamer gown like Sam’s. Her cincture, however, was white instead of black. I also saw that she was barefoot. In her hand she held what looked like a bunch of strips of material attached to a short handle. “I am sure, my pet, that when I said I was going to flog you, I scared the wits out of you, because I don’t think you know what flogging is in B&D. You probably thought about a single strand whip causing harsh stripes as it connects with your back. That would have been true in what was corporal punishment. Some folks engaged in S&M still do that to create pain for the sake of pain, which is OK as long as one knows how to use it. In my group, we do not use a whip, but, as you have already witnessed, the cane might be used for punishment.

“In sane BDSM circles, flogging can be anything from a light to heavy whipping depending on the type of flogger and how it is used. While a flogging can be used as punishment, that is not the normal intent for most BDSM participants. I am sure that there are people in the scene that will not agree with what I am telling you, but it is what my group believes in and follows.

“I prefer using a flogger to create sensuous pain because I think the sensation is spread over one’s body and increases in intensity the longer one is whipped. I want to build the endorphins in the person I am flogging to the maximum. The flogger is not as painful as a single or multi-strand whip and doesn’t damage the skin or leave lasting marks. Any flogger can be damaging when used incorrectly or in the hands of the wrong person, however. This particular flogger is light and soft. It is made from wide deerskin strips. As I use it on you, you skin will gradually heat up to a nice glow. I know of cases where subs passed out from a flogging and in other cases, they achieved climax. I will insure that you will do neither tonight, but I do intend to take you deep into subspace. Since you are new to this you need to know that I have had extensive experience on both ends of the flogger, so, rest assured that I do know how to use it properly.

“Initially, you will receive a slap approximately once every three to four seconds. Later, they will be more frequent because both Sam and I will be hitting you at the same time. I promise that, at a minimum, nearly every part of your body, from knees to neck, front and back, will be covered. Sam and I will take turns because your session is going to be long. I, we, intend to build slowly in intensity, until I have decided you have reached your limit. You are now released from total silence.”

The best way that I can describe the blows was a light “thud.” The thuds continued as Kelly struck me in a steady rhythm. After a dozen or so strokes, she would switch off with Sam and vice versa. When it was Sam’s turn, the pleasant thing was that Kelly would stand in front of me and touch my (her) cunt and kiss my nipples. When Kelly used the flogger to work on my breasts and abdomen, I welcomed the change and was happy to look at her loving smile as she wielded the instrument. I could feel the heat that was building up on my skin. When I looked down, I saw that my breasts were red as if sunburned. The sensory feelings increased tremendously as she took me more and more deeply into myself. I started to crave the feeling that she was forging within me. I realized that a strange sense of tranquility was settling over me when suddenly Sam attacked me from casino siteleri behind. They were whipping me simultaneously.

“Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggg!” I screamed from the initial surprise, rather than from any pain because Sam had swung her flogger upwards, between my legs, contacting with my pussy and pubic bone. Kelly immediately responded by bringing her flogger up between my legs from the front. I quickly realized they were going to alternate strokes from both sides. When the fever pitch of my sexual being rose towards the top and I knew I was going to climax, they suddenly stopped. I was so close I almost started begging Kelly to let me cum. Nothing else really mattered to me at this moment. I was almost angry when they didn’t continue. I knew I could climax if they would just keep whipping my cunt, and I was so turned on that I wanted to cum that way.

Kelly knew exactly what I was thinking. She moved close to me and kissed my lips softly. “Does my baby want to cum?” she asked. I nodded violently. “Don’t worry, little one, you will get your wish soon. There is one additional trial that you must first endure. I want to know how you react to heavy pain.

“The cane, please, Sam.” What little they could, my shoulders sank in resignation with the knowledge about what was to happen. Sam’s welts were still vivid on her ass. I was about to bear the same kind of marks. Had I not been bound in suspension, I know my body would have crashed into a pile on the floor.

Kelly held the instrument to my lips. It was an exact duplicate of the one she used on Kelly. For all I knew, it could have been the same one. “Kiss it, pet.” I was sure I wouldn’t be able to bear it, especially if she used it on my already bruised ass. Yet, I knew that was the only place my body could take it.

Kelly stood behind me and touched my butt with the tip of the cane. Sam was in front of me and smiling. “She knows what is going to happen to me,” I thought. “How can she possibly smile like that?” In my mind I called her a bitch.

Kelly swung the cane through the air. I reacted to the “swoosh” sound by attempting to push my midsection forward while, at the same time, tightening my buttocks. The blow didn’t land. She swung her instrument several more times until I finally failed to react to the sound. She wanted me to be relaxed when it landed, and land it did.

I am sure that anyone driving down the street heard my scream. The line of fire that crossed the base of my buttocks was like nothing I had ever experienced before. “How could she do this to me? Damn her anyhow!” I thought, coming close to screaming at her. For the first time, I thought about using my safe word.

The searing pain of that initial strike slowly enveloped my genitals in an unbelievable sexual conflagration. I could not believe that I could experience continued arousal while enduring such pain. The dichotomy of the situation was not believable, yet I was living proof it did exist. The second stroke was as severe as the first. I cried out again. I didn’t care that Sam had remained silent during her ordeal. It effin hurt!

