Karen, The Next Day

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(While this story is a continuation of my story Karen Takes a Dare, it can be read as a stand-alone story. If you haven’t already read Karen Takes a Dare, you might enjoy that as well. I appreciate any feedback and comments readers make. Comments and feedback give me encouragement to continue this story and come up with new stories. Please let me know what you like, what you didn’t, and how my stories make you feel. Thank you.)

Karen, The Next Morning

Karen woke up to the sunlight shining through her window. She looked at her clock. She couldn’t believe she had slept until 11:00. She never did that. “I’m always up by 7:00 at the latest. Gosh, yesterday must have really changed me,” she thought.

She looked under the covers to find herself naked. Another thing she never did. The nipples on her 34d breasts were erect and she was just coming to grips with her newly shaved pussy. Before yesterday when she was shaved by her friend Nancy, she’d always had hair.

Oh yes, Nancy. That is what got this whole thing started. Karen still couldn’t believe she took the dare set by Nancy. She at least was going to get that all-expense spa weekend. But she had also gotten more. A lot more.

In the last 24 hours Karen had done more sexually, been more sexually adventurous, than she had been her entire life. She’d been licked by a drunk, homeless guy. She’d been exposed to a group of young college guys who made lewd comments about her. She’d also had a sexual experience with a young couple. Then there was last night with Nancy.

She’d never really had a lesbian experience until last night. Yes she licked Christine yesterday after her husband deposited his cum in her, but that didn’t seem like lesbian because she was tasting his cum. With Nancy it was different.

As Karen thought about her time with Nancy, she felt a gush of wetness soak her vagina. Her hand went to her clit, as if on its own. Her index finger did circles around the “little man in the boat” and she felt herself getting aroused. She thought about calling Nancy to see if she wanted to come back over.

“What has gotten into you?” she thought. She knew if she followed Nancy’s lead, a lot would be getting into her. Karen knew that she wanted to feel Nancy’s mouth where her hand was right now. She thought about how Nancy used her tongue in ways that Karen didn’t know possible. The way Nancy used her tongue, going back and forth between her pussy and anus made Karen cum over and over.

Karen had long known that Nancy was sexually liberated. Hell, Karen knew her best friend was a slut. Karen just didn’t know how dominant and aggressive Nancy could be. It had really turned her on and she knew that the dominant side of her friend, complimented her submissive side. Last night had proved that.


As soon as Nancy had driven Karen home from the dare, she wanted to know all that had happened. Karen had told her she needed a stiff drink first, so Nancy had made them both one. While Karen preferred sweeter drinks or wine, Nancy brought them both some bourbon on the rocks. Karen took it down in one gulp and started the story.

“Wait!” Nancy exclaimed. “Let’s strip down to our underwear first.” Before she had finished the word, her jeans were on the floor and her tee half way off, leaving herself exposed, wearing just a thong and bra. Although Karen had seen Nancy in underwear before, even nude, she had never seen her this excited. The nipples on her 36dd were pushing out through the lace of her bra and her slit was clearly exposed where her wetness made her white thong see-through.

Karen merely took off her kimono coat and displayed to Nancy that she was panty less. As Karen turned around, she heard a moan come from Nancy. As she looked at her, Karen thought Nancy might pounce. She looked like a cat about to devour a bird and Karen knew she was the bird. Karen decided she was going to play the game, and sat, slowly spreading her legs as Sharon Stone did in that movie. Again, Nancy moaned so Karen left her legs spread. She could smell her own arousal and she wasn’t sure if it was from her teasing Nancy or all that she had done that night.

“Tell casino oyna me everything that happened tonight.” Nancy demanded. Karen obliged.

“First I walked down the block and came to a homeless man of about 60. He clearly had been drinking. I exposed myself, as you required in the dare. And he first smelled me and then gave a quick lick.”

“How did you expose yourself?” Nancy asked.

“I first opened my kimono so he could see everything in front. He then asked me to turn around and bend over a bit, so I did. That is when he licked me.”

“Show me how you turned and bent over!”

Karen did as Nancy asked. She got up from the chair, turned so she was facing the chair, parted her feet to spread her legs, and then bent over resting her hands on the chair.

“Did he lick you like this?” Nancy asked and she put both hands on Karen’s cheeks, spread them, and inserted her tongue deep into Karen’s pussy.

Now it was Karen’s turn to moan. She held still. She could feel Nancy’s tongue deep in her pussy, moving around, lapping at her juices. She could also feel Nancy’s nose, tickling her little rosebud. She’d never felt someone’s nose at her anus.

Nancy continued to lick until Karen began to move her hips, indicating she was liking the attention, she then stopped. Nancy wanted to keep Karen on edge as long as possible, knowing that if she did, Karen would do whatever she wanted. Nancy returned to her initial position, watching Karen’s hips undulate, wanting more. “Ok, what happened next?” Nancy asked.

