Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 02

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Katie came home late from work and found a note sitting on the dining room table of the home she shared with her wife, Amanda.

The yellow envelope had Katie’s name written in white ink calligraphy, something Amanda learned while in college.

Inside was a handwritten letter from Amanda. It read:

Dearest Katie,

I am so in love with you. You are my everything. I am nothing without you. We make a perfect couple, a team, two women with a bond no one can break.

Today at work, I guess you know I didn’t meet my daily goals. I am so infatuated with you all I could do was stare at the picture of you on my desk. My heart fluttered when I heard your voice over the intercom. The sound took me deep into my heart. I felt flush with desire and arousal. I cannot put it into words so well, but I am in love with you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, making you happy, making you feel loved, making you feel special.

If you dare to make tonight special, and I know you will (haha), follow the trail of rose petals.

Love and Kisses,


Katie felt warmth in her heart. She clutched the letter to her chest, closed her eyes and smiled. She finally was with a woman who loved her as much as she loved back. She wanted to make everything special for Amanda, and Amanda was trying the same thing for her. A tear ran down Katie’s cheek and fell onto the letter, leaving a little wet mark by casino oyna Amanda’s name.

Feeling very aroused and a little adventurous, Katie put the note down, kicked off her heels, took off her jacket and started following the rose petals. The trail led Katie from the dining room to an adjacent hallway, up the main stairs, and down the hall to the master bedroom. The door was closed and Katie hesitated before going in, wondering if Amanda was there, and if she was, hoping she was nude.

With anticipation Katie opened the door and was disappointed to see the trail lead on and off the bed. It went through the mater bath and to a side wall. Katie pressed and it opened, leading to the secret stairway they had installed to get from the bedroom to the back patio. Now Katie was getting hot and anxious. She so loved seeing Amanda in a swimsuit lounging on the deck. It was enough to make a wet spot on her panties.

Katie opened the door to the patio and found Amanda just as she thought. Amanda was lying on a lounger in a beautiful yellow and white bikini which accentuated Amanda’s beautiful breasts and hips. Katie had a sexy grin as her eyes devoured Amanda’s body. Stripping out of her clothes, Katie approached Amanda wearing only her bra, panties and hose.

She causally walked up to Amanda, who at the moment had closed her eyes, and straddled the lounger, with her ass planted on Amanda’s tummy.

“Someone has been naughty canlı casino today,” Katie said in a sultry voice and her index finger touching in-between Amanda’s breasts.

Amanda opened her eyes and said, “Am I a naughty girl?”

Katie nodded. “You have made a mess of our house with your lovely rose petals leading a trail to your beautiful self.”

“Is Katie going to punish little Amanda?”

Katie got close to Amanda’s face, and just before kissing her hard, said, “Katie is going to ravish little Amanda.”

The two kissed passionately, their hands caressing through each other’s hair. Amanda held onto Katie’s neck as they locked lips and let their tongues touch.

Katie put her right leg down so her big toe was nudging at Amanda’s crotch. Amanda squirmed underneath Katie and silently begged Katie to push her toe past the bikini fabric and into her aching pussy.

Katie had the same idea. She pushed the bikini bottom to the side and let her toe massage Amanda’s outer labia, stroking it gently, up and down, up and down, up and down. The girls continued kissing even as Amanda had an aroused grin on her face. Katie kept her toe moving, and then it entered Amanda. Katie was pushing her toe in and out of Amanda’s pussy. Amanda turned her head to the side and moaned in ecstasy.

“Oooooh. Kaaaatie. Ooooooh.”

Katie kissed Amanda’s neck as her toe continued fucking Amanda’s pussy, and then stopped. kaçak casino Amanda turned and looked into Katie’s eyes. “Why have you stopped?” Amanda thought to herself. “Why?”

Katie shifted herself and resumed fucking Amanda using her left big toe. The toe fucking continued for a few more minutes until Amanda let out a soft sigh and tilted her head back, coating Katie’s big toe with cum.

Shifting her weight, Katie put her big toes up to Amanda, who used her tongue to clean them of her cum and wetness.

Katie sat back and smiled, and stretched out to lay on top of Amanda.

“Is that what naughty Amanda wanted?”

Amanda smiled and said, “Yeeeeeees.”

They laid together on the lounger for the rest of the evening, feeling each other’s heart beat in unison, as one.

Later that night, the women changed into nighties from Victoria Secret, climbed into their California King bed and cuddled up against each other. However, instead of going to sleep, Amanda had a surprise for her lover.

Reaching underneath the covers, Amanda placed her hand under Katie’s nightie and inserted a finger into her pussy. The surprise move caused Katie to moan in ecstasy. Katie spread her legs and Amanda inserted two fingers, stroking in and out of Katie’s wet pussy. Katie tilted her head back and she was breathing at a quick pace. Amanda kept stroking Katie and finger fucked her to a orgasm which reached deep into Katie’s vagina and caused her body to shutter.

Amanda kept her fingers inside Katie’s warm pussy. When Katie opened her eyes, Amanda eased her fingers out and licked them clean as Katie watched, whimpering in delight.

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