I had closed my eyes and was waiting for the next stroke when I felt someone grab the back of my legs and plant their lips on my cunt. Since Sam had been in front of me, I thought she would be the one I would see when I opened my eyes and looked down. Instead, I saw the top of Kelly’s head. She literally attacked the seat of my sex with her mouth and tongue. It only took seconds to take me over the top. As I climaxed, Sam added two well-placed strokes with the cane just below the ones Kelly had inflicted. There is no doubt in my mind that those two blistering stripes increased the pleasure I received from the most intense climax of my entire life. I’ve heard that some women pass out from climaxes. I didn’t, but I think I was close.

When I finally returned to reality, two pair of lips were sucking on my hard nipples. As they sensed movement in my body, Kelly looked up. Somehow, I managed to return her broad smile with a grin. I swear that I noticed an aching in my arm muscles. It had to have been caused by the tension created through hanging and the intense climax.

They finally started releasing me.

Sam loosened the rope connecting my left ankle cuff to the eyebolt in the floor while Kelly worked on the right one. I thought that, when they finished, I would be lowered to the floor. ‘T’was not to be. Each threaded their rope through the eyebolts at the ends of the spreader bar and pulled on their respective rope until my ankles were against my wrists. I was bent nearly in half, my legs spread obscenely wide. I could see my bare cunt, and the audience, which also had a perfect view of my cunt and ass. My blood-filled pussy lips could not have been more exposed. I might have considered my previous nearly-naked state as being somewhat obscene since everyone else was dressed, but this position was REALLY obscene. I couldn’t imagine what Kelly intended to do with or to me.

Sam left the canlı casino stage and returned carrying a tray on which lay a black leather swatch. On top of the swatch were several items that I couldn’t see clearly, from my viewing angle. Kelly picked up a foil packet, ripped it open, extracted a white patch and used it to wipe my clit and the left side of my labia. The alcohol stung like hell and I suddenly knew what was going to happen.

I was fascinated, although with trepidation, that I would be able to watch the proceedings because of my contorted position. After using the alcohol swab, Kelly marked the inside and outside of my left labium, near vagina, with a sharpie then clamped a pair of forceps onto it. They hurt, but I quickly forgot the pain when I saw Kelly pick up what appeared to be a large diameter, tapered needle. I had seen piercing needles before, but this one was huge (at least to my untrained eye). I think Kelly noticed my eyes open wide, so she explained, “The ring I am using is larger than what would normally be used in a new piercing, pet. I could go smaller and stretch the holes later, but that would take more time. I want the extra weight of the ring to make you more aware of its presence and I need that to happen immediately.”

The clamped forceps had numbed my flesh substantially, but the sting of the needle still hurt like hell when she pushed it through my flesh. Kelly held the ring up for me to see. It WAS thick and over an inch in diameter. She used an open end of the ring to finish pushing the needle through the new hole in my body. Using a pair of pliers, she spread the ring slightly and added the captive ball.

Continuing her modification of MY body (well, ok, I did give it to her), Kelly pierced my clitoral hood but used a smaller size ring. Before adding the captive ball to this ring, she held up an ID tag so I could read the inscription: “I am the property of Mistress Kelly. My slave name is kimmy.” I also noticed a symbol: a circle with a small upside-down cross on the bottom. I had noticed the same symbol on Sam’s ID tag, but I had not thought anything about it at the time. The tag was slipped over the ring and the captive ball put in place, making my submission and enslavement “official.”

“Your ID, like Sam’s is slightly curved so it would lie against My clit when you are sitting or reclining or when I permit you to wear panties, pet. It will hang free when you are standing.

“Now, what are the other two rings for, Sam?” Kelly asked.

“Well, Miss Kelly, I saw them in the storage cabinet and thought there was a possibility you might want to add rings your slave’s nipples, and, truthfully, I didn’t want to have to go back and get them.”

“Hmmmm, that sounds like a wonderful idea, Sam. I’ll give it some serious thought. In the meantime, let’s get my pet out of her current predicament.” Sam sat the tray down and they released my ankles, holding my legs while slowly lowering them so I wouldn’t injure myself. I appreciated the fact that I was now able to touch the floor with my toes again. In fact, there was enough contact that I could push up and down a little to relieve the slight ache in my muscles while I listened to them talk about me, once again as if I weren’t there.

“Yes, I do think that they will look much better with some decoration, Sam, but I won’t be able to play with them much until the piercings heal, which, as you know, will could take several months.” **

“Well, Miss Kelly, I’m afraid that this lowly slave can’t make that decision for you. I can only ask which would you prefer: enjoying the additional beauty that the rings would create to your slave, or having additional ways to satisfy your sadistic desire? Besides, the sooner you pierce them, the sooner they will be healed.”

“Since you put it that way, Sam, I am sure I would prefer the additional beauty now.