Karen made a disappointed face, but went on. “He passed out, his limp cock sticking out of his pants. I then went down the block, there was no one until the third block. On the third block was a bunch of college guys. They made some nasty comments about me, called me a ‘whore.’

It was on the next block that I met Jay and Christine. They are a young couple, very hot. I went to their apartment. Christine and I kissed, she made me finger her, and taste her on my fingers. Jay then licked my backside. I watched them fuck as I used Christine’s vibrator. We all came doing that. Jay came in her.

Christine then came over and straddled my face. As she flexed her muscles, cum oozed from her into my mouth. She finally settled down on my face, my mouth at her vagina and she made me lick her. They gave me their number and asked if I would come over another time. I might.”

“So no one fucked you?” Nancy asked.

“No,” Karen replied. “Unless you count Vinnie the vibrator.”

“That is going to change.” Nancy responded and she got up and went to her bag. When she came back she was holding a huge dildo that was hooked to straps. “This is a strap-on. It has a small vibe end that fits in me, and this big end that is going to fuck you, little girl. I’m going to give it to you like you’ve never had before.”

Nancy removed the rest of her clothes while Karen watched. She hooked one side of the contraption around one leg, spread her legs slightly to insert the small end inside her pussy, and then finished strapping on the other leg. When she turned she looked like a transvestite, huge tits and cock. Karen was both aroused and scared.

“Let’s go get on the bed,” Nancy demanded, holding out a hand. Karen did what she was told. She got up, took Nancy’s hand and went with her, like a lamb to the slaughter. As they walked the giant phallus bobbed up and down between Nancy’s legs. Karen was unsure she could take it. She’d never seen anything as big.

As they approached the bed Nancy said, “On your knees, we are going to need to get this lubricated to do what I intend. Your saliva should work.” Karen did what she was told. Unsure about what Nancy had intended. Unsure if she could go through with it all, but she knew she would try.

Once on her knees, Karen felt Nancy grab her hair. She saw the knob end of the phallus in front of her. “God” she thought. “It has to be 9 inches long and about as big around as a soda can. How am I ever going to take that?”

“Open your mouth,” Nancy ordered. Karen did and she felt the tip of the cock push at her lips. “Do you mind me taking charge like this?” Nancy asked. canlı casino “I would never do anything to hurt you, anything you didn’t want me to do.”

Karen moaned and with a soft, mousy voice said, “Ok.” She again opened her mouth, taking Nancy’s cock into it. Now the crown of the shaft was in her mouth. Nancy, pulling Karen’s hair gently but firmly, guided more of its length into Karen’s mouth. She then started a slight thrust, in and out, with her hips, driving more and more in.

Karen could feel the cock pushing farther and farther into her mouth. She felt the tip at the back, about to enter her throat. She remembered all the times Nancy told her of taking a man’s cock deep in her throat until her lips were against his stomach and balls. She remembered how turned on that made her, wondering if she would ever experience that. She now knew she was about to.

“Relax and swallow,” Nancy told her. Karen did as she was told and should could feel her throat open, allowing just the tip into it. “Keep swallowing.” Then it was through, edging down her throat. She felt Nancy pushing slightly. The last few inches of cock entering her mouth. Karen felt her throat stretch to take the girth.

“That’s it baby. Beautiful. You look so pretty with my cock in your mouth, in your throat. It is turning me on so much to face fuck you.” Nancy said in a voice that was part animal, part sensual. Karen knew she was getting face fucked. She remembered how Nancy had told her it felt when a man erupted in her throat. She gagged slightly, feeling her eyes watering.

“Keep swallowing. Breathe through your nose. You’ll be fine.” Karen did as she was told and get herself under control. She had never felt like this before. She could feel she was turned on beyond imagine. Her thighs were moist from the juices leaking from her pussy.

“You will now be able to please a man this way.” Nancy told her. Karen didn’t know if it was true but she knew she would probably find out. She wondered if Jay would be the first to do this to her.

Nancy kept a steady thrusting motion. Karen felt the hard cock pushing in and out of her throat. She was sure with each inward thrust that her throat must be bulging outward. She wished she could feel the moment Nancy had described, where the cock head swells and fluids, the man’s cum gush straight down her throat, but she knew that wasn’t possible with Nancy.

After several minutes Nancy indicated that it was enough. Karen knew it was true. She could feel her own saliva dripping from her chin, landing on her breasts, thighs, and floor. Nancy withdrew her cock.

“Now, up on the bed. I want you on your hands and knees, with your knees apart so I can see that pretty pussy and asshole of yours.” Karen followed directions. Once in position, she felt Nancy’s hands on each cheek, spreading. She then felt a tongue snake its way into her bottom.

“Ohhhhh” Karen moaned.