Minutes later my nipples sported rings like Kelly’s. From my vantage point, I even felt they looked wonderful, although I was already wishing the residual pain would go away. I couldn’t wait to look at myself in a mirror. “I may have you wear barbells on occasion after you heal, pet, but I prefer rings during the healing process. They make the piercing easier to clean. All you need to do is cover the ring with the cleansing solution then rotate the ring back and forth through the piercing easily coating the inside surfaces with the solution.”

Sam walked to the back of the stage and flipped the switch that lowered the spreader bar. As it moved down, Kelly kissed me again and said, “You’re holding up very well, kimmy. I am so proud of you right now. I must admit that I was a little concerned about throwing so much at you so quickly, but tonight was our scheduled meeting and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to be able to initiate you into our membership. There is one additional thing you must endure before I permit you to talk again. Please sit on the front of the stage with your legs over the edge and Sam will prepare you.

It kaçak casino was difficult to remain silent and not ask what she was doing while Sam tied new ropes to my ankle cuffs. Following her instructions, I laid back so my upper body was flat on the stage and raised my legs so she could thread the ropes’ loose ends through eye bolts about a foot behind and two feet on either side of my head. She tightened the ropes until my feet were spread about two feet apart and above my head. Stepping off the stage, Sam and told me to put my arms beside my hips, outside my legs. She tied ropes to each of my wrist cuffs and then to two more eyebolts at the edge of the stage. When she pulled these ropes tight, my arms were spread apart, and I was able to grip the edge of the stage. I thought I was displayed in an obscene manner when they pierced me. This position was obscenely obscene. My splayed, pierced pussy was now at the edge of the stage and at eye level with the audience. To make matters even worse, Sam jumped back onto the stage and tightened the ropes attached to my ankle cuffs pulling my legs farther apart. This action raised my hips several inches above the stage.

“I hope you aren’t too uncomfortable, kimmy,” Sam commented while leaning in and kissing my lips.”

“Hell yes, I’m extremely uncomfortable, you silly bitch,” I wanted to scream. I was still looking up at her when I felt something touch my cunt causing me to jump (as much as my tight bonds would permit). That something turned out to be a pair of lips. I struggled to raise my head and watch as woman after woman leaned down and kissed it. And I am not talking about a quick kiss. Each one of them took their time kissing and licking my exposed cunt and clit. Many tongue-fucked me for a few seconds. A couple even licked my expose anus. Eventually, neck hurting, I rested my head on the stage floor and swooned in passion. Kelly’s words, “Is my pet enjoying herself?’ caused me to look up again. She was standing over my head facing my legs. When I smiled and nodded, she knelt, dipped her head and started sucking on my clit, bringing me to a swift and hard climax.

Sam quickly unlocked and removed my leg cuffs while Kelly did the same to my wrist cuffs. After they helped me to stand, Kelly took me into her arms until I fully regained my balance. “Thank you, pet, for being so wonderful. You are now the newest member of the Venus Coterie. As I indicated, what you just endured was your initiation. You may now speak so you can meet the rest of the members who are here tonight. I promise I’ll explain everything to you later, so you don’t need to ask any specifics. Just be yourself and enjoy the camaraderie.”

Sam removed my garter belt and nylons then helped me don a white gown, tied a black cincture around my waist. Kelly then ordered me to kneel after saying, “Sam, may I have the box, please?” I don’t know how I missed the red, velvet-covered box sitting on the tray. Sam handed it to Kelly.

“There is one additional item I want to give you as a symbol of our new relationship.” She opened the box and held it so I could see the contents. It was a silver ring with a smaller ring attached to the top.

“Do you recognize it, kimmy?” I had to tell her that I didn’t.

“If you probe your memory and think about when you read ‘The Story of O.’ you will probably remember the ring that O received when she finished her training at Roissy. While different than the signet ring she wore, this style is now recognized in the lifestyle as ‘The Ring of O.’ The small ring attached to the ball on the top represents the metal rings that were attached to the leather collar and wrist cuffs that O wore during her training. kimmy, will you consent to wear this ring as a symbol of your commitment to me and as a member of Venus Coterie?”

“Mistress, as your slave, I will be proud to wear your ring.” I held my hand up to her.

As she slipped it on my finger she said, “I have a friend who will engrave it with our initials and today’s date.

“I have one more thing to add to it, pet.” She pulled a dainty chain bracelet from the pocket of her robe. “This chain bracelet had an extension that normally would wrap around your finger. I had it modified to clip onto the top ring of your O ring. While you will always wear your ‘O’ ring, you will wear this chain with your ring when we go out together in public and at home when we have company.” I thought it was a beautiful addition to my new slave ring.

Kelly told me to stand and locked the end of a three-foot long chain to my collar. The other end was locked to Sam’s collar. Finally, a leash was clipped to the center of the chain and the two of us followed Kelly away from the stage. As we stepped onto the dance floor everyone applauded and moved forward to “congratulate” me, their newest member. I was a little embarrassed because of the chain connecting me to Sam, of course, but was soon able to forget that it existed. I was surprised that everyone now wore white gowns with either white or black rope belts. I didn’t know when they had changed, but later learned it was while Sam was preparing me for my ordeal. It was easy to decide that those with white belts were dominas and the black belts were subs.

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