The tongue continued snaking inward. Karen wondered if it would ever end. She pushed backward to get more, wanting that tongue deep in her. Karen felt Nancy’s lips on her rectum, her facial cheeks against the inside of her bottom cheeks. “That feels amazing!” she said.

It was about to get better for her. As the mouth was devouring her backside and the tongue penetrating deeply, first one, then two, and finally three fingers entered Karen’s pussy. She felt her ass being eaten while she was being finger banged, stretched by the three fingers in her. She began to orgasm almost immediately.

Once she had cum, Nancy removed her fingers. They were coated with juices. Karen could feel Nancy rubbing her juices around the lips of her pussy as well as her asshole. Karen knew both were being lubricated.

“Reach between your legs and guide me in.” Karen heard Nancy say. She did as she was told. She could feel the huge head, dangling between her legs. She lifted it to line it up with her opening. Karen felt Nancy push inward. She was grateful for the saliva lubricating the cock. Karen had never had a cock this large enter her. In fact the largest she had ever felt was a little over 6 inches and of average girth. Nancy’s cock was much larger.

Karen kaçak casino knew that women in childbirth stretched well beyond what she was going to, but it still felt as if she would be ruined for life. She could feel the walls of her vagina, her entryway, pulling apart, stretching. Strangely, there was some pleasure to the pain.

Karen knew that Nancy was in deep. Well beyond what Karen had ever experienced. She felt the tip of Nancy’s cock nudging at her cervix. It wasn’t hurting, more of a pressure, a banging. Without really realizing she was doing so, she felt herself push back. An involuntary motion. A grunt filled the room and Karen realized it came from her. It was a sound she had never made before.

“Do you like that, baby? Does it feel good?” Nancy asked.

A husky, “Yes!” left Karen’s mouth. “It feels amazing. Keep going.”

“Do you want it faster? Harder? Deeper?” Nancy countered, reaching around Karen’s body and pinching Karen’s nipples just hard enough to get a little wince. Karen could feel Nancy’s breasts pressed against her back.

“All, I want it all. Do it faster, harder, deeper.” Karen replied.

Nancy did just that. Her hands returned to Karen’s hips to control and guide her. She sped up the thrusts coming from her own hips. She ground in hard, feeling her own pubic mound continually make contact with Karen’s backside. She went as deep into Karen as she possibly could.

Karen could feel the head of the rubber cock against her cervix. It was like a battering ram. She knew it would only be a matter of time before it burst through her gates. While it hurt, it was an exquisite pain. A pain she felt pushing her over the edge. She knew it would only be a matter or minute, no seconds, until she exploded in orgasm.

It was then she realized Nancy had stopped pumping the cock into her. Nancy was now still, her hands on Karen’s hips, but no longer thrusting. But Karen could feel the blunt end continue its assault on her. Karen then realized that while Nancy had stopped, she hadn’t. She was the one now thrusting back at the cock. Willing more and more of it in her.

Just then it pushed through and Karen body convulsed. She flopped down on the bed, pulling the cock deeply embedded in her, as well as Nancy down. Nancy’s weight pushed the last couple of centimeters into Karen’s now seizing body.

They lay there for what seemed like hours, conjoined. Karen could feel the wetness beneath her on the mattress. Nancy slowly withdrew her penis from Karen. Nancy knew how sensitive Karen would be and as each vein of the lifelike cock was removed from Karen’s opening, she would again shiver. Nancy paused several times before the cock’s entire length had been removed.

As the mushroom head was finally removed with an audible “pop”, Karen’s vagina remained open, gaping. Another flood of juices drained from her body onto the bed.

“This is just the beginning.” Nancy whispered into Karen’s ear. She brought the head of the cock upward, nuzzling Karen’s puckered asshole. “But that is not for today. There is no way you can take this back there right now but you will.

Nancy held a jeweled plug out for Karen to see. “Once you’ve gone through a progression of these, you’ll be able to take me up your backside. And yes you will feel me in your ass.”

Nancy then took the plug, which was about the size of a golf ball and plunged it into Karen’s vagina. Karen was shocked, not at what Nancy was doing, but that she could hardly feel it in her. She couldn’t believe she was stretched so much. Nancy then took the lubricated plug and pushed it against Karen’s asshole.

Karen could feel her bottom opening, accepting the plug. Then Karen felt her asshole snap shut. The plug was past her sphincter and inside.

Nancy then got up, dressed and said she would talk to Karen later. She needed to get home and get some rest. “Soon you will be pleasuring me.” Nancy told Karen. And with that she left, leaving Karen face down on the bed, ass up so the jewel was clearly visible, exhausted.


Karen, now awake in the morning light, thought about what might happen next with Nancy. Although she was a bit worried, she was also excited. She moved her hand moved from where it was circling her clit, lower, where it felt the jeweled end of the plug in her bottom.

She knew she was in for many adventures.

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